Mirza Yawar Baig – Life is an open book Test #1

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of the exam and following the Sun State of Parity is discussed, as it is crucial for everyone to live in a way that is a person who is the only one who can receive the light of heaven. A woman named Malika Delano discusses the importance of passing a test and being prepared for the difficulties of life, as it is crucial to live in a way that is a woman to receive the love of Jesus.
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alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah,

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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam. That's even Castilian cathedra from Nevada.

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My dear brothers and sisters, I'm sure we all remember our school and colleges, we studied for the whole year. And then we sat for an exam. And in that exam, we were asked questions about what we had learned through the year.

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And a God of tension for us was that we didn't know what questions would be asked.

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Now, how about I remind you

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about an exam that all of us will face one day

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and it's a very important exam, which is the most important exam because after that exam, there will be no other exams, this is the final exam. After that, if we pass it and ask Allah Subhana Allah decree that we pass it with flying colors, inshallah, we will be literally home and dry

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forever in general insha Allah.

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And the beauty is

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another matter that is not like our examiners in the world, and also handle data or handle heat.

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So another angle, delic give us the questions that we will be asked.

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Now, what more can you ask for?

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All we need to do is to keep those questions in our mind

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while making our daily decisions, by doing whatever we do on a daily basis, and by living in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

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According to the question that we will be asked,

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there insha Allah on the day of the exam, there will be nothing to fear and we can look forward to the mercy of the one who is the Most Merciful.

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Now, what are those questions? There are two sets of questions, because they deal with two critical matters. One is Who did we try to please? What did we wave? And who did we try to please? And the second one is what did we do? to please it, gentlemen,

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it was narrated the hiring of Allahu freed slave or smart enough of the non GMO. He said that when generous man when a farm of the land was by a grave, he would weep until his beard became wet.

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So they asked him, you remember the gentleman's jahannam, but you don't weep like this. But when you stand next to the gravy, look at a great weep like this, why?

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And he said, that also lies on us and upset. The grave The cover is the first of the stages of the hereafter of the

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whoever is saved from it, whatever comes afterwards will be easier for him. But if he is not saved from it, if you get stuck in the grave, we have problems with the grid, then whatever comes afterwards will be worse when we ask those random data to save us from that was

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also one of those that have also said I have never seen any frightening scene. But the grave is more frightening than that.

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He said the last column, I have never seen anything frightening, which is more frightening than the grave situation of the grave. For the one who has a double cover is worse than any frightening thing that you might experience. In this life. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from those things in this life as well as from the love of God. And this holiday season, there will be at it provided.

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And that is where we will face the first set of questions, questions about our appeal, our creed, which is what we believe, narrated

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in the eyes of Allah, we went out with rasulillah accompanying the janazah of a man of the Tsar, when we reach the cemetery,

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the grave his grave had not been done yet. So Russell Russell Sallam sat down and we also sat down around him, as if they were birds perched on our heads. Meaning does that so still, now he's on his alma mater, sticking his hand with which he was scratching on the ground. He then raised his blessed head and he said, seek refuge with a loss of arrow data from the punishment of the grave and he said this two or three times, seek refuge with Allah from the center.

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Short of the grave seek refuge, our luck.

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Seek refuge with a BA from the punishment of the grave, he said is twice or thrice. Then he sallallahu Sallam said, he hears the beat of their sandals who the person was buried. There his other son observed, the person hears the footsteps, the beat of the saddles of those who came to bury him, when they go back, and at that moment, do angels will come to Him, they will make him sit up, and they will ask him, Who is your man Rambo was your arm? He will reply my Ravi sama. Then they will ask him, What is your religion, my Dirac, what is your religion and he will reply, my religion is Islam. Then they will ask him what is your opinion about the man who was sent on admission among

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you and the person with say, He is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will ask him who made you aware of this? And he will reply, I read a lot Rondo, Donna's book, believed in it and consider it to be true, which is and this is verified by Allah subhanho wa Taala. His words were he said, della della, who you served with a law with the Nina Armando. Bill COVID is bt Phil had the dunya Villa era where you didn't go la has only been via Fraggle Rock low viaja revival in Surah two the Rahim Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the believers steadfast with the word of faith will cover the Sabbath, in this worldly life and in the Hereafter, and Allah subhanho wa Taala leaves the wrong

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doors to stray for unless manager does whatever he wills, then the

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crier will call from the heavens, my slave has spoken the truth, so spread a bad for him from gentlemen, close them from gentlemen, open our door for him in two gentlemen. So some of its brief some of the air from Gemini and the curfew will come to him and a space will be made for him. As far as the eye can see his cover his grave would be expanded to until the until the horizon as far as the eye can see. And this is him sooner without Kitab Osama

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natural justice, these are questions that deal with our creed, our Akita, the leader of the real entrepreneur hotel, and the result of lies allow it you it was presented as the last and final messenger of Allah so I know that after whom there is no other messenger or prophet, it is the Akita which if we live by, it will result in a sleep of such tranquility and peace, that nobody will disturb us until we are awakened on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala decree that we are willing also allies and the value seller and is our and are granted the shade of his arch on the day when there will be no shade except his shade alone, but I didn't eat that or show your love.

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For this to happen, we must ask ourselves if there is any shift or be that in our lives, and in the customs and practices that we are accustomed to. If there is we must clean it was get rid of it. If it is not there, then we must thank Allah subhanho wa Taala and Gods strictly against it to our last day. Remember, shaitan never rests, he never takes leave, he never goes on vacation and never takes any rest of the sisters, the places in our lives where we seem to have the maximum amount of sheer can be that have to do with our wedding related ceremonies. And with our death related setup. What we do when somebody passes away, what we do after they pass away, we have brought in all kinds of

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customs and practices which did not exist with laser lights and all of these must be removed. Similarly in our weddings, what we do are all things we have imported from all over the place. They have nothing to do with Islam. They have nothing to do with the Sunnah, and therefore these things should be eliminated from our lives. There is a famous story about a man with

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his son up to life. But he said when death approached my father, I sat with him

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And in my hand was a scrap of cloth with which I wanted to tie his beard. And he began to drift in and out of consciousness. Then he opened his eyes and said, indicating with his hair, Not yet Not yet.

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And he repeated this two or three times, after the third repetition of the library.

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He said, I said to him, oh, my father, what is this thing which you are, which you are saying, and this time you fall into consciousness, you fall into unconsciousness, so that we say that maybe you are God, and then you will return to consciousness. And you are saying, No, not yet. No, not yet. What is this? His father, I'm, I haven't been humbled around to Larry. He said, Oh, I said, Don't you know, go to see his son said, No, I don't know. I don't see. He said, shaitan. May Allah be upon him. He stood before me. He lowered himself on his knuckles and he said to me, oh, I have a you escaped me. Oh, I have a you escaped me. But I said to him, No, not yet. Not yet, until I die. We

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ask Allah to keep us safe, until our last breath, and to forgive us our sins, and to take that last breath in a state of obedience. And when we are reciting his greatness and glory and praising him and saying, I shall align Allah ye shall

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know whichever after that, I said, This life is an instant, let it be an instant of obedience. My brothers and sisters, we have the beautiful added support See, narrated by Russell as a seller. When Allah loves a slave, he protects him from him. We must try to become people who are beloved by Allah subhanaw taala and the way to do that is to follow the Sunnah of lysosome. When you can come to hipbone Allah, for Yoni, you will Kula we are full of whom Duma kumanovo for Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala said, say to their own amazon seller, those who claim to love Allah say to them, follow me, emulate me, imitate me make my 80 bar, then what will happen Allah will love you, and Allah will

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forgive your sins, and the last, most forgiving and most merciful. Now what happens if Allah loves you see this beautiful? He

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told us, a lot of anggota says, Whoever arms are wary of mine who is a very well he is the Favorites Name of Allah. He is the one who Allah subhanaw taala loves. Allah said, Whoever harms or tries to have a volley of buy, I declare war against him. My arm my slave by worshiper does not draw closer to me with anything more dear dear to me, then the religious duties then the fluoride that I have mandated that I've made for the party, and my app, the continues to draw closer to me with the love of it with the voluntary acts of worship, until I love him. And when I love him, I become his ears, with which he hears his eyes with which he sees his hand with which he strikes and his foot with

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which he walks. Would he then ask me for anything, I will surely grant it to him. And would he seek refuge in me seek my protection, I will surely shelter him. I do not hesitate in anything I have to do. As much as I hesitate in taking the life of my believing apps. He hates death, and I hate to hurt him. And this is it. So you have user Buhari at charges. American sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this transition easier on a slave by showing him things which make him wish for his soul to depart more quickly.

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As soon as soon as Allah

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said about this, that when death comes to a believer, Allah subhanaw taala shows him things which make it easier for the believer to accept this death. Allah. Allah mentioned this. Where is it was Allah who must enter de la Vina Amara Amara non grata Veera is Carla, babe Neely in the cafe Eatonville Jenna when a genie min Veera Wiley he won a genie minakami Solomon, and Allah sets forth an example for the believers. The wife of your own, who prayed my Rob build me a house in Jenna near you.

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Deliver me from your own and is evil doing and save me from all these arguments wrongdoing people and this is the i in Serato, the harim my brother and sisters are sort of certain objects that were really when death descends upon a believer and he witnesses things implying his forthcoming rewards. He will wish that his soul must go more quickly. And he knows that he's loved Elijah who wants to and loves to meet

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my brothers sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala also said

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in the levina car,

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so much Docomo,

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00. Belgian

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dounia mafia era what a coma dash D and one Akuma tato lucilla Minh Rahim in the famous Ayah Takara ultramarathoner said that those who said that Allah is our harpoon Allah who musta camo. Those who believed in Allah Spano Tata, who those who said their allies are up and then they live their lives according to that belief, that is that they lived their whole lives trying to please Allah subhanaw taala at the time of their death and loss

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and those melodica will come to them and they will say I have no fear, have no hoser have no call, have no sadness, have no fear, because this is the time and everybody is afraid every single person without accepted is afraid at the time of death, the Malika will come and they will allay those fears, they will, they will they will

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encourage the person they will say, then your fears have no fear, we are your friends, and we are your Odia in this life, we were with you. And we are now we have come here to take you in the ashira in the year after also we will be your friends and your idea. And they say that Allah subhanho wa Taala has prepared for you something which is the whatever you wished this will happen for you. And this Bashara of gentlemen, that we have brought for you is the loser rate is the welcome it is the sign the welcome is like I get like getting a welcome drink after you come back from a long journey. This is the nature of that the Bashar has given to you right now, even before you have died while

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your soul is still here, this Bashar has been given to and this is no so alarming for him. This is the Welcome to you from Allah for him, the Most Merciful, the most forgiving, and the Most Merciful, everyone sisters for a moment. That is the happiest event of his life. Somebody came

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along. And he said to him, and the man said to him that my dear friend passed away and I'm very sad. Abdullah Mubarak. After that he asked him, he said Did your friend pass away on the sooner the covered entity possible?

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The sooner meaning we know is a Muslim hamdulillah and we know that EMA has to be there, but was he on the sun? Or was he somebody who was going against the sun? So he said was your friend on the sun? The man said yes Alhamdulillah he was on the sooner rather

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than rejoice while sad, he said rejoice because this is the happiest time. This is what he has been waiting for. It is what he has been working for all his life, it is what guided his own life. So the moment he looks forward to it, because to die means to eat a loss of anoter number one just to remind you and myself that this life is a test to pass for the difficulties in it are a test the ease and plenty wealth and power in it are bigger tests. Sometimes we forget this we think that the difficulties of big test no difficulties easy because in pair anyone will call to Allah in difficulty anyone will call to Allah. But when we have plenty, this is when we go straight. This is

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when we do all kinds of things which we should not be doing. And that is why the the wealth, power and so on. These are even bigger tests than difficulties. My brother sisters, I remind myself when you live is not a place for us to enjoy in heedlessness, it is an exam. It is something for us to be very thoughtful about. It is something for us to be very focused and dedicated about to pass this exam.

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Say that Anna's been Malika Delano. He reports that Rasul Allah says Allah once passed by a Bedouin, who was making the following dry in his Salah.

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And he was saying, Yama, Allah.

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Wa two.

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one c four was Evo wha

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This one I have shot

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wire why

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what to wear even Who

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It was

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t yt. He

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work, I, yo yo ma coffee,

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my brother sisters,

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the meaning of this,

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the manager, or the one who eyes cannot see who cannot be imagined, who is beyond description, who is unaffected by happenings, who cannot be overwhelmed by the twists and turns of time. Who knows the way from mountains, the volume of the oceans, who knows the number of falling raindrops, the number of leaves on the trees, and everything upon which the night darkens and upon which the day bright. No sky can hide another from him. No surface of the Earth can hide another from him. No ocean can hide anything within its depths from him. No mountain can conceal from him anything within its rocks, make the last part of my life the best. make the best of my deeds the last and make my

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best day be the one in which I meet you. I make the same for all of your children.

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So I

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liked it so much that he appointed somebody to bring this by the way to him as soon as he completed itself.

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As soon as someone had been given some gold from a certain mine, and when the veteran came before him

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and gave him the goat. And he said which tribe are you from? The man said that he was from the blue army with Sasha.

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Then asked him, he said Do you know why I gave you this board? The man said because of my family ties with you.

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As soon as I said Sallam said while family dies have a right I actually gave you the board because of the beautiful manner in which you praise Allah.

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And this is in Durrani. And I thought, I will just just

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remind you of myself, that this is the one we worship. So rebel in it. Rejoice in this, build your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'm drawn to him as already him because he is the only one who likes those who ask I look forward to meeting him in a state that he is pleased with us.

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Another sisters, a day will come when others will do for us what we did, or saw being done to others. Someone will shut our eyes and look at the angels as the sole multi party.

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Someone will watch us do shroud us they will pray janazah over us and they will put us in our place

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and they will go away. Let us live our lives in such a way that when that happens, Allah subhanho wa Taala will open the doors of agenda for us and He will shut the doors of data for us forever asking those vital data for his mercy problems. Nobody

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will have the

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look of fear on NASA yet you know fun Mr. Rob oberheiden

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I mean yeah.

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Well, some of them up while he was there.

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