Yasmin Mogahed – We Cannot Be Passive In The Face Of Oppression

Yasmin Mogahed
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Salam aleikum everyone I will the villa human shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah who Allah aliens Sophia Germain rubbish Raha Saudi westerly Omri wa Hello knock that Emily's any of Bocconi. So I feel actually a huge burden on my shoulders to be speaking about such a an important topic at such a pivotal time. And so I ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow me to say some words of benefit Inshallah, in the short time, but the first thing I want to remind everyone including myself, is what Allah subhanaw taala tells us at the very beginning of Surah Al Baqarah. So in these ayat Allah subhanaw taala begins with LF lamb mean veliko Kitab Allah or Buffy

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who then little McLean, so he begins with Alif Lam Meem Valley Kalki tabula rasa Buffy who then lil McDuffie in that in this book, valley, Calcutta, there is no there was no doubt in this book in this revelation in this Quran. Who then little mcdata in that there it is a guidance for the people of God consciousness. And then Allah subhanaw taala goes on to describe who are these people of God consciousness and Medina up Yamuna Billahi. But the very first description of these people who will be able to get guidance from this book that is without a shadow of a doubt, a source of light and guidance, and he says AlLadhina eluna Belhaj those who believe in the unseen. And so I want to begin

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with this, because we cannot be successful in this short, temporary, often painful, deceptive life unless we are people who believe in the unseen, we cannot be a people who are deceived by what we see, without also believing in what we don't see. Now, as we know, we live in a dunya we live in a temporary part of our existence called dunya. Which by definition, the word itself means the lesser lower life, hayati. Dunya, means the lower life the word dunya, Danny is that which is lower. So we know that right now we are in the lower part of our existence, the lower life and that there is a higher life. Allah subhanaw taala talks about the hereafter, as the real life and higher one, this

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is the the exaggerated form of the word life that that is the real life that we are now in the lesser life. And this is a temporary part of our existence. Now within this lesser life, we know that there are going to be parts that are unseen, that there are going to be aspects of this life that we see. And we experience in the physical world. And then there are going to be aspects of this life that are unseen, and they are happening at the same time they are simultaneous. Now, as believers as as human beings, we absolutely will not be able to survive, let alone thrive in this life in this deceptive temporary life, unless we believe in what we cannot see just as much and

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maybe more than what we can see. So I want to begin with that premise. Because this is the foundation of being successful in this life. And this is what Allah tells us in the beginning of sorts and Bacara Alladhina MeLuna Belhaj, we have to be a people who believe in the unseen and we are reminded of the unseen when we become distracted by the scene world. Now having said that, within these two simultaneous worlds that are existing, there is the scene world and there's the unseen world that within those two worlds, we have responsibilities we will be asked about we will have we have responsibilities in the scene world and we have responsibilities in the unseen world.

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In other words, we have a a bad a worship of the body. These are our actions, these are our our deeds, and then there is a worship of the heart of the of the spiritual obligations. Okay, so there is a battle of the body and there is a battle of the heart. Now, what is happening right now is that we are witnessing a genocide in the husband we are witnessing in real time, the types of things that that you know, maybe we read about in history books, we are witnessing it, we're living in that time now. We know many of the the numbers that are coming out almost 2000 children killed, massacred in Gaza, that the aid is blocked, that this isn't just about, you know, a nation defending themselves,

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which by the way, is contradictory to, you know, to the definition of being an occupier you can't be a military occupier and then say you're defending yourself. And so there is of course there's this this

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I'm flipping of the narrative which is completely nonsensical. And we are viewing we are witnessing that we are witnessing the cut off of water, the cut off of, of all humanitarian aid, electricity, fuel to the extent that we're seeing footage of surgeries are being done, you know, with with with the light from from from a phone, I heard about a surgery that was done a catastrophic surgery done with no anesthesia, no anesthesia, that these are the types of conditions that are happening in the same world that we are witnessing, we we are we are witnessing it in real time. And so within that, that aspect of what we are witnessing, there is an obligation on every single one of us now, very

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simply put, what is that obligation, the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim told us what that obligation is, he says that if you see an evil, you must try to change it with your hand, this is referring to taking action to try to stop that evil, to try to stop that oppression. He said, If you cannot, then try to change it with your tongue. This means speaking out against it, this is speaking truth to power this is this is magnifying the the voices of the oppressed. And that's, you know what the prophets I send him says, as part of our obligation. And then he says, and if you cannot, then at least hate it in your heart. And this is the weakest of faith. So what we learned from this hadith

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is that as a dean, we cannot be passive. As believers, we cannot be passive in the face of oppression. And we cannot be passive in the face of abuse in any way, whether that is happening in our own homes, as as I as I, as I go around the world speaking about, or that is happening on a global level, we cannot be quiet about oppression. And so one of our obligations within the scene world is to continue to take action to try to stop that oppression. And that at the very, you know, you know, when we when we talk about, you know, there's a lot of discussion about who's being vocal, who's not being vocal, why aren't we being vocal enough. But what I want to remind every single one

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of you is that we do have an obligation to do something, we have an obligation by our prophets, Elijah Salem to do to take some action, when we see an evil happening, and we are seeing an evil happening. We are seeing a genocide happening in real time. There is no

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there's no doubt about that. There is no doubt about that. Now, the question now is that while we are witnessing this in the scene world, and we have an obligation in the scene world, there is also a simultaneous, unseen world that is happening, and this we must not ignore. And I will tell you this, if we, if we ignore that, if we ignore the worship of the heart, if we ignore the unseen reality, and we spend too long focusing on the scene reality, which is very real, we will fall into despair. This is the root cause of despair. This is why we burn out. This is why we can eventually become desensitized is if we're only looking at the deaths. We're only looking at the evil and the

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injustice that is happening, but we do not simultaneously see the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala and we do not simultaneously see how Allah is showing us his signs. At the same time. Allah subhanaw taala says in the mallows three your surah Allah says with the hardship is ease. And so we have to believe ALLAH has words that when Allah subhanaw taala says that the that that the success is always for the believer, that the believer is always going to win, that faith is always going to be superior to evil, that good always wins. We have to believe that we have to have firm faith in that. So what is our job from the unseen world? What is our job? What is the worship of the heart? Number

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one is recognizing Allah subhanaw taala in everything that's happening, Allah subhanaw taala is with those people and because Allah subhanaw taala tells us that when a person dies as a martyr, and these are martyrs, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect them and to protect their families and to and to envelop them in his mercy. Because what they are going through right now is something that no human being could handle without the help of Allah subhanaw taala La hawla wala Quwata 11 Now what we are witnessing with our eyes, not only is this genocide in the external world, but we are also recognizing the Nasr of Allah subhanaw taala. Now this is another question that a lot of people

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get to a point where they ask where Allah subhanaw taala tells us that do you think

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Think I'm Herceptin and third Hello Jana Tavella Maria Chico method or Latina Holloman? publikum Do you think that you will enter paradise without going through what those who came before you went through my settlement Betsa or what Dora was zero, that they went through adversity and hardship. And they were shaken, shaken like an earthquake was zero same same root word as earthquake here hackday Akula Rasulullah Dena M and Omar who matter and also LA, they were so shaken until even the messengers and those with the messengers are calling out when will the help of God calm. And in nasolabial Karim, Allah says, Indeed, the help of God is near. And so I want to just for a moment,

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talk about what is the Nasir of Allah? What is the help of Allah subhanaw taala when we learn about the story of the people of the ditch, who were who were massacred for their faith, or we learn about the story about the the hairdresser of the house of Pharaoh, who when she when they found out that she believed in Allah subhanaw taala, she, she believed and submitted to a lord other than Pharaoh, they, Pharaoh actually took her and he and he made this huge reservoir that he filled up with boiling oil. And he took all of her children, one by one in front of her eyes and put them in that oil and she had to watch her children die in that way until he got to her fifth child who was in her

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arms. And this was a baby, and she was about to pull back and Allah subhanaw taala made her child speak. And he made her child say to her to have patients that Allah made this miracle happen to keep her feet firm. Now my question to you is, after that Allah subhanaw taala he kept her feet firm, after that, that baby was murdered, and that woman was murdered. So five children and that woman were all martyred. Now my question to you is, where was the nostril of Allah subhanaw taala you might look at that situation so, but where was the help of Allah subhanaw taala, the help of Allah subhanaw taala is that he kept her miraculously he kept her feet firm, this is called still karma is

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still karma and Saab is still calm and sober, especially in the face of a tsunami is the Nostradamus panel, that is the victory of Allah subhanaw taala and that is the that is the the aid of Allah subhanaw taala. And so I want to inshallah wrap up with this, that Allah subhanaw taala tells us, He promises us victory that the believers and and that faith always wins. And he also promises that He will be with the believers. And so what we are witnessing, not only in the, you know, in the in the in the scene world, but in the unseen world, Allah subhanaw taala is with them, I can tell you that people are starting to see this, and it is actually mind blowing, to see the miracle of their sub.

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And the miracle of there is diploma because that's Allah holding them up. And I can tell you this,

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you know, we all heard about this tragedy of the little boy six year old boy, who was who was stabbed 26 times in in Chicago, by a man who was you know, he was he was screaming, you know, about how Muslims should die. And so this was, by the way, and I want to make this very clear. This is this is this is a result of the absolutely criminal propaganda machine that we are viewing that we are witnessing around us. Absolutely. Criminal propaganda machine coming out of CNN, BBC, ABC, all of the major news agencies. This man came and stabbed this child 26 times a six year old boy.

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But what really really blew me away and I totally broke down on I saw this is after he was stabbed 26 times.

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He said to his mother, Mama, I'm fine.

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If we don't think that that is

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the help of Allah, then we're not paying attention. Allah subhanaw taala is taking care of these children, Allah subhanaw taala is taking care of these men, women and children who are

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who are undergoing this, this genocide. So while we are acting, with our bodies, and with our words, and with our actions, to put an end and to take action against oppression, we have to at the same time, make sure that our hearts are looking at Allah subhanaw taala and that our hearts are seeing Allah and our hearts are seeing La ilaha illallah in everything that's happening because Allah is taking care of them. Allah took care of that child who says I'm fine after being stabbed 26 times. Allah took care of

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Come, and Allah is taking justice Allah made that child speak to the hairdresser of Pharaoh, just as Allah made asiyah When she was being tortured, he showed her her home in paradise. So she smiled. So in the physical world, she's been killed in the physical world, she's being tortured, but in this in the real world in the unseen, and let me know and I will hide those who believe in the unseen that has to be firm in our hearts that in the unseen, Allah was taking her home to her home in paradise and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect the people of Gaza and philistin and all of our brothers and sisters. And we ask that this become a reminder for the OMA and a wake up call for the old man

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to come back to Allah subhanaw taala and to understand the reality of this life, and to do our part in sha Allah, who didn't call you here that was stuck for Allah. You're welcome. innovaphone Rahim. Subhanak Albee hendak shadow Allah Illa Allah and iStockphoto aka were too late.

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