Ish Khatirah – The Lowest Status In Jannah

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Alhamdulillah Mallanna means hello so don't bother kind of you know Muhammad did while earlier so I have a salam to Sleeman Kathira mama but so hamdulillah Gemma we have after this hadith tonight we have three more left inshallah Tabata Kota Allah to finish the other side of Hain for the second time since we started reading every single night after Saudi Russia and

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the guys are very excited mashallah

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since we have three a hadith left in sha Allah Tala, our completion of the other Sudan is going to be Friday night. So those would like to come and shall be part of finishing the HUD some of the other Salahaddin that took us about seven years by the way to finish Marsha the two volumes. So come on join us on Friday nights in Charlotte Barranco. Darla to finish together the last Hadith but before that we have Hadith Number 18 9300 Number 1893 and Abu Huraira to the Allahu Anhu and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makan in Makkah did a hadith communal Jana, and your call Allah Who termina

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Furter Munna were termina for kulula who helped him and night for coluna for kulula Who for in Danica Fernanda mathema Anita, where Miss Lahoma Rahu Muslim in this hadith the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describing for us the least reward people take in Jannah like who is the person who's going to be the least in terms of reward in general what are they going to get for Cara Salah Salem on that day when the pit when people go to agenda so the lowest place of any of you in Jannah and may Allah make us among the highest places you're a banana mini don't don't say that well that would be cool if I can be there. Please don't. Don't try to put yourself in this position

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because that's going to be a very dangerous position if you miss it will be somewhere else outside of Jannah Be careful. So targeted for those Sinhala so if you fall short from overdose Allah Allah, you are still in the highest ranks of genuine shallow Tala. So this man who is now described as being at dinner, Mercado had a criminal Jana, the lowest place of anybody in Jana will be that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will tell him or her to express his wish Allah will tell them termina

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what you wish for. So this person is or wishing for Koolau termina Fetterman our Mahna start wishing and given his wishes I wish for this I wish for this I wish for this and keep counting. I mean if you guys if I ask right now if you're in general right now

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and I asked you to count your wishes How long would it take you to come to your list of things that you need an agenda

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countless right but no when you when you start thinking what do you want in Jana? Even if I asked right now what do you want in Jana? Probably going to spend maybe one minute or two and then you start struggling after that

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the first two minutes you know what I want you look for the biggest thing the most beautiful thing the most you know you wish for all this stuff and then after that house you give up just like Okay, so now I got all the biggest things what else I need right? I want the biggest Kingdom I want the biggest this I want the fanciest then you wish for that. And then you truly start struggling to think about other things because everything else becomes irrelevant right now since you getting the biggest stuff in general. But then Allah subhanaw taala most generous he will tell this person no man wish remote termina for your call to terminate, like that's our wish, what you wish for, for

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your call. That's it. I got what I want. If I if that could give me this. I'm hamdullah I'm happy for Allah subhanho wa Taala fair Pulo for in Melaka madam and Anita, when Miss Lahoma Allah subhanaw The most generous will say you will have what you have wished for, and the light thereof along with it. Like I'll double that for you.

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We have some of the highest can before that. There will be even made more up to how many times 10 times

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10 times. Can you imagine that your luck? Your imagination is not even 1/10 1/10 of what's their agenda.

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No matter how you think that you're imagining the fanciest thing the biggest thing the most beautiful thing. It's not even 1/10 to what Allah Subhana Allah has prepared for people in general like wow really? Like I went to these mansions I've seen these celebrities homes and watch things online just like wow, these these you know, resorts are crazy and these rooms are unbelievable discard all these kinds of things. Not even one tents. Not even close to an ibis or the lawn or the fall. Lay some Indonesia come hottie filled genitalia lasma

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There is nothing in this dunya from this. There's nothing from the Sunnah that exists in Jannah except for names. Like when I say river, you think of river right?

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But how to reverse brokenness Jana Gemma different describe that before it came the Hadith. They were run without a trench

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deep river runs on the surface. And wherever that was that deep river runs on the surface How is that deep? I don't know

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that Allah described his gender like this are we actually running on the surface but is very deep and runs on what what is the bed of that that river is not Purple's? Actually all these precious stones and the sand and the soil is suffering.

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The type of rivers you have milk, fresh water, wine Halawa energy Ma, honey, honey is running, right? All these beautiful things. So you can imagine, no matter how much we try to describe it for you. It's not even close. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the view of a general Brahmin and make us from the people Alfredo said Allah Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa to protect our brothers and sisters because we ask Allah subhana wa Bucha to protect our brothers and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to shield them from any harm or Bananaman We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to ease the situation Yeah but I mean your Allah we ask you to give them aid and support familiar formula banana

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min. Yellow we asked you to remove that oppression that has been imposed upon the amount of banana min yalla we asked you to remove that oppression that have been imposed upon the amount of banana mean, remove that inmate and hostility against the Mirabella mean we give them safety or manual him. For those who pass we ask you to accept our shahada era Bananaman accept them as shahada and give them for those that Allah Abdullah Al Amin, for those who are injured we ask you to give them healing but I mean, those are ill we asked you to give them healing your manual Rahim. We asked her to be for those who live you're allowed to give them peace and tranquility and safety in this life

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and it's done in the area of Grameen but hamdulillah Solana Vera Muhammad Ali or Sahib yourself and of course with Mr.

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Clement, Charlotte ALLAH SubhanA, Allah and Muhammad Ashraf as the vertebrae. Please don't forget to register for the for the class and the program. The

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reverse sensitivity class and Schelotto barcode is very important. Very good