Zakir Naik – Is it Permissible for a Muslim Man to Marry a Christian Women even if she Believes Jesus pbuh to be God?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of finding a woman who believes in Jesus as a Christian is discussed in various verses and characteristics of the Quran in Surah praising its clarity and clear cut language. The speaker gives personal experiences with chaste and zippery behavior in their church and their belief in the Bible. They also mention issues related to religion and the definition of Partners of Hope. The transcript discusses various issues related to religion and provides advice on avoiding sexual inappropriate behavior in marriage.
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This question is from Abdul Karim from New York USA. Is it permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian woman?

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If yes, are there any conditions? Can he marry her even if she believed Jesus Peace Be open to be God?

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This is a very important question as my brother Abdul Karim from New York, USA, that is it permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian girl or a girl from the early Kitab? Are there any conditions can he marry her if she believes is with God? As far as a Muslim man marrying a Christian girl is concerned, Allah clearly mentioned in the Glorious Quran in surah majda chapter number five was number five, that lawful for you are those things that are good NPR, lawful for you,

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the foot of the alligator, and lawful for you in marriage. The chaste believing woman, the Masai, not the chaste believing woman, and the chaste woman among the alligator. So based on this verse of the Quran, the Quran is very clear cut. And it says that a Muslim man can marry a chaste woman from the helicopter. There are some people who say, okay, the LA Kitab, at the time of the Prophet, they did not believe that Jesus was what cetera these people who say this, they are wrong. They don't know the Quran clearly mentions that the LA Kitab, the Christian used to cough from either chapter five, verse number 72, that they believe that Jesus is God, that it goes by saying they believed in

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Trinity, and for him either chapter five was 73, and a compute later on.

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But the majority of the scholars, all of them, they say that it is permissible to marry as long as she is chased. There's a criteria there the condition put on that witch woman from the LA Kitab Can you marry and the Quran in surah Maya chapter number five was number five is very explicit says that you can marry the chaste woman from the moment from the believers.

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More so not from the moment

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and mostly not from the alligator.

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The condition is that she should be chased. Now based on this condition,

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the least you can expect a chaste woman to be least there are various conditions for being chased for being more center. The minimum, the minimum condition, the lowest is that she should be a virgin.

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And today, we find since the question is asked from USA, from New York. Today, we know according to the statistics

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that we have of the Western countries, they say that the girls in the school 90% lose their virginity. Other sites we say that the girl by the time she passes college university 95% lose their virginity Some say 90% even if you know the statistics of Europe, of UK, most of this territory almost all they say that by the time a woman passes her University, some say 95% lose their virginity Some say 96 Some say 97 but all of them agree it is more than 95%.

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So one of the minimum criteria for more senad for being chased is that you should be virgin.

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There are many other criteria. So based on this, hardly you will find any woman especially in the western country, who will be changed. And I was born in Bombay, I live my life in Bombay passman Medical College in Mumbai. And I remember that after I passed my medical college in the early part of the 21st century, in the year 2000 to 2001. There was an AIDS conference in Bombay. And according to the statistics in that conference,

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we were told that in Bombay, on an average 70% of the girls lose their virginity before the past and attend and was shocking to me, Bombay, India is much more conservative than America than the western country. And that is talking about 20 years back.

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So today what we come to know that in the 21st century, it is very difficult for a woman to remain chaste, especially in the Western countries. And now it's also coming to the eastern countries.

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And the scholars, most of them they discourage,

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though it's permissible,

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but they said they should be changed. So where will you find the chaste woman from the LA Gita, a chaste Christian woman.

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even if you marry, the problem that we see after that is phenomenon.

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There are high chances that after a Muslim man marries

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a Christian girl, or a Jewish girl, there are high chances that the marriage will not be successful.

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And we'll find that the way of dressing differs, the way of eating differs, the way of behavior differs. And imagine the cleanliness is not there. Imagine the Christian woman during menstruation, she may not inform the husband. And we know it's haram to have * during the cycle, whether Will she be able to clean itself very well, the eating habits are different. And in western world, it is quite common that many of the Muslim men, they marry Christian woman.

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these men actually are not very practicing Muslims. So what we find them doing that after they marry, when they go to the grocery, they are buying alcohol for the wife, they are buying for for the wife, they may not drink themselves, but they are buying it for the wife. Many of them, maybe they were drinking before marriage, many of them not drinking, start drinking alcohol after marriage. All these things are common.

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And we find that many times if the marriage doesn't work, it ends in a divorce. And when the divorce and if you have children, then your mama and your Abdullah and your Abdurrahman and your Fatima and your hatha, they're going to church.

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So, I personally, I'll give my view later on the additional criteria. Most of the scholars, they do not encourage a Muslim man to marry a woman from the alligator. It's permissible.

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But the criteria should be most And where will you find a Muslim and even find a motion? There are yet problems. So person who is a religious Muslim, will never went into this. And most of the cases that you have when a Muslim man is married a Christian girl 99.9 cases I love marriages.

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The moment you have girlfriend and boyfriend it means that you're not chased. So what do you do? You go out with a girl, go for a movie, God fighting God financing when she chased. Leave aside virginity even going out for dancing with the nightmare, we want to see a movie it is against the value of Chase is not a must.

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So if you apply the strict criteria of a Christian woman with more than hardly we'll be able to find

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and practical practically to follow this advice today in this 21st century is very difficult. And we know the problem that can happen

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after marriage.

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According to the call of Edna pass mela,

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he says that a Muslim man can only marry an LA Kitab woman in an Islamic State. He cannot marry a Christian woman or a Jewish woman if it is in a foreign country.

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And there are a group of scholars who agree with this view of Dr. Bosman lab up the team. And I mean, I agree with you, because if you marry a Christian girl in a non Muslim country, and if anything happens, they will follow their law. They will not follow the Islamic law. If they're the divorce then your children as I mentioned, Muhammad, Sultan Abdullah Khadija Fatma we go to church, so but natural, it is not encouraged at all. So I agree with the view of ignorant but my library visit him that this is only permissible to marry a Christian woman. Number one should be chaste. And number two in an Islamic State.

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Besides agreeing with the view of him near Basma, visit him I personally have another condition based on my studies of the Quran. I don't claim to be a scholar, I'm Australian of knowledge, and

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my speciality Islam and comparative religion. So I have my

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additional criteria based on different

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than my criteria, it's my study of the Quran.

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As I mentioned earlier, in the starting of Mansa, Allah is very clear cut. And so reminder chapter number five, verse number five, lawful for you are all things that are good NPO lawful for you at the foot of the La keytab of the People of the Book. And there was continuous lawful for you in marriage, besides the chaste woman who are believers, ah, the chaste woman from the LA kita

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this was the day but the weather wasn't the Glorious Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 221. We save that do not marry an unbelieving woman do not marry a Muslim

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and idolatrous

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a woman who does ship unless she believes

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a believing woman, who is a slave woman is much better than the unbelieving woman, then a mushy cat even if she follows him. That means the Quran is very direct, but in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 221. That a Muslim can only marry a moment, a Muslim cannot marry a Muslim cannot marry a non Muslim unless she becomes a Muslim. A Muslim woman with a slave woman, a bond woman is much better than

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an unbelieving woman, even if she allows you. She may be the richest woman in the world. She may be the most beautiful woman in the world. She may be very attractive, but a believing woman who is a slave woman who's a bond woman is much better for a Muslim man than an unbelieving woman, a non Muslim woman it's very click up emotionally. That means you cannot marry a Hindu. But the exception in the Quran in surah Maya chapter number five was number five that you can marry a chaste woman from the

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Quran is very explicit in Surah majda chapter number five was number 72 by faith that laka kufra Xena tala in Allah, who will masoumeh Rima they are doing

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they are blaspheming those who say that Allah is Christ, the son of Mary. That means Quran is very clear cut in Surah. Maya chapter number five was number 72. That the Christians they say that Allah is Christ, the son of Mary, and there was continuous

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Latika for Latina calm in the love almost everybody

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they bless him those who say that Allah if Jesus Christ the son of Mary wacol mercy, but set Christ yapanese right origin of Israel would Allah worship Allah Robbie what was my Lord and your Lord? enormous Shrek Billa anyone who associates partner with Allah,

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Allah Allah Jana, Allah will make dinner haram for him mamajuana Romani, Solomon Miriam sir, and five shall be dwelling place and he shall have no help us in the hereafter. Your Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran is very clear cut, and he says that they are doing their blaspheming those who say that Allah is Christ the son of Mary, but sir Christ you have any thrive or children of his life with Allah worship Allah, Rob be with my Lord and your Lord. In no way Shrek Billa anyone who associates partners with Allah for Allah do Jana Allah will make general haram for a mamajuana Omar is all women and SAR and five shall be dwelling place and he shall have no helpers in the hereafter.

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So this was the message of Jesus Christ peace be upon him which is can read the gorgeous Quran. But I'll also say that deef Christian they say that Allah Jesus the son of Mary nostril, Allah further faith in Surah majda chapter number five was some 73 Latika fillers in a column in the LA policia Salah they are doing their blasphemy, those who say that Allah is three in one alleged Trinity. So here the Quran says that Christians are the Gulf

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by saying Jesus Gatsby upon Almighty God, they believe in Trinity

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Surah Baqarah chapter two was number 221 says you cannot marry someone who does self.

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So the mother chapter five was number five says you can marry chaste woman from the helicopter. So all these verses put together, they seem to be an apparent contradiction.

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If Allah is very clever than the Quran, that de la Kitab de Lucia

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and the Quran says, a moment cannot marry a moussaka

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So how come sorry my dad said that you can marry lick it up they seem to be a contradiction. And Allah is very clear cut in the Quran in Surah Nisa chapter number four was the maid

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of Allah is the Bruno Quran, well, kinda meaning they get in love with you the fifth elephant casita? Do they not consider the Quran with K? Do they not ponder what the Quran with K hadn't been for anyone besides Allah there have been many contradictions, so they cannot be contradiction. So, Allah

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since I'm in the field of comparative religion, there is one verse of the Quran which gives a reply to this question. Allah says in the Quran in surah alleman chapter number three was 110, which is a very famous verse, Allah says, confirm Cara omotenashi javelinas only Muslims, he had the best of people's evolved for mankind that was thrown a bill maher off you've gotten Hunan Mancha, Davina Nabila, because we enjoy what is good and refurbished what is wrong and believe in Allah. So this was the Quran is a very important was saying that the Muslim Ummah, is the best of the people evolved for mankind.

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And the reason is because we enjoy what is good and refurbished. What is wrong and we believe in Allah is a very famous verse, but this is not the complete was this half the verse? The verse continues? Well, I'm an arrow to tab, laconic Hello, minimal mon mininova sobre farcical, it would have been better for them. If

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the LA Kitab had faith, it would have been better for them if the LA Kitab had faith had belief. Minh Hummel more manana wassermann foster Kuhn. Among them. There are some who are believers, but the majority are perverted transgressive. See here in Surah. In branch chapter three was some 110. Allah says that among the LA Kitab, there are some who are moving, but the majority of poder transgressors. So the one criteria, which all the scholars agree is that the woman from LA Kitab should be mostly not. And there's no doubt about it. If the above may Allah be pleased with him puts another criteria that the marriage should only be done in a Muslim state, otherwise not valid. I

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see. According to survey Moran, chapter number three was 110. Among the La kitamura, some more moment. That means the believers that means they don't believe that Jesus is God. They don't believe in Trinity.

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So you can only marry the Messiah, not la kita, the chest la kita woman, it will not contradict against the verse of the Quran of Surah Baqarah chapter two verse two Mattoon read me. And so according to me, in my humble study, I don't claim to be a scholar, the additional criteria besides the woman being chaste, and besides it being in an Islamic State, the third criteria is she should be a moment. That means she should not believe that gsf God, she should not believe in Trinity. And at the time of the Prophet, there was such people. The example is welcome in Norfolk, was a cousin of other Felicia mela up

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and he was a moment he was a Christian, but he was a moment that video when you find that there are very few sahabas it's permissible. I'm not saying in Fareham, but there are criteria that elega boomin The Krishna Jewish woman should be more center should be cherished should be an Islamic State and should be moment she should not do that very there are very few Saba thing for the formula BP the same fella have nobody to love and love BP, the very few Saba who had

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vibes from the helicopter. But my advice to the Muslims, especially in the Western countries, is that don't take undue advantage of this verse and think that it's fine. This verse is very explicit that she should be a Mohsen, the chaste woman to get chased for men is extremely difficult. And if you apply the condition of Abner bus, that it should be a Muslim state, but naturally, the question is from Yaki from Western country. I would totally disagree that a Muslim man should marry a woman from the LA Kitab especially in the western country. Even if an Islamic country she should be a Muslim. And she should be a believer, she should be a moment. And

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what we find that most of these marriages are love marriages. How can she be most? Okay if you find a woman who was a Christian woman who accepted Islam, because she liked Islam law, probably

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someone who accepts Islam and she's a revert, and then you marry no problem. But you get into love with her. You go to college together or you go to university

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together or you're working together and then you fall in love and then you say that Islam allows and then you may go towards Ivy and maybe say the Shahada for namesake this lowly plastic surgery.

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There are high chances that a children, your Muhammad, Abdullah, a father, Maya didn't go to church. I totally disagree. And these type Muslims are not practicing Muslims. A practicing Muslim actually would not fall in love with tradition good. So but natural because your deen is weak. And then you take any excuse from the verse of the Quran and Mary, I'm not making permissible Hara. I'm saying there are conditions and it's very difficult, very, very difficult to find such thing. So my advice to the Muslim young men and young boys is that please don't use this verse of the Quran as an excuse to marry the Christian woman. There are various conditions it's almost very difficult to fulfill

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these conditions and doing in a non Muslim country also is not permitted under many scholars and I agree with that. And these are only infatuations are living in a western country. You go to work you go to school. So these things we should be away from.

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If you really find a reward girl who's accepted Islam not because you've fallen in love, and she following the principles of Islam and she's praying five times a day and is a good modest woman, then there's no problem but please don't get involved in love and then you say the louder Islam. Please stay away from it. It will be not only bad for you but for the generations to come of themselves.

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