Is the Quran proof that the Prophet was guided?

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Jeff, um, the you mentioned quite a bit on how

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Quran Hakeem

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the Quran is a proof the inner codominant mousseline.

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I think exactly how it proves in the Karla Serato. Mr. Kane, how does the Quran itself is a proof the antialias radomes doctrine because you know what happens when you read the Quran?

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The Quran explains to you, what is third parties?

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Then you look really what the prophet does.

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The you see what Quran says straight path that what the prophet of the Quran says are now a boon. That's Latin starting worship me this is clear path. You see Muhammad Rasul Allah, He does not receive any materials. Parana mentioned a few things and said, This is my straight path. Follow that you see the problem. You see, you know, there are people in the world that deserve good things maybe but they don't do good. those good things. You can see the hypocrite they are not on the right path to first the Quran stablish Actually, this book is a hacking book.

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If this is a book Hakeem really certainly did not come from any human being it is still proved not from it must be messenger. This book teaches a straight path, apply them to Muhammad, you'll see is understood path in whatever book says it is true that what he does, he does not do anything from himself never enjoyed something. He's so scared. Sometimes he does not know the answer. He's just wait for the answer. until sometime he can think that he can derive the answer from the Quran. But when he does not derive then he waits until revelation comes and then he follows that this could be people look his life the cancer very clearly is guided man. People are not guided. They don't care

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really, you know can see most many many great people. Their life when the teacher different from the lead the delivery, but the prophet SAW his voice or you know they make his life open. Or everybody knows what he did inside inside the house.