Omar Suleiman – Zinneera (ra) and Aflah (ra) The Tortured Ones – The Firsts

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Ababa region is home to a wide range of culture and people, including the names of people who have killed in the area, as well as stories of people who have discovered and lost their lives due to similar actions. The segment also discusses the actions of different people, including those who were related to the Spanish-speaking and those who were related to the French-speaking. The segment also touches on the stories of people who were punished and found their deiances, including those with their twin brother and sister.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the first shorts where we are covering the lives of some of these companions about whom we have very little information. But we owe a great deal of respect to and have a great deal of love for and inshallah Tada, tonight we are covering a category of people and even in this category, we won't be able to cover all the names because some of the names are either unknown to us, or, you know, we have a first name but not a last name, which is the case of many of them, And subhanAllah one line or two maximum. But if you go back to the earliest companions that we have spoken about, I'm going to refer hate on below are the

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Allahu Taala and hubbub those people. When you talk about those that were enslaved and those that were tortured as an as being enslaved people in Mecca, the slaves in Mecca, someo the Allahu Taala and had the first martyr These are the stories that tend to drive in us something very unique, because if you think about how hard it was for them, to put all of that on the line in Mecca without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel as far as the Dounia was concerned, and having no one to protect them in the face of all that torture and even the desperation of the prophets of Allah hottie was sent them in wanting to be able to do more for them in this world. But of course, Allah

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subhanahu wa Tada has elevated them in so many different ways. Now, in the case of people like billaudot, the alongside Einhell, and Ababa, the Allahu Anhu. They lived a long life and they were honored in this world before the ultimate honor of the Hereafter. And so the story continues, and you see them go forth to Medina and you see them go forth beyond the death of the prophets lie some even after the death of the Prophet slice of them. And then you have these others that were actually killed under that persecution and that died as they're being persecuted some of whom we will never know their names, but surely Allah subhanaw taala knows their names show hide that from the Mahajan,

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martyrs from the foreigners. Now I wanted to talk about a few of these people. And they almost all relate to apobec all the time on Hawaii, because of Wilbekin will the Allahu Tada and who freed almost all of them, I will kill the low tide I'm home was the man who would go around. And when he would see a person that was being tortured, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, particularly the slaves that were being tortured for the sake of Allah built up a record of the low tide and who would be the one that would pay whatever was necessary to purchase their freedom, and would be questioned and his sincerity would be called into question by the disbelievers. And even his father

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says, Look, these are people that don't benefit you. And I will back to the line who says no, I'm seeking something else from Allah subhanho wa taala. And it is only a lost parents either can please I will record all the allotted time and repay him with something that he did not seek in this world from the people of this world. So you look at these people, and you have names that are known Bilal who we spoke about hubbub, we spoke about Ahmed rueful, Heydo. And then you have others and one of them Subhan Allah, for example, lubaina Robaina all the Allahu Taala Anna lubaina was the slave girl that all would have been hotter below the low tide and who, prior to becoming Muslim said that I

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would beat her until I would get tired. I would beat her until I would get tired, you know, he would he and he would let her know that. And subhanAllah I will back it'll be a long time and who was the one who purchased her freedom. So later on, we know who on little the low on who becomes on the closeness of aboubaker to Alma. And here you have this situation of a woman by the name of lubaina who was receiving the wrath from Amato the low tide and who at that time, all for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada you have a woman by the name of an idea or the Allahu Taala and and then you have these two that I will speak about today that have you know some particular stories around them and

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shot lots that can help us appreciate this plight even more. The first one is this woman by the name of Zinnia Zinnia or the Allahu Taala Anna and we don't have her last name is the Nero or the Allahu Tada Anna was a slave and bento Masoom just like Sumaiya or the Allahu Tatiana and so being in bento Maka zoom puts you not just at the mercy of any cruel person but at the mercy of Abuja from Bernama zone. So she was one of those who used to be tortured by Abuja, publicly and in very nasty ways. And it said that Abuja Hill had a particular you know, hatred for her when he would beat her. So we know about the the circumstances under which omega or the Allah has had on her the first martyr of this

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OMA passed away, and the nastiness of Abuja, * towards Omega all the allowance. So the Anita was also one of those who is distinguished in the way that a Buddha would torture her. So Buddha was known to uniquely torture her and their narrations from multiple people about the

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Unique harassment and ultimately, he beat her until she became blind. He beat her until she became blind. So, that was the the amount of, you know, just severity that came from the physical blows of Abuja, towards this girl. And when he did that to her, he took it a bit further, when when people you know, spoke about that he said earlier, he said it was a lot and Elisa, it was the gods that blinded her, not me, but rather the idols that she rejected, that blinded her. And subhanAllah you actually have this narration is half from a shaman Urawa

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from a new Sabir abhi he said our taka Abu Bakr in Morocco, Islam publish a new hydro Elin Medina sitter, the ARB, Bilal Sabirah home he said that Becca will the low tide and who freed six people before he made his way to Medina, and the seventh was below the low tide. And he mentions min home Zinnia or the Allahu Taala and her from them was the NEERA felt we'll see but we bought sorry her Hina ATAKA and she was tested with her eyesight by the torture that came from Abuja and Quraysh said not of her bustle Raha it'll alert will is that no one took away her eyesight except for allowed to the reserve wasn't Abuja It wasn't us. It was a lot and Louisa and she responded and she said

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caribou, they lied by Allah. And she said, No, there is no harm that can come from a Latin there is a do a lot and Elisa have any power. They don't benefit anyone and they don't have any power. Allah could imagine the strength of this woman, that she has been beaten to blindness in the name of these idols in the name of these gods, and she has no position in society. And she is responding as she is physically blinded. And she says they are lying you think a lot and Riza have any power. And she says Verily It is Allah subhanho wa Taala who has all power, and from who all benefit comes and then who in whose will harm can take place. And when she said that? Allah subhanho To Allah gave her back

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her eyesight, what the law he lay her boss, Allah Subhanallah so she actually could see again, and Quraysh who was mocking the Nila or the Allahu Taala and her and saying that this torture was not what caused her blindness but rather a lot analyser when they saw that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave her her eyesight back. They said that this is nothing but the set of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam This is a proof of his sorcery that she was able to see again. And instead we know of course that this was a coma. This was a miracle from Allah subhana wa Tada to her due to her righteousness. So imagine some Helen this the position of this woman while the Allahu tyna The last person that I'll

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mention here is after happening Assad after happening Assad or the Allahu Taala and if you could give him a description he is the one who was tortured exactly like Bilal or the Allahu Taala and who by the same man by may have no have. So

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a flat Radi Allahu Taala and who And subhanAllah His name is eFlow he succeeded and truly a flat earther was a person who at the hands of Romania as he stood his ground to be a Muslim. He was tortured and scorching heat, he was forced to lie naked in the desert with a heavy stone that was placed on his chest almost killing him. He was deprived of food and drink, he was sleep deprived. He was lashed in public, all of the things we know that happened to be out of the law time and who happened to him. And in fact, the last the last time that we see his torture is when the Mushrikeen the pagans tied a rope around his feet and his neck, and they dragged him around Mecca is almost

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lifeless body until he was about to die. And I will kill the low tide and who saw him and he purchased his freedom. And he sent him to Abyssinia to escape persecution. So unlike below the low tide and who stayed with I will Becquerel, the law on him in Macau and went forth to Medina. And we know what takes place with the lotto the Allahu Anhu. His this man who was his twin in torture after having Assad was sent to Abyssinia to escape the heavy persecution, and he died soon after that in Abyssinia, according to the few accounts that we have so Subhanallah imagine the status of this man. And imagine his position with Allah subhanho wa taala. And how do I, you know, not someone very

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recently, and he named his child eFlow? I said, Do you know who Athleta was? And he said, No. And you know, when I told him that this is the man who was tortured, like without all the low tide brought him to tears that we use these names, and we should use these names. And think about this man who has this level of Yaqeen this level of certainty and underwent what he underwent. And of course also one of the good deeds of a

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Bukkit acidic or the Allahu Taala and also may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with Zinnia Allah be pleased with an idea and lubaina Allah be pleased with beloved, Allah be pleased with with Amitabh no for hate on May Allah be pleased with Aflac may Allah be pleased with come up. May Allah be pleased with the ones that we know and the ones that we don't know, that underwent the worst of persecution during the most severe of times so that we could inherit this beautiful religion alumna. I mean, exactly. Well, Hayden inshallah Tada, I'll see you next time was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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