Musleh Khan – Spiritual Growth #10 A Show-off, The Ultimate Shame

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the temptation of showing off physical appearance in culture and society, as it is a consequence of not being grateful for something. The speakers stress the importance of protecting oneself in the face of physical destruction and the need for mindset improvement to avoid losing interest in worship. They also suggest asking for protection and keeping one's heart honest to avoid becoming bored.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, we're back. Let's continue brothers and sisters with part 10 of spiritual growth. And today it is the ultimate shame showing off a Ria. And this is something that we've talked about this in the past in different ways in some of our other series. But I actually have in front of me here, the set of cue cards, and it's this next subject that I pulled out this morning, all about a Ria, or the hidden sheoak. And this is something that goes back to an authentic hadith of all prophet alayhi salatu was Salam that this was one of the things that he was afraid of, for this oma, he was afraid that the hidden

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schilke would be a part of culture and society, and people wouldn't see any issues with somebody who literally shows off. Now there are a number of different ways to look at this subject. From a religious perspective, people that show up when they're worshiping when they're praying, when they're doing certain acts or rituals, they would show up, they would do it in such a way that people could recognize and see Mashallah, look how long that total cow was Mashallah Look, listen to their voice, how they recycle core and Mashallah local, charitable, they are, etc. And the list goes on and on. Then there's another category of where people show off with, which unfortunately, tends

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to happen very often. And that is, people that just show off in life, show off that they might have purchased something, the way that they act, the way that they walk, the way that they speak. Their this the sense of pride in judgment. So they'll know they'll feel as though they've they've never done or said anything wrong. They're never accused of things. And even if they are, they repel, they reject immediately. And they do it with with an arrogant way. Like they do it in such a way that makes the person that's trying to confront this behavior, makes them feel like they're doing something wrong. All of these things fall under this massive category of ARIA or showing off. The

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first point that I want to address on the subject is really, it's such a difficult subject to talk about. And the reason why is because the challenge is confronting the show off. How do you tell somebody he stopped showing off? You know, Sister, don't talk like that. You don't you know, it doesn't doesn't come off? Well, you know, it makes it feel like how do you have this conversation with anybody? Because you're basically saying to them, you know, stop being a fool. You know, you're showing off, no one likes to show off. And that's true in any culture or society. Nobody appreciate someone who has this quality, and it stands out like a sore thumb anywhere you go. And all of us

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have stories of this, all of us have encounters with people who carry this etiquette. And so the Quran and Sunnah is very straightforward with the subject. So I'm going to read to you a couple of things that are mentioned first and foremost. Anytime you talk about the subject of showing off, the first thing that you have to address is the temptation the influence of shape on and there is one particular verse found in sort of, out of and where the shaitaan is speaking Allah subhanho wa Taala quotes Thelma Etienne hoomin benei ad woman healthy him one a many him wine shama elohiym, wala tecido, XL, homeshare kyren, that the shaitan himself or he believes himself says that I will come

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to them from the left side from the right side from in front of them from behind them. Here's a quick side point. Why didn't a police just say, I will come to them in all directions? And the answer to that is so that you and I don't think well, he probably comes in all directions. But he especially comes only in front of me, I'm always confronted with the temptation of shaytaan in front of me, but on the side or behind me, meaning, you know, your history, your past what you've done yesterday, or what you've done an hour ago, none of that stuff is really from shape on, none of that stuff is a temptation, I don't need to worry about any other direction, because it's not a big deal.

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I can handle that to race, okay, this is where he's going to come. This is what he's going to do to erase that whole thought process, it believes is clearly saying, I will come to you from the front, back and both sides, it doesn't matter what you do, I will always be there. And then he says something absolutely remarkable. At the end of this verse, it believes says, while I teach you to act federal homeshare kidding, you'll won't find you won't find that the majority of them are grateful. What does that have to do with the A A because it almost sounds like the ending of this verse is not linked in any way from how the verses verse began, or the subject that's being talked

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about. The point is

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Hear that really simple and it's very clever. It's just amazing that Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us this point will attach you to a thorough home, check it in your won't find that most of them are grateful. Meaning most of us, unfortunately, generally speaking, will not be grateful that we have the strength to overcome the temptations of shaytaan. That we as we are able to when we are confronted with something that tempts us in the wrong way that we can actually recognize, see, and confront that thing and overcome it. Whether it be that you say door, as you say, oh Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. You turn the other cheek, you do something, but the point is you repel or you

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move away, you protect yourself, you will find this is a police talking himself. This is the shale team themselves saying that most of mankind are not going to be grateful. What does that mean? Here's the second point with the ending of this verse, that most of mankind as a result of not being grateful, the team are encouraged to do their work, they will continue because why? If you don't have gratitude that you don't have the protection of Allah jello, arella gratitude leads to Allah's mercy, it leads to Allah zodat law and protection, it leads that Allah gives you and blesses you with the strength to overcome some of the difficulties and challenges when with respect to

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practicing our religion. Here's the next point with this subject. This is the ultimate destroyer of all affairs, everything that we strive for, and we do for the sake of Allah. Ria or showing off destroys it all. Why? Because it goes back to the definition of the real literally means that you are doing something for that is supposed to be for the sake of Allah, and you are doing it for someone else. And so the fact that you don't, whether it be prayer or anything else you're doing, you're involved in that ritual. And it's supposed to be solely only for Allah subhanho wa Taala. But somewhere in you somewhere in your heart, there's a bit of inclination that, okay, somebody's

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standing there. And I know that if I recite a little louder, they'll be impressed by my voice by my recitation. So let me just okay, I'm not going to recite the whole sort of out loud, but a couple of verses where I can really stretch my voice. And I know they're going to recognize I know they're going to compliment, they'll probably pull the phone out there, start recording me, and maybe I might be on YouTube, maybe I might be somewhere else. So by all means. That's the whole point, something that was supposed to be only for the creator now is being done for his creation, instead, that literally sums up what from at least an Islamic point of view, what to do, or showing off is

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all about. Here's the next point on this subject. There are three categories to this subject. The first is before the act of worship. The second is during the act of worship. And the third, of course, is after the act of worship. So when the showing off had been before the act of worship, it's very obvious, we've already talked about that. The intention is not there. The sincerity is not there, it is somewhere else, as so for example, it's time for Salah, but you only pray because you don't want to look like a fool that you're the only one sitting there and everybody else is praying. So what do you do, you kind of go along with the crowd, and you start praying, you didn't even make

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wool, you didn't actually prepare, you don't even pray to begin with, but you're just doing it because you don't want to look, you don't you don't want to be embarrassed. So that's before the act of worship, second category during the act of worship. So as you're praying,

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you start to straighten your back. So you were doing that whole for Ferrari Salah, you know, you're just going up and down and finishing the prayer, you pray for rokerites, in less than four, you know, in less than a minute, you're almost done, until somebody walks into the masjid or walks into your house or walks into the room. And they see you praying. So then you slow down, you know, you start crying and prayer, you're going you have the longest record in history, you have a longest sagitta. So that's during the act of worship, and then finally after the act of worship, and so after it's all said and done.

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same scenario and how it began before that at the end of the day, the heart wasn't there. So after the act of worship, your feeling is thank God I got that out of the way or that was grueling. Oh, that was so painful. I didn't even feel like doing that. So those kinds of attitudes get come into play. So this is at least three cat main categories of the subject. Here's the next point. Where does the idea come from? Where does showing off start from? And the scholars teach us that the reader starts from within the heart, because why it seeks to attack sincerity, and it seeks to attack the intention of an individual why

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Is it that your whatever it is that you're about to pursue, why are you pursuing that thing. And so it attacks the heart first. And that's the one place that we don't want it to go. Because when something enters our heart, whether it be a Korea or anything else, good or bad, that's how you're able to start developing habits. So you're able to now it finds a place in the heart, it settles there. And it's extremely difficult to remove those things later on. Things that you and I, we don't want in as part of our intentions, as part of our sincerity. And within our heart. We don't want certain things there. But if they happen to find a place in there, and one classic example is if you

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follow the opinion that music is heard on, then music is one of them. And this is an example that we've shared with you in the past that you ever find yourself that if you don't listen to music, but once upon a time you did, and it could have been a long time ago, 1015 years ago. And then all of a sudden, you hear the same song that you heard 15 years ago, it's playing in the grocery store, and you hear it, and it starts to reignite and you're before you know it, you kind of enjoy it. And then it takes it the next step and then you start singing along, then you go the next step, you type in the artist name and you're like, Okay, wonder what he or she is up to these days. How do they look

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from 15 years ago till now. So the interest of curiosity starts to build. That's how you know that something is starting to plant and grow and manifest itself and it's in the heart. And that's a really difficult thing to remove. It takes a long time, takes a lot of determination. It takes a lot of patience. A couple more points on the subject of brothers and sisters,

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Abdullah, even Miss udara, viola one one said, Listen to this very beautiful statement, he says, speech by itself is worthless, unless it is followed by action. However, speech and action by themselves are worthless, unless they have the right intention. And then he concludes, and speech, action and the right intention are all worthless, unless they agree with the prophetic sunnah of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you see, it's one layer after another after another. And to conclude this particular subject, I want to share with you some of the things that caused it to happen. And number one, it's the the desire or love for praise. When somebody loves and desire

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compliments, or the the admiration of people around, you want people to recognize you want people to say something. So whether this is related to anything spiritual, or life in general. And remember, as I mentioned to you, showing off is a quality in somebody that's frowned upon and looked down upon in society. Nobody likes a show off. And it's very awkward when you see somebody showing off about something. It's very awkward. It carries a certain quality or a swag to that attitude that nobody likes. everybody's like, what the heck is his problem? What's wrong with him or her? Why are they speaking that way? Why are they acting that way? And nobody wants to be around someone like that. So

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it's that whole cocky attitude. Nobody appreciates that. As a matter of fact, I remember a while ago, I was going through a few videos online, and I came across a particular video that was in my stream of videos. And so I clicked on it. It was a young basketball player, I forget his name, but he's in the States. This young kid, superb athlete, I'm telling you subpanel I like some of the things that this kid was doing. It was just amazing for that age and that height. He was really dominant on the basketball court. But there was one problem. Everyone thought that this kid was a prospect that eventually he will be a professional athlete, a professional basketball player, like

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this kid is on his way. But there was one problem. The video was actually showing or exposing an incident that happened to this kid. He was playing a basketball game, and there was another superstar on the opposite team. Okay, on the opposing team. So that superstar was getting just as much attention as this kid. So what did this kid do? In order to swerve or turn the attention back on him? He started talking trash. He started becoming real arrogant. He started dancing on the basketball court during the game. He started uttering comments he says, He said some really awful things and you could see it was quoted and sometimes in the video, you could hear it and you're just

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like, all of his talents, all of his skill became

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shadid because of this attitude, he basically started showing off that this kid has nothing on him, this kid is nowhere close to him, and that he is the stupid the superstar. This this guy from the opposing team. Don't even pay attention to him. I'm going to destroy him in this game. But guess what? subpanel it was really embarrassing for the show off. Because not only did everybody see the arrogant side in his attitude, he actually lost the game. And that star on the opposing team hit the game winning shot in front of this arrogant athlete, this arrogant person. And so the YouTube video or this this particular video exposed like this is when because of this attitude of being arrogant.

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Basically, nobody paid attention to him anymore. You know, the star status that he had just went down the drain, and he was crying in an interview and he was like really apologizing. And that's ultimately what showing off does. It varices you It puts you on the spot and eventually, it exposes you. And this is where the first category of First reason that causes somebody to have Vidia. This is where it comes into play. Another reason is the greed for possession. So people possession so wishing that whatever others have you wanted it, as well. So it's the develops that sense of greed and thirst to want what others are blessed with. The last section on this particular particular

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subject is how do you cure malaria? How do you cure this disease? And the answer to this is many, and I'll share with you just a couple number one, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect you from it. ask Allah. Because why? There's a lot of times, as a matter of fact, I would even argue most of the times, when somebody has Ria when somebody is a show off, it's almost impossible for them to see it. And to avoid that awkward situation that somebody okay wants to confront you, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings, doesn't want to embarrass you, it doesn't want confrontation. ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect you, and keep your heart sincere, keep your hearts on the straight path,

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keep your heart pure, and with the purest of intentions. And the next thing is that you also ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep firm your heart upon the path of the citrato stuffing. So in other words, you don't just want to be a practicing Muslim, but you want to be the Muslim that's always striving to improve. If you keep your men on cruise control, React can always find its way, in your in your faith in your discipline. What does this all talking about? Well, usually when you do something for a long time, eventually what ends up happening is you become bored. And so even when it comes to prayer, and some of the rituals that we do for the sake of a lump, because you know,

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you're kind of just doing the same thing, the same routine every single day, and you're not looking for ways to improve the or to strengthen that. And by the way, that's one of the wisdoms why we are encouraged to always improve is so that we we never lose that excitement and that zeal and that thirst to worshiping our Creator. So we're always looking for ways to do more. And that's the nature of human beings, we get bored with anything and everything. If we end up doing it for a long time. If you have a job at a workplace a certain duty, every now and then guess what the managers have to do it, they have to change your position or give you other duties. Why? Because when you go into

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that same routine over and over every single day, you lose interest. And before you know it, you end up doing a bad job, you start making mistakes. So it's the same attitude that's applied even to rituals that we do for the sake of worship. And so in this case, here, you're asking ALLAH, so just to keep you on the Citadel terminal step in because the serotonin stuff in the straight path is always a path that you're looking to improve. So if you pray, you want to pray better, if you're reciting, you want to keep reciting more everything, every act of worship, you can always find ways to improve that. And of course, finally, reflecting on the hero.

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For the most part, everybody that shows off, shows off because of some kind of worldly gain. They want some sort of validation in the worldly sense. So they want people to acknowledge, to make to comment, or to give them a certain gift or a prize or something. They want some sort of materialistic thing in return. And so keep your focus on the hero. Ultimately, at the end of the day, reminding yourself of the Day of Judgment, reminding yourself that you're going to be asked about you're going to be questioned. You're going to be interrogated.

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In front of Allah subhanho wa Taala in front of all of mankind. When you think about those moments, at the end of the day in sha Allah tala, it'll help cure this problem. If you feel like you do have this you have, you know, traces of react in you then and you can recognize it then in shout Allahu taala that's a really good start. just recognizing that you have this problem is an incredible start. It shows that despite you have Oriya there's still humility and sincerity left in you. And you can work with that in sha Allah. So we always in forever escuela sapan, and with Ireland, to continue to give us the strength and the courage that not only do we recognize that Yeah, we've made

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a lot of social purify our hearts from it. If we have oviya you know our actions in our words, may Allah azza wa jal erase it from our actions and words, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us always and forever the strength that we continue to improve ourselves in the best way possible, in a way that is pleasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala. So with that being said, I'm going to put this away guys, and we're going to choose the next

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subject. So let's see what we have here.

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Okie dokie, I'm pulling out something.

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this is nice.

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So the next subject, check this out? Well, I mean, you probably wouldn't be able to read it, because it's going to look like it's backwards or something. Patience. That's going to be our next subject in sha Allah. And this is massive, I mean, one of my favorite subjects as well. Just because there are so many different things that you can talk about with this subject. It's beautiful. Patience is just one of the if not the most beautiful quality in a human being, is patience. And so we're going to go into this subject in sha Allah hotelera tomorrow, there's one thing I'll leave you with.

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This, actually, these two cards, is actually the subject of my very first public lecture that I have ever done in my life. And I remember putting this together. And I remember it took me more than a week to write this out. And I was thinking, what would be the first subject that I want to introduce myself, to my audience to the to my community? What is it that I want to say? And I remember that patients just felt right, it felt like this was the way to start this journey. And so at home data lead tomorrow, you guys are going to hear my very first ever my very first public lecture ever in my entire life, which is going to be a sub insha Allah, so have a sub and inshallah Allahu taala.

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Around the same time, I will speak to you again for our journey as we continue our journey and spiritual growth Alliance, so which will bless you all keep you safe, protect you. And for what it's worth. We have a couple more days left not only for celebrating aid, but also a couple more days for the first 10 days of full hedger to go by. So continue to maximize these last few days left. Also be reminded that after every fourth prayer, you recite the tech Birotte at least three times. So you'll say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, will he lay your hand? So just recite that after every single prayer three times until Monday

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in shut luck, or at least until the 10th of the ledger be in a lab, which is, of course the prophetic student of our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. So with that being said, male allies so we'll accept you take care of everyone until we meet again, was sent Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh care

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