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ration of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in which he says that the matter of a believer is amazing because everything is good for a believer. And that if something comes to a believer that the believer likes, you know, like we get, you know, something that we want, the believer responds with gratitude. And so it is good for the believer. And if something comes, that the believer does not want or something that is difficult difficulty of some sort, the believer responds with patience, and so it is good for them. And so you see that there's this, this almost the state, this almost like superpower of a person with faith is that everything that comes their way actually ends

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up being for for the good. And, and that all comes down to the way we respond. And the way in and as was mentioned before, the lens by which we use to see the world around us. If we, if we see God in a certain way, it will change the way we respond. And there's a concept that that I think, is very, very transformative and very powerful and healing that we have in Arabic, it's called hill-smith lunda Bella, which which means to always have a positive opinion of God, to always see God and the working of God and the will of God in a positive way. And to realize that God does not want to harm us that God does not give us things to hurt us, but rather that God wants good for us and that God

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is actually acting in our best interest. So the things that happen to us in our lives aren't happening to us, but are actually happening for us. And when you see God and you see the divine design, in that, through that lens, everything that happens to you, you respond in a much more positive way. You know, and I give this example of an example that I usually give it in my classes is like, if you go outside, and your mother is in the car, and she's driving, and she starts driving, and you don't know where she's taking you and you ask, you know, where are we going? And she says, Don't worry, you know, you'll see, no one in that circumstance is going to panic and call

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the police, right? Even though you don't know where you're going or why. But you have this sense of trust, and the sense of of peace, because you trust the driver, you know that your mother, you know, in this case, the driver is not going to take you somewhere and then leave you there in a ditch and harm you. But in fact, you have a positive opinion of your mother and and I think that we believe God is above any analogy, but we, you know, kind of gives you this this concept of having that positive opinion do we trust the driver of our lives and that's and that's God and when we do, we don't we don't see his workings as being to hurt us but we actually trust that he knows what he's

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doing and that it is for our ultimate best. And and it really comes down to our response. You know, we we were told that a believer goes between two two main states and that's patience and gratitude that you know patience when we don't get what we want and gratitude when we do and and and similarly and just to kind of wrap up with this is that concept of God being near we have a verse in the Quran that says we're not going to operable la human have been worried and we are closer to them than their juggler vein. So there's there's that new Uranus aspect which also gives a lot of comfort.