Has Covid-19 deprived us this Ramadan

Yasmin Mogahed


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By now when you look at Roma God and the fact that Ramadan is now in this unprecedented circumstance right now, Ramadan is at a time when we can't really, you know, we can't go to the community of thought we can't go to the masjid. We can't go to Torah. We know a lot of people, understandably are very upset about that. And we're extremely afraid that oh my god, how is this going to be Ramadan without Fotolia and without the masjid and without our community? And I want to just examine that for a moment. If you go back and you look at what the prophets I send them said about Ramadan, and the reward of Ramadan, you find something very interesting. There are three heads in which the

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prophets I send them talks about the reward of Ramadan and how we can get our sins forgiven. The first one, the prophets I sent him says, men Salama, Ramadan, Eman and waxy Sabbath. So the the requirement here is whoever fasts and Ramadan with amen and with hoping the reward from Allah, so those are the two requirements, then that person will have all their sins forgiven. The next one is whoever stands in praise pm in Ramadan with the men and hoping for the reward from Allah will have all their sins forgiven. And then finally, there is whoever stands on Laila to cover the night of

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Eman and YT seven again, with amen and hope in Allah subhanaw taala will have all their sins forgiven. Now let's look at these three golden opportunities that are given to us in Ramadan. Have we in this global pandemic been deprived of any one of those three? Have we been deprived from fasting? Have we been deprived from praying at night? Have we been deprived from a local club? And the answer is no, we have not been deprived from any single one of these three opportunities to have all our sins forgiven.