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Imam Zaid Shakir speaks about how Prophet Abraham (upon him be peace) was an embodiment of leadership, obedience, and thankful for the blessings bestowed by Allah despite the trials and triumphs endured. To be a leader seek strength and guidance by relying on Allah, during these days and times of social confusion.

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National medal winners die you know who won the stock funeral when a stock funeral who went to LA he went

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on fusina women say

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Maria de la who Fela Moodle Allah, why me? Neil fella Haryana, Russia,

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Russia and Mohamed Abdul

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Hop on to coffee he went

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to the moon. Yeah.

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Taco rock Bakula do Holla

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Holla and Kathy are on line is

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what taco lady tells me he was

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in LA hey can

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you help

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Colin sadita your sleep slow Hello Come on. We all feel welcome

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Vienna, and

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Alhaji Tiki tabula

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Mohammed in Salalah, while he was in Russia,

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to have gokula timbira local NaVi Rajan, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

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Law, law.

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a law is greater, a law is the greatest is the greatest. A law is greater than this gathering. A lot is greater than this park, a lot is greater than the city, or laws greater than the state, or laws greater than this country, or laws greater than this hemisphere, or laws greater than this world allows greater than the sky above us allows greater than the stars beyond the sky, a lot is greater than any galaxy beyond the stars allows greater than the universe that holds it all along is greater than all of creation

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is greater than all of creation.

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a law is greater than you and a law is greater than if a law is greater than our problems. A law is greater than our grief. A law is greater than our anxiety. A law is greater than our worries. Someone said

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don't tell a law you have problems. Tell your problems. You have a law. You say no, we tell we tell a law we have problems because law is the reliever of all problems. But we also tell our problems. We have a law. And we're in now this data loss is greater than our problems. Whatever is vexing us, whatever is grieving us whatever we might be struggling with. We might be struggling with the hardship and the burden of trying to raise our children in this troubled and confused world allows greater than that struggle we might be struggling with with scarce and disappearing employment opportunities in the face of both automation and discrimination laws greater than that struggle. We

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might be struggling with some form of addiction. Well, I'll give us faith that is stronger than any addiction. But it is what it is in reality is reality. Although it's greater than that struggle. But for us to realize the greatest greatness of a lot in our lives, we have to open our hearts to be receptive to his greatness. We have to open our souls to be receptive to our greatness. We have to open we have to allow our hearts and our souls to become mirrors that reflect the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala in our lives and when we do that, we will we will realize just how great

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Hill hams Alhamdulillah brothers and sisters, one of the greatest things we can do

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to invite the greatness of the law into our lives is to praise the Lord and thankful for the blessings he's bestowed upon us. Because when we think along for the greatness of the blessings, we realize how great Allah subhanho wa Taala is mmid

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is related to have said all the hot coffee and fusi him for songs out on that facade hold off medulla daddy Cathy IUD him, that they magnify the greatness of the Creator and their souls, and everything other than Him became small.

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Before in their sight. They magnified the greatness of the Creator and their souls album, album called the coup tianfu see him and everything other than Him became small in this site. So hold on that Guna medulla who the IUD him, brothers and sisters magnifier law

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in your soul, magnify the greatness of a law in your soul.

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extol the greatness of Allah on your tongue and your problems, your worry, your grief, your struggles. Everything you might encounter in this life will be small in your sight, a lot.

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Don't be

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the greatest

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is the rejection of the gifts of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And faith is a great gift of Allah coffer is but a rejection of the gift of faith. But we should realize Cofer is the rejection of any of the laws of blessings. When a lot of time it says to all of us in the book in his book,

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in the

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rush school, he will

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remember me I will remember you and that's a rhetorical statement from a law because the law never forgets. It's a reminder and an emphasis for us to remember him. When school he went to a room give thanks to my blessings and do not be an engraved or lost talking about rejecting his blessings. When a lot of time it says with

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the income for too often. What is that

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shortcode to come

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to in

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a deed. If you want your Lord proclaimed if you give thanks for my blessings, I will increase you in those blessings. And if you reject my blessings if you are an ingrate, you should know that my punishment is severe when I didn't conform to in

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deed, although time has blessed us. His blessed us coming and going. He has blessed us by night and by day. He has blessed us with food. He has blessed us with shelter. He's blessed us with COVID he's blessed us with moderate temperate weather. He's blessed us with water to drink. He's blessed us with clothing to put upon our back. He's blessed us with faith. He's blessed us and inspired us to come here this morning. When we could be doing so many other things. These are blessings.

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Abraham is a son, whose life many critical events in his life. The Pilgrims are reenacting and commemorating

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Ibrahim IN is Salaam is described in the Quran, amongst other things in the following way.

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in that era he may Cana

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Hani farewell and yaku Masri key Shakira alumi each other who

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are often will stop him. Amongst other he thinks he grant him was thankful for the blessings of Allah, Shakira, and

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he was thankful for his blessings, the blessings of Allah, which were bestowed upon him.

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He was thankful we should be thankful. But he's also described as akuna igra him in Canada.

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And we want to focus on this in the balance of the first part of this clip

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in the Ibrahimi can

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Connie tell you that

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three things are mentioned by most of the exigence others, but three things they focus on, in terms of Ibrahim being an oma, first of all, he was a leader, he wasn't he

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is from the same route as he ma'am.

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And if mee mee

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mee mee mee any man, he Ma'am, Alice me mean, so ever him being an oma.

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He was a leader, he was in he Ma'am, and each and every one of us should be a leader. We should not we were not given this Dean.

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To be followers

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of those who do not have faith. We were not given this Deen this way of life to be followers of those who do not have guidance. We're not given this thing, this religion to be followers of those who don't have good sense. We were given this religion to be leaders.

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And if there were ever a time when people were in need, of the guidance and leadership that Muslims can provide the time is now the time is now brothers and sisters. People are confused as to their very self. People don't even know who they are or what they are.

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They're describing themselves in unseemly ways. They're inventing new words to describe themselves words that human language has no precedent to present.

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They're making it up on the fight, then pulling many Muslims into a vast social experiment, the outcomes of which they have no clue, absolutely no clue as to where it leads.

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And many Muslims as opposed to leading them, as opposed to saying to them, as a law says, and when they said that Google can lose fat, that the male is in no lies like the female instead of leading them to human dignity.

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Adam, telling them the ways in which a normal human being they join the confusion. Brothers and sisters The world is in need of you. The world is in need of us, our countries in need of us, and we must rise to the challenge.

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Rely on the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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strength you never realized you had

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more when

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you will find strength you never realize you have because that strength will not emanate from you. You and I are weak in and of ourselves. We're insane that the human was created we but we are strong through a loss of Hannah Tyler we're strong with the loss of Hannah where Tyler was strong relying on the loss of Hannah what Tyler was strong clinging to the rope that a lot Tyler extends to us. We seek your strength and a lot of brothers and sisters. Seek your strength in a loss of how do I Tyler and don't be Don't be deceived into believing you can rely on

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yourself. This is the great line of liberalism, that all the human being needs is his or her individual self. They can rely on themselves. They can define themselves. They can be whatever the winds come, whatever the rules tell them. They can be Abraham and they said them told us, Abraham told us we are Muslims.

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Abraham told us we are Muslims.

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config between him and her Raj

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Ibrahim, who has sent

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me He has called you and designated you as Muslim. We are Muslim.

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And a Muslim is a human being who realizes his or her weakness in and of himself. Were not deceived by that. But realize we can be strong through a loss.

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We can be strong through a love. Brothers and sisters have the courage Abraham was courageous, he smashed the idols. He had the courage to smash the idols. Do we have the courage to smash the idols that people are worshipping idols that are leading people astray? idols that are tearing people's lives apart, I started demanding a worship that destroys lives and empty souls. Do we have the courage

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we can find that courage to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just as Abraham Abraham found that courage, he was a leader,

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oma zipmoney, Massoud and others say m&s, you're the one who teaches good to the people. So we shouldn't be leaders, not followers. We're not sheep, being led by a shepherd of destruction to our dome, where are leaders who should be leading people who think they're sheep, and to show them they're not sheep, but they're human beings, dignified, upright, noble human beings.

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And oma is one who teaches good to the people. We cannot stand idly by while people teach evil, to the people that fill their mouths with profanity.

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Worse than many of us who are old enough if we spoke those words, and now will you

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be at lunch severely, our mouse will be washed out with soap. But we will allow people to use that dehumanizing language, as if it's as if it's commonplace, as if there are no spiritual consequences. We could not even say, God, darn it.

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So when you're old enough to remember what our parents say to us, boy, I don't want to hear you using the Lord's name in vain.

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We were taught to reference the name of God.

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Man, we were Muslims at that point, and we say God,

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but those Christian parents, they taught us to reference the name of God

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and not to use God's name in vain. And we will be admonished we will even be physically punished

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for using the Lord's name in vain. No people use the name of God and with impunity.

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And they're taught to be literal guy. When the Muslim the believers thought to extol god, this is the day of technora not just for the prayer from as we walk through the Marketplace and our comings and goings, as we drive in our cars, as we go to visit our friends as we go to eat and share food and break bread with our beloved. Our tone should be extolling the loss of Hannah Montana throughout this period until I sir have Wednesday.

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Brothers and sisters, we have to get back to some of that old time religion. refer to people. Young Brother, don't talk like that. Don't use that language. young sister don't dress like that. Don't act like that.

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A lot of the sisters are old enough to remember a time when their mothers or grandmothers said to them that's not lady light.

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Now, if we said that to a young lady that's not lady likes, You've insulted

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your sexist pig. Don't talk to me like that.

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No, we have to teach what we were taught.

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Because what we were taught was a remnant of prophetic teaching and guidance that sufficed us. We have to get back to that and not be afraid. Ibrahim was not afraid. He taught monotheism he taught, he and he taught prophetically informed character, etiquette and death, a HELOC in a world of ship.

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He was alone, but he wasn't afraid to be alone. We have each other, we have millions of Muslims in this country. And we have Allah subhanho wa Taala. We need to teach people good. And finally, he said and Rome as a,

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as a moral exemplar, someone who is not afraid to challenge themselves to be better than what our world our society, our associate, our culture has made us

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a moral exemplar for people, none of us are perfect. But we should strive for perfection, we should have the courage to fall within ourselves to strive for perfection. And we shouldn't be afraid of it. We should be like that, know that that you said one time.

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Listen, man, that can be way that can affect them. And

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that a courageous young person is the one who says my forefathers, and my ancestors were this or that.

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Anyone talking about what the Muslims used to be, and what the Muslims used to do?

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This is our time, what are we doing And who are we,

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we should look at them for inspiration and motivation. But if we're not doing anything, if we're not standing for anything, if we're not representing anything, then we shouldn't talk about what they did and what they stood for what they represented, if that can't inspire us, to

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welcome back. While

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we aren't alone, this is a nation that has passed away. And this is interpreting the verse figuratively, because literally is talking about the previous homeless. But we're talking about the previous generation.

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This is a nation can can overcome that they are gone. They're not walking on this earth any longer physically.

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Their influences here,

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the spiritual energy they generated while they were in the world this year, but they're physically gone to get that they will have what they earn our great Muslim ancestors who preceded us who go through empires who killed their architectural wonders that we point to who established the intellectual greatness that we read about.

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They're gone.

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And they will be rewarded for the great things that they did. When they are conceptual. And you will have and be rewarded for what you did.

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We will be rewarded for what we do. Brothers and sisters Make up your mind to try to the best of your ability to do something great, meaningful and significant in this world. Nothing can stop you if you rely on the law.

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Nothing can stop you rely on the greatness of the last panel Watada. Make up your mind, you're not going to be a follower. Make up your mind, you're not going to be petty. Make up your mind, you're not going to be insignificant. Make up your mind that you're not going to be someone who people point to and say yeah, those Muslims, they talk about this and that but look at them. No, make up your mind. Like that young person.

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Here I am. I'm not perfect, but I'm doing my best to stand for something. I'm doing my best to be somebody. I'm doing my best to make a positive contribution to this world as long as he keeps me in this world

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and relying on the law

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is possible.

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What's up Robbie, welcome. What do you say? meaning your comments no food law

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen in Oman,

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you can

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do it he was in the mood as the

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log log.

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A lot of time is blessed us. These days are days festivities. But there are days to remember Allah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam described this devotee and the three days of tertiary Kampala Salalah while he was sending them, he

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was shorter than what he could be left. And there are days of eating and drinking and remember all law remembering a lot. So brothers and sisters eat and drink and remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. Visit your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, make amends with people you might have have fallings out with. This is the time and ask the Lord to forgive your sins on this day. This is a day when people are liberated from the Hellfire, the and the previous day. These are days of liberation from the hellfire. And as we eat and we drink and remember we remember Allah subhanho wa Taala let us remember all of our brothers and sisters who don't enjoy the blessings that we enjoy in this

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world. And never forget, someone might say you said what and shall come tonight as eternal Kumar thank the line thank the line, I don't see any increase, then increase might not necessarily be in this world.

00:28:02--> 00:28:04

By the increase will come.

00:28:05--> 00:28:20

When you do good in your relationship with the law and you do good in your relationship with your family members and you didn't do good in your relationship with your neighbors and you do good in your relationship with your fellow citizens then your lesson.

00:28:22--> 00:28:36

And along loves the machining and law law how you hit bone restaining although love loves those who do good, and all of their relationships, but the increase for the muslin

00:28:37--> 00:29:15

literally the greatest increase, and when we should all hope for and just as we said a lot greater than this world, the increase the greatest increase, the world could not contain if the world were to witness one instance of that increase manifested this whole world would be rendered what would be split asunder the heavens and earth and everything in it will be obliterated. And so that increase has been been reserved for us in paradise. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Linda Dena

00:29:17--> 00:29:30

was the ad. Those who do good in all of their relationships starting with their relationship with a loss of Hannah wa Taala they will have good and they will have an increase

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

what is the zyada woohoo young young man he didn't know there are you know rock behind no there are on the day of the increase those faces will be radiant. gazing upon their Lord however that will be there increases the beard to fit vision the increases know what Yeah, and this is the great piece

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The believers have the weekly eat the Juma and we have two annual is either a fifth or an odd ha and then we have the greatest eat of all and that's the eating genda and the eating genda will be the day that we are blessed with the root yeah with the beard tipic vision that will be the Eden paradise, and that's greater than anything this world could ever give us. And that

00:30:31--> 00:30:32

he doesn't know

00:30:34--> 00:30:35

when the

00:30:36--> 00:31:13

snow was the Adda that is the great increase for those who do good. And for those who are thankful that Shaq Ed, that is their greatest benefit. So if you don't see it in this world, be assured that you will see it in the next and when that occurs. The mere agenda will make you forget this world and they will make you forget everything else. Every delight and pleasure and gender and that is the greatest he but we have this he saw enjoying this he and enjoy your family and enjoy the blessings and bounties

00:31:15--> 00:31:21

and extol the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala as you go through these days.

00:31:41--> 00:31:43

One minute

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00:31:52--> 00:31:57

Karana in the Canton, Rocklin Africa Nina sablon with step

00:31:58--> 00:32:03

one solarian Coleman Kathie Lee forgot no sovereign wah

00:32:05--> 00:32:09

wah toa center Mussolini wow for now won't fear that now.

00:32:10--> 00:32:11


00:32:14--> 00:32:14


00:32:19--> 00:32:19

Why not?

00:32:22--> 00:32:22

Why not?

00:32:25--> 00:32:26

Why not? came in a lot of

00:32:29--> 00:32:33

similar men Ohashi at Canada who Louis vaden a

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

Sikh women thought he go to bed ninguna genetec wamena

00:32:43--> 00:32:44

dunya on the

00:33:01--> 00:33:03

end, whether

00:33:13--> 00:33:15

you're a homeowner

00:33:18--> 00:33:21

won't fear what 110

00:33:23--> 00:34:12

a little permanent caffine yo long asked you in this place is blessing place rescue amongst this blessing gathering. We ask you on this blessing day on this blessing occasion that you forgive everybody here and those beyond the confines of this gathering. Yo long as that you erase our sins from us. And then we remove emerging need this Muslim that cleanse like the day our mother's first gave birth to us cleanse as a white garment is cleansed by all stain and impurity. Cleanse does the earth is cleanses by rain and sleet and snow and hell yeah Allah we ask that you accept our worship, that we accept all of the worship, that the jazz the pilgrims have sent forth during their struggles

00:34:12--> 00:34:57

to get to the sacred precincts and to worship you and to reenacting the rites and to engage in the acts and rites of worship during the end that they're in the sacred precincts that you have. You're exempt from that multitude your law you're exempt from that multitude in yourself from everyone not in the sacred precincts who have left their homes and drop what they were doing to come up to them my son lives all over this land and all over this earth to worship your your law to seek your forgiveness, your law to reenact and to enact the Sunnah the way into tradition of your messenger Muhammad Sallallahu it he was sending them yeah Allah accept that from us, all of us. Y'all law we

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

pray that those amongst us who might be

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

Problem with whatever they may be struggling with man people either may be personal may be related to their marriages may be related to their friendships that be related to issues with their neighbors may be related to their work may be related to their struggle to identify exactly who they are, whatever it might be, that you guide them that you lift any affliction from them that you lift any hardship or burden from them y'all love y'all we pray that you make things easy for mothers especially the single mothers who are struggling what might it mean to raise their children by themselves oftentimes juggling between these duties of the house and and duty of a job they might

00:35:45--> 00:36:30

have to out of necessity maintain outside of the house, y'all know we pray that you bless all of them your law that you strengthen all of them y'all that you bless them to realize that every hardship difficult and struggling founder take it with a good intention with a good meal that is worship of you, y'all are elevating their rank y'all law that's elevating a station, y'all law that is driving away their sins, your law, we pray that all of our men folk young law, who might be struggling to find adequate, sufficient work might be struggling in this dehumanizing environment, to affirm their masculinity and to affirm their leadership in their home, to affirm and to assume

00:36:30--> 00:36:34

the role that a lot has placed upon them when he declared

00:36:37--> 00:37:16

that men are the protectors and maintainers of women, that you strengthen them your love, you bless them with the wherewithal to take care of their families with dignity and honor your law. You bless them with the compassion in their hearts, to go through the world like Mohammed, some of them, all I did was send them the exemplary men who had the courage, the most courageous of people on the day of her name, when the arrows are bending. Whoa, Asan was shouting down upon the Muslims at the war, fleeing to and fro that every man in this gathering has the courage of Mohammed who's going through the hell

00:37:18--> 00:37:22

with his with his camel with his mule and declaring, and then

00:37:26--> 00:37:32

I'm a prophet, and that's no lie. I'm the son of tell him. I'm the son of

00:37:40--> 00:37:53

talent, that we have the prophetic courage, to our extent is nonprofits, to say that I am a believer, and that's no lie. I'm a follower or follower of the sun.

00:37:55--> 00:37:59

I am a believer, and that's no lie. I am a follower of it.

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I am a believer, and that's no lie. I am a follower of

00:38:06--> 00:38:20

men, we leave this law, work that firmness and that strength and that conviction in our heart that we are believers, and that's no lie. And we're not faking it, that we're the followers of red.

00:38:21--> 00:39:16

Sun Allahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi was sending your love, we leave all of our brothers and sisters who don't enjoy this freedom that we enjoy, who don't enjoy, enjoy the ability to gather, as we've gathered, who don't enjoy the safety and security that we enjoy. Y'all offer relief and protect our brothers and sisters in Kashmir. And our brothers and sisters in a young mark. Both of those have returned to the homes and those who are still in refugee camps in Burma, and Bangladesh or elsewhere, that you protect all of our brothers and sisters. Y'all know we have we pray that you hold the hands of those who launched this oma and two wars against each other, destroying each

00:39:16--> 00:39:59

other's destroying our resources, depleting our resources, destroying innocent lives, destroying homes, as we see in Yemen or Somalia. Or have we seen in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere, that you reframe the believers from unleashing anger against each other, that you replace that anger with love, your law, that you replace that anger with love Your love, you pray that you bless and relieve and protect our brothers and sisters in Islam. And Soria, y'all Yola those who have been promised refuge who can promise sanctuary, promise, safety and safety and know that promise of refuge

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And sanctuary is being violated in the most brutal ways. You're not protecting them and seize the hands of those who have unleashed violence against them that you protect our brothers and sisters and Philistine young law was the world's attention has been diverted to those other places that we've been mentioning, are exposed to the systematic usurpation of their land, the continuing unmitigated destruction and bulldozing and exposing of their homes, protect them, y'all. Y'all know return them to their land, y'all bless their lands to the nines of safety, security and peace y'all law that you protect all of the Muslims in places like Libya, or places or elsewhere, that you

00:40:47--> 00:41:34

protect our brothers and sisters in West Africa, you own law and lands like Senegal, the Gambia, where the leadership has been able to maintain safety and security for the people, y'all law, extend that safety and security for them and expand it to the neighboring lands less than Muslim in Sierra Leone Yola, less than that never experienced that kind of hardship in the fiction that they went in through a few decades ago. Your law best them to never have to have that heads chopped off to ensure that they will never vote again. Y'all love less than they never go through that hardship. That's our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Y'all love this the leadership of wisdom, bless those who have

00:41:34--> 00:42:22

gone out against the Muslim claiming that Muslims are declaring war almost exclusively on the Muslim community such as Boko Haram bless them to understand this religion to give them the goal of understanding when you read the net will be a pain on your neck kill the one a long runs go for it gives them a good sound understanding of the religion. Bless them, they understand this religion y'all bless them now understand the sanctity of the lives of innocent people. I know the sanctity of the lives of a believer, Burstyn without understanding your law, just pull back their hands from the destruction of their very land and use their hands to build their land, to use the wealth of the

00:42:22--> 00:43:13

great country of Nigeria, their great, great wealth to build a society that will be our real life Wakanda and not some Hollywood version, to use that wealth to build a real strong, viable exemplary nation y'all love bless other people throughout Africa, and all the people throughout Europe and all the people from the Americas. That's those people who in the face of violence and femicide have to live their legs and 60 migrate northwards, bless them with safety and security in their own land. And if that tamed our border, that's our leadership, with the humanity, the compassion, to treat them with dignity and respect, to get mothers united with their children. To make it easy for people

00:43:13--> 00:44:05

if they to seek asylum, and to eliminate our policies that may be contributing to the hardship and their lands, y'all law, bless us that the people have compassion, lessons to be people of mercy, versus to be people of strength, when strength is required, to protect the weak to guard the innocent, to preserve the lives of those whose lives might have been the sanctified by the criminals, who far too often raise their ugly heads amongst the innocent communities of humanity. Yo, yo, yo lo ask you in this time, this place, we ask your monsters aggressive gathering. We asked you fool you the greatness your greatness that we extol through your uncomfortable and measurable

00:44:06--> 00:44:13

and comprehensible greatness. yo la we asked you, me, me. Me Oh lord.

00:44:32--> 00:44:37

was so low on so you didn't know Mohammed when he was off. He was

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