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The speakers discuss the importance of setting a course on Islam, including the use of Zika and Subhanab as a way to establish one's Islam. They also emphasize the need for people to pay attention to their finances and avoid fraud, as well as the importance of understanding the needs of people who use Zika to make money. The success of the Zika program in bringing people to Islam is also highlighted, along with the use of money for non-M pizzas and the importance of giving people the opportunity to participate in the community. The speakers also mention the importance of not missing the stop sign and not missing the end of days.

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The following clip is titled bathe yourself with money.

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In Al Hamdulillah enough Meadow soprano want to stay in and want to stop fiddle when our older will learn when surely unforeseen Omen see Dr. Medina, Mayor de la huhtala salam o biloela. Woman, your little fella had Yella or shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de hula Shetty Kela shadow. Mohammed Abu hora, Sulu

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will seek one FCB topo la hubzilla gel. Amman Allahu taala be delicacy keytab he'll carry him for Carla tala. Yeah, you have Latina topo la haka, Ducati, Mouton. illa 123. Moon Wakanda tala Yeah, you Hannah su tiempo de como la de cada fakuma nuptse wahida wirkkala caminhada jaha Baba salmon who marry john and Kathy are on one what's up Hola Hola. De Luna de Waal are hand in Allah can Ollie como Frieda, some of

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the brothers and sisters, as you know the prophets of Allah Harley He will send them he performed Hajj the year before he passed away. But the year before he performed the farewell Hajj. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent a group of people to perform Hajj. And the Emir of that group was Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent surah Bara afford to be recited amongst the people during the Hajj, because in that Hajj, there were still mushrikeen who were there performing hajj, and there were still people who were doing kill off of the cabinet naked. And there was still remnants of this. And so they were sent Abubakar, the alarm was sent. And

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so he gave the task earlier or the alohar angle. And so earlier the alumni who stood amongst the people

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and he declared sort of Bara so that everyone can hear and these aren't just yet they were reciting in Salah for Baraka and finishing the title we these this is the legislation of our Deen and it was recited as legislation and he started off but on a two minute law he was surely he Illa Latina had terminal machine that Allah and His Messenger have disavowed. Those mushy keen that were in not before. And as the I proceeded an audio the alone time began reciting it to the people. He came to polar huhtala for in taboo was up almost

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to zecca f1 openfeint.

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he recited Koto Tata, that if they repent, and that's not the end is just not about repentance thing taboo, what eponymous Allah that if they repent, and if they establish the salah, what are to Zika? And if they give Zika then and only then are they your brothers and face

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after the salon, and after the first one a conflict in

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the brothers and sisters. Jebel Ali along with Thailand

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when he pledged allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you'll hear the wording of what when they would put their hand on the hand of the prophets of aloha to send him he said that he actually Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah economy alaikum salam wa ala it is reka oneness Haleakala Muslim, he said I pledged allegiance to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this Islam that I've entered into, I've pledged allegiance, that I would establish the salon, I would not miss my salon.

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And number two, that I would give this occur now would not hold it back and then I would give no see how to every Muslim

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allows a panel with either

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one of the pillars of Islam is the Zika and Subhanallah we hear the footpath but very rarely do we hear those slippers on the camera and inshallah tada I wanted to spend the next few moments telling you about this pillar of Islam. A believer knows that this is a care Allah subhanaw taala made it obligated upon the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala gave to us. It's the third pillar of Islam is not just some good thing, virtuous action that a person does. Your Islam a person's Islam doesn't stand up without Zika it collapses is that the cat is not there.

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And when a person gives it, they give it with an open heart. They give it with an open heart, because they're thinking of lots of panelists Allah for all the bounty that Allah azza wa jal gave to them.

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You will see this throughout the Quran when Allah subhanaw taala tells the people to give a loss of 100 Allah says me Melilla, he says give from the wealth of Allah that He gave you. And so the believer knows that the wealth that they have doesn't necessarily belong to them. It's belong to him or her, it's belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so Allah subhana wa Tada, places it in their hands to test them. And it's a test from Eliza origin. And so when that person gives us a cat, not only are they thanking Allah azza wa jal for that bounty, but on top of that, they're thanking Allah azza wa jal for the tofield, to be able to give the charity for the tofield that Allah subhanaw

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taala included them, as amongst those people that didn't hide and hoard their wealth.

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When you see the time of Zakat coming near, very often you will hear people say, Who am I going to give the care to? Where are the poor people where are the needy, and when someone says that that's a very sad reality of this person's life, that he doesn't know where the needy people are. And then he lives his year, day and night, day and night, while other families go hungry and he doesn't know where the needy people are. And I'm saying that it is a sad reality, but inshallah to Allah that things will change. And we will start to enliven, one of the foundations that we have here at the data center community is visit calf foundation. And I've said it again and again, if anybody wants

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to give down, you may think the Dow is standing in the street with a sign that says, turn back the end is near. Dow is being part of the care foundation. You don't have to give speeches, you don't have to hand out pamphlets, you just take care of the people and you will be calling to a loss of power to Allah and this will be explained further.

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Sometimes in the salon.

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The man prays leads the prayer and then immediately after Salaam salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah boom, someone jumps up and runs out of the mystery. I'm sure you've seen it. You may have even been in that situation before. Right, the memes ehsani. Sonic already people on the second slam their legs have begun the incline to get out of the question. If you ever see someone like that, running in such a way, you know that they have a very big him on their on their head. There's something desperate that needs to be filled. Either they're double parking someone outside or something else. But somehow in LA, when you compare this to Rasulullah sallallahu

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sallam, he did the same thing. The salon completed the province of the line instead of immediately stood up, walked out of the message. And then the people said What is this hymn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had to leave the message so quickly? And he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam that I remembered that there was some wealth in my home.

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And I hadn't given it out in Sitka, I haven't given it out in South Africa.

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And the Prophet sallallahu, Rania was set up in Shahada cuttable his heart was distracted by this, that he still had that wealth, and you haven't hadn't given it out. And I asked you, dear brothers and sisters, how many of us have jumped out of salon With that in mind, knowing that there's some money in their pocket that they need to be giving out in South Africa, and we're not talking about Zika, we're talking about voluntary sadaqa. And I'll tell you, there is a time when people jump out, jump out of the salon like that, it's income tax return time, where people jump out, they'll say, it's August 15, I haven't paid my taxes, they praise the law and they jump out back home back on the

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computer trying to file their taxes online, that him to pay taxes like that, but not at him to give this account to a loss of Hannah wattana.

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In Arabic, if someone in a Bedouin heard the words that can, without understanding the meaning of it, an Arab person understands it as, as he understands it with the meaning of to purify and to bless something. Or you might find someone when they go to get a recommendation letter, and they want to apply for a University of Medina University. They'll say I need a test here. I need a test kit because it's purifying their character to the administration office. And there's a cat it's an AMA, it gives blessing into the world. And it purifies and Subhana Allah, as you see people bathing themselves every single day, day in the morning in the evening, maybe three times, four times a day,

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people are taking showers. I'm telling you that you can bathe yourself with your money. You can bathe yourself with your money, and that

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is by giving it in Zika to Allah subhana wa tada and in giving Southern

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How does the Zika purify a person? How does it cleanse them? How does it wash them? How does it bathe them? This is a cat first and foremost, cleans the heart, from stinginess.

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And it purifies the person from being a miser. And so panelo and I think of misers, I think immediately back into our elementary schools, in the times when a child would have a box of crayons, 50,000 crowns this child has. And another child says to him, can I borrow one of your 200 shades of red? And he says, No, you cannot have it? Well, you're not alone in this account, when a person gives it. It's almost like an obstacle, a roadblock. And if you've been in a fundraising dinner or something, you will see someone holding back with their hand. But when they put that money into the box, it's like they're smashing down the wall of that disease of stinginess in their hearts, it

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breaks down, and then after that, you will find that they're still giving, they're leaving the fundraiser with the smile, they're giving some more here, let me buy you some lunch and so on, because that wall of stinginess, was broken down. Secondly,

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that the wealth when it's accumulated, it's accumulated with dirt. There's dirt related to that well, and when someone gives a calf, they're purifying their wealth. And there was someone who told me once, that they had accumulated a huge amount of money in their bank account. And then day and night, this person was thinking that, you know, a boulders gonna fall down on my head until I give us a cat from this money, because it was just too much money to have for one person. And it was beyond that person's need. So there's a cat purifies that well, so it's pure wealth. When you look at that cans that treasure the person has, he says, Yeah, Robbie, I've purified this with the Zika.

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So it purifies the person's heart, and it purifies their wealth.

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On top of that, it purifies the whole of, of the person that's giving the whole of the person that mode, like we said, of the stinginess, that disease, it's purified. And then the other characteristics, you don't find people who are enormous in giving Zika backbiting that starts to protect them from the other diseases of the heart and the other bad characters and pushes forward with more good characters characteristics

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in the history of the Muslim mean, and indeed, it's enormously important that we understand what the whole affair what the Sahaba did for this Deen so that we have that living example of what we are supposed to be doing for the deen amongst the Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah and who, when the Arab, the apostle stated, and they left Islam, you had two groups of people, you had people who claim to be prophets, you normally say Nima, and there are others who claim to be prophets themselves. They'll say Me too, I want to call out to Prophethood. So you had these group of people, then you had others who said, we will still be Muslim, and we will do the four pillars of Islam. All we don't want to do

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is we don't want to pay the cat anymore. That's all we don't want to do. That's it, we'll do everything. Just take this part out about Zika. And now if you're a leader, and you think that look, here is someone who's claiming to be a prophet, they got armies of 50,000. It's going to be a huge battle. And indeed it was. And now you have others who are still claiming to be Muslim, but they just don't want to pay zakat. Normally, a Muslim leader will say, let's go attack those people the bigger problem. And in fact, this was almost unanimous amongst the Sahaba. They said, leave the people who don't want to pay zakat. Let's focus on our bigger problems. abubaker of the aligner was

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the only one who stood up and he said No way. He said no party then he said, I'm going to fight and I'm going to go to war with anybody who tries to separate vain assala was sick. Yeah. He said, we will go to war and we will have our soldiers die and they will have people die amongst them. But nobody separates Zika from Ceylon.

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And so I'm already a lot more Have you heard this from aboubaker and he said, For la ma Hua Illa and Nora a to anila Chateau hansadutta Abu Bakr in Freetown far off to unknown Huck. He said that it wasn't when I saw that Allah subhanaw taala had opened the heart of Abu Bakar and realizing that they have to go to war on this account. He said at that moment, when I knew that Allah

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panatela given the trophies to understand this principle, he said I knew it was the truth that nobody separates the cat from from salon, and nobody takes it out of the team

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and sort of the Toba. And we're in times of many times when people make too hot, they forget to ask for that.

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And again, remember when we were younger, when the parents would tell us, you know, make Joe hot, we would make dough hot for toys. And it's not something that but you'd see the children make draft for toys. And I remember one of my friends and my classmates in the foreign school that I went to, and he used to when everybody when anybody would make too hot, he would take candies from his from his pockets, and then he would sneak up behind the person and drop the candies in their hands. So that the person would think oh, my daughter was accepted. Because often people are focusing on the dunya in their, in their job, and the correct way as Allah subhanaw taala told us is not to only ask for

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the alpha, and not to only ask for the dunya but to ask for both, but I've been attina feed dounia Hasina, what Phil ferati has been working on and so Allah subhana wa tada speaks about the people

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who make promises to a lot in their da that they're that they want money. So Allah subhanaw taala says and this isn't sort of tell but also, Allah subhanaw taala says women who men na na

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na na

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na na na coonan Amina Swanee in a Las Palmas Allah says woman whom and the law and from them Are those the almost like they write a contract, a covenant between them and a law law in tandem. And finally, if you give us from your virtue from your bounty, learn of the piano for sure, we will give this Southern in wealth and how many times do you hear people in university saying I want to study computers so I can get $80,000 give it all to the masjid. And I want to study this so I can get big amount of money and give it all to the masjid. And you can go to those messages. They don't know where those people are. Now, let us set the fun one and akun endowment of Sati that we will give it

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in South Africa and we will give it we will be from the righteous people. And then Allah subhanaw taala says Phelim, to whom and lovely that when Allah subhanaw taala gives them from his father from his virtue from his bounty bethey to be that he became stingy with what Allah subhanaw taala gave them what's the one low and they turn their back? Well Whom are you born and they avert they averted? Don't talk to me Oh, another fundraising dinner on busy this weekend and they move around. And then Allah subhanaw taala says for our Papa honey syrup and fig Peruvian, that because of that action that they took, they turn back Allah subhanaw taala plants in the heart hypocrisy. They take

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back with them hypocrisy, and that's what we said about the cat cleaning a person. It cleans their heart from those diseases of the heart.

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Yeah, even Mara Rahim Allah, He says,

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he said, I've always been amazed at someone who has wealth, yet they're stingy. They have so much Well, if they're stingy, it amazes me because their Lord, his Lord gave him that wealth. And then Allah subhanho data requests alone from the wealth that he gave to the person. And the person says back to Allah, no, I'm not going to give you even though it was a lots of panel data, who gave him this.

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I wanted to tell you about the hokum of someone who delays the paying of Zika, to hook them up delaying of the pain of Zika because it's not some simple matter. When there's a cat becomes farmed. Initially, the Zika is due to the to the wealth, but once a person passes the deadline, there April 15, has passed. Now the sin directly it's not about the money anymore. It's about that specific person. The sin goes directly on them. And so when they say oh, you know, I missed giving the cat it's been a month, two months. Number one, he has to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and come back to Allah azza wa jal for the enormous sin that that person is committed. And then secondly, that

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wealth will continue to belong to the poor people. It does not belong to the person because Allah subhanaw taala made it obligatory upon this person to give it

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us what happens to a community when they don't have the Zika foundation when it's when there's a cat isn't passing through the community.

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Number one is that Salman will come to the people. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there will not be a people who hold back the Zika except that the rains from the heavens will be held back from them because of their hoarding of the wealth and their whole holding back of this account.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also taught us that a community is destroyed. When they hold back the Zika the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he was shocked. He said, beware. And just like you see warnings everywhere you go be aware of this beware of that the province of allies to be aware of stinginess, for in halakhah men can a couple of commercial For verily,

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For verily the people who came before you were destroyed because of their stinginess. And on the Day of Resurrection. Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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When I say Ben Nadine, Abba, Luna de ma Houma, La

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La whom Allah subhanaw taala says, they should not think those who hold back and are stingy with their wealth from giving it for the sake of a law, that it's better for them. And this is the idea that the human has that why should I give the southern part because if I save it, I'll make more money and then one day I might give it or something like that. They think that it's better for them. And then Allah subhanaw taala says Belvoir Sharla, that it's more evil or for them, so you pull up one and Buffy will be he'll know that when they are chained on the Day of Resurrection, they will be chained and go into Hellfire with the chains have their wealth, they will be punished with their

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wealth, Allah subhana wa tada will punish them. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us that there's not a person who has livestock, the animals the ghosts, the sheep, the camels, and then that person hides that and holds it back out of their stinginess, not giving it for the sake of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that on the Day of Resurrection, those animals will come with with their claws with their horns and will continue to punish this person throughout on a day as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said kanima for Dotto Hasina and phocoena on a day, which will extend for 50,000 years, that that wealth that the person held back will continue to punish this person until

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the resurrection begins.

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The brothers and sisters in preparing this football, I came across some of the companion some of the tapani who may have spent their entire life and they never gave Zika and you may think how is this so because they never left their money in their pockets. If they had the money, they gave it FISA vitola and I gave you the example of a leaf inside by him holla you may have heard of him as being one of the unimat at the time of email manic so much so that they said he was more knowledgeable than he magmatic One of the things that you you might not know is that at least even sad Rahim Allah used to spend on Imam Malik when Imam Malik was a student.

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And so from the from the the benefits of the molokhia a school of thought the reward in the law goes to mm length for taking care of Imam Malik mm layth Rahim Allah it's mentioned in his biography that he never paid the cat, even though he was extremely wealthy. Why? Because he never left one year pass by except that he had spent his money he accumulated the money and spent it for the sake of Allah accumulated and sent it for the sake of Allah. But now if I ask a normal community, how many people have paid Zakat in their lives? Not too many people raise their hand. Why is that? So? Is it because the giving all this account? No, they might not know the rulings of Zika they might not know

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that there are things in their homes and properties and so on that they should have been paying Zika but the knowledge didn't come to them, and they didn't pay it. And so I'm just going to give you some examples of what a person has to pay to get into. And first and foremost, just not to confuse you. First, Lee is the money that a person has the money that a person has, if they're accumulating it, and they're storing it, they have to pay zakat on that money if it's recently saw and inshallah tada I'm not going to go into details, but that's a threshold a minimum amount of money and then a year passes the person has to pays it cat in that wealth. A second thing that a lot of people don't

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know that they have to pay the cat in or before that the third one, sorry, the second is gold, the golden silver that a person has and a lot of times there'll be jewelry and I know there's a difference of opinion regarding the jewelry, but a lot of women have jewelry that is not meant to be worn

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accumulated passed down from generation to generation here is the gold that is just hoarded. And a person really has to feel a loss of panel data and see are they really using this jewelry or not. And some of the scholars even said that even if you are using the jewelry, you still have to pay the cat for that. And it's a very serious matter. A third thing that a lot of people don't know that they have to pay the cat in his business, commodities, warehouses and storage. Sometimes a person has a store, and they accumulate or they gather a lot of food and commodities. Those are items that they've accumulated in order to sell or someone may have bought land, they have properties and that

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they're planning when it gets more expensive and the market goes up. They're planning to sell it out. They have to pay the cash for that every single year. And so they have to set a date. And that's what I'm saying a lot of people don't know that. And there's a lot of business owners, a lot of people that have things in storage, and they have to calculate how much that is worth. And then they have to give 2.5% of that if it passed the Nissan

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and other things such as the fruits and crops such as the cattle such as minerals, such as extracted treasures of the love in the midst of a long time. I know he said minister farm income, and yada Kansa who hates to lie Kuru Sue's wallet and nano Surah folia, five of the lives of the longtime annual he said store your wealth, where no worms can eat it. And where it cannot be reached by thieves. Store your wealth and invested in South Africa. A full loophole he had suffered largely what he said and Muslim enormous demand for stops. We're all in the horrible, awful

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna de vida, Shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa de la sharika or shadow Anna Mohammed Abdul or a pseudo

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shadow the Allahu taala. And

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There once was a woman who came to her with two little girls, two young daughters. And she asked, I saw the alarm on her for some soda.

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And I said the long line and Subhanallah even on the way to this football, I kept thinking about this. She said she searched the home what home is this? This is the home of our messengers of alcoholics alayhi wa sallam. And she said that she found nothing, except one date.

00:27:50--> 00:28:04

Just pay attention to that. This is the home of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. And if anyone deserves to have the treasures of the heavens and the earth, they will be Rasulullah sallallahu. So she found one date in it.

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And so did she say I have nothing except one day, what am I going to eat? She said no, she said, All I have is one date. This is for you. She gave everything that she had. And so when she gave that date to the woman, the woman, she had two daughters, she took the date and divided it in half. And I know when it's thought time we take these things for granted, a date, a date, a date, a date, and we keep eating. This is one woman, two daughters and I sort of Ilana she divided amongst them, and she didn't take it in divided into three parts. She divided it into two parts so that your children could eat, and she would remain hungry, and she cared for our children. And so I saw the long line,

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I was amazed at the generosity of this woman. And indeed We are amazed at the generosity of shoving along one and B is the law when someone understands the Sunnah that was left behind by the Russian, the pseudonym that was left behind the example of the Sahaba, then inshallah to Allah, we would have lesson and we will have a roadmap for us to go forward. And if I recall a story of a man. And I know there's a difference of opinion about transporting a body from one area to another area, when a person dies. And the sin is that a person should be buried where they die. This person in his will see in His Will he wished for his family, his son and his wife to transport his body to his parents

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who lived about 500 miles away. And his son wrote a little kind of like a poem about that event. And in the poem, he writes that how the body was washed and then the person who was doing that, you know, the in the funeral home, he said that we want to travel to transport the body to such and such a place. He said I will do it. I will take him in my car. And then that funeral

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He sat down and calculated the cost. He said, I'm going to be there six days going and coming the meals, staying at a motel and so on. He calculated the cost. And he was almost embarrassed to tell the person at that son and his mother, how much it would cost. And so he began to blush. And so he told the wife of the deceased, the widow, he said to her, is it okay? And she said, Yes, it's okay. And she didn't understand too much English. And she just said, whatever.

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And so the son, he knew that now is the moment of payment. And so the mother, she took out the wallet of his father,

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he took out the wallet of his father. And as she took it out of her pocket, this is her husband's her deceased husband's wallet, and he writes, and I'll read up his words, we stared at the wallet for a minute, nobody said anything. All the life had gone out of that wallet. It was old, and it was rented and it was soiled. But it was my dad's wallet. And she opened it and looked inside, she drew out a handful of money that would go towards this last most astounding trip. And even though he's talking about the trip from one graveyard to the other, indeed, a person has to look at their wallet and see what have they're prepared for their trip to the hereafter. Often we hear, when's the cat

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time comes around that people say, and ask the question, can we send our cat money overseas. And again, like I said, that this might be a reflection of a person not knowing the needy people in their community. And if you see when the prophet SAW the lion, instead of send more eyes, or the Allahu tm, and he said that after they accept the Shahada, after they accept the Salah, he said, then tell them that Allah subhanaw taala, has made fun of

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the cat to be taken from their rich and to be given to their poor, and to be given to the airport, meaning that that said that that Zika was to be taken from the people of Yemen was to be given to the poor of the people of Yemen. And I've grown up in North America. And I've seen again and again, how does a cat goes overseas, and Allah knows that there are people overseas that are needy, and I'm not saying that. But Allah also knows that in our communities, there are people who are needy, there are people who are needy, and we when we don't know that, like I said, that's a very sad reflection on our state of affairs. And we have to know I'm speaking specifically about Washington DC. When the

00:32:41--> 00:33:20

counterfeiter time comes, and it's coming in a few days here at data center, you know that the food is collected outside, you will see the, the, the cans out there, people put their food when it's distributed. And some Hanalei saw just a few amount of brothers that go and distribute it in DC. And I'm not saying DC can be Maryland, it could be Virginia, when they distribute the food, they will come back and tell you that there are more people who are needy than the amount of food that we have, they will tell you this, and those needy people I knew I used to live in Medina, once a capital fit the time comes, we would have 10 bags of rice stacked at our door. And we would ask the

00:33:20--> 00:33:23

shift, can we give some of the care that we received to other people.

00:33:25--> 00:34:14

At that time, I used to say to myself, if only the people who are giving the Zika understood the lesson and gave all year long, because it's specifically in our university at the beginning of the year, the monthly stipend would be delayed and a lot of people would be in need. And I used to say, Where are the Rama bonds that kept people now and this has to be understood. And so I'm just going to give you examples of where this account money is to be spent. And a lot of these avenues of were spent are not understood by our communities. Number one is an F 30, Hulu and Hulu boom those are people who are non Muslim, the care is given to them to warm their heart to Islam, to warm the

00:34:14--> 00:34:58

hearts. So you see the prophet SAW the line he said, for example, giving 100 sheep 100 camels to the leader of a tribe, the tribe leader then goes back, the entire tribe becomes a Muslim, the cat can be given to a person like that. So why not? If someone says there's no one to give the cat to go to a tower foundation and say to them here is the xicana money. We want you to use this money for the sake of Allah in guiding people to Allah, maybe have an open food day where people are fed. And I'll tell you this, one of the most beautiful things I saw in Montreal, Canada, they have an IF thought at Concordia University that feeds 700 people every day, Muslim or non Muslim, it's in the street.

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

They feed every day and when I was there, right

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Before this Ramadan, they said to me that, you know, we're planning to take off some of the days because we don't really know the benefit of this. I said, Don't stop it out of all the DAO activities you're doing. This is one of the most blessed Dao activities you could ever do and keep doing it. So much so that the Dean of the university who is non Muslim sponsored the first iftaar You know, when we have a star sponsorships, you prefer we're sponsoring the star, because they knew of the benefit to the people and I left at Hulu boom, give it to those people who are calling to Allah azza wa jal number two is Allah subhanaw. taala says that it has to be given Federica the

00:35:39--> 00:36:07

slaves if there are any slaves in the world, those Muslim slaves are to be freed. And as chefs Allah, Allah, Allah mentioned in one of the Federalist, that it's also permissible for someone to free the Muslim prisoners. Do we have Muslim prisoners here in us, you better believe we have them. You have like 5000 people who I helped unjustly one person has a government lawyer, the other one has American justice for $2 million.

00:36:08--> 00:36:48

The American justice is not an expensive justice system, and someone who cannot speak and someone that doesn't have that money to defend themselves will most likely be sentenced. And the person that does have them the wealth will be freed will fit in your car. Why is this a cannot go into these people toward their legal defense fund and to free them for the injustice that's happened to them. Thirdly, avare mean the people who are in debt and the American public here, even though they may seem like they're wealthy, the average American is in debt $8,000 if they just normally pay with Riba it will take them 40 years to pay off that debt, they will live their life in slave to the

00:36:48--> 00:37:08

system. And so the Muslim, the Muslim, the healer, when it passes out, that's okay. It's to free the people from the shackles of debt. And Allah knows we have people in debt in our community, why can't we free them from those shackles so that they can come forward and be contributing members in the community.

00:37:09--> 00:37:43

And lastly, and there are many other avenues to give out and Zika it needs to be in the Sybil is the traveler, and here does and i'm i'm just mentioning this, that there are travelers that come into our community, they don't have well, they may want to study at the Mount Hood, they want to study at some of the institute's that we have in this area, but they don't have wealth to go forward in that, why isn't this account going to them so that they can benefit and from the knowledge that they're accumulated in their travels and inshallah Tada, they will come back to the Muslims as enormously contributing members. In conclusion,

00:37:44--> 00:38:27

I just wanted to remind you in Sha Montana, that in these coming days that Ramadan is coming to its end. And like I said before, that it's not a sad moment, if someone learns the lesson of Ramadan and continues after Ramadan. It is a sad moment when someone doesn't learn the lesson of Ramadan, and desists. And when the aid comes, it's almost like a stop sign to all the good actions. Don't let it be a stop sign, but let it be, you know, the place where you just begin. You're coming closer to Allah subhana wa tada on that last day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made far and told us that we have to pay the capital. The capital center is upon every Muslim, whether they're male or

00:38:27--> 00:38:32

female, young or old. They have to pay the capital for the decades lazada outside in the suit,

00:38:33--> 00:38:55

the amount of kilos that you have to pay and how you can pay in Sharla to either be evening land, make sure that that gets paid and don't let it get get delayed and don't miss that sucker. In the lahoma, it gets oh you saw Luna in the big Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with Spina Olam Allah Allah Muhammad Allah and Muhammad came out so late Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim

00:38:57--> 00:39:11

Ahmed comma Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim, Mohammed Majeed, Allah Moxie Lionel 18 Alisha he didn't even really know to beat in our Kadena on Santa Ana hate Amina Khalid Islam Muto filming

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in the last half century, called the enhanced fascia he will tell you about Yeah, La La Quinta Corona, Petco, La La VMAs Coco wash Pura Vida namiki sitcom political La, La La