Yasir Qadhi – Widsoms of the Quran #08 Good and Evil Are Never the Same Even if Evil Dazzles You – Maidah 100

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of reality is distorted by factors like hubby, sex, and race, and the Sharia's stance on deeds and actions is important. The Sharia teaches the importance of being true to oneself and being impure, while also emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and being impure. The speaker also discusses the use of "harvest" and hasn't "harvest" to indicate a movement, and mentions a potential tuxedo to indicate a movement.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah who other early he was a heavy woman. Wala Hamid today's wisdom from the Quran is a very profound principle. It is one of the most deep and complex verses in the Quran. In fact, one can speak many hours about this. It has repercussions in epistemology and philosophy and ethics and law. But of course, time is limited. So we will summarize certain ADA verse 100. So to tell you the verse 100, Allah subhana wa Tada says, oh, la yester will hobby through what a Yebo while our Jabba Catarratto hobbies, say, the filthy and the pure, are never the same. Even if the filthiness seems to overcome you, even if the quantity of evil seems to overwhelm

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you, good and evil will never be the same. The type and the hubby Earth will never be the same. Even if the hubby its quantity is overwhelming. It will not be the same. Now this ayah demonstrates for us that truth transcends numbers, that reality is not based upon what the majority think that pie Yep, and hubby and of course what is the oven hobby hobby is that what you find disgusting. hobby is filthy hobby is that which is putrid hobby is that which is rotting. And the type is the opposite. It is wholesome, it is nourishing, it is pure. So Allah says the hobbies and the type are never the same. Even if the quantity of hope in the earth, even if the sheer volume of filth is going to

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overwhelm you. It doesn't change truth and falsehood will be distinct from one another. And of course the Quranic message is very clear in this regard. In fact, if we were to derive another principle from the Quran, actually, we wouldn't be too far from the truth. If we were to say the Quran generally criticizes the majority. Allah says in the Quran wema a Corona see what O'Hara's may need. The majority of mankind are not going to believe Allah says what agenda a thorough home facility and the majority of them are going to be foster teen Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we're cathedral minimum foster own most of them are fastened on so the Quran typically criticizes

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the majority. And Allah says the believers or the minority will call Elam min everybody a shocker few of my servants are going to be shocked for what kalido mineral Arkadin few of the later people are going to be pious and righteous and this is the Hadith and data yet are not the same. Even if the hope is overwhelming, it underscores this point. So to give you some examples, the Hadith and tell you is not the same when it comes to belief. Eman in Allah is pure Eman in Allah is to you. It is the height of being for you. Even if the majority of the world rejects Allah, even if agnosticism and atheism has become the norm. It doesn't change the fact that Eman is pure and Cofer is impure.

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Another reality is with regards to actions and deeds. Prayer is pure. Virtuous is to give charity fasting is for you. And the opposite. Allah cause gambling filth, Allah calls alcohol filth, Allah calls * outside of marriage filth. In fact, one of the verses in the Quran literally mentions the same verse, the same noun of hubby when it comes to the people have told me Ruth, Allah says when Egina Humann Acharya Tilda de cana tamma DULHA. If Allah called the actions of the people of Luke, he called it Hubei if cubby he literally called it hubbies. And Allah is telling us the three year and the hubby are not the same. And so even if laws have been passed, even if it is

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politically incorrect or correct, it doesn't change the Shediac of Allah, the ubislate Yep. And the hadith is the Hadith. And so when it comes to deeds, when it comes to actions, the pure actions are that which are pleasing to Allah and everything other than this are impure. When it comes to ethics, when it comes to values, who decides what is virtuous, and who decides what is in pious, Allah says in the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu i They

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SLM has been sent why? You hate Lou Lahoma per year but were you heard remotely hemel. Hubba is he has been sent to preach and make halal, the pure and to make the hubby impure. So the Sharia tells us what is filthy and the Shetty tells us what is pure. The Sharia has come to distinguish by the way, there's a very interesting point here and that is what if we didn't know the Sharia b What if before the Shediac comes down? Does this mean we don't know that murder is Hubie that homie loot actions or Hadith? No, listen to the if you Hill Lu the homotopy about what you had removed, I lay him on cover is the 30 year is a year even before Allah revealed the revelation. And the hadith is

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hubbies even before Allah revealed the revelation, so murder is evil. Even if you didn't know of a machete out murderer is going to be evil. Taking care of your elderly parents is a virtue even if the Sharia hasn't told you it's a virtue. But what the Sharia comes, it teaches you what you know to be true. And in case your fitrah has been corrupted. In case you don't know the truth, the Sharia will teach you the truth. Sometimes society has gone corrupt sometimes Hubie Santa Yep, you don't know because your society has switched to racism was considered to be normal for the bulk of human history. The notion that one race is better than another the notion that one group of people is

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better than the other. This was the default in all of society until Allah revealed the Shetty out and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said all of you are equal. All of you are from the sons of Adam and all of you are from dust. Adam came from dust. So the Shetty taught us play you and hubby even toe before the Shediac came if you really thought you would understand this point, but without the Sharia who's going to judge So point number three ethics virtue the Sharia teaches us point number four Hubie Thumper yet when it comes to eating and drinking, the Shetty has made the 30 of halal and the Hadith haram. Allah says in the Quran, your Rusu Kulu may not tell you about all Prophets eat

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the year but and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says guru mentor ye Abati Mara Sakina come eat from the 30 years of what We have given you. So the Shetty has come to teach us what is the you and hubby when it comes to food and drink. And the final point or mentioned for today to you and hubby when it comes to our risk what is haram to earn what is halal to earn what is filthy to earn what is pure to earn and what is impure to earn the Sharia has come one of our scholars of the past hustle and bustle he said, If I were to give one coin that I have earned from pure money in South Africa, it is more beloved to me than 100,000 gold coins that have some filth in them. One pure coin, one coin

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that I know is Hassan. If I give it for the sake of Allah, it is more beloved to me than 100,000 gold coins. I don't know if somehow ramen halaal mixed it I don't want that. So the Sharia has come to encourage the year in our earning as well. Even if everybody's involved in the Rebbe, everybody's involved in Haram. Everybody's involved in cheating. It doesn't matter law is terrible hobby througha Yebo Wello agenda throttle hobbies. This idea is a marker for us. It is a litmus test for us when it comes to our beliefs when it comes to our actions when it comes to our ethics and values when it comes to our food and drink. When it comes to our source of income. It doesn't matter what

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the society is doing. It doesn't matter what the majority are doing. The majority could be right could be wrong. Frankly, most of the time, the majority are wrong. The Sharia has come to teach us what his thoughts are and what his hobbies and with that knowledge we then base our actions on it. I conclude by mentioning a tuxedo. Ibn Abbas to this if if an ibis said the hubby and the tube in this idea. It is actually an indication of the movement and the cafe. And Allah is saying the movement and the cafe are never the same. Even if the quantity of Kfar is overwhelming. It is preponderance it's too much doesn't change the fact every movement is more beloved to Allah and worth all of those

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who reject Allah La yester will hobby to work for you. The comfort and the movement are never the same. Even if the quantity of those who reject Allah is much more Allah's love will come upon delta Yep, so our job is to be tell you in our iman per year in our actions type in our virtue type in our food per year in our earnings when we are given all of this Allah subhana wa Tada will make us the youth in our iman and Allah will make us movements. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada for that protection and love

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And to save us from the hope that it will continue tomorrow in sha Allah Allah

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