I took the vaccine and the effects of it are felt by others

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I put out a video explaining the difference between the traditional vaccines and the new generation of vaccines, and how they work. And what I studied what I then decided to do for myself, I didn't encourage or discourage anyone, but I explained clearly the differences. So people should not say that I encouraged a specific vaccine, or I didn't. Okay, but myself, I took one. And if anyone wants to take one, consider what I've said. And consider the fact that perhaps the older generation is safer. I'm not saying the new one is not, but perhaps you need to look into it. I've done my studies and to be honest, I'll leave that for the professionals. But one thing that I've realized 1000s of

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people have benefited from that video 1000s I've had, you know, messages from scholars Tell me Subhanallah you fulfilled the fire buki fire upon us, which means it was a duty upon us, you fulfilled it. That's their opinion. I mean,

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that's what they have to say. And I've had people who've really thanked me and you know, for the explanation and what you did and why you did it, and so on. We've really benefited from it and but hamdulillah it's a good thing. And then you have 1% of people or maybe two 3% of people who have something negative to say. So, the one question that definitely came about was the side effects. I want to tell you, yes, there are side effects. We need to be honest and speak about them. Do you know what they are? Point Number one, the gossip the gossip is a side effect I picked up almost instantly. People just cannot mind their own business. I took the vaccine and the effects of it is

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felt by the others. Imagine how what type of vaccine This is. I'm sure there is a great conspiracy that if you take the vaccine, everybody around you has side effects so hon Allah but you don't amazing