Ask Musleh – What are the Woman’s Rights in terms of the Mahar?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters Welcome to Ask Muslim. So today's question comes from a sister asking what are my rights in terms of a Mahal or a dowry or that wedding gift that's given or that's mandatory from the husband? First and foremost, the first write that you have when it comes to the Mahatma is that you actually get a Muhammad. Allah says in the Quran will add to Nisa also the party in the nebula. So Allah azza wa jal orders the men to give the women the sort of part the southern part, of course, is another term that refers to the Maha and then Allah azza wa jal, this is your second right mentions that this subplot or there somehow has to

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be given to you. And it has to be nilla the word nella to means freedom, it means that it's got to be your own choice, and you have to be happy with it. So clearly, this verse is saying that it's not the husband that chooses the model for you. It's not your mom and dad that says to you, he's got to give you $10,000, he's got to give you a home, he's got to give you a car, they don't have any say, when it comes to them, except you, the wife, it's all about you. It's all about her. This is actually a gift, that allies soldier gives us the wives. So take advantage of it. And what I mean when I say that is, don't just become extravagant with the whole thing, but be very happy and very

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proud that Allah is gifting you with something for your marriage. So what should you do? Here's your next right when it comes to the mouth. So you know that it's an order from a lot, you know, you deserve this mouth, and it's your right, you know that you should be happy with it. So what do you ask for? Well, there are two types of mouth in the Shetty era. The first one is actually a materialistic object. So you can ask for a gift, you can ask for money based on the husband and his capabilities in his his circumstance. So keep that in mind. Don't just go to your poor husband, you know, is barely getting by with a minimum wage job or something and say, Look, I want you to give me

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$10,000, you got to ask for something that you know, he's able to give you and it's easy for him to to provide for you. So that's the first thing you actually get an actual gift in your hand. Or you can go to the second type of mode. The second type of mahana is really interesting, because this is a service that your husband can provide for you. The evidence for this is a men who came to the province I said them and he wanted to marry a woman but he was so poor. Imagine this companion was so poor, all he owned was just a metal ring that was wrapped around his finger. So the prophesy sent him asked him if he knew any color. And so the man said, Yes, I know the sutras. And then the

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prophecy Selim says, teach your wife, those sores. And that will be the The point is, is that now the prophesy centum tells us man look, what you can do is you can provide a service to her. And as long as she's happy with that service, then insha Allah, this counts as a mother. So if you put that in our times today, I mean, basically, you know, for the sisters, you can ask your husband, look, I want you to cook for me for six months, I don't ever want to cook at all, or I want you to cut the grass, or I want you to do this or clean the house something. But whatever it is, he provides a service for you in sha Allah. So those are your rights when it comes to the Muhammad. Remember, it's

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yours, it's your choice, be happy with it, make sure that you get them out. Make sure that you also agree on a time period. So don't just say you know, you're going to give me the mouse and you have as long as you want. The point is if you do that, then the guy might say, Okay, well, if I have as long as I want, I'll give you them about 30 years later in sha Allah, we're still together, you want to put a time limit on things. So you can say to them, Look, treat them like a contract, give me the Maha and you have like two years, two years Good for you. And he says okay, two years is the deadline. If he doesn't do that, well, that's a whole nother issue that we can talk about in another

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time. However, inshallah I hope this helps and it answers the question of your rights when it comes to the Muhammad, Allah azza wa jal make it easy for all of you, with Solomonic what matola you will look at

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