Mufti Menk – Final Words to Those Married and Unmarried

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker advises against giving up on one's desire to marry a woman without their consent. They suggest developing oneself to a point where a woman would want to marry them and finding the right person. The speaker also advises against judge people and offers advice on finding the right person.
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as some final closing advice on this topic, what would you say to all of us actually those married and those not married, mashallah, firstly, try to be the person whom you want to marry.

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Sounds strange, doesn't it, try to be the person in character and conduct,

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whom you would like to see, or the characteristics you have,

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that you would like to see in the person you want to marry. So, if you're just going to be, I give you an example, yesterday, someone sent me an email to say, they were so interested in a guy and he just cut them off. And please make dua I really want to marry this guy. And so, and I sent an a reply saying that you want a guy like him, but he doesn't want a person like you.

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It's clear. So all you have to do is develop yourself to a point where a person like that would actually want a person like you. You know, it's one of those those things that one of the brothers told me that I went to propose to someone, religious person, really amazing, and so much more. And I met them. I was quite interested. And I called for a second meeting after the first one went very well. And I had one request to say, Please, can I see you without makeup?

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You won't believe it ended there.

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And that's why I say it cut where the microphone cut even before I got to that, can you imagine? Anyway, so when it came to me, I was very saddened because

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imagine the brothers had to put makeup and a sister. Imagine it was the other way around, and men wore makeup.

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And a sister came up and said, Brother, I'd like to see you without your makeup. And the guy says, But why? Why are you judging me? I'm gonna marry you. I'm gonna get up right next to you. I don't mind. I've got flaws. I'm sure you may Don't be enslaved by something that's not you love yourself the way you are. And if someone loves you, with your eye bags, and your fly bags, then Alhamdulillah all of that, mashallah is the package they're going to get. It is definitely within a guy's rights to say, I'd like to meet you without makeup, if anything without them saying it when you go for a marriage meeting. It shouldn't be without makeup. I mean, and why I say this is imagine if it's the

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other way around. Many sisters don't agree. But that's not fair. I mean, it's, it's, it's like buying a product where they're telling you, you're not allowed to look at the engine, just look at the car from outside. And that's it. I mean, come on. Okay, maybe not as bad as an engine, we just want to make sure.

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But we just want to make sure that you know, it's the right person. So sometimes this is very, it's a very serious matter. So learn to be yourself and do not give up. That's something very important. Don't give up if one thing went wrong. Two things people say I'll never trust a guy again. Well, you went into the wrong boat as well you know, so don't say Never trust the guy heal and go for it again. Check again do don't give up. Don't ever give up keep trying one day, inshallah you marry your king or your queen. May Allah Almighty make it easy. And like I said, and I stand by my words, try to have the qualities within you that you would like to see in the one whom you're trying to get

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married to or the type of person you would like. May Allah bless you. Oh, I mean.

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Men Men do actually wear makeup today. Wow. I know people say I wear makeup right? Actually, I don't stop for as you can see, they say so what makes you look so so younger? I know. I finally discovered the phones are being more and more advanced. Mashallah. And the cameras are becoming more and more advanced. That's what making us look much younger. I think that's what it is. Yeah. Can I say that? You can't say this probably. But I can say it is the normal inshallah. Allah forgive us, Allah subhanho wa taala. Forgive us. You know, we, we will only know on the day of Kiama who has better deeds. That's why I say don't judge people because you don't know where they are in, in the race on

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the day of 2pm on May Allah make it easy. Nonetheless, may Allah Almighty bless every one of us and grant us goodness JazakAllah here, I think this talk was absolutely amazing. The questions were onpoint I'm sure by the time we leave here, everyone will be married in China.

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There was a brother, there was a brother who said, Chef, I'm looking for a wife. This was in Nigeria. And we agreed with the organizers that we will tell the we will call the brother up on the stage and say look, this brother you know who he is, is looking for a wife and you won't believe the number of hands that would have gone up

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to say, okay, you know, meaning we're interested, you know, in some communities, it's quite open. But nonetheless he shied out of it. He didn't come up on the stage. So we said there's a brother who is not married and he just not be in so on. And he shied out so if anyone was bold enough to say, I want to get married. We could do it here and now.

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But then again, we need your father's permission, don't we? Well, that's just bento Baraka Luffy calm, just akmola

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