Ahmad Saleem – Tafseer of Surah Yusuf – Part 7 Verses 58-67

Ahmad Saleem
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Bismillah Nura,

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Do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wotja What do you suffer for Dr. Lu Ali farofa home we're home Lahoma Giroux and while Joe has a home be jehadi him Tony be a locum in a be calm. Alert around and knee Oh Phil Kayla now firing Moore's genie and so Dooney Viva la que la cama de Walla Takara boo and all Lucien ARE ALL with ONE WHO about who are in lava Lou and

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well Carla Lisa teared near gr Luba to whom theory Holly him la la mia ufone either Allah boo

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him la la mujer Jeroen for Roger Lu Isla be him ha lujah a burner ammonia Rahman Al Caillou for arson mana on an actor in Hola Hola. Hola. Fugu. Coil. Manu, Kamali? He came

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to Kumala I'll see him

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for La Jolla on hifi LA. Well who are Samara He mean when I'm home.

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I do build a home run that ELA him or lujah Bernama nobility herdy Havildar to narrow that Elena, when Amuro Nana wanna follow a ha Now when do Kayla by the Lika Kaylee see Orlan or Sheila Houma comes to Tony moutier from you know law he let her nanny be

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a helper become familiar

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with your phone call Allahu Allah Minako Loki will call a bunny. The whole human being we're heading with the whole loom and avoid federal.

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law he met che in El shockmount.

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Earlier he talked to Ali he forget our carry on with our Qilu and

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Baraka lofi calm

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Okay, Mr. Milan manga Rahim, while being a stranger allowed people to talk in Walla Walla Illa, Allah ghadimi Nabina Muhammad wa ala Aalihi was who he also lived to see him and cathedra. So two things if you have one of your children who has memorized Surah Yusuf and you want them to recite, so touch base with me in sha Allah, and if they're, you know, they're not comfortable reciting in front of everybody else, we can figure out a wireless way of reciting. So you can all hear and you cannot see them in sha Allah. If I can get the other mic back. That would be great brother Schreib sha Allah.

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Okay, so last time we stopped.

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I'm going to go back a couple of verses little bit earlier than this insha Allah so we can get the sequence and we can switch the mic. So last time we stopped at the

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at the verse where the king says to use a valley Salem parallel Maluku, tune up, bring use of Valley SLM to me, I stuck this holy enough. See, I am going to make him solely for me, I'm going to make him exclusively for me, ie he will be exclusive advisor to me. Okay. And then he asks use of Elisa Lam biologi Lee asks him, Oh, King, make me a minister, Allah Kazaa in earth, on the treasures of this earth, this earth make me a minister or somebody responsible. And what is the quality he mentioned? He says in the heavies on him. I am the one who is the one who is going to guard properly heavies and Limon. I have a lot of knowledge about finances and all of this. Now, Quran is not a

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storybook, right? So it does not tell it tell you the 14 years that went on the seven years of excessive harvest and the seven years of famine.

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So Yusuf Ali Salam now he establishes himself, he becomes the minister. Now he's taking care of those seven years and that interpretation of the dream that he did now he's using that interpretation, and he's implementing that interpretation, all of that Allah subhanaw taala just skips because it is understood that now use of it said I'm as responsible. And what happened is that because Yusuf Ali Salam was such a good person in management and managing these affairs, his prospect his his, let me just say his face

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following on Instagram, right? He became very famous, he became an influencer. Right? So he became an influencer of that time IE, out of Egypt. Other people and other nations heard about use of it Salaam and the entire thing that happened that he is well they still have food and they're giving out food to other people. And you know what, if we have famine in the cities, what were the two cities that you know what are two major areas you had the area of levant which is the the sham, hello Sham, so use of Ali Salaam and his

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brothers jacobellis and him and his brothers when they were living where they were living in Sharm they were living in the Palestine area. And it has mentioned they were living in the northern part of Philistine. So they hear about this. And obviously their father tells them Look, we've heard about this king or this person who's giving really good who's taking care of people, why don't you go and get some food for us from there and they were all in famine at that time. So that's where the story begins where Allah subhanaw taala says about use of Ali salaam where Allah subhanaw taala says, wha wha to use of that the brothers of use of Ali salaam they come to him

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for the Hailu ie they all entered upon Yusuf alayhi salam for out of a home so he recognized them. Well hola homunculus and they were in a state of complete denial ie they did not even the word over here monkey rune is a noun like an SM so whenever when we want to denote in Arabic language, an action and we want to emphasize that this action is absolute in its nature. We do not use the we don't use verbs we use noun instead.

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Well, homie Yun Kieran

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would have been more inappropriate. They were in a state of denial, but oh Allah Allah subhanaw taala says, For whom Allah Who munki Ron ie they were deniers, ie they could not have had any other option thinking that this is use of anyone other than use of it he said they could not think that this person is used to finding center

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while a Mirja has a home

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deja hazy him when Yusuf Ali Salam took the time to prepare their provisions he furnished their provisions

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Allah He said it

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I think the battery for this is dying but you know, we will give it some juice again I think.

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Well, it's just showing full batteries. So it should be good inshallah. Okay, similar. So, while I'm magia has a home he has him when he furnished their provisions, ie he prepared their caravan.

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Bala, Tony, be Akela, calm, go and bring your brother to me. And we said, how did he found out about the brother that there will be conversation and he was a very noble person he was having conversations. The second thing very, very interesting over here for all of us to understand is that he himself Yusuf Ali salaam, was fulfilling the responsibility of distribution. Although he was the minister at that time, he did not say Oh, I'm going to delegate this responsibility. And I just want somebody coming and giving you reports at the end of the day. Okay, GH Galois, what had happened today. Okay, great. If you know that many caravans that many camels, rather he took on that response

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responsibility himself. And even today, if you look at some of the most successful companies and some of the most successful companies around and you read about the lives of their CEOs, you're going to find that they are till this day, despite the fact that they may be running billion dollar companies, they are in touch with the customers. They're in touch on the ground. Like, for example, the CEO of Apple, he gets up every morning, 3am in the morning, and he spends an hour responding to people's emails every single morning.

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I do, like if somebody was that rich, I was like, why would I even like I'm getting money, but they understand the value of staying connected to the ground. Okay. So use of Ali salaam over here was doing something very similar. He was himself although he could have heard the entire you know, he was the minister at that time was like you know, you

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work for me, you work for me and I'm just I don't even need to be there. Okay. And that is part of true leadership. True leaders, people who are true leaders do not sit in high offices and have big tables and mashallah you know, you all follow and I am at rest, rather they are on the ground and they try their best to benefit people.

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So, when a manager has a homepage or has a him that when he prefers finished their for their provisions, he tells them Tony, Tony can be in LA can go and get your brother that you have maybe come from your brother, I let our own Have you not seen how I am treating you. And I give full provisions to everyone and I am the best one that the most hospitable person that you're going to find Hyrule mousseline and we talked about detail about the hospitality last time inshallah now for Tony now he's saying if you do not bring

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that brother of yours Fela kala calm you are not going to get any provisions from me. You can bring whatever money to barter. I am not going to give you anything for that Kayla calm Okay? In D and you will not get anything from me Wallah the collarbone and you are not going to be the ones who are going to be respected. I'm not going to bring you I'm not going to honor you, you will not have closeness to me.

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So it was almost like a threat like an kind of pushing them over the edge that make sure you get him.

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Now they respond. And they say if Kalu they say to use of it Salem center what we do and who

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we're going to try to, to to entice our Father, we're going to try it's not going to be easy. But we will definitely give it a go. We will try it and he's there hinting and obviously use a valid Salam understood right away. Right that you know what you did with me? It's not gonna be easy for you. And he understood that.

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Son, what are we the one who Abba, we're in lava alone. And indeed, We will definitely make sure that we will not let you down. We are going to go and act upon this plan of ours. Well call LSVT Annie, okay. He tells the servants that he had it. Yeah. Hello biller at the home fee that he highly him take the money that they brought the money that they bartered back in the day, you had three types of trades, okay. You had trade where it was been knocked, that's the trade that you and I do today, where we take cash and we get items instead. The second type of trade is sort of, I take Canadian dollars and you give me US dollars, I take gold, you give me silver, you take silver, I get

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gold. So we're exchanging monetary currencies, just different types and an agreed upon rate on that. The third type of trade, which happened back in the day it doesn't happen today is that they would have certain things that that particular nation or village was famous for. And at that time, Philistine was primarily famous for Adeem what is Adeem?

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What's an Adeem who's going to tell me

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I deem it is shoes, and clothing that are made out of leather.

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So sham Philistine was known for items that were made out of leather, and that was their currency. So when they would go to another place, they would be able to buy what they needed. By selling the high end products that they had. The Turkish people were known for their carpets, they Iranian people were known for their trip. So those were their main sources of trade. So when they would go there, people in Rome would look forward to Iranian carpets, carpets, or Turkish carpets, they were like, Oh, we want to get some some of this, but they will be able to sell it or they would be able to barter it. So let's say I give you this you instead give me the things that I need. Or you sell

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that in the market and you get some cash and then you buy things so he's telling them no, we lie to him whatever they brought with them to barter that rice, take that and put it back. Feed your Harley, the alarm your ID phone Uh huh. When they returned back they're going to find out that the money that they use to purchase this food and provisions with use of Ali salaam from his you know beta male or from his his his stock room, they will eventually see that all our money has been returned to us. That's very interesting. Even collabo ILA Helium laleham Your June because it will become more easier for them to come back to me, because he doesn't want to lose them. He doesn't

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want them to go. And eventually this is the only money they have and they can never come back. He wants to make sure that he connects with his parents. He wants to make sure that he connects with his his brother. So he's like, if they go back, they will have a high chance that they're going to bring this money back because they'll have something else to barter again. Fella ma Raja

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Isla abhi him when they returned back to their father or Lou they said yeah abana ammonium in El Calle. They said, oh our father, you know, we were prevented from a standard measure of a person

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for acetyl minor ohana. Why don't you send your brother our brother Ohana our brother noctel. We will get another standard measure ie we will get an other camels Lord of measure because of one person. The rule was at the time of use of Ali Salaam for every head, one load of Camel. You will give me some items that we will barter and in return for every head. Yeah, it wasn't like one person can bring 1000s of camels and No, you must bring the person and in return of that person and the items you give me you will get one load of Camel. So they're telling their father we could have gotten another camel, but that helps that was prevented from us. Uh huh. And actually we're in

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Allahu Allah Hafiz zone. They kind of like caught themselves because they said the same thing about use of Allah Sanam, why Nila hula, if you don't value, we're going to be very protective of him. We're going to take protection, we're going to protect him. Right? But in that case, because when you make mistake one, you repeat that sentence again. And they did that, that right away triggered any Iacobelli sell him something. And he says, by law, and Okoma Lee, do you want me to trust you?

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Illa comma, and TOCOM Hyla he you want me to trust you the way I trusted you with his brother? Min above before don't you for Don't you remember what you guys have done? So this is a really good indication that you have already said I'm still had not fully recovered from that because he was still, you know, really sad. It has mentioned into fascias. And again, I think it's it's not an authentic narration. It's one of the Soraa Aliette but it is it's a story nevertheless, that tells you the pain that Jaco Valley said I'm because we can't deny that he was in pain. So one of the brothers of Iacobelli Sam comes to him. And he tells him that, you know, you have become so old in

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comparison to your father is how

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so early, I mean, you haven't even reached the age of getting old and why have you become so old? So he responds back and he says, the sorrow of us have had me has made me old. So at that point, Allah subhanaw taala he rebuked his heart Jaco Valley Salaam and he says, do you complain? You're a prophet, you complain about the matters between me and you to somebody else.

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So in response to that, Yahoo buddy said, um, says, oh, Allah, please forgive me. I was I had no such intention. I mean, I it just happened. We were talking, I had no intention of doing that. And then this entire incident happened in terms Allah says, I have forgiven you. And now Allah is trying to reconcile between archinect Jaco Valley Saddam with use of Ali Hassan, and the story began because of that.

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Again, it's an Israeli at Allahu Alem. How true that is.

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Then he says, follow how you don't have your law. He says, Look, at the end of the day, I believe in Allah and one thing and one thing only, Allah is the true protector. And over here, it's a really interesting pause for all of us. We are living through a very difficult time.

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And if any of you as Muslims are not recognizing this, then you better wake up

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at the rate of which the basic tenants and foundations of our faith are going to be questioned by the next generation. It's a wave that is coming. And many of the parents many of the community members many of the massages are not even aware of that.

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It in those difficult times. One of the only surety that you can have is for Allah who hired on half Allah. Allah is the best guardian.

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And in order for Allah subhanaw taala, to be the guardian of your children's Eman and our children's Eman. We need to ask the question Where do we stand with Allah?

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Like if you want a lot to take care of your kids and be their guardians of their Iman, then the ultimate question is, what is my level with Allah? Is Allah going to intervene when one of my sons or daughters is going to be deviating and he will interfere? And He will protect?

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And that's a question each parent has to ask themselves.

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Well who are other hammer rahimian and understand that never give hope and Allah however far your son goes or however far your daughter goes away from Dean whenever you are tested with that each one of you rest assured are going to be tested.

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When that test comes, understand that that Wahiawa indeed Allah subhanaw taala or hemraj he mean, He is the Most Merciful, amongst the most merciful ones. There is nobody that is greater in mercy in Rama than Allah subhanaw taala.

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This mercy that you see around the world is just as is one of the narration that says it's one of the 70 and another nation. It's one of the 99 ie Allah distributed this mercy, one of the 100 the Mercy was divided into 100 and only one portion was descent sent down to the earth. The rest of the 99 portions of Mercy has been kept for the date of judgment. So well who are hammered Rahimi is one of the most powerful things that should give hope to every single person while I'm at their home attire home. So this tells us that they had this conversation with their father, and they had not opened to their baggage yet.

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So they already had this conversation. They're trying to convince the father and they're like an elder, obviously thinking of something and then like, let's go and open our luggage. So they go open our luggage well enough at our home into our home. Why do we lie to whom they find Subhanallah everything we bartered has been returned back to us.

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And they're like, they come back running to their father Ocado. Yabba been Amana believe what else could we want? How the Hebrew God belongs to and this is our things like you don't do this our money you do that Elaina has been returned back to us. Now they have an even stronger case to take

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their brother Binyamin

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we will go and bring provisions for our family one fellow Ahana and we will take care of our brother. rest assure that we're going to take care of our other one has to gala the year and now we will have an additional load of Camel for provisions that we will be able to bring that Lika ke Linnaeus here. How easy is this provision like how I mean how what else can we tell you will father like this is like we're in famine, and we have ahead this one person we can put him on a camel take him bring load one load camel and that is so easy with nothing needs to be done. Super easy. Why are we not doing this?

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Allah he says Learn Otto Silla who Malcolm

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I am not going to send them with you. I'm not going to send them with you. Except head

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to toe Nemo, Seaton, Minh Allah, you're going to say by Allah, Allah Kike some, you know, by Allah,

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I take an oath by Allah, that we will bring him back. Let that Tony be ill on you how to become you are going to bring back Binyamin except in the case that you were surrounded and you're you know, you were you know, there was an ambush and you were struck by an enemy or somebody and you were not able to do that

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for Allama Filum to whom Osaka whom Allah Allah, Allah Allahu Ala Moana Kulu workI, he says when they gave him most of the homosexual means, an oath that was fortified. So it was just not like guy in sha Allah. We take an oath by Allah will bring him it's like no by Allah we will definitely there was lots of emphasis in terms of fortifying the oath that took to bring use of Elisa Lam's brother back

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then you Iacobelli Salam said something very interesting, he says kala

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kala Benny Benina, Latin Holloman Bobby Anwar hit all my sons do not enter from one door.

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What Hello, I'm in Abu Dhabi in North Africa and enter from different doors.

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So I have questions for people here. Why didn't use a finally Salem? Tell them to do this in the first place?

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Because you said sorry Iacobelli sat on my bed jacobellis Ram son went to Mr. Use of in the first meeting. And he doesn't tell them that right because if he had already told him that there was no point of mentioning this again, right, they understood it but he's telling them this right now. Why so first question is why the first time there was no mention of this.

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Somebody said no first time around why it was there were no mention

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you got to speak louder.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:58

No, so the question is the first time around why didn't Iacobelli Salam tell them this

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technique of separating and entering from different doors

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Yes. Okay, so number one is they say that Binyamin was not with them. So he was not he's now really worried about Binyamin. So he's like, we don't want, you know, any, anything happening to him. So just make sure you enter from different doors. The second thing was, they were not expecting to come back so quickly, because when they returned back their entire currency and the money they bartered with was returned back to them. Usually somebody that would travel this far and come to a new city, they would enter from the city, and then you would come back four or five months later, so people would not recognize you. But in this particular case, they're returning back right away because they

00:25:42 --> 00:26:18

have money to barter. And now the time between their first trip and back is so short, that people might think, okay, these guys have a pliant plan or plot, they're doing something, they're a group of 10 people they're entering together, they entered three weeks ago, and the entered again, they must be up to something. So the second time around, because of the shortage of time, it was necessary for them to you know, to remind them that you know, enter from different doors. And over here, he says, Well, I'm Oh honey, I'm coming Allah He che, that understand that whatever is going to fall on to you are not going to be able to avail anything other than whatever Allah wills upon

00:26:18 --> 00:27:00

you min Allah Himanshi you're not going to be able to like things that are going to happen are going to happen. You can do anything. Now over here, there's a little pause for all of us, right? That all of us We live in times where we might come to these open gatherings we live in times that we might go to other places as you know COVID restrictions ease hamdulillah will be oh, we have all been stuck into our houses and we've been with family to family and the interactions have been very limited. Now when we get exposure and we go to somebody who you have not seen for two years or you have not been to their house, they have not seen their children right they will look at your child

00:27:00 --> 00:27:32

they would look at any of your and some of your children might have shot up in height while others might have changed some might have you know had drastic physical changes. Some people lost a lot of weight some people put on a lot of weight most people put on a lot of weight. Some people lost weight right so but the case was when the new person sees you there is a high chance that they're going to be shocked and they're gonna be like oh wow, your child grew so much Masha Allah and pandemic, if they say Masha Allah, it's good. But most of the time out of our excitement we forget to say Masha Allah.

00:27:34 --> 00:28:02

Similarly, when your children come to these gatherings, right? Always remember that if you see a beautiful child, if you see a child full of energy, right, you know, instead of saying is keto energy Hatami, naughty, this person's energy doesn't end. Right. How's it going with Bethenny? calcula? 10? What do they feed this child? You know, like, why is he so energetic? Mira? Bucha my child he doesn't have any energy. Instead of saying these things, say Masha Allah, say the words of Allah. You know,

00:28:03 --> 00:28:05

some of the scholars they mentioned that.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:25

In their villages, there were people in their cities, there would be people that were known. They were known as individuals that could give an evil eye to a person and an evil eye. eye pain is something that is an essential part of our faith.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:44

It is unseen you and I can see it, but it affects us. Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, An evil eye is something that takes a man and takes him from being healthy into the grave, and a camel healthy camel from being healthy into a pot of stew.

00:28:46 --> 00:29:06

Okay, there are stories that are mentioned by self that you know, a person would enter. And he heard the sound of the milking of the cow. So when somebody was milking the cow, the sound that comes out when the milk is being gathered in the pot, that that sound, he heard that sound and he enters and he has, he says which one of the cows

00:29:07 --> 00:29:30

were you milking and the people knew that this person was a yawn ie this person was known that he would look at things and that thing would get in it would get the evil eye and it meant it is mentioned in that story that he they told him that this was like cow number one they said cow number two they pointed to cow number two, just to protect cow number one.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:38

And when they when he looked at the cow number two, the entire lot of cows died.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:41

hella cool. Jimmy and

00:29:43 --> 00:29:49

so when they got this person later on and they asked him, so he says that when I look at things,

00:29:50 --> 00:30:00

I can feel the heat coming out of my head and my eyes when I look at things and that is why if you are living

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

In a Muslim land that is ruled by Sharia, then if a person is known as a, as somebody who is a young somebody who does 18, or evil eye on individuals, then are no person, people get to know that if he says something or asks about something, that thing, gone, then it becomes wajib on the ruler of that town or that city to take that person and put him and lock him up in the house and provide a stipend for his provision and prevent him from even coming to the masjid.

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That's how severe like that's how, in Shetty communal protection is that the person is not even allowed to Salah join Juma and Salas. Right, so evil eye is a real thing. And we have to be really careful with our children. There are three ways you can protect yourself from evil eyes, number one is you have a car, the daily record that you can do, there, if you don't have time, at least play them. Number two is making sure that you know you if you're going to places in public, then don't overdo dress up of your children that will cause attention, right? Try to keep them as mellow as possible things that will avoid you know, avoid. Number three is

00:31:19 --> 00:31:58

avoiding Instagram posts about them and, you know, pull you know going out like every now and then is okay. But Subhanallah there are certain individuals that like Subhanallah Oh, this is my daughter, this is Oh, we're having this pancake this breakfast this this this that like sharing the entire life. Like if you're going to share every now and then like every six, seven months is fine, but now people have made their their livelihoods of sharing what they're eating every single day. And that is going to be definitely something that is going to bring it in. Now to if somebody has been affected by pain or evil eye, then there are things that they have to do. Number one, if you

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know if that person who that person is that that person needs to take a bath. So you need to have like a pail of water collected and they are going to take a bath with that water in specific the ball. The water has to go underneath the armpits, behind the shoulder and all the way to the feet down. You collect that water that the person has taken a bath from and you bring that water and you pour over the person who has been affected by the evil eye and he gets cured the hadith of Imam imata Imam Malik famous Hadith the summary of it was as a hobby saw another as a hobby and the skin was you know really pure it the skin was really nice. And he said oh I've never seen something like

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And then the that's the hobby he fell on the ground and his skin got damaged. So he went to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he felt bad he said this is what I said. So Rasulullah rebuked him he said why did you not say La Ilaha illa Allah Masha Allah Allah how La La Quwata illa biLlah Why did you not say these sentences La Mara item and crostini Gil de when you saw that beauty and his skin,

00:33:06 --> 00:33:44

then Rasul Allah asked him that, go take a shower and bring the remains of your shower, the hosel bring that and then he poured it on the other Sahabi and he became curious. Okay, so that is one way, you know, a very interesting story that happened with me. I was in a swimming pool, we're assuming in Saudi, and this guy was swimming with a Rolex. So I asked him this question, naive me, I don't know what Rolex is, are like I'm like, I don't know. So I'm like, Oh, this is Rolex. The water doesn't go in it. Right. And I'm in the swimming pool. So he's like, No, I've been swimming for 20 years. And he comes out of that,

00:33:45 --> 00:34:27

that swim, and the water goes into the Rolex. So he sees me we went to the Steam Room. And he's like, yeah, he you owe me a Rolex now because 20 years I have been swimming with that Rolex the water never end. The only time you asked the water went in. I said, but we were inside of water. So we were also cured. The Cure already happened to your Rolex, so I don't owe you anything. Right. But this is a real thing that we have to be careful about. Okay, especially when coming into public spaces and keeping our children protected. So he did the same thing he says oh children, when you enter, enter from different doors do not enter from in babinda head. Mina blobbin, Mota Florida and

00:34:27 --> 00:34:59

understand that you are not going to I we this is just a plot. We're just planning, nothing is going to avail you from what is going to be followed from Allah subhanaw taala in Ilco Illa Allah Allah indeed all the Hukum is only for Allah subhanaw taala I lay hit our guilt upon him. I have did I did my Tawakkol or I try I trust him. Why lay here and upon Allah fell Yatta what can limit our Chiune the ones who rely on Allah are the ones who are going to only rely on Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

Can I ask one of you to you want to come recite from verse number 61 A mother Hello Hi Sue. Waller Mother Hello man Hi to Mr. Ahmed is VS 6868 I believe yes

00:35:15 --> 00:35:17

yeah 68 So to use

00:35:19 --> 00:35:21

keep going I'll tell you to stop in sha Allah

00:35:35 --> 00:35:40

Allah Hamina shining upon your Raji Mowlem the forum in how you

00:35:43 --> 00:35:48

can you only mean Allah He mean she in

00:35:50 --> 00:35:54

fi NFC ARPU, Belka law more in

00:35:56 --> 00:35:57


00:36:01 --> 00:36:02


00:36:04 --> 00:36:05

won the

00:36:06 --> 00:36:07

US who

00:36:09 --> 00:36:18

you fall on me for Kathy Tabata is FEMA Ken

00:36:21 --> 00:36:28

Salem manager hazard leader has in him Johannes Sinfonietta Fe Fe

00:36:31 --> 00:36:34

noon you tune in

00:36:37 --> 00:36:40

on Colbert or ID him

00:36:41 --> 00:36:47

the dune for newness. They do so many Kimani may

00:36:48 --> 00:36:57

be here in Newberry, NAB he's very all new Tulla Hinako they're earning

00:36:58 --> 00:36:59


00:37:01 --> 00:37:06

CON Sadie thing or New Jersey

00:37:08 --> 00:37:10


00:37:11 --> 00:37:13


00:37:14 --> 00:37:15

or New Jersey

00:37:18 --> 00:37:20

Mooji The fee li for homework.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:27

Deacon urges you for the me mean? Zach

00:37:34 --> 00:38:21

so Jacoba Lee Salem, tells them do not enter from one door enter from different doors while I'm there. Hello mean Hi, Amara home abou home, when they entered from the way Yahoo Valley salaam had told them to obey. This tells us that despite the fact that they were individuals that had done what they had done to Yusuf Ali salaam, they still had obedience to their father. So that's a really good lesson for all of us that at one point, they did such a heinous crime that they take their brother and toss him in the welo. And on the other hand, they have such obedience to their father that they are somewhere really far in line and they're still obeying their father, and likewise are going to

00:38:21 --> 00:39:07

be our children, there are going to have these oscillations between high levels of obedience at time, and extreme levels of disobedience and high levels of obedience. And in between, this is what your lives are going to be spent. And in between, this is where true love comes in. Because when they go really high, you you exceed and you become really careful and you care for them and you love them. But the true test becomes for a parent for a father and a mother, when they go down. And they're trying to run away and they're trying to extract that rubber band relationship with you. At that moment, how do you treat them? And how much love and care can you give them because it is

00:39:07 --> 00:39:10

extremely easy for us at that moment to snap.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:59

And when we snap then the relationship as a rubber band snaps and then trying to build that relationship becomes a very difficult challenge. Okay, so Jacoba Islam is not rebuking them, he is trusting them he is warning them. Right. And one of the points that I mentioned I forgot about the previous point was that in Islam, you're not supposed to think evil of somebody. So you're not supposed to think oh, man, this guy is gonna really hurt me in this net. Except if you have evidence that's why if you read the Tafseer of Saudi, you know, Saudi Rahim Allah he says that hosts oneness. So if you are thinking evil or thinking bad about a possibility within an individual, and you have

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

some evidence

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

For that is allowed

00:40:02 --> 00:40:09

for the sake of protection. But what is not allowed is you take that and now you post it on Instagram and Facebook.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:49

You tell it to the rest of the world, you change your whatsapp status to it. That's not allowed or is allowed is you can take your theology because that, you know, I think I don't feel this is going to be appropriate. I feel uneasy because of 123. And you can you don't need to express that negative feeling to the brother. Okay, but you're allowed to have that negative feeling provided that you have evidence in your interactions with that individual that this person might hurt me sometime. So I might want to stay away from him. Right? You treat him well, you treat him nice. You don't say, you know, remember last time you did that to me. I don't trust you anymore. That's gonna ruin the

00:40:49 --> 00:41:32

relationship. So so we're allowed to do that. What am I the Holloman? amerihome Boom Makana. euganean hoomin Allah HeMan che they are not going to be able to reveal any of their plans was not going to reveal them from Allah subhanaw taala anything it Allah except hajat and Phoenix Iacob it was something in the heart of Iago Valley salaam, Allah and he wanted to just say it so that you know what I've said my part now whether they follow me or they don't, it is up to Allah subhanaw taala to protect them. Ya know who will do or Illman Lima alumna and don't ever underestimate. Iacobelli Salam he was the one LA Zoo Illman Allah is saying that Jacobi Ali Salam had knowledge.

00:41:32 --> 00:41:47

Surely he was the possessor of knowledge. Lima alumna who Allah Qin, but except x Surah NAS, lo most of the people lie Allah moon. Well Ahmed and they do not know what the Hawala use of this is very interesting. The entry use of Ali salaam

00:41:49 --> 00:41:53

ah, Isla Aha, he goes to his brother Binyamin

00:41:55 --> 00:41:58

and he says Carla in any hook.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:17

I am your brother, fella Tabatha is Don't Don't be sad. Don't grieve the Macondo Yeah, I'm alone, whatever they did to you. From this point onwards, your life is going to change in any hook. I am your brother.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:45

For the Majah has a home Beija has the him and when use of Ali said I'm prepared their provisions gyla Sapphira say kya you used to be a measure so back in the day it also allah sallallahu Sallam used to make wudu in something that was called a mud and he used to take a shower in something which is called a tsar, right if I if I remember next week, I'll try to bring them for you to for you guys to see. So mod is roughly 650 milliliters of water.

00:42:46 --> 00:42:49

So use of you know profitez enemies to make will do that.

00:42:51 --> 00:42:52

Now in the fifth,

00:42:54 --> 00:43:40

the tool that Rasul Allah used to use for making wudu became a source of measurement. So now when you give food to a miskeen if you're not able to fast, the Vidya is measured in a mud when on the Deedle fitter, it is measured in a SAR, so those tools that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used for daily purposes of making voodoo and wholesale became measures likewise, the case at that time, Sua Malik, this, this suppiah This, this tool, or this thing that the King used to drink in became a standard measure. So, like today, we have kilograms, they didn't have any of those weights, they had the supplier of Maalik, they had this this this this drinking cup of Malik and or drinking bowl and

00:43:40 --> 00:43:53

they used to measure using that and they would make copies of that throughout the city and that would be used at the measure and the primary domain One was this main measure of the king. So it was the master and it was kept secretly

00:43:56 --> 00:44:04

gyla psychiatry rally a sci fi rally, he he takes this and he hides it in the luggage of Binyamin.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:15

Xenon and a person claims and he makes an announcement yet to Hillary or caravan in Nicola Sadiq Khan you have stolen you are thieves

00:44:17 --> 00:44:31

ALU they said work Balu and they're walking so it is saying that they started seeing these things before even they arrived. I know work Balu Ali her mother Duffy don't what is it that you're doing? You don't know what is it that you have lost? What went missing?

00:44:33 --> 00:44:40

God Oh, they said nafti do sua Malik. We can't find the measuring bowl of the king.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:58

Well, Yemanja Avi hemlo Berry and whosoever is going to bring this bowl. This measuring bowl. He is going to get one extra camera load of food while he's cream and I am going to make sure that that person gets it.

00:44:59 --> 00:44:59

There is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:17

One and they said all dilla by Allah la caja Eileen tomb magic in early enough Sita fill earth you know use of it Salaam and everybody that listening to them look at the Alim tomb all of you know we did not come to cause any mischief in this earth.

00:45:18 --> 00:45:33

Well my goodness, our pain and we are not thieves. We were never thieves. Although they you know the conversation is between Jaco buddy salaam, son and the group from use of Alice and I'm not used by Lisa.

00:45:34 --> 00:45:45

For majors that are in quantum caffeine. Okay, agreed you did not come to you're not thieves. But what if the statement of yours is incorrect and somebody within your caravan has stolen

00:45:46 --> 00:46:34

ALU Jazza who mannucci The Fiera Khalifa Oh, and this is an interesting look at Alec energy volume in the time of Jacoba Ali said under Sharia was that if somebody stole something, if somebody stole something, then the way that person was, you know the way you found out that person X stole something, then that person and whatever he stole becomes a slave and a property of the person who he stole from, for who he is or who he becomes the reward and item that he stole has to be returned including that person himself. And this was in the shutting off Jaco Valley Islam. So he said okay, fine. Further, I'll be over here to him, Kamala, we are yaki. So he starts off searching from all

00:46:34 --> 00:47:22

other brothers and he leaves Binyamin till the end. suspense, right. Sama is the Sama is the raja Harmon we are lucky then he took out the ball from from the luggage or from the bag of his brother galica Kid Denali use of Allah is telling something very interesting. He says We inspired Yusuf alayhi salam to make this plot because McAnally Yehuda houfy DNL Malik Ilana sha Allah, it was by the will of Allah that Allah inspired him to ask these questions to his brother. And they responded with these answers otherwise, Yusuf Ali Salam would not have been able to keep his brothers with him, his brother with him. None of our without Rajasthan, mana sha Allah is saying that Allah is the

00:47:22 --> 00:47:46

One who raises in ranks who ever he wishes. How many times do we see in our lives, individuals who have all the credentials to be successful in life, and they're not. And you find individuals who have all the credentials to be not successful in our standards. But yet Allah subhanaw taala raises them in ranks.

00:47:47 --> 00:48:30

This is in the hands of Allah. What you and I are going to be tested in our lives is the effort we put in the effort is ours. It's our effort we put in the effort. Now do you get that data do you get that reward you get that rank or you are done that is in the hands of Allah notify with the raja team Manisha. And Allah is saying something in the end, he says, will follow Cooley there it will mean, Eileen, and above every possessor of knowledge is somebody more knowledgeable, ie, wherever, whenever you come across somebody, and you're like, subhanAllah, this person has so much knowledge, understand and recognize that there's always somebody above that person. Except eventually when you

00:48:30 --> 00:48:53

go with this infinite regress, you're going to go back to Allah subhana wa Tada because there is nobody above Allah. And there's another translation of this Woolfolk aku luthier Elmina halimun He that above every knowledgeable person is Allah the most knowledgeable I leave on and that's another translation that we can do with this ayah insha Allah

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