When Shaykh Uthaymeen Was Offered a House

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Want to begin with a story of one of my teachers that influenced me greatly. Allah blessed me to study in Arabia for many years. And one of the people who probably had the most impact on me on a spiritual level, is a very famous scholar by the name of Schiff, even or thymine. He used to live in a small village or an Asia. And I studied with him for one summer before he passed away. And I heard a lot of stories about him from his students. And of course, I saw him one on one as well. One of the stories that his students told me it happened before I came that summer was in the 80s, the King of Saudi Arabia visited the city of Tunisia. And the chef was so famous that one of the very few

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people, the king would visit in his house rather than the other way around, generally speaking, the chef goes to the king in that country. But Johanna Theremin was so senior and so respected, that the king visited shareholder with me. And at that time, he used to live in a mud huts. This is back in the 80s, the hut that would be constructed in those days. So the king said, let me build you a new house. And our chef had been with me and had a very strict policy, no gifts from the King, and I have a lot of stories about that as well. He never accepted a penny from the royal dynasty. So he said, I don't need a house, the king insisted. So he said, Well, if you must know Hamdulillah, I am

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building a house in Saudi Arabia. He mentioned a neighborhood there. So the king then moved on the conversation and then left, his students said after the King left shell, we didn't know you're building a house in that neighborhood. That's way outside the city. Why would you do that? The sheriff said, Isn't the graveyard and saw the here? They said yes. He said I'm building a house for the era Subhanallah when I heard that story, what struck me was the philosophy or the paradigm of our chefs, that for a person to say that instantaneously when the king is there, this isn't something that just comes on the spur of the moment. On the contrary, clearly, this is a person who

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is thinking constantly about the real house that is being built for that answer to just come in prompt to indicates that such a person not Cebu, cathodic when gala had up such a person is constantly thinking and preparing for the ultimate abode. And this is what separates the Mothman or the turkey or the more sin from most of us here. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, till canderel era, this is the hereafter, and we give it to those who Who is it given to women, Orajel Hirata Wasa, the one who strives for the hereafter, that person who is striving will be rewarded the goal the destination is in the hearts and the minds of the righteous people. These are the people as

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Allah says, You have unknown unknown Mullah kurabe him, they are certain they're going to meet their Lord, they have no doubt they're going to meet Allah subhana wa Taala What does Allah say in the day of judgment that people who get their book in the right hand they pick it up and what do they say in Neva nun to unimodal can SRB I knew I would meet my hisab This is the conviction that happens from the movement and the mood Taffy

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