Finding Peace #21 When Jannah makes Du’a for you

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One of the things that we often request from each other is a please make dua for me brother please make God for me sister but to know that Jenna itself is making a dog for you is something precious to know that Hellfire is asking Allah Subhana Allah Allah to protect you from its punishment is something amazing and all you need to do is very simple and do as well to ask Allah subhanaw taala the following according to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Mensa Allah Allahu Qian, Fela thammarat politischen Allah home Hill hujan wa minister Jarrah Min unnati Salah thammarat piloten Now Allah him a juror human and now whosoever asked Allah subhanaw taala for Gen three times Allahumma in

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nanus ello cogen or Allah, we ask you to grant as Jen along in Nana's local Jen will allow we ask you for Gen. Allah in nearness. ello caljan or Allah we ask you for Gen three times are little Jin Jenner itself make a dua saying or Allah admit him to Jen Allahu Akbar and whoever asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect him from fire along June Amina now what a lot protect us from Hellfire along a journey Amina now or Allah we ask you to protect us from Hellfire Allah home during the Amina now Allah we ask you to protect us from Hellfire three times oh let in not Hellfire will ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from its punishment, Allah Akbar what a gift from the Prophet

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salallahu alaihe salam What else do we need to know to maintain this peace of mind knowing that if we ask Allah subhanaw taala for Jana three times and we asked him to protect us from Hellfire three times we will be in sha Allah Allah granted what we asked for 100 Salah Mali Molly Kumar,