Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #95

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history and context of Islam is discussed, including the use of "has been" in various political and cultural reasons and the importance of learning from the Prophets. The "nailing" title is also discussed, with some confusion and misunderstandings. The "nailing" title is emphasized as the fundamental principle of Islam, with the " AD" being the fundamental " AD" in the "nailing" title. The "nailing" title is emphasized as the fundamental " AD" in the "nailing" title.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al Hamdulillah here on betta Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashrafi lum BIA even more sullied? Hamad Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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does leave and cathedra and Kathy Rafa Magoo.

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My dear brothers and sisters

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in the beginning there was nothing

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except Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah subhanho wa Taala the uncreated

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and the one who created everything

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and to home is our return.

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Allah subhanaw taala existed. And Allah subhanaw taala was on his ash and his ash, Allah said was on water.

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The yellow Guma Yes, I lost. All of this kind of information is given to you to test you.

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It is the fundamental basis of our Aqeedah in Islam, our creed in Islam, that we believe whatever comes to us from Allah subhanaw taala which comes to us in two ways one is as

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the ayat and the information in his column in his Kitab in his book Al Quran Al Karim and the second way is through

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the teachings and sayings and

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the explanations of that were given to us by Rasul Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, they are Hadith of the source of

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the Quran, and the Hadith. These are

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the two things that

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are the basis of our Aqeedah basis of our creed

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Daegal Gita guitar will Oliver field Elmo ducky Alladhina Umina Belhaj Allah subhanaw taala said this is the Kitab This is the book in which there is no doubt and this in which there is guidance for the believers and who are they they are those who have Imani

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and wave is the unperceivable it is not the unseen it is unperceivable because the unseen can be seen, the unseen is unseen by some people are not unseen by others, unseen, unseen today and tomorrow it may be it may become something which is seen, because we develop technology and so on and so forth and loss writer gives us the ability, but the unperceivable is something that is unperceivable that has always been unperceivable and will always be unperceivable as long as this word lasts and the only way and time that we will be able to perceive it is when we leave this earth when in our own death or on the day of and or on the Day of Judgment when Allah subhanaw taala

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establish it and Allah subhanaw taala will open those curtains and those doors to which we will be able to see that which is not perceivable today

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and then Allah subhana wa Tada created the pen and he ordered it to write all that there was to be

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and it was recorded in the book which is called a local baffles,

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the sacred and the protected

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This includes everything

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in creation and of course it includes also our lives, our risk, our sustenance and so on.

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I want to induce you to words

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Nabi and Rasool Nabi is common English translation Nabhi is Prophet Rasool is messenger.

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The understanding of this is that the Gambia which is the plural of Nabhi are all the prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Who Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sent to one people and to bring people back to Islam.

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So every one in that role was an abbey.

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But among the Gambia among the newbies, Gambia is the plural of Nabil, as I said, Allah subhanaw taala selected a few

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who were called Rasul messenger.

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Most or all of them came with

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laws, they came with books in different ways, and they came with laws.

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Among them, there are five who we call the old Azim Minahasa.

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The ones of high status, the ones of great strength,

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the great fortitude.

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And these five,

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the old Adam Minar Rowsell. Our New Orleans

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arrival is Sarah Musala. Sarah is Ali Salaam and Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah highly he wrote he was so so

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these are the five word called the Assam Minahasa. So all the Ambia all the newbies

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are newbies out of them or the Russell's. So we can say that every Rasul is an OB, but every Nabi is not a su, we can say every Rasul is an IV, but every Nabhi is not a resume, because the basic fundamental first step is NaVi.

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Whoever is not an ABI cannot be received because he's not even an OB. But who is an OB, among them, some Allah subhanaw taala elevated their status and made them or souls by giving them

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laws and so on and so forth. Now, why did these laws have to come because over time people,

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changed the books of Allah subhanho wa Taala they change the laws of Allah subhanaw taala and so therefore, these laws had to be reiterated, in some cases, some of these laws were changed also because of change circumstances and so on. Until we came to the final and the last and final of the resumes and in a BS, they said the two are together. And that is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our Nabhi and our soul who came with the final book the final law which is Al Quran Al curry.

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Now, I will refer you to the alarm who asked the solar cell.

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He said how many

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Ambia are there? Or how many Ambia did Allah subhanaw taala MB again, as I said is the plural of NaVi, how many Ambia

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there are Allah sent and Rasul Allah told him Allah sent 120,000 Ambia out of his 315 315 were Russell Russell is the plural of Rasul. And out of those 350 There were five who are called the old acids.

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what is the evidence that also Allah is Allah Ali Salim that Mohammed salah is the last and final of the

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NABI and also because again as I said every Russell is Arabic so if somebody says a surah Salem, Mohammed Salah Salem was the last Nabhi it automatically means is also the larger soul because the one who is an OB can only be a rasool and if the if the line of Zambia has been ended and automatically the night our soul is also been ended.

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What is the evidence?

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The evidence is

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that Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah Surah HAZOP is number 40. I'm giving this evidence because this is one of the fundamental principles of Islam. Anyone who does not believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last and final result. We have to believe two things about Mohammed Salah one that he was the interviewee and Rasul of Allah. And to that he was the last and final of them after whom there is no Nabil and Nora. So if you do not believe either of these, then we cease to be Muslim. We cannot enter Islam. If somebody says I believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was a Rasul of Allah was an OB of Allah. But I also believe that after him so and so

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came and that person was also an OB or Rasul of Allah. That belief negates Islam and a person who believes that he is no longer Muslim that person has exhibited and left Islam.

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Now, what is the evidence what is the proof in Islam as you know, the ultimate evidence the final proof beyond which there is no proof and if you have that proof and that proof supersedes and

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is higher than any other proof and that is the Kitab of Allah, the book of Allah subhanaw taala Al Quran Al Karim, there is an ayat in the Quran, which is saying something there is nothing on the face of the earth, which can counterman that which can go against that which can negate that.

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What is the last round that is saying once again sort of Zaragoza number 33 and number 40 Unless Virendra said I will be leaving a shirt on redeem mokara Mohamed Hoon Allah use the name mokara Muhammadan Abba hottie Marija leuco one kill Rasul Allah He work hard Tama NaVi ye makan Allah whom equally che in Lima. Like everything else in the Quran this idea is so complete in itself. Jami Mohamed Salah Alia Salam is not the father of any man among you because the result of selama daughters and his sons did not survive but he had daughters who survived and the last of them Fatima to Zara or the Allah Allah may Allah be pleased with her and increase of ganja and and fill her

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cover with his No. She is the last of them. She survived with our salon for six months. And it is through her progeny through her two sons of Hassan and Al Hussein, even their ally of the Allahu Anhu Omar that the lineup of Rasulullah Salam continued in the world. So that's why they're saying Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah, He is the Rasul of Allah and the Last the final

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end of the prophets and of the number Yin, Katama, Nabi

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala ever all aware of everything this world cup is means and last also it means a seal is a seal of the prophets. What is it what is the meaning of sealed meaning? That prophethood has been ended and sealed and nothing else? There is there are no profits after Mohamed Salah Alia salah. As I mentioned, this is a

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very important part of our

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of our Aqeedah and our creed. Now, why must we learn about the MBA? Why? Why are the stories of the prophets and the messengers? Why are they important?

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A lot of our data set down and of course to take action on Casa si Bhima our hyena elago Heather Khurana in condemning cobbly Let me know heartfully and he told us of Allah's wrath that I said we relate unto you over hamazon Salem, the best of stories through our revelations unto you of this Quran. And before this meeting before the coming of the Quran, you were among those who knew nothing about it who did not know the Quran.

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And then it doesn't matter that I said that you can live in a hut Allah Who Fabula Buddha who took 30 Cola as an Akuma Ali Agera in who are in the Quran, Lily I mean Allah and do they are those in Solana Allah said day meaning the Gambia the prophets of Allah, which of course includes the messengers, the Rasul, they are those whom Allah has guided, so follow their guidance say, no reward I ask of you for this for this Quran. It is only a Reminder for the LME for the mankind and jinn. So why should we learn because Allah subhanaw taala

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told us to learn. Now four reasons to learn number one is to reflect the stories of the Amiga the Stories of the Prophets are not stories as in entertainment as in time pass, they are stories as in lessons for life, for us to learn from and to practice in our life. So the first didn't learn is to reflect the second because this is the order of Allah subhanaw taala Allah said, follow them because they are rightly guided

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unless around Allah xenophobia Buddha walk today follow them because they are rightly guided number three to know them so that we can love them and number four as role models, because it is essential for us to have good role models to prevent the influence of bad role models we have got surveyed, we've got an absolute access we've got an overdose of,

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of bad role models now to counter that, as an antidote to that poison. We need to have good role models and Amelia Elaine was set up these are the absolute best of the role models that are possible. Unless you have heard that mentioned is Ambia that he was set up and must have told us well I thought bath and IV material Rasul Allah and Allah wages Daniel, both for men whom man had Allahu Amin whom man Hakata Ali Bala Percy who

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Fill Out of the fans are okay forgot to look at the bean. And let's enter very leave we have send among every OMA, every community every nation and messenger proclaiming worship Allah subhanaw taala alone and avoid and keep away from a taboo which is all false deities, meaning do not worship false deities besides or around with Allah. Then of whom then of them were some whom Allah subhanaw taala guided and of them were some upon whom their string was justified meaning that they continue to deny guidance so they were left to

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their own devices. So travelled through the land and see what was the end of those who denied the truth.

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This is a very important thing for us to keep in mind and sometimes people get confused with this. Where they say well you know, I

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love subhanaw taala guided Allah did not guide Allah subhanho wa Taala guides anyone who wants guidance, Allah subhanaw taala does not miss guide anybody because if somebody says those who Allah misguided then what is the difference? You know if you say this because it is not the job of Allah subhanaw taala to misguide Allah does not miss guide if Allah wanted to misguide Allah would not have sent the prophets. Allah will not send his books, Allah subhanaw taala guides, those who are misguided armies misguided because of themselves.

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Because what they do is Allah has sent an IV, Allah has sent his book, but they denied and we they deny the book, they will refuse to obey, they will refuse to do something. And then those people, Allah subhanaw taala leaves them to their own devices and they end up in the Hellfire so it is not Allah Allah does not compel somebody to obey Him or to follow the the way of life that Allah smart Allah sent.

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Allah said man amarilla sadly haven't been daiquiri now on fire. Now this is the beautiful ayat which says well okay if I do follow

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the previous ad we said Allah said go and see what became of those who denied and disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. So here we are going to let us see what happened to those who did not do that who obeyed Allah subhanaw taala and who lived a life of obedience, Allah's rather than as in Miami la sala Han means daiquiri now owns what we know Fernando Hanna who had on the ubit and Walla Walla energy and know whom to whom we are send email can we I'm alone

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unless right that is it. And then for either Khurana faster is bIllahi min. Ash shaytani Rajeev in who lay Salah whose will dawn on either livina Manu Allah Rob be him yet our Kullu in the Macedon or either Lizzie and I had our loan who will live in a home behemoths unicorn. Allah said whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, whoever is righteous, whoever does good deeds, whether man or woman, while he or she is a true believer. So basically two conditions are required. One is that you shouldn't believe in Allah subhanaw taala and to that he was too good.

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Very nice to that person to Him, we will give a beautiful life hat on to you by pure life, a life full of grace of a life full of comfort in this world, and we shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do, in general.

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Right not only in proportion to what they're employing the best meaning out of a million deeds in the whole lifetime. If they did one thing which was very superior, Allah will give them the reward of all the million according to that most superior deed. Good these million deeds will not all have the same quality there was some which were of high quality, some low quality.

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But one of them was absolutely superior quality which Allah enabled this person to do. Allah will reward them for all of them equal to the reward for that, most superior did this is the mercy and generosity of Allah subhanaw taala. So to repeat again, Allah says whoever works righteousness, whoever does good deeds whether male or female, whether while they are believers, so this is important. If you're not a believer, this does not apply. Why he or she is a true believer. verily to Him, we will give a beautiful life hat on Teva, good life in this world, and we will pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do in the AFA in general. So when

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you want to recite the Quran, seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala from shaitan the cursed one the outcast. Verily he has no power over those who believe in

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put their trust only in the room, Allah subhanaw taala

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His power is only over those who OBEY and FOLLOW Him shaitan and those who join partners with Allah subhanaw taala which means those who are emotionally cool. Now, this is the basic fundamental principles. These are the principles of Islam. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to understand that what I keep reminding myself and what I keep reminding you is that this deen the beauty of this deen is that anyone who follows it will have goodness both in this life and the next. Islam does not say suffer here so that you will gain something there No. Islam says Enjoy yourself here and enjoy yourself. Also in the ACA, the only condition is that enjoy yourself in this dunya

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according to how Allah subhanaw taala told you to enjoy yourself.

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Don't break the law. If you break the law, then that enjoyment will cause you problems in the actual because the problem in this dunya also, but also in the UK don't do that. Follow the law and law Swatara will give you enjoyment and benefit in his life and he will give you a Java death benefit also in the UK. Now we come to other ways around the first man created. Also the first Nabhi of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah's right those told us that he was created from soil from every place on Earth. So he was he is the

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he's the result of the Earth itself. So everywhere from that different character, the different colors, unless you had direct created otherwise CERAM with his own hands, Allah mentioned this, that I have created him with my own hands in a way the source, the majesty and Grace Allah subhanaw taala. So these are the things that is another principle of the Akita, which is that Allah we believe about Allah subhanaw taala what he told us, we do not

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interpret that we do not add and subtract to that we don't try to conceptualize it. We don't try to imagine it. Allah does Allah have hand Yes, because Allah told us we are the located in his hand that is Allah Subhana Allah He used the word yet, which means had a loss rather than sad, created other ways around with his hands. So does he have hands? Yes. What do they look like? We don't.

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We don't say Allah does not actually hand hand means the power of Allah know, ALLAH SubhanA means Han. Allah also talked about his power. So there's no need to take this and interpret it as that. And secondly, we do not put our minds to say how does it look like so Billa cave? We don't say how Allah subhanaw taala said on the seventh day, unless Ramadan raised estaba Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala rose on to his throne, what is the meaning of Rose? Is Allah sitting there standing that we don't?

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We know that Allah may discover what is the meaning of history, we don't know we accept it as it is. This is a basic principle. So how did Allah create? What did he do? Did he make take all the soil he put water this and then did he make into a paste? And did he do this? No, no, no, no, we are not going into all those details. It is not our job. If all of this was important, Allah would have told us we just know this is what happened. I love to soil from all over the world. And Allah subhanaw taala created Adam alayhis salaam, with his own hands, unless Ramadan and then also said that Adam alayhi salam was created in His own image. Now please understand this

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anomaly Salam was created in the image of Adam, what is the image of other holes other than Islam was supposed to be a full grown human being. So another one is Salah was the template. Right? He's the template. So other one is Rama he was created, he was created as a full grown man, the moment he opened his eyes, he was a full grown man, other than Islam did not go through the changes of being an embryo and fetus and then a child and then a youth and then an adult. And then he didn't he didn't grow older, you know, or he did not go through all these changes.

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In your case, in my case, there are some changes which happened in the womb of our mothers, there are other changes which happen to us as we grow. If you take a series of photographs of mine, from my youth to my to this time, obviously, there will be some resemblance, you might be able to recognize me, but there will be a huge amount of difference between how I looked when I was five years old, and when I was 20 years old, it's also same thing for all of us. This did not happen to either one is radical Islam was created

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in His own image. This is where our Christian brothers and sisters got confused. As I said, this Adam was created. It is only made the third his refers to Allah subhanaw taala. They said that Adam was created in the image of God no other one is allowed. Adam was created in the image of Adam otherwise Salam was created in

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The image of otherworldly Islam? why would why would Allah need to create a creature to look like himself for? It's like saying that the carpenter made a table to look like himself. Does the table look like a carpenter? No, the table is a table. And the Creator therefore has the ability to create whatever he wants, in whichever way he wants, wherever however, he wants, this is the power of the grid. So unless around that agreed, either Melissa in the image of the template that he he was himself was a template. So Allah subhanaw taala created a template called template for all of humanity call other militia. And from him he created from the

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outset he created how are they select from the rib of other Malisa? So it was rare that it created hydrolase from the rib of other Melissa now How was she created? She was created as a full grown adult female.

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She also wasn't a little baby girl and so on and so forth. She also was a full adult, full grown mature adult female.

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Right? And this is all the the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. Who's Who are the parents of other Melissa nobody?

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Allah media.

00:26:16 --> 00:26:27

Who are the parents of Hawaii, sir, nobody. If you want to say where did she come from? She came from other Melissa in a way manner of speaking that within court, the mother of Hawaii Salam was a man called Abdullah, listen,

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if you want to say Mother is that this one you came out of, but obviously our Islam did not come out of other Islam the way you and I came out of our mothers, because other than Islam did not have a Rahab he did not have a womb in which how are they salaam, her, her her her fetus and so on a group know

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Allah, Allah just took a rib and he made her and so she was a full grown adult female. And this is the beauty and glory of the creation of Allah subhanho That Allah's rattler blew the soul into other

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and then again, Allah did not blow himself I love blue the soul, which he created for other organisms. So, the body is material from the earth and will return to Earth. The soul is the secret of life. And it is that which gives life

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and those around that I mentioned this whole thing of creation, mean ha ha as an outcome or freehand or EDICOM will mean have no collegial component on target and Ohara. In surah Taha Allah said, thereof that is from the earth we created you, and into it, we shall return you and from it, we shall bring you out once again. So this is the

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the story of atomizer because we see is a reflection of this, for example, between the man Musa Salah had this confrontation with the magicians of Egypt, the images, the snakes of the magicians of Egypt, were illusions, right? They were illusions. And the snake of Mussolini had life. It was a real animal. The Magicians immediately recognized

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what was happening, and they immediately accepted Islam. Because the mind magicians had no power to give life. All that they could do was to create illusions, whereas Musa stick was under the command of Allah subhanaw taala who gives life and so therefore Musa is salams stick became a snake. Now when the snow was blown into him, otherwise he said, I've sneezed and he said Alhamdulillah and ALLAH SubhanA wa then I said, Yeah, hammock, Allah. May Allah's mercy be on you. He said, All Praise and all thanks be to Allah. And Allah subhanho Blaine and said, Yeah, hamaca Allah, may Allah's mercy be on you. So the first thing that was told to Adam Alayhis Salam was that Allah subhanaw

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taala sent his mercy to Adam Alayhis Salam.

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Okay, so this is the

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this is the beginning of audible It was around that I said to him, go and greet those angels who are sitting there with Salah. So he said to them As salam o alaikum, and they replied y equals Salam. Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato.

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So rasool Allah, then Allah is rather than said to him, this is your greeting and the greeting of your descendants may peace be upon you. And this is therefore our greeting as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh made peace and protection and bless and

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you know security, Salah we mean many things be on you. What a hammer to Allah He and the mercy of Allah wa Barakatu and blessings and they

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lays the same thing to you for aleikum wa salam, and on you also be peace and security Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and blessings from him, as soon as or as an observer of show Salama Binaca spread Salam amongst yours amongst you. And this is the

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this is the fundamental principle that we have of Islam which is to spread Salam

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between ourselves and between each other. I ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to help us to learn this deen and to practice this deen and to benefit from this Deen as it is our

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this is the most beautiful treasure that Allah subhanaw taala has given us what some of the harana we carry while Ali he was able to have to go home and like him. It was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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