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AI: Summary © The importance of faith in Islam is discussed, as it can be used to overcome political issues and has been blessed with the blessings of Islam. The success of black people in black creed is also discussed, with a focus on the "rocky anti-immigrational" movement. The complexion of the Islam culture's physical appearance and its impact on people's experiences and emotions is also discussed, with a call to action for addressing racism and injustice.
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when to stop,

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stop fear or whether to delay when to delay him ensure we see an hour and see at

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or may decide.

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Rashad will NSC Danna Muhammad and whoever yeah if you

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talk to why your party have political party he was

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know couple why about who hold and study that you're smashing up on

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your finger Google back home what a good idea let our Sudha who found out affairs if I was at all Bina and then that biographer and in the Hadith the Kitab who are already had you Mohammed in solo law while he was in them or shorten the URL for

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a pull up that says in

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Walla legends in law hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, he knew that he had them and they had that one afternoon that in that if he had done that and had no one

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lady and Zillow had to be hidden Peekaboo, whatever the agenda

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Tyler's blessed us in myriad ways, and coming up upon us to understand

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and to appreciate the magnitudes of the blessings, and what

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has bestowed upon us in terms of the magnitudes of the blessing, the blessing of Islam, and this world is so great, that it suffices us all the blessings, we have Islam, if we leave this world with faith, faith in our heart, and we left it with no house, no car, this person, no car, for health, you name it. And we've been blessed.

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We've been blessed Zealand IV roti, Allah, how to run the law which is related to have said, in the mundane the dunya. And yet fear can stem

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from the blessings of this world, this Nam suffices as a blessing.

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Conversely, if we had the best of health, the best of spouses, the best of children, the best of homes, the best of gardens, the best of cars, the best of handles and yachts and chanteuse, and food and drink, and everything that the world could bestow upon us. But we left this world without faith in our hearts. Then how have we been blessed?

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How have we been blessed? And we had a 40 power influence. How have we been less? We're heading towards a day where the human being will proclaim in the presence of Lord

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Halligan, the Sorbonne povo. For all the goo from India. Hey, Masanobu Murthy. Sanofi says silicon Darko has said earlier there are a slew

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of heading towards the day where no amount of status

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influence well.

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No authority and autonomy so banya

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and those people who had all the authority and all the influence all of the status and all of the blessings that the world could bestow upon them

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had no faith.

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They said sesion strike for vocal from Honolulu. Then they can feel for the Hellfire Samantha hemosol Lou

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for an incidence

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My dear brothers and sisters, as we know our country is facing a crisis of

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deadly proportions.

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The great historian Arnold Toynbee mentioned in a chapter of his book civilization on file as a chapter entitled Islam, the West and the future, or discusses Islam's ability to help alleviate the race problem that is afflicting Western societies, particularly here in the United States. This is a nagging problem.

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Its roots predate the country.

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The Constitution, where the African slave was reckoned for representational purposes three fifths of a human being with other men.

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That's another century after that the country was torn apart by a civil war, whose roots were in slavery whose roots were in the racial issue. Less than half a century after that great African American sociologist WEB DuBois mentioned that the problem of the 20th 20th century in America will be the problem of the color line. Half a century after that the issue was still unresolved that's make their toss and the monument to Brown versus the Board of Education decision. Little Rock, Arkansas that separate is not equal. Less than a decade after that and manifested itself in the race white riots that saw North Hartford, burning Philadelphia, New Jersey, large swaths of Detroit,

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Michigan, Cleveland, Ohio, Washington, DC, southeast Washington, DC watts, California from one end of the country to the other riots, which were described by this race white riots are burning down cities in our country less than half a century after that it manifested itself again, and the implement or the initiation of the new Jim Crow Mass Incarceration, targeting primarily African American youth. Latino youth. Proceed precision targeting one one presidential candidate return referred to as the teeth on dehumanizing language of super predators, and then a manifest itself less than 25 years after that, when a presidential candidate opens his campaign with a racist slur

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against Mexicans and ushers in

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the mainstreaming of white supremacist ideology, including the wretched pathetic idea of the great replacement.

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Wretched because who's replacing home?

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large and significant numbers of Euro Americans, being replaced by Native people

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when they came into the land of the natives,

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massacred them and slaughtered them, and one of the most comprehensive and extensive genocidal campaigns in human history

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or to the ravages of smallpox, and then incidences consciously and purposefully introduced it to their communities. Are they doing the replacement? Are they being replaced, as the poor wretched soul went into a grocery store in Buffalo, New York and slaughter 10 Elderly African American individuals, primarily elderly, and a younger policeman, off duty policeman? Are they being replaced by the former African slaves who they went and displaced from Africa to begin with?

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Are they being displaced by the Mexicans were descendants of the native people in the western part of this country

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who reside in an area of the country that was once part of Mexico. Leave the country leave Mexico and you don't have to worry about being displaced by those Latino individuals who is doing the displacing. This is a wretched pathetic series of pathetic theory, and Muslims should be in the forefront of calling it for what it is.

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If we're true to our religion, this one wants to finish spend the balance of the time discussing

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or introducing because it's a vast topic. I do Islamic anti racism. We have left wing progressive anti racism

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was generally on the assessor base department

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with equally pathetic arguments, like telling so poor coal mining family, white coal mining family, an Appalachian,

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whose father died at the age of 50, from black lung disease. And now the mother is still down on the opiates, prescribed for the Father for the pain in his back from bending over and cold shots getting the black lung disease. And when he died, the mother just kept the opiate prescription. Now she's strung out on opiates. And the son died in Iraq because the only economic opportunity he had was the war machine or Walmart. And he chose the war machine. And now he's dead. And the door is an alcoholic with two illegitimate children and this ideology of progressive anti racism, telling them their joy, why couldn't you think that's going to tell the problem that's going to make the problem

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worse, because somebody's going to come to them and tell them white lives matter, and they're gonna eat it. And the problems gonna get worse, this is not an Islamic solution.

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Islamic anti racism starts with the premise that this is a spiritual disease. And how could it not be a spiritual disease when the first racist is saying

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white supremacy, racial supremacy, you have black supremacy ideology? Why? Why isn't our racial supremacy because self to be superior based on the physical characteristic, then that makes shaytaan the first racist

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when Allah Tala asks recode rhetorically because Allah knows the answer. Men Men are not

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a more took part in you prostrate yourself to Adam prostration of honor, not a better set you to take Sharif for less than me that Miranda Naka and lead Testudo the tissue that is a multi color and a hiraman supremacist, I'm better than them. Based on what a moral characteristic I never tell lies, Adam tells lies a morally superior No, based on a superior character.

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I assist people and help people know based on the physical characteristic, and the higher level cullompton in their head will collect the human pain. You created me from this physical substance that has a physical characteristic called Fire. And a new created him from this physical stuff that has physical characteristics called claim and a lot of time that informs us in the court and that the claim is black claim.

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Shake Tom was the first racist and that being the case. This is as all Toynbee, the great historian described it. And that chapter is now on the West in the future, as a spiritual disease and spiritual diseases are only amenable to spiritual cues.

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It's our responsibility to be the ones who introduced that cure.

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It's our responsibility to glorify, to extol, and to inform people of our common heritage.

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Adam, Adam, and for all your awesome Adam and Adam is from the claim. The races claim different origins. You see in some of the books they have. The Africans descended from monkeys in that pictures with these mythical creatures with tails and all of this nonsense.

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It's our responsibility as Muslims to tell the world to tell this country all of us are the children of Adam and Asana. We all descend from a common parentage. We are all at the end of the day Benny Adam.

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The children of Adam.

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There doesn't no difference between the white children and the brown children, the black children or the yellow children. There are no differences except in character.

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Yeah, and yes, and no hold up on that woman. They're getting looser, which I left them

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in trouble come in, don't want it's awful. It

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in the Mojave Mojave of humanity, not just the Muslims, not the Christians to manatee, we have created you all from a single parentage from a single pair of male and female. And we've made you into nations and tribes, that you might recognize the type of reciprocity that you might recognize in each other to create a power of Allah subhanaw taala to create all of this difference from a single pair to create all of these hair textures, all of these eye colors, all of these physical distinctions from a single pair, we are reminders to each other of the glory of a loss of kind of autonomy, and not the glory that's inherent to any particular

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member or branch of the human stem. That distinction only comes through those who are superior and their commitment to that Lord who has created them from that single pair and in drama lament the law. The most love interview with the law is the one who is most conscious of Allah and Corrado in the wire.

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When those verses commented on,

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usually the manifest here the commentator the accidents of being a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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the hadith is the following which is a sound has been

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in the water now young who lost water and where he can well lack in Yahoo in a movie comm

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there are a lot doesn't look at your physical form, Allah doesn't care who's black or white, brown or yellow where there are polka dot people love doesn't care less. And Allah Tala short,

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thick hair or thin hair, blue eyes have black eyes or green eyes. A lot doesn't care about any of that and no one knows who it is to worry.

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And Allah doesn't look at your wealth. And these are the two most prevalent bases of discrimination and bigotry amongst human beings. Waste and wealth.

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Well, I'm glad Allah doesn't care if you're rich or poor.

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Allah doesn't care about your economic status in Allah young

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enough to become what

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Allah looks at your hearts and all the hearts I can guarantee you we have cardiologist here who can affirm that all the same color the same we all bleed red

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localu become Allah looks at your hearts. What is the quality the content of your heart? What is the moral fiber that describes your heart? That's what the law considers and your deeds. What are your deeds?

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People claiming superiority their deeds are the vilest of deeds.

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The hearts are the vilest of hearts most corrupted and polluted of hearts. There is no superiority there is our responsibility to let people know this and not in some brand heroic way we have that form of movement and get out in every whatever Allah has placed us. As some of these spiritual sages say a poem Heythrop, comical Allah D'Ivoire was placed you If Allah has placed you in a classroom leave demonstrate this to your classmates, flaws placed you in a medical facility you demonstrate this to your fellow doctors, nurses.

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Whatever else is in the hospital, far more than doc administrators,

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physical assistants, whatever you demonstrated, if Allah has placed you to work in the context of your home than in the PTA, or wherever you might go and interact with other people you demonstrate that through your actions. The profit syllabi, they will send them in a time is expiring was closed on this point. The prophets Allah Live Aid was sent. He demonstrated his anti racism through his actions

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and of course his teachings

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when he adopted a son before they passed

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Actors was forbidden. We know the story. Zaman had it that was sold into slavery separated from his family sold into slavery is up in the house of the Prophet sallallahu was said if you meet in New Jersey 10 Women publish

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the fatherless photolisting Danny would have ish they mentioned him from the the Arabs to basic branches out an honorable Shamrock, but out of the soul that is out of the soul that he was from the black errors.

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So this young black man the Prophet adopted as his son, when he said I was told that my family wants his family came to Mecca and found him and he stood at the Kaaba and he took the hair of that young black you and he said had as a husband was a black man.

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And then say after you divorced, saying that big Josh, he was married to a woman who was baraka and have a Shia, a black woman from Ethiopia, from ailment baraka and have a Shia. And when his mother passed away,

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he said, this African woman has an only father. This is my mother after my mother was she took him under her care, she didn't nurse him, but she cared for him. So Allah Azza wa Sena, had been hurt me by the Humi. This is my mother after my mother. And then those two they got married.

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And save it and had it, they married and they had a son who sound had been saved, was a prophet love that all of the sources described a very dark complexion.

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And the Prophet knows that childlike he didn't love anyone else. He became known as hidden hippo hippie Rasulullah sallallahu, it was sent him the beloved of the Beloved of the Messenger of Allah Subhan, Allah who I named will send them

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when we are when Abu Dhabi is assaulted,

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than us so that oh you son of a black woman, the prophet rebuked him and temporarily and see can J be Euro man who has pre Islamic ignorance in your heart. Now both of ours related put his head on face on the ground and Toby Lau to step on his head, of course, be allowed to do that.

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This is the Messenger of Allah, He went beyond that, with some of his dark skin companions complained, no one will marry them. He was saying them to the homes of Eros, aristocratic Arabs and tell them to marry their daughters and these people from an out of heaven route to this Batman, he made policy

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in his everyday life. When was for many of these, when there was a black man way ahead, the pucks and he has smoking pot marks that was scaling up and he came into the measures everywhere he said, the person would get up and go sit somewhere else. And the prophets of Allah why they would send them call them 40 said Come sit next to me. Come sit next to me.

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Even some narrations several well that

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he put him and set him on his thigh. So Allah It was said that this is our profit.

00:23:47--> 00:23:51

This is the foundation of Islamic anti racism

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which ultimately creates a family of faith where the black is not superior to the, to the white, where we know the Arab is not superior to the non Arab where the only superiority is in virtue. May Allah bless us to embody that to whatever walk of life a lot of places I say, hey, Temecula when they can come mostly men will movement in that center pace to accommodate Allah subhanho wa Taala who probably had that respect for

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what he said in New York called Mr.

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Shangri La he was so that was I don't know Sooni let him when he was cycling.

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Debbie? Yeah, let me know.

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And while he was sending me in Allah Most of us

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he was said

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that humbly learning

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from a man handling loss of Hannah Montana has given us beautiful religion and any ugliness is from us.

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So nice and it's incumbent upon each and every one of us to be a, a beautiful embodiment of the religion to the best of our ability.

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The time has come to move beyond excuses.

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We don't have

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the time has come to courageously again in the context of our lives a situation to confront

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with our deen

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the issues of the day and none of us is perfect. None of us is perfect. But we have to challenge ourselves you can't afford to say Islam was this and that a call people do that. Oh, the Muslim is a Muslim did that and grammar we have Canada Whack whack whack Canada

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we know

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those grammatical points. I call those people can

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can move cannons. The Mauna Kea were can or Misty Mola Yeppoon book animals the Mona kind of look at it.

00:26:46--> 00:27:39

The Muslims used to do this and that we want to be Massana work when there's Zana Muslims are still building and the Muslims are still reforming and the Muslims are still bringing forth the best of human moral, ethical spiritual virtues for the benefit of humanity. Manzella we're hardwired to have one where May Allah make us so Allah bless us like that young boy described Bodhi airport this effect time and Cartman Polly can Evie well that can then set him in the color hair and they're a courageous young person isn't one who said my forefathers with this in that Ken Abbey. Well that can affect men the polar hair and that a courageous young person is one who stands up and says here I

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am. It's time for Muslims to stand before the sad the corruption the racism, the injustice, and say here we are, to the best of our ability. Allah give us tofi Allah give us the seer

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verses with sincerity.

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Honesty mean almost 1 million