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The importance of positive thinking and safe behavior in achieving success is emphasized in Islam's webinar on positive thinking. The success of culinary programs like the chef program is highlighted, including a focus on improving culinary techniques. The speakers emphasize the need to use positive thinking, pray with the right method, and stay in a positive mind to build relationships and connect with others.

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Sila hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim while early he was happy he Germaine rubbished rally Saudi were certainly Omri waterflow. Okuda melissani yeska. Who Kohli, my beloved brothers and sisters, I welcome all of you in this, another beautiful insha Allah webinar, the live webinar on a very, very pertinent and important topic, the power of positive thinking. First of all, we thank and we are grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for bringing up and helping up to, to get into this beautiful session in sha Allah. And we thank each and every one the brothers and sisters who worked around behind this program. And of course, I would like to extend my

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gratitude to all of you for being here with us to learn about our Deen and different facets of Islam when hamdulillah My beloved brothers and sisters,

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the topic power of positive thinking, is anyways important. And it becomes more important in the times we're living in.

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We're living in a time where we are seeing and facing and witnessing so many challenges, so many calamities, so many problems and issues. The need of being positive is much more of importance during these times, and Subhan Allah, we need to understand and acknowledge that will hamdulillah Islam being a way of life helps us

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to find solutions, and to find recipes in all the facets of life. And it gives guidance, in a way that is practical in a way that brings us to two words closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala My beloved brothers and sisters, Islam is a beautiful way of life. And well hamdulillah we the believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala must feel that positive experience and feeling and testify to this fact that Alhamdulillah we are blessed that Allah subhanho wa Taala has best tout on us, Islam, which shapes our life, and brings us and keeps us on the state of total well being while hamdulillah

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My beloved brothers and sisters,

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the function of the brain is to control thoughts and Subhanallah it is the engine of our body, it actually navigates what you want to do in your life.

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that is the reason we say you are what you think. So if you think that you're at good and nice state, then you are in the nice state. If you think that you are in a miserable situation in a very sad situation, then you are in that state. So you are what you think right now, we have choices. Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us choice to fill

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our mind with positive thinking or negative thinking. And our brain is like a container, you know, you need you feed or you fill the container, either with positivity or with negativity.

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It's up to us purely to understand and to take this decision that how do we actually want our mind to be right. Now, according to the recent study,

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an average human being he actually has over 6000 thoughts every single day. Although there are studies which phase or research which says that a human has, you know, every single day 50 to even 70,000 thoughts but

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Regardless of these statistics, human does have we need to acknowledge that human does have 1000s of thoughts every single day, we need to have a closer view and focus on how these ports are, are these thoughts, which comes to our mind are positive, or they are negative SubhanAllah.

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Our mind

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is, as I said, it's it's a container and it has a very powerful, you know, of way of thinking Subhan Allah, it is very powerful, it has a capacity, which is Subhan Allah humongous, so, you can imagine every single day our mind can actually you know, have

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1000s of thoughts. So, obviously, to control these thoughts is of dire importance, and to have a closer view of these thoughts are significant, you know, wait, so, what we need to do is we have less or no control for incidents, circumstances or situations, but we do have control on our minds, we do have access to control our thoughts, and that's what we are going to learn in this webinar inshallah, how to utilize the power of positive thinking, you know, in an Islamic perspective, Subhan Allah, this is of huge importance, my beloved brothers and sisters, we need to realize that Subhan Allah, on an individual level and on a global level,

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we are

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tend to incline towards negativity or we face or encounter negativity, every step of our life Subhanallah we need to make sure that how do we protect and keep a shield between us and those negative thoughts and bring the positive energy bring the positive thinking into our minds. So, this is an on going struggle. So, I call it as a process, it is a process, where you need to ensure that you keep on struggling and striving to be in a state of well being and that comes with a positive thinking. So, let us let us know what what positive means you know, Subhana Allah, it is a desirable or constructive quality or attribute. So obviously positive or positivity, it demands something

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which is constructive, something which is good, something which is which builds, you know, people and things should handle luck. So this is positive thinking, the process or to consider or reason something, this is thinking, you know, Subhan Allah, this is something which we need to understand, because a lot of times we want to be positive, many people, they want to be positive, but they don't know how to actually trigger those positive thoughts in their minds, and they don't know, or they are not aware of such ways and strategies, how they can actually be in an optimistic state Subhanallah so that's what we're going to dive in understanding its importance and benefits, what do

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we actually achieve? Why do I need to be positive? You know, in my thinking, how, what is the reason? What's the outcome? What's the benefit for being positive? And this is a very powerful question. Because a lot of times, we, you know, Subhanallah get trapped into negativism. As such, it leads to negative results, and that's the state which we do not want to be but unfortunately because not knowing these realities and these strategies prescribed in Islam, we tend to be a person who gets into a trap of this negativism. SubhanAllah so we need to answer this very clearly.

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Why do we need to think positive, why? Reason number one, it brings peace of mind Subhanallah we need to be we need to be

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Be positive in our thinking, because it brings peace of mind. And this is something which is seriously and sincerely lacking in, in the, in the minds or in the lives of many people Subhan Allah and Subhana Allah, it has nothing to do with money, it has nothing to do with status, it has nothing to do with position, it has nothing to do with the world or the material things, it has to do with your internal state of being good SubhanAllah. So, being positive brings peace of mind, that is the reason we have to think positive because if we think positive, we will do things which are positive, we will say things which are positive, which will lead us to positive outcome insha Allah, as an

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ally to Allah for dunya will asherah in this world and in the Hereafter, as muslimeen as believers, we do not limit our thinking only to this role. This is very, very important for us to remind ourselves, that our thinking our positive thinking, does not restrict to this world, it goes beyond this life, which is a year after an era. So it's very powerful. So the reason number one, or the benefit number one, or the outcome of being positive thinker, is it brings peace of mind, that's number one. Number two, it keeps our relations healthy, you know, you will see and you have you might have experienced positive people, they have more friends, positive people, they are connected

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with more people, positive people are liked and loved by many people are as opposed to those who are negative people who are people who tend to, you know, show or display their behavior of negativity, they do not have close affiliates with them. So the benefit of thinking positive is it will basically keep your relations healthy, beat your family relations, or the relations outside your family. Reason number three, it improves your physical well being and you need to understand this kind of love. Because you're logically you will improve your health will improve if you think positively, you know, when we see and hear and, and witness people who have depression, anxiety, you

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know, distress, you know, disappointed disheartened of so many things. Why? Because they lack positive thinking, you know, and that's the reason, physically speaking, they are not in the good, or well, their well being is compromised. SubhanAllah. So that's number three reason why do we need to be positive in our lives. Reason, reason number four, it keeps you moving, without seizing your energy, Allahu Akbar positive people, they find alternatives in their lives, they don't stop, they keep on moving, they keep on moving, they don't drop themselves, they don't lose hope they do not fall or even if they fall, they learn from their phones, they learn from their failures, they learn

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from their, from their, you know, mistakes, and they run after that, they get up, they don't give up, they get up they don't give up. So positive people, they actually keeps on moving that is again a beauty in itself and Subhanallah the fifth outcome is it makes your life your overall life beautiful. You know, few think positively. If you say what is positive, if you feel what is positive, if you experience what is positive, you move on in your life and you deal with any and every kind of situation boringly and remind and remind yourself and I remind myself that this is not not not in the absence of the problems or all the bad things that might happen to me or to you. We

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as human being is bound to be tested. This is a given Rule of Life. A lot of Walesa, he says and we talked about this in our previous sessions as well. Allah says in Surah Al mulk surah number 67. Iron number two, a lot of Isaiah he says Allah The hunter call Mottola hayata Leah Beluga Comm. You can ask some Allah, Allah has given life and so that he may test you which is to see which one of you is in best of conduct. So

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We all are performance in this world, this world is a field where you and I are here to perform, we cannot be out of the field, we have to be in the field and we need to perform, and those who perform better scores well in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Subhana Allah, it the positive outlook of your entire life, will will be beautiful, if you think positively Subhana Allah, and will hamdulillah My beloved brothers and sisters, if you think positively, if you think positive, what happens and why, as I said, these, you know, reasons. And over, over and above the essence of being positive, it springs from the teachings of Islam. You see Islam being the perfect, complete,

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balanced, and beautiful and practical way of life. It teaches us lessons, it teaches us tips, it teaches us practical methods, how you can be a positive thinker, which will lead you to positive living. So you begin with positive thinking, and you end up with positive living and SubhanAllah. Those people who think positive will live positive, the end also insha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will be positive will be a good ending in sha Allah. So Islam provides the guidelines, so beautifully constructed in when it comes to positive thinking, the need is to dive in deeply think and find solutions in Islam, my beloved brothers and sisters,

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as we know, Islam provides the understanding of displaying or fulfilling the rights of two parties, the rights of the Creator, and the rights of the creation. So the rights of the Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala, we need to fulfill through our Eman, our elevada and so on and so forth, through we and we need to fulfill the rights of the creation and that is also the bada to Allah subhanho wa Taala by fulfilling their rights, so Subhana Allah, we need to understand the fact that Islam gives total guidance, which which starts from the positive, you know, thinking about the Creator Himself. So what we need to realize and understand is number one, we need to keep this, this point of very

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clear that our Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala is extremely positive, and he teaches us to be positive, Allahu Akbar. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said, which means it's a hottie say could see and are in the learning of dB. Look at this hadith Subhan Allah, the statement is so powerful, and I want you to register this in your mind and I want you to picture your imagination, you're the impression of Allah subhanho wa Taala should be very clear, it should be crystal clear. Allah says, an end avani abhi be, I am as my servants, think of me. So what do you think of Allah? How do you think of Allah subhanho wa Taala you see a lot of people when they get

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into problems when they have calamities when they face challenges, be it loss of life, loss of health, loss of beloved ones, loss of you know wealth, loss of you know, anything for that matter, when they lose anything. That's when your actual state or the impression or the expectation or the belief in Allah Subhana huhtala is clearly reflected.

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Are you following when you and I are in difficult phase when we lose any beloved one when we lose any beloved thing, that's when our real Eman is tested. And at that time, we need to ensure that we have

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To have good opinion about Allah subhanho wa Taala if we don't have

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good opinion of Allah, then we'll be doomed. Subhan Allah, and this is what we are seeing. There are people around us Subhana Allah, who complain Allah, why did you put me in this situation? Why this calamity for me? Why did I lose my beloved one? Why did I lose my job? I pray, I make dua, I'm a good believer, why me? So this question to Allah is actually not sensible. You need to think good of Allah. And if you think good of Allah, the good will happen to you. That's what Allah says, I know it doesn't me. IDB I am as my servant thinks of me. So keep good thinking, positive thinking of Allah subhanho wa Taala have really, really high hopes in Allah subhanho wa Taala people who do not

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have a strong belief in Allah, they actually lose faith. As a result, they lose hope, as a result, they prevent themselves from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you see the loss, the loss is extremely high, the loss is extremely high, where they lose the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allahu Akbar, my beloved brothers and sisters, the need is to have good thinking about Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, and this should be real, it should be genuine, it should be authentic, so much so that whenever anything happens, say, and believe in your heart, that this perhaps must be good, for good thing insha Allah, you and I do not control these circumstances. It is all by Allah

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subhanho wa Taala He is the one who has the power over all things. So rely on Allah subhanho to sign up and think good for Allah subhanho wa Taala you and I cannot comprehend the whole picture. We might see certain dots here and there. But Allah is Allah Allah Who is the Knower of the unseen, he is the one who has the knowledge of everything. So he knows what you and I don't know. So my beloved brothers and sisters, we need to have very, very strong, you know, positive hopes in thinking of Allah subhanho wa Taala and when it comes to hope, you know, Subhan Allah, a lot of Valensa, he calls out to us in the Quran and says in the Quran, a lot of malaria he calls out and says, Yeah,

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everybody, all my slaves, all my worshipers, you know, this belongingness with which is shown by Allah, in compasses of the mercy of the compassion of the care of the value that he gives to you and me, he shows that belongingness Subhana Allah Yari body, a levina, a software Allah unfussy him, not talking to me Rahmatullah

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those who have transgressed themselves, the sinners are being addressed to those who transgress themselves. Because remember, when you and I do sin, it's we who will be harmed, Allah is not going to be affected at any point Subhan Allah, we, you and me, we all will be affected if we commit mistakes, sins or anything of evil nature, right? So we need to understand that a lot of research shows the hope, not duck not to mirror Matala do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala gave us the powerful tool of da to connect within. And this is something which is so positive in itself. Whenever you think that

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you're lost and you lost hopes from everyone, wherever you go to Allah bellezza and when you go to Allah, you rely on Allah, you're convinced that Allah robber is is extremely merciful, a lot of Riza is extremely kind a lot of reason is extremely powerful. You and I will anyways in car positive energy, right, because you will gain the strength from Allah subhanho wa Taala who is the source of all strengths. So a lot of Buddha Riza

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plays extremely important role in your in my life, my beloved brothers and sisters, if you and I want to gain positive thinking Islam starts with this notion of believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala and have high hopes in Allah subhanaw taala and this gets into action when you and I know Allah, when you and I know that Allah is our man. He is a Rahim he is a Latif, he is an Javier, he is the one who is a Latif, he is the one who is Al Jabbar, he is the one who is accorded He is the one who is another dude, he loves you, he has mercy for you. But you and I, perhaps in situations where we get panic, and we don't know what to do, we can't even face those situations. And we start

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complaining, not knowing full well that that thing, perhaps might be good for you, but you and I are unaware, and that is where Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah, that perhaps there might be a thing which you like it, but that's not good for you. And there might be a thing which is, which is good for you, which would you don't like it? So Allah knows you and I don't know. So rely on Allah have good hopes in Allah subhanaw taala in all condition, at all situation. And that's the number one powerful formula of positive thinking. That's number one, Islam, through Islam, we are blessed with Subhan Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, who also was extremely positive in

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his entire lifestyle, he was so positive, so nice to his enemies, that we are not even, you know, that level with our own beloved ones, with our own family members, the way he was positive with the enemy. We're not even positive with our own family members, Allahu Akbar. So the need is to learn the wisdom and the formula from the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who taught us how to live positively how to think positively. So for example, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, think God of your you know of Allah number one, definitely, that has not done and have has not done for your brother or your sister, or your family member, or anyone have good thinking at any

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person. Subhana Allah and keep this thinking as a default, thinking, think good. If you think good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good, when you do good, you will even even speak good insha Allah, Allah, He to Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the Rahmatullah Allah mean, he was the mercy for the entire creation. So each

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life, each facet of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam actually reflects the positivity throughout his life Subhan Allah, also through Islam, we are blessed with the Quran, which is the most positive book in the entire world, la Akuma how much you and I should be connected with it. When we know when we believe that this Quran is the most positive book in the world. Why? Because it is the kalaam of Allah subhanho wa Taala it provides the positivity to the max to the level that you and I can absolutely come out very well in performing positive thinking as well as live positive living in sha Allah. So Quran is extremely important in our lives, my beloved brothers and sisters

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and Islam as a whole. It's a total way of life, that that provides guidance. For our positive living, you see Subhanallah I call it as daily doses of positive thinking. I call it us daily doses of positive thinking. And this is something which we need to realize that the moment we get up the positive morning, Allahu Akbar, the positive mining, it starts with Alhamdulillah Hilda de Yana bioderma, a Montana y la in new shoot. It starts with that gratitude with it with with this Thanksgiving with this powerful, you know, energy Subhanallah it starts with this positive vibe. So it's a positive morning, and then we have a positive afternoon. We have a positive evening. We have

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a positive night. So the whole day should be surrounded with the positive words that you speak my beloved brothers and sisters. Let's take a moment

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on this point up

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What we utter cannot be taken back. be choosy. Be conscious of what you speak. Your One Word can actually destroy and harm your and my relationship forever. Subhan Allah, so be choosy, be selective. Be very clear with your words use positive words. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, speak God or remain silent. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, speak to the people in the best possible manner, Allahu Akbar, you need to, you know, have that positive words from your mouth, you need to have the positive feelings for others, feelings for others, you need to have positive thoughts about others, you need to have positive actions, whatever you do must be

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positive, not negative. It should be constructive, what you react how you react should also be positive, because when we encounter any situation, we have two choices to react in a positive rate or to react in a negative way. The choice is ours. The result for the positive is positive and hamdulillah. The result of negativism is always destructive. And it will take us away from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala My beloved brothers and sisters, the way we need to formulate our day, every single day should be it should be surrounded with the positive slogans Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar La hawla wala quwata illa Billah these are the positive slogans

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when you say Alhamdulillah you are praising Allah Subhana huhtala you're thanking Allah subhanaw taala when you say la ilaha illa Allah, you're declaring that you and I are weak. Allah is the one who is the powerful one. He takes you under his care when you select Hola, La quwata illa Billah you submit your weaknesses, you acknowledge that you are not capable of controlling things you need, I need the entire creation needs the help of Allah subhanaw taala and that will give you positive energy, my beloved brothers and sisters, you need to have these slogans across and around the days and these slogans, these positive positive slogans, it will program your mind to act two things to

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do to speak to feel to experience that which is positive inshallah, I would like to end by mentioning these and will basically take q&a inshallah some questions I'm sure you might be having, I would like to, you know, share with you five B's, B, E, five B's to be positive, right. And this could be a takeaway from the session insha Allah, number one, be a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And believe in yourself, Subhana Allah, when you are a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala as we already discussed, you will be on a very high position of optimism. And when you believe you're yourself, meaning that you have your self worth, you have your self esteem, you have your self

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respect, so you do not violate your integrity at the expense of others. And that doesn't mean that you humiliate others that that's not what we mean. We mean that self worth you are valuable and you feel that you're valuable. Well hamdulillah so believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and believe in yourself. That's number one, be grateful. So number one is be a believer in Allah subhanaw taala and believe yourself. Number two, be grateful. Lots of resources in Chicago, Kim zedan accom. If you are grateful, I will increase amazing, positive way of looking at things be appreciative for small or big things in life. Say thanks to people, when you have that you will release the positive energy.

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You think people who are who are arrogant people who are proud of their things and they they celebrate their their pride or rosabella. They actually don't thank people much. So you need to be grateful and you need to understand that you have to focus on the favors. You need to focus on the blessings. Allah subhanaw taala says when doing amateur ly not the hoo ha. If you and I were to count the blessings, we will never be able to count them. So the positive people be grateful. Number two, number three, be patient. Right. If you are not patient, you can never be positive

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Because positivity demands patience, as a prize for you and I to think to feel to say, to act and to react as well. So be patient insha Allah because Allah will be with you in Allah ma Sabine, right, be highly hopeful, meaning you need to have that high hopes in Allah subhanaw taala and also in the people, you know, have good thinking as we said, Be good. You know, expect good from people from hand Allah, not bad or not harm. And number five, be considerate. Be kind be forgiving me, you know, excuse people, those people who have rough heart, they can never, ever be positive in thinking leave aside living, leave aside living, they cannot be positive in thinking so Be positive, be

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considerate. Be kind, be humble, you know, be merciful. Allah subhanho wa Taala will have mercy on those who have mercy on others, Allah is kind to those who are kind to others, Allah helps those who help others Subhan Allah, so you be considerate, so be a believer, be grateful, be patient, be highly, you know hopeful and be considerate, when you have these bees inshallah, in your life, you will be positive insha Allah and you need to also avoid five things and five kinds of people if you want to be positive, because obviously, when we move on in our lives, we will definitely encounter those people or those you know, activities or those traits that are negative, what are they caution

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yourself, you need to have that alarm factor, when you see these qualities in you or in others just move away distance yourself inshallah and number one is avoid envy and jealousy. This will ruin your positivity. Remember this. Avoid envy and jealousy, this will rune violet, destroy your positivity. So avoid, avoid ego This again is is something which is so negative in nature because pride belongs to only Allah subhanho wa Taala not to the creation, right, we don't have anything to be proud of. So avoid ego number three, avoid being judgmental, we know we are too hasty in our, you know, in our decisions, we conclude things very quickly, anything that we see in our family, in our relation in

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our jobs in our thing, you know our interactions, we want to conclude immediately don't do that. avoid being judgmental, right don't conclude so quickly evaluate give time to time in sha Allah. So and avoid hatred and enmity, this again is a spoiler of positivity. So it is these are things which are which develops negativity and negative people. Also avoid three C's complaining, competition and comparison, competition, comparison and complaining, avoid these qualities and avoid these kind of people around you. If you and I want to be positive in our lives inshallah. In summary, my beloved brothers and sisters busy yourself with positive thinking with positive things in your life, so much

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so that, that your mind does not have any space for negativity or negative thoughts. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring peace and ease in everybody's life. We know that we are facing and we are going through a very disturbing times in different aspects of it. We ask a lot of galerija to ease our situations and to help us and to give us strength and stability in the firmness in believing in him. in all times at all situations in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to deal with each other in a kind, respectful and been loving benevolent manner so that we can uphold ties and relations inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to join our hearts together for the

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sake of Allah We ask Allah of will is to mend the relations of those people who are cut off because of this negativity that comes from shaitan We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to help

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you know develop us in a way that is pleasing to Him. Help us to live in

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in a way that is pleasing to Him, and help us to depart from this world which is pleasing to Him. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless each one of us and have mercy on us and help us to be in the highest levels of jhana witnessing the face of Allah subhanahu what's the island This is the highest, you know, positive vision insha Allah being in the company of the Rasul of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and living those beautiful moments forever insha Allah, Allah Anna, and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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souhan Allah so Allah Jazakallah Harun Shaikh for such a wonderful and enlightening session. So one Allah, the daily doses of positivity, I think inshallah, if you get connected to you on a regular basis, we will get vaccinated and then daily doses will know would be required anymore. inshallah. inshallah. Chef, we have few questions. So inshallah we'll start with the q&a session Bismillah Bismillah. Okay. The first question

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what to do, when you come to know that people are lying to you, and you're not brave enough to directly ask them about it.

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Right, in these situations, you need to understand Subhana Allah, we are living in a in a, in a period in a time where we, the whole world, every one of us are, you know, into a fear of whiteness. So you need to understand, I need to understand that there is a virus that is there, inside the people, the virus of negativity, which is spreading across the virus of lying, the virus of envy, the virus of hatred, the virus of ego, the virus of you, no jealousy, all these are existing viruses since time immemorial, we need to be worried about this as well, and then take measures to deal with it, the lying thing, you know, people who are who are lying in front of you, and you know that they

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are lying, what you need to do is you need to keep the relations with those kinds of people in a very subtle way, you know, kind of distance from those kinds of people don't totally cut off from those people, but try to keep them on a silent mode, as we say, you know, when you don't want disturbance in your, in your, you know, in your life through your mobile, what do you do, you don't keep it, you know, on a profile mode, or you don't keep it on even on a vibration mode, you keep it on a silent mode. So you keep those that those kinds of relations with silent, you don't switch off the phone, this the similar way, you don't switch off the relationship with those people, but you

00:42:46--> 00:43:36

keep it on a silent mode. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala he instructs us or you believe be with those who are sardine, who are truthful, who are the person who are the people who speak the truth, and they prevent and protect themselves from lying and Subhanallah lying is desperate or deliberate lying, is one of the 70 major sins is in the list of 70 major sins, so you can counsel as much as you can within your limits. But if you see that those boundaries that you can't actually, you know, across and and, and counsel those people then the best way to put them in a silent mode and move on in your life insha Allah

00:43:40--> 00:44:31

just follow her and shake. So that's where it is no configuration, but a silent mode Alhamdulillah shake the next question is, can negative thinking lead to low self esteem? And how does one deal with it? Right, the negativity it actually leads to low self esteem because what happens is when you are not positive about yourself, when you don't value yourself, when you do not have your own self worth, when you do not respect your integrity, when you do not have the you know momentum with yourself when you do not love yourself, how do you think that you will be loved by others Subhanallah so definitely this negativity it effects your total personality and self esteem is one

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

of the areas that it actually affects so Subhan Allah, that is the reason we say we are repeatedly you know, reminded by Allah and His messenger to be positive to avoid negativity, you know, even about yourself as I mentioned, be a believer in yourself, believe that you are a good person. Insha Allah. Yes, you and I are we mistake we we commit sins we do this and that

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

We also repent sincerely to Allah subhanaw taala so no one has the right to judge me or you, you know based on you know what they think so you cannot be defined by them you have to be defined by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that's where you actually try to raise up your own status not humiliating or insulting or looking down upon people, rather you you know, increase your level your status within yourself insha Allah and that's where a solution also lies that you need to respect yourself, you need to love yourself, you need to give birth to yourself inshallah, and that is the outcome of positivity. When you are a positive thinker. Obviously, you want to carry yourself in a

00:45:47--> 00:45:53

positive way inshallah and that's where you will give, you know, self esteem as well in sha Allah.

00:45:55--> 00:46:15

Just follow her and shape for that comprehensive answer. Brothers and sisters, please do post your questions here in the chat. This is your time to pose the questions. We take the next question, shake Can you please suggest some doula while trying to stay positive when going through tough times in life?

00:46:16--> 00:46:45

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught this and this is so powerful, it is so easy. Every one of us knows. But it needs to be uttered in a way which is absolutely sincere with utmost conviction with total submission, you just say la ilaha illa Allah. That's it. When you declare that there is no ILA

00:46:46--> 00:47:39

other than Allah subhanaw taala you declare in you confessed, that all power belongs to Allah. Mercy comes only from Allah forgiveness comes only from Allah majesty only for Allah pride only for Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you repeatedly say this will lie in my beloved brothers and sisters, you will experience the faith, the level of faith will increase, it empowers your energy and it gives you that positive energy to live up to a status where a lot of belleza will be pleased with you. So you can repeatedly say this La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha IL Allah, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah My beloved brothers and sisters, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, kulula ilaha

00:47:39--> 00:48:24

illa Allah tuifly who those who say la ilaha illa Allah, they are successful, they succeeded souhan Allah so when Allah can give Jenna to you and me based on this La ilaha illa Allah, what are these affairs? Allah in anyways take you out from these insha Allah so keep on saying La ilaha illa Allah and at the same time you can also increase this application now How are quwata illa Billah has to be Allahu nemid Joaquin in Allah Allah Cooley, Shane Padilla, you know these are the facts of a lot of bellezza which are very powerful, they are magnificent and very powerful. It has that that that power that magnitude it within it that it will take you out from any and every kind of situation

00:48:24--> 00:48:36

inshallah so these are the kicker which is so simple on our tongue and so powerful insha Allah, this will help you out and help us all out in sha Allah is Allah to Allah.

00:48:38--> 00:48:59

Just have a Lutheran shake inshallah, we all will surely memorize those occur and make sure that we repeatedly use them in our day to day lives, may request the brothers and sisters are posing the questions to please also mentioned the country from where you are. So that will also eases to further shape to answer the way

00:49:00--> 00:49:10

to put posters answer. Next question shake. What do I do for the staff who is so ill mannered, but not even willing to change?

00:49:12--> 00:49:59

Right, so change is either in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala or within those people within us, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, in Allah, Allah Yahweh Rama becoming hotter you are forcing him Allah does not change the condition of the people or the person unless they are he themselves change right. So the change has to begin within. And if you see after giving so many options, and naseeha guidance advises that that person is not, you know, getting changed. The change can actually happen with two ways and Subhanallah you

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

Islam has also prescribed this method, you know, Bashir on one of their own, right. So you have good ways, which means you, you advise you counsel, and if that doesn't settle things right, then you give warnings as well, disciplinary warnings, these warnings are also you know, helpful and in fact, these warnings are for the betterment of the environment and for that person as well. Because obviously, mannerism is something which is of high level in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, you know, the heaviest thing on the scales on the Day of Judgment is the good o'clock is the good character, and he said something so powerful, he

00:50:49--> 00:51:40

said the nearest to me and the nearest to me, he said, the nearest meaning will be near to Him, and the dearest meaning the beloved one to me, will be the person on the Day of Judgment, who has good character, so, mannerism is something which is so supreme SubhanAllah. So, when you tried all ways, you know, advises, you know, start giving warnings as well. Even if after you know, after warnings, that person is not getting settled, then as an employer, you have the right to you know, terminate someone because you don't want to obviously, you know, spoil the entire office or the environment of the office because of that one person Subhan Allah, so you need to take them out. And you know, keep

00:51:40--> 00:51:44

the the environment healthy, and and with full of mannerism, insha. Allah.

00:51:47--> 00:51:52

Joseph, allow her and share her share her next question

00:51:53--> 00:52:47

a sister from India, due to my negative thoughts, I'm not developing much interest in any activity, how am I supposed to deal with it? Right, you need to understand this formula, learn to unlearn you know, our mind as I said have 1000s of thoughts and perhaps 1000s of probably millions of thoughts have already stored in our subconscious mind, you need to clean your mind, I need to clean my mind in order to film something as I said, Our mind is an engine is a container, whatever you feed in, it will will will will reflect in the similar fashion. So you and I have to sometimes and you know learn to unlearn meaning you need to remove is accurate, those negative thoughts, those negative,

00:52:47--> 00:53:30

you know, pointers, and one of the key things you know why people cannot come out of negativity is because they want to live in the past. This is something which will lie the soul disturbing to positive thinking they want to live in the past. They don't want to live today. They don't want to live for the future. They live for the past, they live in the past. So they keep things repeating. Again and again. You know, you have done this to me you have done that to me five years back 10 years back two years back one day back. So this is a wireless will light this is a why is that is actually capturing your mind and this is Satan's work. Totally, no doubt about it. This is Satan's

00:53:30--> 00:54:23

work. Don't be a victim. First and foremost. Ask a lot of his help. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah. So number two, number 43 was the ino with Sabri was Salah, seek the help and support from Allah through patience and prayer. These are the two tools given by Allah Almighty as a prescription as a recipe to deal with any wires to deal with any problem to deal with any situation. Southern Arizona Southern and solar and southern demands you throw out all that is stored negatively, that is affecting you, you know, in your life and it is not a click of a game. No, it doesn't happen just for you know of a second No, no, no, it cannot. It's unnatural. To for me to say

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

this and for you to do this. It's a process. So you pour in time and again again and again. Good thoughts Good thinking positive, you know, thinking surround yourself with positive people, constructive people who don't look down upon people who encourage and motivate, look out those people who are the source of upliftment and not the source of downfall. So when you pour in a lot of, you know, positive thoughts in your mind those negative thoughts which are stored, they will be overpowered by the

00:55:00--> 00:55:51

Positive thoughts insha Allah and insha Allah, sooner or later you will feel better, you will feel accomplished, you will have the sense of achievement because you took that one step of seeking the help of Allah and you took the second step of acting on the way of Allah and you took the third step that is cleansing, purifying your mind, you know when you are in a submissive state, and that's what Allah wants. Muslim means, the one who submits to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one who submits to Allah is a pure person, his thoughts up your his intentions are pure, His heart is pure, his life is pure, his speech is pure, his actions are pure and his total life is based on purity. Subhana Allah

00:55:51--> 00:56:17

and Allah loves purity. So you need to learn to unlearn meaning you will remove those negative thoughts and as I said, the strategy is use slowly but surely pour in positive thoughts positive you know, surround yourself with positive people. inshallah, I am sure and certain and believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the best source of help inshallah.

00:56:20--> 00:56:27

Joseph Aloha, and that was summed up in a beautiful I was dinuba somebody was Salah, just

00:56:28--> 00:56:30

the next question shapers. It's

00:56:31--> 00:56:44

with the current pandemic situation, how to deal with today's virus crisis, should we stay fearless and be careful at the same time in terms of keeping precautions. So how to keep positivity in this entire negative

00:56:45--> 00:57:34

panela you see, we all are in a state of fear and, and Subhanallah they should not be the reality they should not be the actual state that we should be. We should fear only Allah subhanaw taala and, and as we explained in our previous sessions, fearing Allah takes you closer to Allah, not distance, you're away from Allah. It takes you closer to Allah. That's the beauty of the fear of Allah. We should not feel anything and anyone in the world except Allah azza wa jal. Now, when it comes to Corona virus covid 19 definitely it has disturbed the lives of millions of people, it actually took up the lives of many beloved ones, may Allah subhanaw taala give them patience, and May Allah

00:57:34--> 00:58:27

subhanaw taala give all of us protection. As we know in Islam, we learned that every cure has a hazard cure, every disease has a cure. So we know the cure lies in the hands of Allah and obviously it will be discovered by the people. So until when when we find clarity in terms of having proper medication, which can combat insha Allah by the will of Allah or Buddha is this wireless? Definitely we need to take protection. At the same time. We don't have to believe in the interest in the precaution. We don't have to trust in our mask. We don't have to have trust in our gloves or in our you know, face shield. We have to trust Allah subhana wa Taala Why do we do this because it's a part

00:58:27--> 00:59:25

of a preparation because sometimes even after putting all protection even after wearing absolute protection for a person might, you know, get into this virus Subhan Allah might be affected with the with the Coronavirus, so we don't rely on the ASVAB we rely on a lot of Vanessa who provided that as Bob. So we need to be you know a bit we need to be positive that insha Allah as a lot of malaria, he says fine, number three, you throw at alongside with every hardship is what is the difficulties will not last forever. The bounties will not last forever. The only one who will last forever is Allah subhanho wa Taala rely on him. Live your life in a way that is that is you know with protection with

00:59:25--> 01:00:00

proper care. And at the same time, don't feel so much that your fear the fear of Corona at the at the expense of the fear of Allah, not only Allah, so you should always keep the balance in life and that will help us in sha Allah and as I said, we have to be also worried about the viruses of envy, ego, enmity, hatred, jealousy, you know, pride and all those are viruses which are existing in our lives and which we do not take measures of Subhan Allah and the wider society.

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

Should the widest have bigger, the widest of galana the widest of all these, you know things which will eventually land up in helpfile SubhanAllah. So we need to think in that way and have that broader as I said at the beginning of this webinar, our positive thinking does not limit here, we have a bigger goal and we have a bigger thoughts, we have a bigger, you know, vision in sha Allah and that is genital for those of Allah that is the way we need to think inshallah, one day or the other we will overcome this, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to ease all situations.

01:00:39--> 01:00:41

JazakAllah Harun chefs,

01:00:42--> 01:00:51

indeed, may Allah subhanaw taala safeguard all of us from this virus and maybe take the right as well. The next question here is

01:00:53--> 01:01:39

how to prevent ourselves from being a victim of the evil eye, which is a huge factor that brings negativity, self esteem and depression. Absolutely. You know, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us Deen as I said, and with these Deen Allah subhanaw taala did not just show us what to do. But he also through the life of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam demonstrated practically how to do so as scheffel Islam, even taymiyah He says, if you want to understand Islam, understand by two questions, Muntarbhorn work a full time with whom you should worship that is Allah and how you should worship that is through Rasul Allah salallahu alayhi salam meaning his way, right. So now, what we need to

01:01:39--> 01:02:33

realize and do is we need to be very, very clear in what we want to do in our lives and this is something which has to be done in a in a positive way. And and we should always, you know, take precautions when it comes to, you know, even I, we, the first precaution is obviously, the asker of the morning and the evening. Many of us take it for granted, we don't do so. And after getting into a problem then we realize and then we've tried to find the solution, we should we are living actually a very react reactionary life, we the bulk of humor and living a very reactive life, we need to live proactive life proactive life is what is prescribed in Islam, what is proactive, you

01:02:33--> 01:03:17

know, prescription, you have to number one, be in the care of Allah subhanaw taala through what through the asker of the morning and the evening. And there are certain drugs that you can actually you know, perform which are prescribed in the Quran, and the Sunnah, some of the prominent ones being suitable Fatiha, the, the last two sutras pulled out there have been bill Philip and a nurse, these are the sutras ayatul kursi, is a powerful way of protecting yourself, and few others do ours which are prescribed by the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, so through duar, you seek protection, number one, from Allah subhanaw taala number two do not exhibit your things and your loved ones.

01:03:18--> 01:03:39

publicly, you know, we are living in a social media, where every now and then we want to show what we have, we don't know that there might be someone who, who will definitely you know, look at an evil eye, and that will, you know, collapse you Subhanallah So, we need to be very conscious, we need to be very calculative

01:03:40--> 01:04:31

with whom we want to, you know, exhibit our beloved ones, and think so, try to, you know, keep your things your life as private as possible. You know, unless it is there is a need to do so. So by doing these two things, insha Allah, you will be protected and but one thing which I would like to also remind is, even after sometimes making drawers and you know, doing all sorts of things we might get into a situation of evil, I understand that this could be a test from Allah subhanaw taala, a test for yourself, a test for your family, a test for your beloved once So, obviously, we have to take our measures as prescribed by a lot of visa. And when we get into certain trials and tests, we

01:04:31--> 01:04:55

need to be patient as Professor Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said strange is the matter. Amazing is the matter of a believer, when he gets a blessing, he is grateful. And when he is into tough times, he is patient and both the things is good for him. May Allah Allah is help us all help our family help our children from being, you know, a victim of these evil eyes. Insha Allah

01:04:58--> 01:04:59

Joseph, allow her and share

01:05:00--> 01:05:11

For that comprehensive answer, may inshallah mela protect all of us from the evil light. Next question shape is from a sister of she's from Kuwait.

01:05:12--> 01:06:03

The question is what to do if one's husband is the greatest criticized of the wife, the life field still negative due to this? Right now definitely, you know as we say that you are defined or you can be defined by the people whom you live with Subhan Allah, and these are the relations which are so center sensitive in nature that you can't even you know, separate yourself, you are in a very tough situation. So at the outset, I asked Allah subhanaw taala. To ease your matter, primarily the assister what you need to do is as the as the Quran gives us the formula is the ability he doesn't repel the bad or the evil with that, which is good, and a lot of laser gives a very, very powerful,

01:06:03--> 01:06:23

you know, outcome of this, he azzawajal a lot of malaria, he says, You when the enemy the enemy, you will find that he will be turned into what into your close friend, love. So when you try to do good,

01:06:24--> 01:06:51

as opposed to evil, or when you face evil, or when you face critical criticism, when you do good towards that bad, a lot of visa he promises that he will turn a person from an enemy to your close friend. So this is one so you repel the bad with that, which is good. That's number one. Number two, you need to understand why is he doing so?

01:06:52--> 01:06:57

Is he a victim of circumstances Is he a person who is

01:06:59--> 01:07:43

surrounded by such kind of people who are negative, who are critics in nature, that because there are certain people who wants to just criticize, you know, with absolute clarity, clean thing, they will try to find faults, and this is a sign of negativity, you know, for example, if I take a glass of water, which is half half glass of water, the negative person will respond me What if I asked him how much amount of glass of water is there, he will say the half glass is empty, but the positive person will say, half glass of water is full. So it's about perspective, right? As I said, You are what you think you are. So that kind of a person might be a victim of circumstances, maybe

01:07:43--> 01:08:28

surrounded by negative people, maybe surrounded by those people who are critics, maybe surrounded by evil people perhaps we don't know Allah Allah knows best. So try to find an investigate what is the cause of this negativism this critics? Why is it so is it something you know Subhan Allah, sometimes it comes from the family itself, you know, because of the upbringing of such kind of people, they exhibit the same character, you know, after marriage as well. And the most important the third tip, which I would like to give is the most important is make to offer your husband make dua for your husband. And the most powerful time to make dua is the last part of the night when Allah azza wa jal

01:08:28--> 01:09:18

comes to the lowest part of the heaven, and calls out Is there anyone to seek help, I will help does anyone wants anything I will give. So make dad was a very powerful way it is a clear demonstration of a person who is weak, would submit to the one with the most powerful one, so you can make dua the hearts of the people are in the hands of law are in the fingers of Allah, he can change them any moment. So number one, number one, repel the bad with that which is good. Number two, find out and take certain measures so that he doesn't surround with such kind of people and three, make to our insha Allah, Allah will help you as well as others who are in a similar situation.

01:09:21--> 01:09:51

I mean, I mean, he or she, may Allah ease the affair, I mean, shake this question. Is it a good approach prescribed in Islam to stay with Sabra and sugar all through life consistently, despite the situation we face? We're absolutely because this is a this is a formula which was pre practiced and preached. This was the lifestyle which was practiced and preached. And as we see success stories of those

01:09:53--> 01:09:59

in every field, in all fields put together the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

Christians appointed, assigned by Allah as an exemplary example, for all of us throughout our lives until eternity, he practiced that. And he found results. He preached that and people found results. So throughout our lives, definitely, this is a strategy that we need to have. And this is a way forward. You know, if you don't, you know, have patience, what are you going to do, you will get into depression, you will get, lose or lose hope you will get distressed you will be a victim of, you know, anxiety, you will lose faith, you will lose relations, you will lose everything, if you don't have sober minded, so, this is a practical, you know, quality that you and I have to obtain if

01:10:45--> 01:11:09

you want to live a positive life. Similarly, sugar, sugar increases in everything, as I said, like in Chicago to La zedan accom. If you and I are grateful, Allah says Allah promises, he will increase so Subhana Allah, we have to be you know, we're surrounded with with these two qualities all through our lives in order to be positive inshallah, in our lives.

01:11:12--> 01:11:21

Joseph Allah, Harun Shaikh, may Allah grant a suburban Chicago to all of us army shaped the next question is from a brother Tamilnadu in India,

01:11:23--> 01:11:30

tell me the issues involved two person who is threatening his family that is gonna die What to do, I presume it is the case of

01:11:32--> 01:11:43

suicide or something like us is threatening that he will he will suicide, I think so. Tell me the issues involved to person who is threatening his family that he is going

01:11:45--> 01:12:34

Seidel, you know, thoughts, it comes from shaitan, that person needs to be immediately consulted to an expert, perhaps a counselor who can help him find out why these thoughts are coming into his mind, he needs to immediately meet a person who has the knowledge of the dean, and also a little bit of the dynamics of how psychology works. So if he is consulted, you know, inshallah, he'll be able to diagnose, he'll be able to find out what problems are going through, you know, suicide, committing suicide, Suhana lights, one of the major sins as well and Subhan Allah, this is done by those people who are hopeless, those people who are depressed those people who live in anxiety and

01:12:34--> 01:13:21

who wants to remain in anxiety. And as I said, it has nothing to do with the material, you know, thing, a person who might have riches who might have everything possible, still, he wants to commit suicide, and we see a you know, in our, in the world today, where people commit suicide, although they have so many things in their lives. So, this person has to be consulted to the expert. And as an immediate, you know, step and two, it means he needs to be given positive outlook by the family members, because the family is living day in and day out with that person. So that person should not be left alone, inside the home because of these threats. Maybe out of his mind, he might commit that

01:13:21--> 01:13:57

which is not at all desirable in Islam. So you don't leave him alone. Immediately consult him to an expert, who understands the dynamism of how to deal with such issues. And obviously, you can create, perhaps it could be, you know, a spiritual issue, which can be, you know, catered and which can be resolved through to us in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help him and protect him and to bring him out of this, you know, miserable position or situation insha Allah.

01:13:59--> 01:14:02

Armenia Malala mean, May,

01:14:03--> 01:14:49

May Allah guide him shaped generally when we talk in terms of positivity? How does one deal with people who always respond negatively, to whatever positive ways you want to deal with them. So like it, always negativity comes back to you. So how to deal in these kinds of situations, right, you need to differentiate I mean, it's very relative actually speaking, you know, perhaps, maybe if the person who is reacting and responding in this way is someone who is very close to you, meaning you're your own parents or your own spouse, or your own children, or where you can't avoid to be separated with them. You need to deal with these kinds of people differently than those people whom

01:14:49--> 01:14:59

you meet once and you know, a while where it's easy for you to you know, just keep the relation as I said, on silent mode and let them live their lives and you will you will

01:15:00--> 01:15:45

Have your own life. So when it comes to your immediate family members who react in this way, you need to make sure that, you know, you deal with it very sensible and in a very respectful manner, because a lot of times what happens is, you know, when we deal with a problem, we hit the person, you know, that should not be the way we hit the person. And as a result, we lose that person. So the ideal way is you need to hit the problem, not to the person. So when you hit the problem, you're talking about the quality that is disturbing in that person. And that quality can be changed in sha Allah, that person can improve, that person can remove that quality or at least he can not behave in

01:15:45--> 01:16:40

this in that way, with you or with you with the closed ones in sha Allah. So, it is very relative to deal with, you know, the family members and the outside people, the approach will always be the same, where you fundamentally make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, and deal in a respectful manner, especially when it comes to elders. And and, you know, we have to be really mindful and don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho Donna while dealing with certain situations, you know, we all are there to perform in this test test might differ, but test is there for sure. So, take it as a test and you know, gain taqwa of Allah is that will help you to come out of any problem and issue in

01:16:40--> 01:17:27

life and, and keep on you know, monitoring those people because sometimes they might be negatively by a situation or a circumstance, when you deal that situation, that circumstance, perhaps there is a bad feeling about you, perhaps there is a negative or wrong image that is registered in their minds because of which this reaction is coming. So try to you know, find out in a deeper way, dig more details and see what's going on inside and you know, counseling is some of one of the powerful mediums talk to people communicate with people, this is a very powerful way of you know, establishing the ground or the foundations for positive thinking insha Allah and Allah knows best.

01:17:28--> 01:17:33

Just allow her in shaker shaker there is a last question which will take now

01:17:35--> 01:18:24

the question is from Kuwait, how to keep positivity during the time when your close relatives get affected with this pandemic has this keeps you disturbed? Right, as I said, the formula remains the same, whether it is your close relative or you yourself, you need to be patient, you need to be a person who prays a lot of brianza to protect people or if they are already infected, then they need to be cured, ask for the Cure from Allah subhanaw taala keep praying to Allah, Allah is there to help and cure those people. And the most important thing is the positive people, they do have problems a positive people, they do have challenges, the positive people may get into or will get

01:18:24--> 01:19:09

into trials and tests, the need is the positive people will take out the positive from that negative how one of the key formula that we learn from the Quran. And the sooner as a whole from Islam is that we have to think that maybe that person might get something more worsen than this pandemic, you know, that would be very, very difficult or very, more, you know, a bad situation, you know, perhaps this pandemic, he will come out of it or she will come out of it insha Allah by the will in the mercy of Allah, but who knows, if he would have been affected by something which is so Chronicle, so, you know,

01:19:10--> 01:19:57

deep down, which can actually risk the entire life for sure, then what was the situation so, you you think that it may be just the lesser loss, when it compares to a bigger loss that might have happened, but Alhamdulillah that didn't happen, only this happened, and inshallah what had happened also will be removed by Allah subhanaw taala. So this is how you actually trigger your positive mindset, you take the positive from the negative a person is in the pandemic, you think that this is maybe lesser, maybe something more worst might have happened to him, if this was not happened. So Alhamdulillah Allah gave him you know, this, you know, disease, and inshallah he will come out of

01:19:57--> 01:20:00

it. And that's how you actually need to move

01:20:00--> 01:20:17

On so as I said, Be a person a positive person is the one who moves on in his life. He doesn't stop he doesn't restrict he doesn't you know lose hope he moves on and he finds alternatives and he keeps on relying on nos

01:20:22--> 01:20:28

just follow her and she'll shake just one question has come in if you have time we can we take that one last question here.

01:20:30--> 01:20:30


01:20:32--> 01:20:47

The cousin's child inflicted by gin. How could he brought to positive track of good Aflac and cure from evil? Towards a to learn how to wrestle because literally trapped from all sides, they resigned in India.

01:20:50--> 01:21:39

cousin's child infected by Jin, how could he be brought? So as we said, you know, there is a Rukia Sharia, the Rukia, the cure in sha Allah from the Sharia from the Quran as a lot of belleza he says, one who knows the luminol qurani ma Hua Shiva, Maha Shiva, meaning the cure for the believer is there for any any disease, any problem, the Quran is a cure for every one of us. So if a person is affected by the jinn, he's possessed by the jinn afflicted by this pain, this trial, this test, he has to be, you know, cured through the Koran, and according to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, you can't expect a person who is already infected, to perform something

01:21:39--> 01:22:28

which is desirable in Islam, you need to first as we say, you know, if you have a glass, which is dirty, you can't pour in pure water in it, First, you need to remove the dirt from that class, and then pour the water. So similarly, you need to deal with this problem first, and then preach to people so that inshallah you will find results in a practical way. So, deal with the first problem, which is the problem that he is inflicted in dealing with the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, don't lose hope. Make sure that you find the right way, the right methodology of curing this by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala by those people who are Motoki,

01:22:28--> 01:23:15

who are conscious of Allah, who are an expert in this field, and who are specialized in dealing with these kind of problems. And then insha Allah, you can, you know, preach and you can advise, you can give him the see her for the good o'clock in sha Allah. Again, we all are tested in different ways, Subhan Allah, the way you are tested, are not tested, the way I'm tested, I'm being tested, you are not tested. So we all are tested, for sure. So again, as we said, This life is a part of tests, all these things are a part of and parcel of life, we need to be, be hopeful, insha Allah, and this is just not words, mind you, my beloved brothers, and my beloved sisters. These are not words, these

01:23:15--> 01:24:05

are, you know, the language of insight, which comes from the faith based values that results in springs from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam so when we say be hopeful, it's just not a word, there is a lot of action that needs and demands from you and meet for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, of course, things are not easy, life is difficult, it has full of challenges, we need to deal it, deal with it, you know, in a very strong way and back it up with the support of Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah you will be able to overcome with this or any such, you know, problems or situations in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala once again, to ease

01:24:05--> 01:24:22

the situation's of everyone and to grant peace in our lives and give us the highest level of Jannah insha Allah that is the ultimate triumph. That is the ultimate position that we want to be in sha Allah be vanilla he to Allah.

01:24:24--> 01:24:31

Just follow her and share for such a wonderful and enlightening session. This was a great a wonderful topic,

01:24:32--> 01:25:00

how to keep positive and I'm sure all of us have taken notes of the five B's the three C's and how to get a daily dose of positivity. Alhamdulillah chef, once again I need to I need to remind all of us that how we need to be positive was the Ainu be Sabrina Salah. These are wonderful formulas which you have shared with us today. That how to remain positive in our lives and maybe we all will have differential

01:25:00--> 01:25:18

But how shall we deal with our challenges? It's that's important. And I'm sure all of us have learned immensely from you, you have always benefited us. May Allah preserve you for the benefit of Mr. Chef. I mean, I mean, and I'm falling short of prayers for you, Chef.

01:25:19--> 01:25:32

I'm sure all of us will surely keep you in our prayers so that we we keep receiving this enlightening sessions from you, which will benefit us inshallah, in this world and a year after amin, amin uribl aalameen.

01:25:34--> 01:25:46

Again, I would also like to thank the audience for being such a wonderful audience. May Allah always keep the spirit of learning and seeking knowledge alive in all of us. May Allah increases in knowledge Armenia aalameen

01:25:47--> 01:26:05

do keep following updates on the WhatsApp and inshallah we will all see you next week with another interesting topic with our beloved chef Sheikh Mohammed. And I leave you in the care of Allah subhanho wa Taala Jessa como la Heron barakallahu fique Armenia

01:26:07--> 01:26:10

a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.