D19 Duaa for seeking forgivness and pardoning

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah and he was so happy here one Oh Allah

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the data that we have tonight is a it's a beautiful da it seeks pardon and forgiveness from Allah and Allah and protection as well from our last panel attalla especially in matters related to things which are very close to you and this goes a long line yes Luca LA for well afia cydonia will allow mine yes a local after well if he if he Dini or dunia one man you Annie, aloha Mr. Our it roll it aloha my father Neiman beanie, the young and healthy wine Yemeni wine shimoni were all over Matic and over Thailand into it. So this this which is roughly translated as follows our law I seek your forgiveness and your protection in my in this life and in the next life in the lunia and the airflow

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Oh ally seek your forgiveness and your protection in my Deen in my dunya in my life my living in my family and my wealth

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Oh Allah conceal my secrets and not just my secrets all those areas which are any which which potentially are where I could be

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unexposed conceal them and guard me and preserve me from my anguish or law guard me from what is in front of me what is behind me what is on my right what is on my left and I seek refuge in your greatest from being struck down from beneath me This drama is it's quite an encompassing drama. It's obviously a dryer the processor and tortoise as well as a dryer that was encouraged to be mentioned in the morning and in the evening. To help a person protect himself and herself from a lots of things and Apple is an apple actually has two meanings one is the pardoning and that's why we say one of the dye that we try to look out for in the laser cutter lamonica foo and carry him to

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Herbalife are funny. Apple can mean pardoning but also the other meaning of Apple is the increase the increase and that's why in the Quran, Allah says, Ilona camellia you if you're Cancale law firm, they asked you what should they spend, say a law firm meaning that which is more than what you have, and your excess gift from what you had last month, that is giving you your excess, keep what you need for yourself. But if you have excess, give it and that's where the word alpha is. So I'm asking a lot asking you for your forgiveness, but also asking you for for your virtue and your alpha alpha is protection, but also it means to be saved you know, say when someone says more alpha means that

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you are also free from any defects and illnesses any things that will you know in any way

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lower your lower airway, your abilities or your standards etc. So we're asking for a lot fo and afia excess virtue pardoning forgiveness protection in the dunya in the in the dean my bad dad and etc and my worldly affairs in my family and my wealth so all aspects give me you know, pardon me Forgive me from falling into any era of iPhone, the Arab also give me access and virtue and also protect me and give me comfort and etc. Then you'll see Carlos pant out to help you not know no one has no one of us doesn't have any flaws. And no one of us doesn't have any anything that is embarrassing, you know, things that we don't really want others to see. These are the our rights, you know, we're not

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talking about our meaning just the private pasta outright means those areas of our lives, which we would prefer to remain secret or at least private. So asking a lot to conceal those private things, so that nobody can, you know, see them, we can also ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to,

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to help us and to practice from anything that causes anguish, fears, anxiety, and also asking Allah Subhana Allah to help us and to protect us from all aspects from all directions, protect us, from the front, from the back from the light from the left, and this is a special reference to the shape on as well because the shape I remember he said he was going to attack from the front from the back from the right from the left. And here it doesn't mean directions doesn't mean Oh, yeah, there's, you know, potential attack from it. But it means that there are things that will happen. They're almost like metaphors. So and time does not allow us to talk about these metaphors, but basically

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all these different aspects of

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metaphors we ask you to help us and especially from underneath where we lie less likely to, to be aware of that we don't get struck for the sorts of beautiful dark, very important that we try and learn that inshallah we can use it on a daily basis as well. Let us end with a group in Charlotte island.