Zakir Naik – The Truth about the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history of Jewish nationalism during World War II, including the famous attack on King David Hotel and the assassination of 49 Arabs by the British. The segment also touches on the Israeli leadership and the arrival of Jewish nationalism in the United States. The segment concludes with a discussion of the Israeli Israeli conflict and the return of Jewish nationalism to Europe.
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After World War Two from 1941 to 1948. In a span of eight years 259 terrorist attacks were conducted by Jewish terrorists.

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But many organizations ignored stern gang, Haganah. And we know of the famous bombing of King David Hotel, which took place on the 22nd of July 1946. They were conducted by a goon under the leadership of mannequin beggin, in which 91 innocent people were killed, out of which 28 for British 41 Arabs sound the Jews and five others, the ignorant group, they dressed up as Arabs, to show as though Muslim that the bombing

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and the person responsible was when it can begin. And it was the biggest terrorist attack against the history of British mandate in which 91 people were killed.

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And at that time, menokin Begin he was called as terrorists number one by the British government. Later on, after a few years, he becomes the prime minister of Israel. And later on after a few years, he gets a Nobel Prize for Peace. Imagine a person who has killed

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a person who has killed hundreds and 1000s of innocent human beings becomes the prime minister of Israel, and later on gets a Nobel Prize for Peace. And most of the groups that are fighting like stern gang, ignorant, tagging all of these Jewish groups, and the leaders like the artifacts ribbon, mannequin begin area Sharon later on became Prime Ministers and high holding ranks in the State of Israel. And all of them they were fighting for Jewish state. If you see the world map before 1945, Israel did not exist.

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Israel didn't exist. These Jewish group they were called as terrorists by the Britishers. They fought for a Jewish state later on with power, they grab the land and they keep the Palestinians out. And now the same people are calling the same Palestinians while fighting for a more just cause for getting the land back and they are label today as terrorists by the Israelis.

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Imagine Hitler in three to 6 million Jews.

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He keeps the Jewish community out. Why should they come to Palestine? The Palestinians they welcome the cousin with open hands.

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If they should take a land they should go back to Germany they should go back to Europe.

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Imagine the Palestinian welcome the cousins imagine suppose the visitor comes to your house. Being a stranger you welcome in the house. After a few days he kicks you out of the house and when you cry at the door step upon my house back people call you a terrorist.

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This is exactly what happened today. The Palestinians they accomplished here is the only one the land back

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and for call people, most of these powerful first world countries. They are agreeing with this and just cos

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