Yasir Qadhi – To Protest Or Not to Protest An Islamic Analysis

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers at the White House discuss the upcoming event where thousands of people will march in support of Trump administration policies. They emphasize the need for evidence and evidence to support protests against the Trump administration, and the importance of proving that Islam is understood and not just a means to gain political support. The speakers stress the need for groups to show support for the movement and avoid groups that do not fit their values. They also discuss the acceptance of cooperation between different groups and express sympathy for those affected by the protests. The conversation touches on the potential consequences of the Trump administration's actions and the need for people to speak up against it.
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This weekend on Saturday, there will be inshallah Huhtala even data other the largest March ever, for our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Washington DC in front of the White House. multiple groups and organizations have

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endorsed this project and we're going to be having, we hope Insha Allah, hundreds of 1000s of people marching in protest of our government's policies in support of lifting the genocide, lifting the sanctions, lifting all of these negatives and calling for a ceasefire and more than this, And Alhamdulillah many of us will be participating and speaking. And for those of you who are able to go, I do encourage every single American Muslim American citizen even regardless of your faith, this is our country, this is our tax dollars. We need to sacrifice if it requires plane tickets, you're able to do this if it requires flying the same day, the marches from 12 to four, you can fly in the

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same day and fly back the same night, no problem, but we need to show and if you sacrifice, inshallah hooter, Allah, this is an act of worship. It is an act of worship, to protest to demonstrate that this is not happening with our approval, we are against what is happening here. And that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. The support has been overwhelming. We have a number of famous people, VIPs, celebrities, politicians, show you all of them will be coming and be speaking in this in this protest. Now, today's hot data is linked directly to this protest because I need to bring up the awkward reality always this happens. And Insha Allah we hope by dialogue, we educate people, the

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awkward reality of the pushback from within our own community of the sentiment from within our own ranks, that this should not be happening.

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As soon as the announcement went forth, and I knew this would happen immediately move these and what not certain amongst them protesting is haram

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you're not allowed to go and do this. It is against the Sunnah.

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There is no precedent in the Shetty and they quote Imams and move these around the world. By the way, no mainstream item in North America believes this and even globally Alhamdulillah most Allama understand, but as usual with utmost love and respect, there are those that have different viewpoints. So it is important that we address these issues directly in a hopefully respectful manner. It is not my goal to be demeaning I respect the position. So I'm going to mention four of their main points that why they think this is haram and respond to them academically respond to them with evidence and delete. That's what we how we dialogue, simply saying haram and anybody who

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disagrees is moved out there. It doesn't do much let's talk and go back and forth in a calm manner. The first point that they say is the deepest point and the most they think the most you know, powerful point. They say protests are not allowed because they are not sanctioned by the Quran and Sunnah. They say quote me in evidence that shows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada allows us to protest that shows the prophets of Saddam said go and gather in the streets and hold signs and rallies. You understand this evidence. There's nothing to support protests. So in response to this summer Allama have tried to derive from the Quran and Sunnah evidence for protests, and they have their things. So

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for example, I'll give you one of the examples. When I'm going to talk about the law 100 converted for the first time, the Sahaba from doubt will have come, they were publicly able to proclaim their Islam, and they according to one report, marched, obviously the Arabic doesn't say March but I'm saying from download or come to the Kaaba, and they prayed publicly for the first time, because Ramadan hottub his conversion was so powerful that it gave them a voice and impetus and so they came from Donald or calm in a whole group. And they proceeded and they prayed for the first time publicly. One of them commented, look, this is an evidence of protests, their responses. This is not

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actually protesting, per se, they're actually finding Erza. But the response to the issue of what is the evidence is actually the premise is wrong. Listen to this carefully. I don't need to prove that protests have Quran and Sunnah evidence, you need to prove that protests are held on.

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You see, this goes back to a fundamental point, which I need you to pay attention to

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the defaults in how we convey the mess

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sij the default in the mechanism of spreading Islam. The default in arguing with non Muslims in explaining the teachings of Islam is you utilize the means that are the most effective. You don't need to find precedents. I don't need to prove to you that it's halal. You need to prove to me that it is haram. So the whole question there's no evidence to say that this is allowed is mistaken. Because I don't need to prove to you that this is halal. You need to somehow prove that this is haram because Allah subhanho wa Taala lays out generic guidelines. The most explicit verse in the Quran is in the end of Surah Nahan or drew Isla Serbia Rebecca call to the way of Allah notice Allah

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says three things number one, Bill Hey committee with wisdom number two, while more Ableton has sanity and advice that is her center, hikma wisdom more wherever is moving speech that is has center more evolved is rhetoric that brings about an impact and is useful material that has center then stage three wotja deal home and argue with them. bility here ACEN in ways that is the most effective. Now, deconstruct this bit by bit this verse, Allah did not specify actual techniques, Allah specified adjectives call to the way of your Lord, what is number one with what with hikma wisdom? Now, wisdom changes from culture to time to place more or equal to the center using speech

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that is effective, that is powerful. How one talks, the words one uses the examples that one gives? Are these not something that varies from time to place to culture? I'm speaking to you in English. Why don't these people say you cannot preach Islam in English because the process is never preached in English. They don't say this. Why don't they say this because they understand that the mechanism of effective means the way of bringing about change. I don't need to prove to you that the process of did it because Allah gave us an open license. Call to the way of your LORD with Wisdom. Everything that is wise, do it. Allah did not restrict us call to live your Lord exactly like this

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no bill hikma more either till Hassan with more ever with rhetoric that is good rhetoric and speech. If, if I were to give you the hilltop of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even most of the Arabs in the audience would not fully understand the words are different. Their rhetoric is different. The style is different modern Arabic hood bas are different than holebas 1400 years ago because language changes rhetoric changes will sloop changes so when we understand that Allah did not restrict the exact methodology, it is a mistake to say Oh, protests are not from the Sunnah they are haram What are you going to say next? We cannot record and put it on YouTube. Why the why is

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that YouTube haram? The very mechanism where their machines are saying it is how long it is recorded on video is video how long cuz that's how long What are you? By the way, some people just say this, you probably know this right? Back in the 70s. The petrol was given in the 60s, the microphone is haram you know this back then all of these were given. So with utmost respect, I'm not trying to mock but Allah Who are our youth are confused. I need to be blunt here. This is the same mentality of not accepting reality of change. There's nothing wrong with the mechanism of Dawa and in fact, the fact of the matter the Sahaba demonstrated this the reality of compiling the Quran in one book,

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how did it happen? Even Abu Bakar the along felt the same sentiment, I don't want to do it or said we must do it. Even if the process of doing it did it. This is how we preserve the deen. So the goal of preserving the deen is there the mechanism was not there. So the even the compiling of the Quran the way the governments operate, how Bob ran the government is not the same way how the process of did it how the first OMA Yes, it is not the same way he did it. This is how change occurs. And there's nothing wrong with this. We embrace positive change, and we use the most effective means. Now imagine, by the way, if somebody were to say that we must, for example, even when we're waging

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legitimate resistance and war, if somebody says oh, you cannot use modern weaponry, we must only use bows and arrows and swords. Can you imagine somebody saying this? Nobody says this, but it's the same mentality. While law he it is the same mentality. So just as we understand it is ludicrous if we're engaging in actual warfare in there.

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is legitimate warfare. If somebody were to say you cannot use modern weapons because the Prophet system didn't use modern weapons, you must go back to what he used. Who's gonna say this? Nobody so when nobody says that they're similarly when it comes to Dawa when it comes to effective mechanism when it comes to preaching when it comes to effecting change, I don't need to find precedents in the Sunnah. All I need to do is this effective, is it wise? Is it something that is going to bring about change? And as long as it is not inherently haram, as long as there's nothing inherent, obviously, if it's haram, if I'm using alcohol and drink, obviously, it's haram now, but if there's nothing

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haram, then I don't need to prove to you that it is prophetic. You need to prove to me that it is against the Quran and Sunnah. So the question is wrong, ie, there is no precedence is haram. That phrasing is wrong. You understand this point, right? That's the first point we get, we got rid of this that you are not allowed to present into this manner. The default Everything is permissible until you prove to me that it is haram. So this is the first evidence here. The second thing that they say they say, Okay, how long do you want us to show us is how long we'll show you. It's how long? The second point, they say, look at how many groups are coming together. You have groups that

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might have good in them. But you also have groups that are endorsing these protests that might be with people that are non Muslims with groups that are non Sunni with ideologies that are against the Quran and Sunnah. In other words, the people who are going to come to the protest, and that's true, not all of them are mashallah practicing Muslims. Some of them are non Muslims. Some of them are socialists, some of them are communists, some of them have different ideologies of sexuality and gender, you get the point what I'm saying here, right, you're gonna have groups that are coming, that are not necessarily in line with our Shediac. So these guys say, Okay, fine. We agree. Point

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number one, but how about our second point, our second point is you're bringing together groups of people that are not upon how they are upon button, and you allying with them is an endorsement of their Balton you are agreeing with these people in their communism, socialism, LGBT, whatever it might be. The response to this is once again very simple. This notion of guilt by association is not Islamic. It is not logical. And it is not the lived experience of life that even you live by, oh critic, oh critic, where do you work which company he will say I work for company, which company give me a company, any company,

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Amazon, okay, we say to this person, you work for Amazon, in your office, everybody mashallah has become a Samandar developers rock Namazi.

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In your own headquarters in your own floor, everybody is Motoki, Perez, God

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or is there a person of other ideology? Is there a person who has different beliefs? He's an old but that's Amazon, was he Ah, but you are coming together for something that is halal. And the person next to you, you are not required by Allah to vet every single person next to you. If your coworker your colleague is a Christian is a Jew is a person of this background atheist agnostic, does that mean your job is held on?

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So when you can understand for your money, that you're going to do this, then allow us to do it for a greater cause than your money? Neither from the Quran and Sunnah, nor from logic, nor from common sense reality is there's something called guilt by association, simply because we come together with diverse groups of people. That's how society runs, how else are we going to build schools, how we build hospitals, build highways, groups come together, we pay taxes together, and the government does this for us. The fact that we come together is not a tacit support of everybody will come together with only if we come together for bothin. ie the platform is button, then it becomes

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button. You understand this point, if the platform is I want to support you know, rejection of Allah, I want to support alternative sexualities. We say no, no, no, we cannot do this. But if we're coming to build roads, and one person is a non Muslim, another person is agnostic. Another person is a Christian, another person's a Muslim have a different background. They're coming together for building a generic road is nothing wrong. Allah has commanded us in the Quran. What are our new Allenbury with Taqwa all of you come together? There is no restrictions on who it is. It is in the plural. All of you come together on any

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objective beer and Taqwa and do not come together upon evil and upon transgression. And this is demonstrated in the seerah multiple times. The classic example given is, of course, the Hijra itself. When the Prophet SAW Selim literally got the help and paid somebody who's a non Muslim Abdullah irritate, he paid a person who's not even a Muslim to guide him from Mecca to Medina in a secret route. There is more blatant or explicit examples of seeking help from people that are outside of our faith. When Abu Talib passed away, and the Prophet system was told by his other uncle, Abu Lahab, get out of Mecca. What did the process of do? He went to other tribes? Why was he

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anti life? Why was he the other tribes of Mina? And he said to them, can you take me in as one of your own and allow me the protection of calling to Allah? He literally asked them for political asylum. This isn't a zero. Now, is anybody going to say, Oh, he's asking asylum from the pagans. This is far bigger of a cooperation than us on a neutral platform, by the way, because he's literally saying to them, I'm going to be a part of your tribe accept me, he's in our, in our vernacular, in our languages, like applying for citizenship. It's literally the same thing. Because the Quran expelled him, he doesn't have citizenship, right. That's why he had to go to Medina. So

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he's going to other tribes. And he is saying, who will adopt me Who will give me that political loyalty? Now, if somebody's going to say that cooperation is an approval of their shirk, because none of these tribes were Muslim, none of these tribes were Muslim, obviously not. So if we can understand that coming together for a greater good is not an endorsement of everybody who comes together. This is something that as I said, there is no evidence in the Quran and Sunnah. For this, it goes against logic, like we don't, I don't vet every person who does something good. You know what somebody comes into your shop and makes a purchase when we come together for any cooperation,

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and it goes against our lived experiences. So this point is also rejected. Our goal here in this protest, is to bring the maximum number of taxpayers to demonstrate to our own government that we don't like this policy in order to do so we're not asking your leader, and we're not endorsing your lifestyle. We're simply saying on this one issue of fairness, clean, all of us are in agreement. There's nothing wrong with this. In fact, this is wisdom. And this is common sense. So this is also rejected. Then they bring a third point, and they say, okay, okay, fine. That's fair enough. Then the third point, how about the fact that there's evil taking place in the rally itself, there's

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going to be some people that are going to be drinking, there's going to be men and women mixing together. Now I know some of you are going to be wondering, but I'm not joking. This is what is said. This is what is said by a number of people that it is haram to go to protests because some people will be doing haram at the protest, there might be shut off at the protest. There might be men and women that are you know, mixing together or you know, close by, you know, the bodies are closed by whatnot. And the response to this again, I'm trying not to be too harsh or too sarcastic but which country are living in?

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Which country? Are you living in such that mashallah Tabata cola? You never see any shop anywhere? You never see men? What what Corporation Do you work in? Such that please tell me there's Bucha hijab between you and the other genders. So if it is halal for your risk, to go into places where men and women are interacting, all of a sudden for fettucini becomes haram. Again, the process of lived in Makkah, there was fire show taking place in Makkah, there were idols in Makkah, what are you going to do with their evil is there you try your best to abstain evil in your life? The listen to this carefully, the presence of evil, and you being in the presence of evil doesn't make you

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evil? Are

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you seeing evil? The process of them is seeing the pagan idols, he's seeing the idols, does that affect you? What are you going to do? You have to live your life so you do your best to avoid the Haram in your personal space. For to Allah has to talk to him. The presence of evil at a protest does not make the whole protest evil. And also, by the way, just the mere mixing of men and women we have to be a little bit more explicit or blunt here and there's more detailed talks that I have given that others have given even in the time of Medina, the souks did have a little bit of interaction between men and women. Yes, I agree with you. It's not to the level of complete, you

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know, in and out, but still, it is how life has lived in all societies and lands. There is no land that is completely gender segregated doesn't work that way. This is a figment of the imagination. Yes, we try as much as we can in our massages in our private gatherings. But the world is not our clean house that we can you know, implement it. So this issue does not make the whole

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will protest how long the final point will mention.

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And this is set by again, some of our I don't doubt their sincerity but again, we do doubt frankly their understanding of reality, frankly, but again, utmost respect to them. I know that's harsh, so I apologize if it does sound harsh to them, but it is what it is, in my humble opinion, they say fourth, fourth and final point they say, protesting is a sign of utmost humiliation and weakness voted

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and the real way to save Philistine depends on which group you ask, some will say Khilafah and some will say struggling for the sake of Allah.

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Okay, so they say protesting is voodoo. It is humiliation and all of your sellouts the real way forward, we must establish the Hereafter. And until we establish the Inaba, you're all a bunch of cowards, or the real way is struggle. And until we struggle, you're all a bunch of sellouts. You can't even say the word struggle in public. The word is jihad. I'll set it. So the problem with this Okay, fine. You think this is the only way Bismillah Who's stopping you?

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Bismillah show us but until you do, so,

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I have no option.

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firstly, secondly, I have spoken about this in a lot more detail online and in other topics.

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The groups that constantly talk about philosopher I politely disagree with their analysis. They haven't studied history, their perception of Khilafah it's almost like a god stop for the love for saying this but will lie the enough it will solve everything that can offer this the killer, okay, we lost philosophy and under the philosopher and we regained Philistine in the time of Salahuddin in spite of the Khilafah and I can say more blunt, but study history, their perception of what the Khilafah can or cannot do is false number one, number two, even Islamically I have given more detailed talks to hit alpha is no doubt a useful idea and concept but until it is established, what

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do you want us to do? How are we going to bring about change? And then the concept of struggling on Jihad I have no qualms saying that when and where a person or an entity or group can defend physically there is no question that is the default. But when and where it's not the ideal. What can be done in Makkah, people were killed in front of the Prophet salallahu it who was selling me acid and Sumaiya were torn to shreds and Makkah had at least 100 Sahaba if the process and wanted to they could have banded together and done night assassinations if they wanted to, they could have banded together and fought to death is not the time or place you want to quote me Brother, I will quote you

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or they be you want to quote me Brother, I will quote you 13 years of MCDA and persecution when the process and passes by Yassa and so my yen says sagrada Yasa be patient or family of acid I can't do anything right now your places in Jana, there are times and places to struggle to do jihad. And right now I am not the person you want to if you think you are I'm not gonna say anything. Well, Allah, I will not say anything but show don't criticize those that are doing other things. That's why by the way, I have never criticized and the movements of the federal Salinas to this day I haven't, because who am I to criticize that's, you know, their tactics and whatnot. It's not my job

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to criticize people that are persecuted. So I'm very clear in what I say what I don't say, but I'm not in there. I'm not behind those walls. I'm over here. What can I do over here? It is not wise for us over here to engage and talk of political Khilafah. In America, it's not even Islamic. In my opinion. I've spoken about this in more detail. And as for jihad, again, do you require a Khalifa you require all of this requires a whole different set. Until that happens? I'm not against it, if that was actually happening somewhere legitimately. But until that happens, what can we do? And so my humble pushback, all you guys are doing is criticizing and not doing anything in the process. So

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stop criticizing those that are trying to do something and either do something yourselves or at least let us do what we are doing. Final point I want to mention here is that actually, I am sympathetic, believe it or not, to the notion that protests are not the most effective. I actually agree with this. But there's nothing else we can do. I have said from the beginning, the number one step to bring about change is internal. I've said this, our own relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthening our iman strengthening our prayers bringing about our family and friends to be better Muslims. That's the number

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On, but after that, what is number two? What can we do in America? What can we do? And then I say, don't be so fatalistic, please study American history, no massive change has happened at government level, except that it was priests preceded by what? By Protest after protest after protest. And I'm sorry to be a little bit blunt here. But many of us haven't born and raised here. So we don't really study American history. I understand that. Go talk to your high school kids that have gone through history here in America. How did the Civil Rights Movement become effective by mass protest? How did the Vietnam War come to an end go read what happened? The Vietnam War, this government was gung ho

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about the Vietnam War. For over a decade, they spent billions of dollars invading Vietnam on false pretense. How did it change? Because the people, the masses, the students, look, go, go read your history, what happened at Berkeley and other campuses where students said, we're not going to fight this war, Muhammad Ali went to prison because he said, I'm not gonna go to Vietnam, mass protests in the millions in front of the White House. And the government had to buckle under the pressure, even movements that we don't agree with the LGBT movement, for example, abortion, how did it come about mass protests, mass protests, were in front of the Capitol, millions of people. What happens when

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you have mass protests is that the people begin to hear what's going on, and you appeal to the masses. That's why it's called a mass protest. And then the government officials understand if I want to be reelected, I had better appease these people, because that's my reelection campaign. So I'm sorry. Firstly, I agree that protests are not the primary mechanism, but I'm sorry, don't be so fatalistic, to say that it is vital and hawan. On the contrary, I don't like linking something from the theater to mass protests because I don't agree with that directly. But the concept of raising your voice when something evil happens, that is something human to do, if you see your wife and

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children killed, if you see your your companions being murdered, you're just gonna sit there and say nothing from the Sierra when the Prophet system was literally tortured by the Quraysh. In the Quran, it says Abu Bakr comes running Abu Bakr, raising his voice in front of the Kaaba and saying it's quoted in the Quran, a telco to Runa Rajan and your coder Robbie Allah, are you going to kill a man simply because he says La ilaha illallah Abu Bakr jumped in the fight Abu Bakr protected the body of the Prophet system himself is in this era, and that he was beaten almost to death. I'm not saying this is a protest. I'm not using that. But I'm saying the concept of Boubacar sees the prophecies

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I'm surrounded sees Abuja * punching hitting what do you think Abu Bakr is going to do? He jumped in he shouted with his voice, a taco Toluna Raja and your cholera be Allah. So when you cannot do a laugh, when you cannot do jihad, what can you do? You raise your voice, you speak the truth. You try to influence other people throughout the serum multiple times when even are one of the hakab others he's being told by when he was a non Muslim, he was told by one of the Muslims Have you no shame. Look what you are doing. You are speaking out again. Please Don't misquote me. I'm not saying that is protests. But the concept of raising your voice, the concept of speaking out this is prophetic.

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What did the Prophet CISM say, Whoever can change evil should do so with what hand I cannot right now help with my hand. If you cannot, what is stage two? This is what we're doing. This is exactly what we're doing. And what makes it even more imperative is every one of us in this audience, even those that are not US citizens, because you live here. It is our taxes Wallahi we should feel a sense of guilt. And this guilt is Islamic, I feel guilty. That guilt should motivate me to go on record, loudly and publicly in front of my Congress in front of the White House. That's what we're gonna do this Saturday, and say not in my name, and say this is criminal and say This is unjust, the

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least my conscience should do because this is my tax dollar. I don't care if it's 1% or 20%. It is less than 1%. But even that 1% is too much even that 1% It is too much for my conscience. How can I remain quiet? I must speak up and if all of us speak up and we continue to speak up in sha Allah Who to Allah the tide will change. It is changing already Generation X the younger generation, the Reuters did a survey, more than half of the younger generation is sympathetic with Palestine against Israel, more than half already the problem is the older generation is the exact opposite. But guess what, within 510 years what will happen to this younger generation they will become devoted

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They will become the voting bloc. So victory is promised. Our job is to keep on pushing our job is to do what we can. And therefore, with utmost respect, I say to those naysayers to those amongst us who problematize this, I'm sorry, but you're just wrong. Really, you're just wrong here. I agree, actually, that it is not the most effective. But until we find the most effective, it is the only thing we can do, and it is not ineffective. It's not falling on deaf ears. If we get if we get maybe a million people, and we we hope inshallah male, if we got a million people, one of the largest marches in American history, if it's going to happen, then SubhanAllah. And if we get even half a

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million, a few 100,000 hair, okay, it is what it is. But it's still at least on the Day of Judgment, I can say, Oh Allah, I spoke the truth, loudly and clearly. This is not happening in my name, I am speaking against it, my conscience is clear, I will preach and teach I will affect other people. And at least on the Day of Judgment, we can say we did our part that's the least that can be said. So sisters and brothers, those who are able to those who are able to do so expect Allah to reward you to spend money on I know buses far from here, by the way, more than 25 states, their massages are hiring buses all the way from you know, Chicago, Minnesota, other places the people that are driving

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you know, all the way to DC so many communities that Hamdulillah we have gotten the word people are sponsoring buses I know from Texas, that's a bit far because it's you know, two days to drive but had come the day before or or you know, take flights or whatever, but please spread the word tweet and retweet this is going to be the largest protest in American history in support of Fidel slain. If you can be there do so if not at least spread the word make dua and don't stand in the way of those that are trying to do something may Allah subhana wa Tada help our sisters and brothers in Gaza and allow us to speak the truth just like my locker cinematic when I have to live what I get

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Angeline either

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me Ms. De hatin doll seni one doesn't show

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me what to feed

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to me.

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