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Salam Alaikum

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alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was happy

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about. So we're continuing on with the life of Muhammad in humble. Last, the first class we looked at a little bit of his his lineage, his grandfather, his uncle's, who were scholars, the poverty that he lived in with his mother, his relationship with his mother and his journey with knowledge and seeking knowledge, the scholars that he studied with and we looked at five specifically, the ones that had the greatest influence on the environmental law. And we said that total It is estimated he had about 414. Scott, teachers scholars are hysterical amongst them was a woman that he started with, as well. And we said that today we're going to start with the fitna of the creation of

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the Koran inshallah.

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So to understand the number of things first of all, the fitness started at the time of moon Musa halifa, where the fitna first started during his reign. And Mahmoud, of course, is the son of Coronavirus sheet so Harun Rashid had three sons, moon, and mataas, him and alworth. These were his three sons, and the fitna ended at the time of it what so it continued throughout for the time and during the reign of three different Holika. So Moon is, like we said, the moon and don't forget the name, and not one is the one excuse me, and it was raining, the fitness started.

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His description is that he was he was educated, and he loved knowledge. And he encouraged the scholars and anything related to ailment studying and so on and so forth. One of the things, by the way, hello, Harun al Rashid also had an amine, he had an amine, and then moon and matassa malwa. But I mean, was from a different mother. And I mean, his mother was Arab, and Moon, his mother was non Arab. And we're going to come to any why that's an issue later on.

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So when we said he was educated, he loved knowledge. He encouraged scholars in college, encourage people to study. But one thing he had is that he had the books of other cultures translated, and he gathered books of the Greeks and the Persians, and so on and so forth. And he would encourage discussions amongst people. But he started to become surrounded by people of strange beliefs and strange, uptight. And they were very well spoken, they were eloquent. And they began, and he began to surround himself with these people. And he started to think like them, specifically, we're talking about the Montezuma, this group, Mr. Tesla, they surrounded the moon.

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And he also gave them high positions in his office,

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Yanni, and hypersaline, sorry, high positions in his government. And the problem was, what was that when they tried to force everyone to adopt their same beliefs. So it's not like this is your belief, and this is my belief. This is my belief, and you have to believe what I believe as well. And anyone who didn't agree with their beliefs was considered a threat to the government. So it's not just some guy who has his own belief, but he's a threat to the government now. So the fitness specifically that we're going to talk about the fitness, the creation of the Quran, it was started by a man his name was a judge in new Durham or Durham. And

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he was the more Remember we said last time, the Debian where I can almost like these tutors that that you would pay for they would come to your children, and they would teach them religion and language and poetry and manners and a number of things. So LGR did not go to home he was the mother of Marwan ignore Mohammed, the last of the of the whole affair of Benny omega. The last Khalifa when omega and injured had many strange ideas and he was captured

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During he was captured and he was sentenced to death. During the time the governor of Iraq his name was Khalid, Abdullah, and of course three. And he, on the day of evil of ha when they had captured the Jellybean Dirham. He said at the end of the book is now the governor and the ruler typically would be the one who was the Imam as well. So at the end of his eighth Hopper, he said, a yohannes como furbo He says, oh, people get up and make your sacrifice you're over here for in niemela, Leone, will judge him. So he said, Today, I'm making an oath here with a judge even though he was sentenced to death. And so he, after the June hochma, he got none from the member, the member and

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they had him slaughtered.

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But the idea is of this man and Jordan and Durham, were taken over by a man his name was a German, it's a one

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off one and that's where the jamea came from. And typically, Jeremy are people who said things like that Hellfire is not eternal, and that human beings don't have free will. And they negated the divine attributes of Allah subhanho Todd.

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So jump in so far we're talking about and he also said many strange things among which is that Allah subhanaw taala does not speak. All right. So this man, Jonathan Swan said many other strange things but he said that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't speak. His proof was that Kalam speech is something which is renewed or renewables and Allah subhanaw taala is khadim which means like, ancient or existing for a long time, and if we say he speaks it means that he's not a dean. So that means he doesn't speak this was of course the thought of this man and the any the the corrupt ideas that he came up with, so he said, Allah doesn't speak one of the things he said he said to me, generally

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they they negate many or have things to say about many of the attributes divine attributes of Allah subhanaw taala

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will not come come up here. Yes to any other belanja

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good man.

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so this man

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Jim was the kind of man that

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was here like to create Fitton. And he wanted to force people upon his beliefs. And so are sorry, a gem here, right, gentlemen? So one you'd like to create fit and you'd like to forcefield one his beliefs he was killed by Nasri. Vanessa yar, who is the governor of new mayor. All of this was about 10 years after a judge in New York. So, gentlemen, Carranza first destroyed that, and later on, journalists have won 10 years later being killed by governors of bunny Amaya.

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in the Basset dynasty, during the reign of Harun al Rashid, the father of modern the one that's going to start the fitna during the during the reign of Harun al Rashid, Bish ribbon obeah, a man by the name of Bishop No, they are more popular in history as Bishop and Medici. He was from the heads of the martyrs ILA, and he said that the Quran is not the speech of Allah, because Allah subhanaw taala doesn't speak. So therefore the Koran is something that is created. This is what he started to say. A Koran is something that is created, just like everything else, he says, and now look how they presented in a way where like they're trying to respect a lot, but it turns out to be something of

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great disrespect. He says, We want to glorify Allah. And if we say he speaks, then we're saying that he speaks like people, like people speak, and there is nothing like unto him, What am your caller who wanna see how it looks like they're trying to respect the budget. But of course, in the attempt to respect a large budget, they come with a lot of disrespect in it. And it's kind of like the idea. When people tell you don't say Allah is on his throne. Because when you say Allah is on his throne, you are physically limiting Allah, you see how it sounds? It sounds like it's trying to respect Allah. You physically limiting Allah don't say he's on his throne.

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So these are okay, what do we say? It's all you know, he's everywhere. He's physically everywhere. See, they're trying to respect a lot. Don't physically limit Allah. But if you look at the opposite of it, it's worse. So they're saying that a loved one is physically everywhere. And then you ask them everywhere in the bathroom, and they can never answer that they're always quiet in the bar, down the street, in the church in this place in that place. And they're always quiet about that. But you know, historically, there there are many Muslims who wrote poetry, saying that even the dog in the pig is our God is our ILA. Why did they say that? Because the dog takes up space, the pig takes

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up space, and Allah is physically everywhere.

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According to them, so therefore, he is known as a biller and to allow underdeck inside the dog and the animals and things like that. And they said so woman can work in zero Illa Ilona and the dog and the pig is nothing but our Illa. And so is the garage. Like the monk in the monastery, that's our God as well. One of them he would say, some honey, nuts of Hannah, lots of honey, because Allah is in me, he would say, I don't know which one of us has done mckaela mckaela is the person who is supposed to is interested or to worship the other. But he said I don't know which one of us has mocha left because Allah is in me. So and So Pamela and also and again, we're talking about Muslims.

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Now. It all started by trying to respect Allah don't physically limit Allah but you reverse it, it becomes worse one of them.

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And he and he was,

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he had made the fear of this man.

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Sent centuries ago. He said that when for our own said to Moosa, or to the people or not bakuman Allah, I am your Lord Most High, this man and imagine this man is supposed to be a Muslim. He said, for your own understood the essence of the heat, the heat here meaning everything is one with a lot instead of Allah being one. He said, Can you imagine a Muslim saying this, he said, for all understood the essence of the hate and Moosa couldn't get it. This guy supposed to be Muslim. So

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so it sounds as the way they presented and they're being eloquent and what spoken, they presented as if there was trying to respect Allah Subhana Allah, but when you look at the opposite side of it, you see, there's actually great disrespect to Allah xillia. So this man, Bishop elmarie See, during the reign of Harun al Rashid, he started to say that for and is not the speech of Allah because Allah doesn't speak. So it's something created like everything else. We want to glorify Allah azza wa jal, and if we say that he speaks, we're saying that he is like people, while Allah azza wa jal, there is nothing like unto him. When America loco when they say committee, he she was similar and

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of course, the the correct answer and the correct belief, obviously, when Allah says he's on his own, we say Allah is on his throne, and we don't try to explain that away as some people have said, because Allah says in Surah Ar Rahman, Allah arshi stoer so they said they try to fix it because they don't want to believe that Allah is on his throne. They said Stovall means is Stoller mean, conquered his throne. And then it's got to say this is worse now. He conquered his throne, that means there is something there before him, that he had to conquer the throne. Right? So

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when we, Allah subhanaw taala speaks, but is it like the way we speak? No, of course not. Any any sane being understands this. Yeah. And if you tell someone, you know, the camel has an eye, and the rooster has an eye, right? All right, this the famous example. Nobody imagines a rooster walking around with two huge camel eyes dangling out of its head, because each animal will have the same body part but one that's befitting of that being. And so if Allah subhanaw taala speaks, he speaks in a way that befits His Majesty doesn't mean he speaks the way we speak. And if Allah subhanaw taala hears, He hears in a perfect way, not in the way we hear, and if Allah hears he hears in the

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most complete way, not in the way we hear, here's in a way that is befitting to His Majesty, soprano. And even the the verses that the Morteza and others at the time were trying to quote, The verse itself ends with those attributes. They say, nothing is like a laser can be cliche. But then what's the end of the verse? Well, who was Samuel Basu? And he's all hearing all see, so even the verse that they're using, the end of it is mentioned these attributes and attribute any firming these attributes for Allah subhanaw taala.

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But so the question is, why is this a big deal to people of sound belief, if someone says the Quran was created by Allah, and someone might say the Quran is great, I love it. It's a great question of Allah

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by a number of problems, and because if they say, we speak, therefore, Allah is not like us. So Allah doesn't speak. But with the same argument, we have knowledge, can you apply this to a larger so they're trying to not like an alert to the creation? So if we speak a lot doesn't speak, but if we have knowledge, what are you going to say about the knowledge of Allah? You see how it gets you into more and more trouble it starts off like something respectful.

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And then

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when we said we said they began with speech specifically because speech is renewable, and then they start to explain away all the evidences to that. Other problems if we say the Quran is created, is that

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everything which is created

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Is are usually has its flaws, nothing of the creation is perfect. The only thing that's perfect is Allah zillion other things besides Allah azza wa jal, they have their imperfections. So if we say the Quran, untypical and things that are created, they can be improved upon or built upon, or they're open to change and improvement and they have an end they die. So the Quran, no folk reaches it. And if we're saying that it's a creation of it, that means it's imperfect, but the Quran no fault, which is it. So the news of betrayal mercy, this man, which is heroin, or Rashid halifa, and how long Rashid says, I've heard that visual literacy says that the Quran is created by Allah, if

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Allah brings him to me, I will kill him. So which then goes into hiding until how long after she died? And when she died, visual mercy, he emerged again and he started to spread. And to convince moon moon Khalifa, we're talking about now who in whose time fitness started now, before moon amine was Hollinger for about two years, Al Ameen was also the son of how to negotiate. Now, I mean, we said his mother, he would he had an Arab mother. Now what does that mean?

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What it means is that, because moon did not have an Arab mother, he would surround him himself with philosophers and people of other religions. And it suppose he had, let's say, Persian origin, or his mother was Persian, then he would be more likely to sit with people of Persian and he believes or from other lands, and he would have that inclination to sit with people from other places. So the whole idea of explaining that is not we're not saying that, Oh, look, the guy with the mother is better, has nothing to do with it. As we said last time, the majority of the great scholars were of non Arab origin.

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So, and by her own mamoun was the hire for 20 years. So I mean, just for two years, then he dies. So this is the son of heroin, or Rashid Rashid does, I mean becomes a halifa for two years, then he dies, then moon takes over and his family for over 20 years. At the beginning, Moon he feared to spread his thoughts and his ideas saying the Quran is created because of men like remembers.

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One of the teachers

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remember, he tested him and they sent him someone, it tells him You lie against I mean, he would never force people against. And he used to joke a lot. He's had a good sense of humor. He wasn't

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very good. So

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moon, he feared to spread his thoughts and belief because of people like his he didn't hold on. And he believed that he believed in it, but he was not very excited about spreading it and forcing people upon it. And but he was also still and he described as not being very wise and not very wise. And he didn't have good foresight, and he wasn't very farsighted. So six years after him, he is 11, the heroine Rahim, Allah, he announced the fitna or the creation of the Quran,

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what he should have done, he should have had people debated and discuss it and but his idea was different. And if you didn't agree, and he didn't believe you will be put in prison and beaten so

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or killed. So it wasn't really open to discussion. And you can believe that the Quran is the speech of Allah. Well, we officially believe it was the creation of one of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And also chose a man

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to become his minister from the Morteza. This man, he was a very biased man. And he had very little chivalry in him, he had very little model in him, and his name was Ahmed bin.

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I'm gonna be mentioning this name a lot, not even Avi to earth. And he's the one who incited the moon to start the fitna and we'll see that for the lifespan of three qualifying is going to be also the governor and the right hand man of every holiday. And he got to the point that that moon put in his will, that when he died, I haven't really been able to add remains like the like what is in the right hand man of the hollyford advisor, the governor like that.

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And every time Hollywood I have been able to add with rekindle the flames of the fitna every time. So the fitna began six years after the death of yours, he did not honor him Allah when with when moon in the year 212 after the hijra, this is the year 212. So

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I think someone was asking why was chef a mentioned in this fitna and I'm a chef. I died in two

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104 so 212 is when the moon announced the creation of the Quran. And he made it the most important issue in his government. He made it part of his also we'll see, like I said, his will to keep the bullet upon the belief, not just to keep it in me to add, and is how Kevin Abraham and his government, but also to keep this belief of the creation of the Quran as part of the government. So moon then wrote to the governor of Baghdad in his absence, so the halifa and Moon used to move around a lot. When he's in Baghdad, the governor would become the chief of police. And when he is gone, the Chief of Police is also the governor of the city. So he wrote to the Chief of Police, his

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name was his heart, Abdullah Ibrahim, he, he writes him a letter saying to test all the judges and teachers and focus on the issue of the creation of a Quran and write back in detail what their belief is. So he's just going to ask them now, he was not at this point, still not asked to force anyone upon this belief.

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So and Moon didn't want the questioning to begin with the greatest level of scholars are the highest top scholars, he wanted to start with the second level of scholars. And so he named seven specifically to his half of an Abraham, the chief of police or the governor of Baghdad, and he got it gathered these seven and he sent them to the seven scholars were sent to him.

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And they had previously heard of the letter of moon. So unfortunately, all of them said that the Quran is created is in that one center letter are the seven now they said that the Quran is created and they're trying to use the allowance that's about this for the Muslims in them and okra are called boo boo. Nobody man except for the one who is coerced, forced into something while his heart is still any multinational. Yeah, any

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content, or are with a man are full of a monster. So they said anyway, we can say this, but in our heart, we don't believe it. So the 70 said that the Quran is created, they agreed to it. So then sent them to both dad and his health covenant brought him brought them announced in front of the scholars and teachers what they told him, and they let them go. So then,

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some responded and some agreed and some refused to respond whatsoever. And no news of those who agreed from this second level, let's call them of scholar news of those who agreed that the creation of a law would reach a mathematician humbled. And

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and he was very shocked, especially with three specifically that when they said the clients quit, he was very shocked at them, because he expected them to disagree and to refuse. And even Ahmed saw the seriousness now of the situation, that a large group of the first scholars failed and failed the first test. So now it was up to him and the scholars left to stand firm. So what does that mean? Any? if, let's say he wants to test the majority of the scholars in Iraq or about that, and they all say no way the Quran is not created, then all the pressure will be distributed amongst all these people. But when a group huge group of scholars, yes, yes, it's created. Now you've got more

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pressure left on the smaller number left, and then if they agree, then the pressure will become harder and harder on the few that remain. So all of them should have refused collectively. So when the and this is one of the things that encouraged the amount to be more steadfast, he saw that so many people are breaking and saying yes, the Quran is created. And he was very hard against the scholars who gave in and said the Quran is created. And he issued a fatawa saying those who give in and say the Quran is created, a hadith should not be taken from them. You should not take any ad from some Hadith in now. Don't narrate from them. And no one should sit with them meaning to learn

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from them, nor any fatwa should be written from him. And if he dies, the top scholars should not attend the funeral prayer. He's not saying the coup for the believers can go and pray over them. But the top scholars should not go to their janazah because he saw it very, very serious. Amongst them was a winner at Amar. And yeah, I have no name for him, Oh Allah, the fatwa applied to them. And you have no marine. He visited him at one time and

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anyone who reads in books, you will know his, his place and he was a scholar and everything. But he made this mistake and he met

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and he saw that he would sever his relationship with Him. And doesn't mean that for our sake, he's a horrible person or anything like that, because he only agreed to it verbally, but he didn't really believe it in his heart. So there wasn't anything corrupt in any of his books or teachings or narrations. But

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I met as a fellow scholar saw that this was not acceptable, that you would say something like this.

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And so you hit the marine

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I visited him one day while I was sick. And he came into his room to visit him. And you know, I turned away from him and he refused to speak to him. Another his name was Jimmy, he visited him and you know, when you open the door, and so it was him, he actually shut the door in his face. So he was very strict against those. And he refused to talk to them. And I mean, specific scholars, and he that he held them in high regard that they shouldn't have said that others that you know, here and there said that he didn't care much about them. But there were specific people that were beyond that they shouldn't have said yes. And those are the ones that he was strict with. So those who gave in

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encouraged him to stand firm, because now he's going to carry the more of the weight and the responsibility. So the fitna began, and the halifa gets a good response right from the beginning, because people easily accepted. So if imagine the first group are making the seven scholars that he had sent to him, all of them said no, every single one of them refused. It would have told him Okay, this is going to be like a big problem. And maybe I shouldn't go through with this. But all of them easily said, Okay, yeah, sure it's created.

00:26:05--> 00:26:11

So that means it gave him the green light. It's easy. Let's keep going with this. So he sent to

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his husband to him. Again, we said there's a chief of police or the governor of Baghdad, and he tells him to start to test people and to write back in detail what each of them believe. So he he brings in this is an excerpt or part of the questioning that he had with a bill Hasson as God This was one of the scholars. So it's happening to him ask him is the Quran created? And I will, Hudson says the Quran is the Kalam of Allah is the speech of Allah. And Allah is the Creator of everything. And all that is other than Allah is created. See what it's trying to do. He's trying basically just to avoid the problems, he's trying to use words that will just satisfy the guy without him having to

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say the clients created So one more time what he said was,

00:27:01--> 00:27:02

the Quran

00:27:03--> 00:27:12

is the Kalam of Allah speech of Allah. And Allah is the Creator of everything. And all that is other than Allah is created, you see,

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and then, but he continues and ameerul momineen is our Imam. And if he commands we obey, and if he calls us we respond. So what does it mean? If you really push me, I'm willing to say what he says, You see, and there were other scholars who said things like, they would say,

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you know, the Quran, watch my fingers, or they say the Quran, then and the in G, okay? And the Torah, and there's a book all of these are created. Get it?

00:27:45--> 00:27:46

Who got it?

00:27:47--> 00:28:01

Say my fingers, my fingers are created. This is the Quran and then the put the finger up for the engine with the bow with Torah, all these and then they they wiggle the meaning of these fingers are created. And of course,

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they're, they're just trying to get out of it, right. But the dumb role is of course, we've seen it so Okay, he's with us. He didn't get that he's saying these are created. So they would agree. They'd say, okay, so no one even saw that as unacceptable because we're at a time of fitna now and if all the great scholars started saying things like that, then the fitna was going to spread all over the oma. So

00:28:26--> 00:28:48

so then it's happened Abraham tells Evan Hudson, Xia de here he asked him, specifically now the Koran isn't graded. And he repeats the same thing. You know, the Quran is the speech of Allah and everything is created by Allah and everything other than Allah is created and the mirror minion is our Imam if he commands will obey, and so on and so forth. So

00:28:49--> 00:29:32

then it's happening. Rahim takes a letter, and he reads, what's in it for amirul momineen from the halifa telling them this is the creation of Allah, Allah doesn't speak and so on and so forth. So I will Hudson says, This is the saying of a little iPhone. It's hard for him after he reads a letter. It tells him this is the saying of me or Minnie. So what do you say? So I've been hesitant, says that may be his opinion, but he should not force people upon it. But if you tell me that a mirror minion says, I have to say or agree to it, then I will say so. He's saying if he says I have to say it, I'll say it. And this was still now the early part of the fitna, so it's happening. Brahim says,

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No, he did not tell me to command you to believe in it. But he only asked me to test you What is your belief? Then he asked Ahmed and Humberto him Hola. This is what do you say about the Koran? And he said it is a speech of a lot. I don't add to that. And then he says is it created? He says it is the speech of Allah.

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He says What do you say of what is in the letter, meaning of a mirror, meaning that a

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is not like anything in any way or in any meaning. And amounts. Ahmed says I say laser chemistry he Shea well, who was Samuel Basu, there is nothing like him and he is the old hearing, and all seeing. So then one of the people who are present now this is on the side of the governor.

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He asked permission to speak. And then he said, he said to his hospital, Abraham who's testing him, he is saying that Allah hears from an ear and sees with an eye on him. And I didn't say this. But he's trying to make it sound bad Not saying Allah, here's with an ear and in season with an AI. So then it's happening to him asked him, What is the meaning of his saying to me on the in the AI here? What does that mean?

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And it says he is as he described himself, and this is the birth of our listener, we don't fool around with the names and attributes of Allah, the way Allah described himself, we say, this is how Allah is. And he is, as he described himself, and Allah as we deal with know best, and he would describe himself and for us to, to take it as it is.

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So it's happening in our intelligence. So what does that mean? Like us, like we do, the way we hear the way we see and talk to him? No, he is, as he described himself. So now this is being asked for the first time, and he's being very direct and very blunt. He didn't play around and try to say, Well, if you want me to say I'll say it, even though it's not what I believe it tells him very clearly, this is this is how what we believe. So then the scholars were into groups, the largest group agreed to for honors created, then there was a very small group, and it consisted of people like in Hamburg, who totally refused to say that the Quran is created. And then there was a group

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that said that the Quran is the column of Allah. But if Amir minion commands us otherwise, we're going to say otherwise, it's just a fairly sized group as well.

00:31:59--> 00:32:35

For other examples of people that were asked a scholar with him a little bit about he handed Allah he was asked, Is the Quran created? He says no, the Quran is Mujuru. So what's he doing? He's putting off the ayah in jalna for an hour, we have made it an Arabic Quran. So he's saying they asked him is the Quran created he says the Quran is magical, because now he's really saying what Allah said in the Quran, and hopefully the word module and the word created made and created or similar it might get him off the hook with these people. So

00:32:37--> 00:33:04

then it's half of Abraham asked him is what is magic rune. Mahalo isn't everything that is made, created? And he said, Yes, so then it's half lives and then the Quran is mahalo, then the Quran is created. He says, No, it is module. But I won't say that it's Moloch is just basically, and he playing with words or trying to find a way out of it. But of course, at times of fitting This is not acceptable.

00:33:06--> 00:33:49

So then is how sends a detailed account to a moon, who agreed who refused and who was in between willing to accept, and surprisingly, any the the response of the moon, which arrives nine days later, he insults all the scholars, he accuses them of hypocrisy, hypocrisy, and theft, and loving the dunya. And he accuses them harsh, harsh accusations any and his letters preserved historically. So he calls them children, and they have no brains. And no, this is not any kinds of goes in one by one attacking them. And these are people who said, if he says we're willing to say, you see how he's not respecting them, they said, if a middleman commands is to say, it's great, we're going to say

00:33:49--> 00:34:14

it, and he doesn't respect them. But when it comes to him, it didn't happen. He has no insults about him. It's amazing that the people who are willing to obey him, he insults them, and the one who strongly says no, he respected him in between him and himself. He respected him he didn't call him a child or immature or loves the dunya. And he didn't respect the others who were willing to agree with him, says you guys love the journey.

00:34:15--> 00:34:41

And except for humble, he presents no threat to him. He doesn't threat him threaten him at all. When he says those who refuse to say that the Koran is created strike their neck, this is his letter. Now, that comes after nine days. Those who refuse strike their neck and beat them and their immature children, whether I mentioned their name or not, because he bit insulted people specifically says if I mentioned them or not beat them or kill them or

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

strike strike their neck. And if they don't agree, then send them to me and if they don't agree, all of them will receive the sword. This letter was written in 218 and towards the like the later part in the hedgerow. So then the scholars were gathered again with this half of me but I him

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

They were informed of the contents of the letter. So either they say that the origin is created, or their next will be struck. And the fitness starts to spread to all corners of the room, all scholars were questioned, and those who will refuse were thrown into prison. So the prisons have been dead then, instead of being filled with the drunkards, the thieves, the highway robbers, it was full full of scholars, scholars all over the prisons, and they started to respond one by one, they start to break down one by one and say, yes, the Koran is creative, even though in the heart, they don't believe it. And it's, it's allowed and there's a permissibility for them. To say that to get out.

00:35:43--> 00:36:01

Now, I'm Hamad McGraham, Allah is one of the scholars and the teachers of Hadith. He wrote 13 books in response to a Jamia. So he's already responding to deviants like this. And he studied with shame iblue, Bashir, and the teacher.

00:36:03--> 00:36:44

And remember the one that they got the idea of classifying that Heidi from, so he stood with the best and the greatest of scholars, and the greatest of scholars narrated from him, and including a moment Buhari and he and others, and he was in Egypt, Subhan, Allah, this great scholar named no Hamad, he was in Egypt, and he was sent to the prison in Iraq. And he absolutely refused to say that the Quran is created, and he died in his chains in prison. So some of those who were very adamant and refused happen to pass away as well. So that So then, in the beginning, it was 26 scholars who refused.

00:36:49--> 00:37:03

Okay, the brown avalanche plate m 28210, you're, you're asked to move your truck, I don't know if it's towing or what it but there was a brown avalanche outside, it was to remove the truck.

00:37:05--> 00:37:05


00:37:07--> 00:37:45

so he said at first, there were 26 scholars who refused. And as it got more and more difficult, only nine remained steadfast. And then there were to be sent to the halifa. And they know the halifa is going to have them kill their beatings not in his not very sane guy. So only four remains. And of this four was in an effort to be humble, a young man by the name of Mohammed ignore, and we're going to come to him again, a man by the name of Alcoa, D, and it hasn't been hammered. So when they were going to be sent to the halifa be the first to the second to set okay.

00:37:47--> 00:38:09

So only two people remain imagine started with 26 scholars, then nine, then four and only two didn't humble and young man, not even really a scholar, Muhammad No, who was a student of knowledge, and student of inanimate, but like a top level student. And back then what they refer to as a student of knowledge is

00:38:10--> 00:38:14

what we refer to as a big, big shift these days kind of kind of, and to a degree,

00:38:16--> 00:38:34

but not specifically scholar. So they were sent to a moon in Hamburg and Mohammed didn't know they were sent to moon and on the way, in a place called arabba. Something very simple, but it has a great effect on the Imam happened. And this is narrated from sila, the son of

00:38:36--> 00:39:17

Saul, it says, a man from the Arabs from Arabia came and asked, if this is now imagine the procession you have been humbled, Muhammad No. And soldiers and weapons and horses and old people from the government, taking them all the way from Baghdad to meet the halifa. So the richest place known as a rubber, and a man from the herbs of robia came and he asked which of you is humble, he's asking this group as a camp. So they pointed to it. And he came to him. So as far as I know, he says, so he greeted my father, and then said, Yeah, oh, you, you are the representative of the people because people know now only two people have been humbled

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

as a young man, and he nobody cares if he says yes or no, but the only one as a scholar, the only one left. So this man comes to give him any additional say how to advise him. So he tells him, you are the representative of the people. So do not let them down. And you're the head of the people today, in your place. So don't ever let people down by responding to what they're calling you to. So that people will respond meaning if because if you say it, everyone else will start to say it as well. And you will carry the sins of all on the Day of Judgment. And if you love Allah, this is just now a simple man telling him this even though

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

scholars were coming to him and telling him, I'll give you ability to say yes, and it's okay. And this is now a man who is not a scholar, he tells him, if you love Allah, then be patient upon what you're on. For there is not between you and agenda except that you killed. And it's very true. You think the only thing between you and Jenna is that you killed what they're going to do to you're going to be killed, and he chose him. And if you're not killed, you're still going to die. See what he's telling him. As if they don't kill you today and you live for 2030 years, you're still gonna die anyways. It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. So he says, and if you're not killed, you're

00:40:37--> 00:41:17

going to die. And if you live in a rush to Hamida and if you live, you're going to live in a praiseworthy state. So it's telling him it's a win win situation. Okay? If, if you if they killed you, you're gonna die anyways, die if you love a lot die for it for the right cause, and you enter into general, and if you're patient and you don't die, you're going to live in a praiseworthy state, you're always going to be a hero in the sight of people. So he's still in both ways, you're going to win. And if you're not killed, and if you live, you live in a praiseworthy state. And then he tells him, yeah, oh, you what, if you're killed right here and enter agenda right here. He's encouraging

00:41:17--> 00:41:22

him with Salah, and he leaves cinemark when he leaves. That's it. So

00:41:24--> 00:41:48

he was moved by what he told him. So because now imagine, yeah, and he is alone. Now with and not only alone, but all the other scholars, they said what they were, and they were telling him Why are you making things difficult on yourself? You say? So this man comes in, he gives them these words and they they inspire him. So he asked, Who is that man? And they tell him he's a man from the era of robbia, who recites poetry. His name was jabber.

00:41:50--> 00:41:58

Mr. Mohammed says his speech was from that, from what strengthened my resolve to stay steadfast in refusing what they were calling me to.

00:42:00--> 00:42:43

So when they came close to the army of the halifa, so this is the last rest stop, or like the area just near the area of the halifa, the servant of the moon came to them. One of the servants of the halifa King, Mohammed narrates, he says he entered upon me while he was wiping away his tears with the edge of his garment and saying, it is difficult for me. Yeah, Abdullah Abdullah the patronymic of verily unmown has unsheathed a sword that he has not unsheathed, before that he removed the sword took it out, he has never removed it before that. And he swears by his blood relation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And you know, the Ibis it's there from the sense of a boss, the

00:42:45--> 00:43:26

boss of Napa matale. So he's saying, and he swears by his blood relation to the profits of the lies hidden, that if you don't respond to saying that the Quran is created, that he will kill you with that sword. So the servant comes crying because this is serious, he swore by Allah, and he is going to buy his blood relation, that he's going to kill him with that specific sword that he refused to say the Quran is created. So when I met him, Allah, he got up to pray. And he prayed. And at the end, he lifted his hands. And he says, My mastery, saying to my master, your patience on your forbearance has this has deceived this transgressor to the point

00:43:27--> 00:43:56

of, of resorting to beating and to killing. So what is he saying, say Allah, you're being so patient with this man. So he thought he was so powerful because then Allah didn't stop him and destroy him. Allah is just being patient with him and forbearing and that's why Allah didn't stop him and squish him in his place. But that patience deceived him to the point of starting to kill and to beat people. He says, Oh Allah, if the Quran is your speech and uncreated then protect us from him.

00:43:57--> 00:44:11

In originally made Gaza, he would not see he would not see him at all. No sooner had he finished his prayer and put down his hands. People started yelling, they heard some noise. They heard some yelling, what was it? The news of the death of the halifa.

00:44:13--> 00:44:17

And whenever you study, you know, the etiquettes of law and things that make you're

00:44:18--> 00:44:59

accepted by Allah. Is that you eat halal food Hello here. We don't mean the nuns. We mean Yanni. Not from a haram source, okay, not from haram source. All right. And so always you'll find examples, the example of the humble and other righteous people as well, but there was put him as the example and how to respond to his dog. So now the halifa dies. He's dead before they meet him. So what are they going to do with them now? You know, the numbered and the young man Mohammed even know. So they sent them back to prison until the new halifa decides what to do with them. And the no Holly says

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

autosen, Bella and matassa now is it's going to take him obviously a while until he gets into the position and settles things in and makes it takes over properly and then he's going to look at the issue of the creation of the Quran. So what happens is that on the way back now, so these two men Now, again been very thin and frail, this young man Mohammed bin No, with the soldiers and the neither in there, change the guards with their weapons and the horses, leading them back to prison. hemolysis I did not see anyone along with his age and knowledge, who better stood firm for Allah sake than Mohammed ignore. And he says one day, somebody said to me, yeah, Abdullah, Abdullah, Allah

00:45:47--> 00:45:50

Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

00:45:51--> 00:45:52

Allah Allah.

00:45:53--> 00:46:35

He says, so you just throw out you leave the Yeah, so Allah Allah, you are not the same as me. This is Mohammed bin, not trying to give encouragement to the Imam, you are not the same as me. You are a man who is followed, and the people stretch their necks towards you. They want to listen to you to see what you will do. So fear Allah and be firm for Allah sake. And then he died and I prayed over him. So Subhan Allah, this was a young man who was studying and he wanted to become a scholar and a narrative Hadith and he wants to get married and he wants to have children, but he's jailed because of something like this. And he dies with his chains, surrounded by guards, and he's buried in an

00:46:35--> 00:46:37

unmarked grave. And

00:46:39--> 00:46:47

today, even no one knows where his grave is. Few people even know the name Mohammed bin No, but Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal knows his name.

00:46:48--> 00:46:51

And that's all that matters. So

00:46:54--> 00:47:23

he says that he this young man he does in his chains Well, there is no mercy and no one has pity on them. And he stands firm for the for his religion and dies without his friends without his family being around him. And he's buried in a strange land that he doesn't know. And now the Imam has to stand alone from against fitna traveling alone all the way to Baghdad with the soldiers and the floggers and all these, and he used to say that the prison

00:47:25--> 00:47:51

is hated and Sydney core. This prison is hated to us. And the chains are hated to us and beating being whipped is hated until now hasn't been beaten, but beating is hated. But for the sake of Allah, it is all easy. And he was imprisoned in a house and then moved to a general prison for about 30 months or more, till the halifa decides what to do. But totally he stayed for as a totally stayed for 30 months in this prison.

00:47:56--> 00:48:39

And then what happened is that some some scholars came to him while he was in prison. And they told him Yeah, I just say what they what they want you to say. And Allah give you a roxxon allowance to do that. So they are not mad replies to them. So what will you do with the hadith of hubbub, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said amongst those who came before you, and then would be sawn in half, but that would not cause him to abandon his religion. So then they gave up trying to advise him. And, and he said, I do not mind imprisonment, since it is since it in my house are the same, and he has being in prison. And being in my house, they're the same thing. No about being beheaded.

00:48:39--> 00:49:13

I don't mind being beheaded either. But rather I feel the trial of the whip. You see, he is afraid of the weapon. And he's being very frank is not trying to be a hero that he is not. This is one of the beautiful things. He will tell you when he was scared and when he was tired, and when he was fatigued. So he's not trying to pretend to he's a hero, or he said, I don't mind being killed. And I don't mind prison. It's just like sitting in my house. But what I do fear is the trial of the whip to be whipped. So he says a fellow prisoner heard Him and who was his fellow prisoner, it was a thief who had been whipped before. Right. So Pamela scholars telling him Yeah, say it, and the thief

00:49:13--> 00:49:24

now is encouraging him to stay set. So he's awesome. Don't be concerned about the law, for it's only for it will take only one or two lashes. And after that you will not you will not notice the rest of them strike you.

00:49:25--> 00:49:55

And, and this is the irony, a lot of a lot of things are like that. A lot of punishments are most severe in the beginning. And that's why we rely on some, some governments today, when they torture people, then they give them a day or two of good food and relaxation and things like that. And then they torture them again. Why? So they can feel it, it becomes more difficult. And punishment becomes more severe after a time of relaxation. Right? And that's why

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

Allah subhanaw taala mentions

00:50:02--> 00:50:04

It was the beginning of solar off.

00:50:07--> 00:50:47

And Korea in Botswana biathlon our home car and except the punishment will come to them baton baton is overnight like my beat overnight, or our home, Iran, the from the Lula taking a nap. So why these two times mentioned Why would they punishment would come at night, or while they're taking a nap because it will become more severe. If a people of a village are destroyed in their sleep, it's more severe than in the middle of working in picking up bricks and rocks. And in the middle of them, the most intense relaxation of sleep for a nap, suddenly the punishment comes it makes it more difficult. And this is one of the things that we will learn about the punishment of the Hellfire

00:50:47--> 00:51:00

that it doesn't decrease after the first touch or the first instance, the the millions hour or the 1000s minute is the same as the first second of touching with the builder. So this

00:51:02--> 00:51:13

this fief now is telling me about the law, don't worry about it, it's basically the first two washes that you'll feel and then the rest, you don't really feel them as bad as the first two. So in a vacuum, it says so it was.

00:51:14--> 00:51:21

So it was said that it felt at peace after this after this man gives him these words.

00:51:22--> 00:52:01

And while he was in prison, a lot of things would happen like a lot some time one time, they brought him water with ice in it. And it's not an ice wasn't an easy thing. It would bring it long distances, you know, wrapped up in everything. And so is for the holiday bonus for the rich people who could afford the ice. So they bring him water with ice in prison. It's not like you just press the thing that drops ice for you. So, and he would be very tired and very thirsty or also sometimes fasting. And they brought him water with ice. So he asked them, Do you have water with ice enough for me and everyone in prison? They told him no. So he refused it. He said, How can I drink water

00:52:01--> 00:52:11

with ice? Well, there are those with me who do not any. It's really unbelievable. And even these people, some of them were thieves and crooks because there were no more scholars in jail now is that last one.

00:52:12--> 00:52:33

Thieves, crooks, whatever they did. And he still carries that how can I drink water with ice or they don't drink water with ice. And he refused. And his uncle is half of in humble Russia. This happened. It was one of the scholars. He entered the boardroom. And he debated with him and he would tell him say what they want you to say. And that's when he would respond to him with the Hadith, of hubbub.

00:52:34--> 00:52:34


00:52:36--> 00:53:15

so now and Watson comes into power and nothing was different. So we said that moon love knowledge and and loved scholars and books and things like that. And he loved discussion and debate in the beginning of his time. And what goes on was different. And Watson didn't care for knowledge didn't care for Philip. He was strictly a soldier. And you'll see how unintelligent he was when we come to the debates later on. He was strictly a soldier. And he also took the views of the martyrs era. And he kept the same ministers in the same people in his government to add as his right hand man, his heart opennebula him as the governor of Baghdad or the chief of police. So now this is going to

00:53:15--> 00:53:35

expect me now to get more difficult, at least the first guy understood knowledge and new debating in books. This guy is just a soldier. And he just inherits this belief and he has to remain upon it. And of course, nobody keeps encouraging him upon testing people upon this upon this belief. But

00:53:38--> 00:53:39


00:53:40--> 00:53:40

excuse me,

00:53:43--> 00:53:51

the imprisonment that we mentioned earlier, he was imprisoned in the house of Amara in Baghdad, in the stable of many

00:53:52--> 00:53:58

African Mohammed Ibrahim, and who is the brother of his half of an Abraham and he was

00:54:00--> 00:54:05

very restricted in his imprisonment and even became ill and Ramadan. And then after that, he was moved to the general prison.

00:54:07--> 00:54:27

And he would be in his chains and everyone else, you know, but he would, they're not chained in prison, but he would be in his chain changed in his prison and I witnesses would say we saw him lead the prayer. In his he would lead the people in prayer, but while he would be chained, and, and it's interesting, he would he was able to remove

00:54:28--> 00:54:47

that important point here. He was able to remove his foot out of the manacle the brace on his foot, the head there were very heavy chains, by the way, and they were more cruelty later, they would add more chains. Some of them had bricks, huge bricks attached to the chain just to make life difficult for them. So

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

an eye witnesses that he would take his foot out of the main chain, his foot and sleep, Woodford for sleep. So he's able to remove his foot and take it off, but he keeps it on

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

Why? Because they need to put it there. And obedience to the Emir, even at a time like this. So the Emir decides I should be in prison, I'm going to stay in prison, I'm going to try to break out, he decides I'm going to be in chains. I'm going to stay in chains, even though I can pull my foot out and remain free all day of the weight, but he will only take it off sometimes for salah and for sleep.

00:55:21--> 00:55:22


00:55:24--> 00:56:01

when it was the 17th of Ramadan, it says I was transported to the house of his hakobyan Ibrahim while I was chained with one chain, and everyday two men would come to me. And they were mad. Right. Right, rehab, and Abu Ghraib, a judge, they were sent by the governor to talk to me and to debate with me. And when they finish, they would call for another shackle to add to those that were already upon me. And so they were four shackles upon my legs. And then he described some of the debates he says, the man asked me, so then the government, the governor, sent these two men to debate with him. This is part of what was said,

00:56:02--> 00:56:43

Excuse me. He asked me, How do you say that the Quran is the speech of Allah. And Allah is not likened onto anything and human beings speak, saying, How do you say Allah speaks? and human being speaking Allah is not like anything. That means Allah doesn't speak because humans speak. So I asked him, do humans have knowledge? He said, Yes. So how could so how could Allah have knowledge is responding to how can I have knowledge? Perhaps, or perhaps you think that a lot of knowledge is created? And the man said, Yes, it was knowledge is created. You see how the property gets you into problems? He wasn't even thinking? He said, Yes, Allah knowledge is created. So even tells me our

00:56:43--> 00:57:24

cover has become a cancer. How could you say that Allah is knowledge is created. So Allah had no knowledge until he created it? And how did he create knowledge? How did he created when he didn't have any knowledge? You see, that doesn't make sense. And if you have no knowledge, how can you create your knowledge now? How can you create without knowledge? So then, the Messenger of his half of Abraham, the governor was standing, so he tells him but he got he got angry, he got angry because you're calling the messenger of ameerul momineen. A cancer cells and this is the messenger of Amir Mini. Could you call him MacArthur? So it says to the guard, he has said that ullas knowledge is

00:57:24--> 00:58:00

created. This is now he's debating with supposedly scholars of the martyrs Lila, stills the guard of the prison, he said that alleged knowledge is created, and he narrates for the men looked at the one who is debating with me, in a way showing disapproval over what he said the guard just a guard now, he disapproved How can you say the knowledge of Allah is created. So in Ahmed said, Whoever thinks that the Quran is created, he is a Kaffir. And whoever thinks that the knowledge of Allah is created, he is a cover. And whoever thinks that the names and attributes of Allah are created is a cafe.

00:58:01--> 00:58:12

And he says this continued until the fourth night after Isha prayer. So now four days, remember four chains every day, that is change. And he says, the fourth night after Isha prayer,

00:58:13--> 00:58:57

doesn't give orders to is how covenant Brahim saying, bring Ramadan humble to me. And so he was first taken to the governor has helped him Abraham, this is before being now sent to the halifa. so humbled says, so I was taken, and I was entered upon his heart. And he said to me, yeah, well, like it is your soul. And it is by law, you're solid, meaning you're going to be killed. He has sworn to kill you with the sword and to beat you severely, and to put you in a place where you will not see sunlight or meaning or when nursing says neither the son nor the moon. So it's half then said okay, let me give it one more try to debate with him and to convince him that the Quran is graded before I

00:58:57--> 00:59:01

send him off to the Hollywood just one more try, want to try his luck with him.

00:59:02--> 00:59:50

So he told he says to him, did not Allah say in the Quran, in Jannah, or an Arabic we have made it upon here, it really means we have sent it down. She says, Have We not made it an Arabic Quran? So you know, Ahmed says yes. So when he says in Java, and he made it is not anything that is module created, everything that's made, is created. How does he respond? And and this is his first time to hear this argument. Immediately. He responds and has not Allah subhanaw taala says janome casting not cool. The verses talking about what the army of elephants, Allah says for Jonathan costume aku so he made them and at the end, they resembled like a field of like eating and trading stocks what

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

they look like. So then he tells him for john Carson Nakula bottle of Abra. He said, Yes, he says then did He create them another time

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

He was telling him, he said when Allah says for Jolla home Casa macoun. This gentlemen, if you're saying jhala, home means created them. So when Allah says For janome, does that mean He created him a new time or created him looking like that? Is that what it means? So we understand that argument. So did he create them all over again? And so it's hard to remember him was quiet, because it makes sense when Elijah gostream Nakul doesn't mean he created them Gods from a code. If Allah Allah, Quran, Arabic doesn't mean he created it as an Arabic Cora. So he felt that he's at his attempt and he said, Take him away Take him to meet the halifa. So Sala his son says, so my father was taken,

01:00:45--> 01:01:13

and he narrates from his father saying, so I was taken in saying I was taken to the place known as the gate, oval, oval of the garden, and he Bob Stan, and with me on the strip was one of the top ministers of the abetted dynasty and a messenger from his heart. His name was Baba. And Baba was a Persian. So he said in Persian, what do you want from this man? He's asking the gods as they're taking into the halifa What do you want from this man? So they said,

01:01:14--> 01:01:57

so Mohammed Amhara be this man. He said to him, they want him to say that the Quran is created. So Baba, the simple messenger. He said, I don't know anything of these things. He said to Allah, Allah Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and the blood relations of men into Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, he's a simple man is saying, that's all I know, that Allah and are a mirror meaning he has blood relations to the Prophet sallallahu de Sena saying so he and loyalty to the Amir. That's all that's required. Even this simple man is saying it. And, you know, Ahmed is looking at this man and saying, this is all that's required. Why are they forcing people upon this belief? So inshallah

01:01:57--> 01:02:14

we'll stop here. What we're going to do next time, we're what we're going to start exactly with the first meeting between Qasim and Imam Muhammad Humbert Rahim Allah will take the narration of a man his name is Suleiman

01:02:15--> 01:02:35

z, and he basically, you know, he felt he knows, he knew some guards that had a relationship with him and he found a way to the front row and so he narrates the narration for us and he was front row and he would just toss him and the Mohammed meeting for the first time and there's going to be beating and whipping and all kinds of things but inshallah

01:02:37--> 01:02:44

it will be at seven o'clock next time in sha Allah, Xochimilco for attentive listening. Before we end, we want to say again,