Omar Suleiman – Avoiding that which doesn’t concern you

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's own flaws and weaknesses in Islam is essential for everyone to be of aid to them. Representatives of Islam emphasize the importance of finding one's own weaknesses in the culture and maintaining healthy behavior. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding activities that are of no benefit to oneself and reminds individuals of their work in Charlottetown and Europe.
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So now

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once again, everyone welcome back to our nightly reflection.

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I hope you all are doing well inshallah. So I wanted to actually connect tonight's reflection to what we spoke about last night. So last night, we mentioned this hadith In brief, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned the most beloved of actions to Allah. And the beginning of that Hadith is that an assailant nurse and feral home nurse that the most beloved of people or the best of people in the sight of Allah, are those who are the most beneficial to the people. So the best of people are those that are most beneficial to the people and then have will emanate Allah, the Most Beloved of actions to Allah. And then I mentioned the three things that come in that

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narration unterschiede Lb agar surah total terima homophobes, Leon Medina, that you feed that you enter a sense of joy into the heart of your brother or sister a sense of inner joy, or that you feed them a loaf of bread or that you do away with one of their deaths. So I wanted to look at the flip side of that. So the beginning of the deed suggests that

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one way to know that you are loved by a law or one way to directly find yourself in the category of those who are

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seen favorably by their creator, may Allah make us all amongst them is to look at how beneficial you're being. Okay? Now, the other side of that I wanted to talk about a statement from him hustle and bustle. You know, my boss we said man, allow me to mean allama try de la Italia and elab and Yara Shula who female or yakni that one of the signs that Allah has abandoned a person is that he busies him with that which is of no benefit to him or that which is of no concern to him. So again, man, I'ma try the light on and I'm one of the signs that Allah has turned away from a person is that that person is busy with that which is of no benefit to them, that person is busy with that which is

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of no concern to them. And this connects with a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said when hosting Islam and mighty Taku mad irony that one of the signs of a person's soundness and faith is that they abandon that which does not concern them. So part of the perfection of faith is ignoring that which doesn't concern you. So if you connect the two you know this same for email Hassan Busey Rahim Allah, which can be extrapolated from the saying of the Prophet peace be upon him to the Hadith yesterday, if the most beloved of people to allow the best of people in the sight of Allah are those that are most beneficial to the people, then those that are most abandoned by a lot

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are those that involve themselves in the affairs of the people in a way that's not beneficial. Okay, so there's a direct connection, the first person is someone that involves themselves with the people, not to expose them, not to humiliate them, not to waste time, but to directly benefit them to be of aid to them. The second is someone who involves themselves in the affairs of people in a way that they're looking for their flaws, they're looking for their faults, they're looking for their next gossip material, they're looking for things that don't have any benefit to them whatsoever. And so that first person that involves themselves in the affairs of the people with the

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intention of benefiting the people, is the opposite then of a person who involves themselves with the affairs of the people in a way of humiliating them or exposing their flaws, or following up to temporary robots as the profit slice I mentioned that, you know, constantly looking for the next gossip constantly looking for the next, you know, juicy thing that that's being spoken about, involving themselves and things that are of no benefit. So the prophets lie. Some said that one of the ways to make your Islam sound to make your faith sound is to abandon that which doesn't concern you. And this is really important right now. Because a lot of us have a lot more time on our hands,

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we're spending more time on social media, we're spending more time looking through different things. And it's very easy to get lost in following the latest news and latest news, not in a way that's beneficial or not in a way that informs you about the world. But in a way that gets you caught up in the next drama. Right? If there was ever a time for us to put a moratorium on Muslim Twitter drama, then it would be now Okay, if there was ever a time for us to rethink our social media usage, it would be now right in the midst of this pandemic, where people are worried about how they're going to bury their loved ones, where people are worried about how they're going to fulfill their

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obligations in a way that they've never had to think about before. This is the time for us to really rethink the way that we involve ourselves in the affairs of other people. The things that we busy ourselves with that first person is someone that looks to see how they can be of assistance to the people so that they

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could benefit themselves in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That second person is someone who looks to see how they can humiliate the people or how they can get involved in the latest gossip and drama, in a way that distances themselves from a loss of Hannah Montana, okay? And it also is just so unproductive, right? And by the way, I do want to actually point out something here that

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to say that something doesn't concern you is not to say that it's not important, okay? There are some things that are important that you don't need to weigh in on and you don't need to waste your time with right, there are some things that just don't concern you. And that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to pay attention to? Is this of benefit to me? Do I need to be involved in this? Do I need to be following this? Is there anything that I'm going to gain out of this for my dunya or for my Africa, and if you read all of the books about you know, people that get ahead, people that are productive, they always talk about how you use your idle time, and how you

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how you perfect your craft. Now our craft as believers is trying to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. And, you know, look, man, and Hakeem, who's a great man that a lot of talks about in the poor, and that some of the minor opinion is that he was a prophet. But he's certainly a great figure that we that we hear about in Nepal and who excelled with his character whose advice to his son is priceless advice, timeless advice for us. He was asked to be an adult, he says he was asked, how is it that you reach the position that you reached? How is it that you got to that place that you got, and he said two things he said to be simply had easy with being truthful with my speech? What total

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key Lima Yardeni and to abandoning that, which did not concern me, so the first thing again, was I was truthful with my speech, I was someone that constantly spoke the truth, I made sure that I did not lie. And the second thing was, I did not busy myself with that which is, which was of no concern to me. And there's a connection between the two, because if a person engages constantly gossip and things that are of no benefit to them, they're bound to transmit a lie, even if they you know, even if they didn't intend to lie, you know, the prophets lie, Selim said, that it's enough of lying enough of a share of lying for a person that and yet to have this be Cooley miasmatic, that he

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passes on everything that he hears, right, that you just really everything that you hear. And so if you're constantly engaging things that are not productive, that are not beneficial to you, you're bound to also lose your, your, your threshold of truth, your standard of speaking the truth, constantly. And so be simply had the the, the way that he got ahead was with the truthfulness of his speech, what's our key lemma Yardeni and to abandon that, which was of no concern to me, so you need to ask yourself, How do I keep myself busy with things that are of benefit to me? Now, I should say with that, that leisure, leisure, that is Helen leaser, that is permissible, is not how long, okay,

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it's not forbidden, in fact, it can be used to propel you towards that, which is good. So taking a break,

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you know, you know, engaging things that are not, that don't involve gossip, that don't involve things that are out on don't involve things that are forbidden, engaging things that are not, you know, full of drama, full of fitness, just engaging things that are light hearted, that are within the bounds of permissibility. For the sake of getting better for the sake of recharging for the sake of refreshing those things are actually positive. Okay, so it's okay to, you know, engage your share of sports and games, your share of comedy, engage your share of whatever it may be, right and, you know, have some fun, you know, light hearted humor, as we talked about yesterday, sometimes that can

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even be an act of worship, right? But just not getting too caught up in things that are of no benefit to you to where it becomes like an occupation and addiction, to where you know everything about everything that has nothing to do with you. Okay, but you're just so obsessed with always following things through getting bogged down in those things in the process, killing your time in the process, you know, looking at things you're not supposed to be looking at transmitting things you're not supposed to be transmitting, developing certain things about your, you know, certain feelings may be about your brothers and sisters getting caught up in things that are of just no

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benefit to you whatsoever. And I want to end on that note with something just very beautiful. Chef Mohammed Masatoshi MPT mentioned

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you know how the believer lives, their lives or how they determine whether something is of benefit or not. Okay, so if the Islamic tuckahoe melone, that if from the goodness of a person's Islam is that they abandon that which is of no benefit to them, and that it's a sign that Allah has abandoned you or turned away from you, which is very scary because right now we're all thinking about how do we get on God's side? How do we get a lot on our side? How do we connect to the creator how

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we beseech him, how do we get his aid right now in these difficult moments, so, you know there's a direct connection then if a person is getting bogged down and things that are of no benefit.

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So that's one side of things and then again, engaging things or engaging the affairs of the world to see how you can be of benefit, right, which is the complete opposite perspective, a complete shift in mindset with how you deal with it. So anyway, it chef Mohammed MacFarlane, PT said something very beautiful. He said that the believer sees affairs, beneficial affairs in one of two ways. He said Mr. mockbee, don't allow shunning and should only do near your sleep. You're staring OBE filati. He, he said either a person engages a matter related to this world that will rectify his affairs and help him prepare for the hereafter. So what's beneficial in the worldly sciences, finding something

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that will help rectify my worldly affairs within the bounds of permissibility and helped me prepare for the hereafter. So in my mock up, don't shut down and shoot when you do near your slave who you're staring over here. If you're not, he will not be doing either shutting inventory only if you're it here, you're staring up the car to be here. This is so beautiful. My translation is not going to do it justice. He said, The second thing is a matter related to the hereafter that will prepare him for his meeting with his Lord. So I'm engaging something that is worldly, so that it can either rectify my world or prepare me for the hereafter. Or I engage something that is here after

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oriented so that it can better prepare me for my meeting with a lot for my meeting with my creative with my Lord. So again, he said, either a matter multitone Anna Sutton and Julian Jr. Either a matter related to this world, you'll see who is standing over here and the authority, the rectify him rectifies affairs help him prepare for the hereafter well in the Makino nada shutting in the trouble, and he did it, he stayed to be here, because it'll be He, or a matter related to the hereafter that would prepare me for my meeting with my Lord. So again, just find as much as you can, I mean, it's gonna be very easy for us, as we're getting used to this new life, right? A lot of

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knows how long it's going to be to get really, really lost and a bunch of gossip and a bunch of drama and a bunch of fitten you know, people are gonna have so much time for toxicity now that they should have been abandoned even when they had very little time. Ask yourself when when you start getting caught up in something like is this really going to benefit me? Is this really going to help me in any way? Is this even recharging me? Or is this corrupting myself? Is this corrupting my enough's and find things as much as you can, even in the realm of leisure, be intentional about your leisure, be intentional about your breaks, that you're taking a break so that you can recharge, but

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you don't get lost in those things. And as we're trying to find structure in Charlottetown, and trying to get our days, right, so that we're doing everything in proper timing, it's going to be very important for us to divide our affairs effectively, and efficiently inshallah. So I pray that that's a benefit to you. And one of you know, I guess, the silver lining of the time that we have right now, you know, it's really refreshing to see some of the beautiful talks that are coming out some of the beautiful lectures and programs, things that have moved virtually, that we definitely want to engage the massage and once again, the houses have a lot again, it's just beautiful to see

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all the different Institute's all the different seminaries, all the different scholars and imams that are putting out just beneficial content. So there's enough for you to engage in sha Allah in this time, and pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows you to find this of benefit as well. And I will see you all tomorrow. inshallah. Also on that note, by the way,

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if you go to European Institute's Facebook page, you'll find that we have a daily reminder there at European Institute's Facebook page every morning in Charlottetown. So you'll find that the first one was today with our dear brother, Dr. Altamira saying the Vice President of VIP uploaded a very beneficial reminder today they're in a Java tablet tomorrow I believe we have shipped more ammunition now we have our bud uploading also something are coming online for something very beneficial chocolates out as well. So hello, Clayton, I pray that you all keep well. I appreciate your comments and I'll see you tomorrow inshallah. So now I want to come back into life.

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