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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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In a woman's house sleeker and me

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better tonight

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footie hat is

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what we

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sell on.

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La La to Santa Monica.

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We're going to pick up from where we left off. This is iron number 17 of Southern Nevada, in a sleek anime Potter, we said no doubt the day of separation.

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It has already been appointed and it had been a day with with a fixed time me caught in Arabic evolves around which means in appropriated or fixed time for something that can't be moved. Allah says yo my own sofa, so de una fuerza. Now that the introduction has been made to that day, now the rest of the ayat much of them will be depicting the events of that day, larva, which begins by saying, yo my office office for the day on which it will be blown meaning nothing universal enough. So that the the breath will be blown into the soul. The trumpet was commonly called, but literally a soldier in Arabic means the horn, literally the either the Horn of an animal or the horn that is

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blowing into

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to the tune is

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in seal, and how that which is the second person, all of you will come forward as a result in multitudes in armies. And so find a large xojo, turning towards the Godfather and talking to them, not about them. The sooner I began, I'm like, Yes, I do not data alone. But yet, they are asking one another, it was third person. But now I was talking to them. In other words, in the beginning alone was expressing his disgust with them, by not even addressing them directly. He was talking about them, this is called the varied in Arabic to distance oneself from the one you are not happy with. But then there's a there's a tool in Arabic, to illustrate your anger at the one by first not

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talking to them directly, and then eventually turning to them, and hitting them by surprise. This is what we do in the classroom. Like, for example, the teacher is teaching the class and you know, one of the children they fail the test, right? So the teacher walks in and says some people didn't do very good on their exam. And now everybody's kind of nervous, but they're not sure if it's them. And in the middle of his yelling at the students, all of a sudden, he points out the line says you by the way, you know what happens to all he's caught off guard all of a sudden, right? This is this is a consistent tool in the Quran, in the way Allah executes a threat. For example, this is what carlu

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they said, Allah has taken us, right?

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Now, then immediately,

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say, Anita, you have come forward to the monstrous monster estate, a monstrosity you've put forward, all of a sudden you from baby you, they said, but you've done this, right? So there's this transition from from, from third person to the second person, this is the same thing that happens. In fact,

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one of the benefits of the word

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in Arabic, is that it doesn't just mean to come

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up with means to come. But it means to come also means to submit, attain alpha in the heavens in the earth, they turn to Allah they said, We come in submission, meaning we submit ourselves completely. Right. So why don't you submit yourselves in multitudes also, not only will you come forward in multitude, you will give yourselves up in multitude. This is enough, as

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you know, to show the contrast between how you are now you are in rebellion, and how you will be then you will be multitude altogether in submission to a lot this summer for Canada. Now, you notice a large origin in this surah when he was explaining his his power, he said data sovereignty data and this is mark on this episode referring to the skies because of silver there, right that a lot constructed over us seven intense, powerful construction seven heavens. Now those same heavens that Allah has the power to destroy that he did describe their power in this era. And now he's coming back to those same habits on that scale together.

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then the sky will be opened up. The sky will be

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torn, open, ripped open literally, the cabinet of waba that it is as though it was doors and this is from the valve of what does it mean that the sky will be like doors. This has to do with the fitment that was used with the summer, the summer, before banana albena to construct in construction was the most loose part of the construction in the building. That's the door that's the one that opens and closes a lot if you want to break something in the house, what's the first thing that's gonna break or get damaged? It's the door because it hinges and it moves constantly. The window is not is not in as common use as the door is right. And that's the weakest part of the construction. When somebody

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attacks your house, they don't attack the wall they attack the door. So law as origin speaks of this magnificent construction and says it'll look like the whole thing is the weakest construction the door for Canada will be look it look like opening and closing doors, you'll see cracks all over the place, as opposed to the situation now this guy How do you see any crack anywhere? right a lot of challenges unifying.

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You keep looking until your eyes will get tired and you won't find any cracks. And on the Day of Judgment, the exact opposite Allah says we'll put the hottest summer.

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And then this is what's gonna happen to the sky. That which He impressed the disbeliever with in the in the way that is created. Then the next thing notice before Allah says, well, gee, Bada Tada. He mentioned the mounts in the same surah that are designed Look, look at the kinds of tents you put together. Look at the tent, the lions made the Jeeva the amount what comparison is there. Now he speaks of those same sky, those same mountains, and he says was three years in Japan. So you'll notice, of course, in an image who will lead from the past tense in the passive voice. And ajibola is the not able to find

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or fail that somebody failed. Oh, that's the grammatical term. It's irrelevant. Anyway, this year actually, this word that you see it in Japan is is used for something that moves easily. Like nowadays, you would use the speed if you take a ball and you roll it on the ground, this is moving easily. There's no force necessary. It kind of sales by itself. Okay, this is this is the word used for smooth. Like if you're casually walking around, then you're doing to see no effort. If you're running, that's a little different, right. But if you're just casually moving this is this year, Allah says that the mountains will be moving with ease. They'll just be rolling around, floating

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around with casual ease. The last thing you would associate with movement, not to mention casual movement is the mountain but Allah says which was released in Japan, and then he has spoken at sababa. And this has multiple effects. The first effect First of all, some odd means a mirage literally means a mirage, then they'll turn into a mirage meaning like you know how a mirage floats in the air. So it will be almost like the mountains are floating. And also because a mirage has no reality. In the end, when you go there, there's nothing the mountains will be turned to nothing. But actually this also depicts depicts what the human eye will see. When the human eye will see the

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mountains moving. They're not going to believe it. What are they gonna think it's gonna appear to them as though this is a mirage, this can really be happening. But

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then now comes to the point you see there were two warnings, right? Can I say

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two of them. The first one was for the day of judgment that is in the Yeoman Academy kata you Yama

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well suited to Japan. Now all of this was the first scan let's say on the moon. Okay, Yama, Yama. What's the second kindness? soon you're gonna find they're gonna find out again. This is Jana. This is the second time they're gonna find out Sophia and then now. Now we go forward to find the next depiction in Johanna Kennett. Masada no doubt the Hellfire has always been waiting in ambush. millside there's another word that's related to it. Muslim this comes from rusada in Arabic.

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This refers to the one who is trying to ambush like it's totally fine to

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sit there waiting for them in any place you can find to try to ambush them meaning a place you hide where you want to try and attack somebody. That's Masud middle slot, which is a different word is a place ideal for ambush, meaning it's designed with the only intent to hide and attack the enemy. Allah describes the Hellfire as a place that's been hiding and waiting to attack. That's how it's been described goddess sada and one of the conceit of this ayah like for example, we find US Embassy Rahim Allah using this ayah to explain what it means to have slotomania mala Xhosa says is there there's no one from you at all except that they will go over it they will pass over it meaning they

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will pass over the Hellfire fire that bridge a slot that we're going to pass. So we will get to experience or at least witness what we have escaped. inshallah Tada. When a look by His mercy he enters us into His paradise anyhow. So now in the Johanna McCarrick, Masada is waiting to ambush

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Now for the believers they'll be able to pass by but for the disbelievers that will ambush them will grab them. So

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then who is it for an ambush for Lippa, Xena, it is an ambush for a party. Now I didn't say here caffeine or nicotine. So many other words could have been your bodily mean and philosophy. Specifically, the word use here is about hate, because this is not talking about the the gopher is the outside, what's on the inside, it's still here. It's rebellion. I want to do what I want to do. The you know, on the outside, even the philosophy major or the professor, whoever, that the people are atheists or whoever they don't want to acknowledge God or Sam or whatever it may be. Not because they have some intellectual arguments in the heart of the matter. It is they want to live the life

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that we want. They want to live them. They don't want to accept a higher authority. In other words, they want to rebel against any higher authority. That's the root of this whole problem. It isn't really that they're curious about a novel Nazim it began on last night. Why are they asking? Not because they're curious because of their Boolean because of their rebellion. So Allah says this ambush of the Hellfire, it's waiting in ambush for who for the rebellious. And then he says a place that they will have to keep going back to meaning it illustrates they're going to try to escape and it keeps getting he's sucking them back in the place where you come back to rest. You can't get away

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from it.

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Don't protect us from his Hellfire the word map is a monster and it's also a love which means it's a place of state and it's also state itself it this is how it's been just defined lobby Fida he has. This is very important. in which there's some confusion which we have to inshallah Tada, clarify. Let me tell you,

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the bathroom the bathroom, these words are used to stay somewhere a very long time. So, Tallinn say akula the scene they're going to be staying there for a very, very long period of time. And then that long period of time has been given a quantity. This is Kava, Kava is the plural of according to the law, for example, there are many opinions, the most popular one is the one that you love you love that is 80 years old is 80 years every day of which is 1000 years. So it's 80 years everyday, which is 1000 years. The other one has a different opinion, regardless, even if it's 80 years and every day is 1000 years is that infinite or finite? In the end, that's finite, right. So it lets

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some of us room to argue. And this has been negated thoroughly. That Hellfire in the end will and it won't be there the whole time. Or it will in the end. It's only this long, at least there's some hope. Right? But actually has something to say to him. Allah commented that Allah didn't say, but he said carbon

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would have been one set of 80 years every day of which is 1000 years. But Allah said carbon which means they are multiple and that the seed of this is coming in the next I will put the two together. So he says the Gemma the plural illustrates that there is no end to it. When you finish one haircut, what happens? The next haircut begins when you set when you finish the second one, the next one begins and so on and so forth. And it's an endless series of plurals. So it's actually illustrating hopelessness, the captain would think I have spent an entire hookup maybe I'm done. As soon as that false hope kit takes over him, the next Huckle begins. And so it's actually a means of torture that

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allows those as mentioned, out of the means of psychological torture, by just saying other than what she says in other places, that's forever and ever. But you know, if you again, I give you the example of a child, when when the child is put in detention for 10 minutes, but the teacher actually knows it's 20 minutes. He is so hopeful with those 10 minutes when he gets to that 10th minute, and he's told there's another 10 minutes, those 10 minutes don't seem like 10 minutes, they seem like hours and hours and hours. They seem like forever, right? That's the psychological torture of a prisoner, that they're being given the, the at least the hope that the outcome is over, yet another

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one is about to begin. And how do we know this? The proof is in the text itself. Alonzo just says actually, Luca Fernandez is coming that's the that's the proof. Allah says in taste we will not increase in it for you accept anything but punishment that's actually the toughest or the harshest Ayah against the people of Hellfire in the entire Quran when we get to it we'll talk about that. Now we speak of the two kinds of torture that a lot highlights in the solar layer the kunafa burden

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they will not get a taste in it neither coolness now there coolness what a shout Robin nor any kind of drink. You know law speaks in the Quran of the least least least punishment in the Hellfire when he says whether in Masato

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even if a little whiff of the punishment of your Lord touched them, the word he used was not Ha ha ha. In Arabic there's the word know how it noon and love Howard lamb. The two words right? Love her is a warm breeze and nuts. How would noon is a cool breeze.

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So, let us even if the coolest reads of Hellfire touched them even that is so hot. So,

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good nobody mean

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they will cry out over and over again destruction is falling upon us we have been the wrong tours, we had been continuously the wrong tours. So, here lessons they will taste no such thing as coolness without Shabbat nor any drink. And by the way, again keep in mind in desert life, one of the two things you aspire towards you to aspire towards coolness, and towards the drink these are the means of these are the joys of desert desert like you know the the expression in the Arabic language or Latina who his eyes became cool is used when you pass through the desert, it's so hot that your eyes are burning. And finally the Sandstorm is over the heat is gone, then you see my eyes became cool,

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right? That's the same expression Allah uses in Quran for our spouses and our children. Right. And I have learned I mean as well you know, tolyatti Nakamura is the coolness of our eyes. So who lives in Arabic culture is a great pleasure. So let takes that pleasure away What shall happen and Robin nor any kind of drink, then he adds only two more things in the hammy man or herself. And these two things are in response to above then whether

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the instead of having coolness, they will have boiling water poured on them. So this is in response, instead of getting getting cooler. They're getting scorched, literally. I mean, then for drink instead of drink water.

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On the surface plus, or infected blood of the other torture camp, you know, the other companions of the Hellfire that are being tortured and bleeding, that are boiling pus, and they're infected pus, that's the only thing they will get to drink

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to protect us from the hellfire. And at the end of all of this,

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it seems you know, if you describe this to a disbeliever, they'll say, Man, your religions got a lot of torture man, this is serious stuff. This is pretty intense. You know you I mean really do the people really deserve this. Look at the next word jazza I'm

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jazza means payback. Does that means payback? And it already includes the meaning of you get what you worked for. It's already, you know, complete. But then what is the word we found? We found is the master of wahaca.

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Now the idea sometimes the master the infinitive is used in the place of innocence. So what we were expecting other words, just

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that's what we were expecting. That's what the normal Arabic would expect. When you say we thought what that illustrates is, there could be no more suited, perfectly placed appropriate punishment than this. Meaning that the things that these people did, this is exactly down to the last ounce. This is exactly what they deserve. Not a bit more, not a bit less design without and then, you know, the captain will come to his mind. What is it that I've done that so bad that I deserve this? And Allah is saying perfectly this much. This is exactly what you deserve. There's no exaggerated punishment. There's no torture, there's no oppression, this is justice. This is exactly what you

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deserve. What is it that I did wrong? in the home Can I have do not have this is actually coming as it's opening up the subject. These were normal without the people. They had been the ones they had no expectations. They had no hopes, in his sub in accountability. They had no hopes of accountability. Now the wording is very careful. alera xojo did not speak here of these people were expecting, right? You have Takapuna, they had talker. They were expecting No, they didn't hope for his up. There's different there's a difference. When you don't expect it. That means you didn't have any idea. When you don't hope for it. It means you heard about it. You knew it's coming or you had a

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feeling it's coming but you were very hopeful that it probably I hope it doesn't happen like that. And you let your false hopes delude you. This is what Allah says what you will, he will.

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Right? Let their false host delude them. They're also swear, hopefully this hisab this accountability, all of my deeds being put in front of me, hopefully this will not happen. And you will find this attitude today, sadly enough, even amongst a Muslim, even perhaps even within your family, that you try to talk to them about about accountability, we will have to answer a love for the things we say, for the things we do for the way we treat one another for the kinds of monies we earn for the kinds of monies we spend, we're gonna have to answer a lot. And they say, Come on, you're depressing me. I don't want to talk about this. Let's talk about something else. Right? They

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did. their hopes are being challenged. So they want to stay in their false hopes. They want to stay in their apostles. This happened to the people of the book before us. To whom Allah says these are the wishful thoughts, you know, so here again, in Canada, you're gonna, this is their first crime. This crime was on the inside, in their hole in their head in their heart. They were hoping for any kind of recompense, but then that false hope led them to do something on the outside.

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So there's the instance

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side of the cashier, and the outside of the cafeteria to the inside of the cafe is in the home, can they have tuna fish on the outside is what the movie is gonna give them. The line against our IR. This means many things. First of all, they lied themselves. Second, they lied against the miraculous Ayatollah. They lied against our miraculous revelation, the light against our miraculous signs the I have a lot of two kinds. I had konia and I add cornea, right? So I add konia that he's talking about the mountains, the earth, your own spouses, the fact that we're created in pairs, the night that you wish we can avoid our sleep. These are the ions in our existence. And then there are the IRS of

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Quran. This person did refuse to reflect on either of them. They refuse to reflect on either. So now, there will be iottie Anakin Dabba By the way, the word

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is a muster and another muster another infinitive that is associated with it is the creep, right? But the data for roofie tech leap. Here we find, though, that the difference between the miscue dab is worse. kidnap is worse than that clip. And if you look at the context of this sort of versus that sort of the people described here are much worse. So this this word is used here instead. Anyway, what will be if they profusely and continuously lied against Our Ayat? against the messengers, lying is the truth, lying against someone or be lying someone that is speaking the truth, to you know what you try to character assassinate someone when they're telling the truth? This is also true, that

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you're not denying what they're saying, but you insult them instead. And this is what many of the kuffaar did against the messengers. They didn't have any arguments in response to the truth. So they would insult the messengers instead. Hopefully, that'll end the argument. Then Eliza just says what could I say? No. This is against their false hopes, as they were hoping there won't be any facade. Speaking of hisab, Allah says, What can I say Nikita and in ESP, when it comes to each and everything, Kula Shay is he and his macadam is brought earlier to for the job for shock. Don't be surprised each and every last thing we have completely encompassed a signup slot in Arabic, you

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know, in modern Arabic, it means to count, right, like our data, also the count, but there's a difference between odd and if slot, and the differences aside, is to count something, and to protect it also to archive it and to save it and to completely have protection over it, meaning you're not going to lose your data, you know, the accountant can count and do the books, and then the books could get burned, or the harddrive could crash or something. But it is not only counted, but it's also protected. Allah says will

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now we've counted it and protected a lot what have I done both at the same time in a record in a written document

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for Dooku, this is the IR that is

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considered heavy hit, I shall do it.

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this will be ushered in this, you know, the scholars comment, this is the ayah that is the worst I have either this one we're about to talk about, every time they try to get out of the punishment, they are entered into a one that is worse than the one that came out of and this is what what is mentioned here, anyhow, Allah says then go ahead and taste go ahead and taste. Now if you look in the hyatts before

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they light against third person, right, it was very that was far away, all of a sudden, that as a result, all of you taste this is you not day, but you again, this is coming closer. The principle here is the fact

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that this transition from third person to second person, it illustrates how intense the anger of Allah is that he's actually you know, having this spoken to them. But here one of the things is Allah azza wa jal did not say for Colorado home the home, the Lord said to them are called Allahu Allahu Allah said to them, or your Kula will say to them, Allah does not mention his name next to them does not mention his name next to the people of the hellfire. And this is so because in many other places in the Quran, you will find Tila, it was said to them, or it will be sent to them. A lot is not even turned towards them when I

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when I use a key him whether you can evohome Allah says Allah will not talk to them directly. So they will be told this. But according to other excerpts from the Quran, we learned that on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will not address them. Allah will address them directly. This is part of their punishment, that Allah won't even turn towards them to protect us from the Hellfire for those who

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then go ahead and taste and then thus we will not increase you as a result. We are not going to increase you in anything except further punishment. by Linda zydeco in the water they will what will they be begging for? They'll be begging for some bottled, some shrub, some coolness, a little bit of relief, a little bit of drink, but Allah says the only thing that will be increased for you is further

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Punishment worse than the one that was there before. Now the pages have been turned the flip side on the other side. You see in the slide, there are two main, there are two audiences. There's the kuffaar. And there's also the macdaddy. Allah speaks about him he's also speaking to them is giving them counsel also. And this at the same time the kuffaar get to hear how law speaks to them. Right? So you have to understand what's going on as far as the audiences and how to appreciate what is being said. Allah subhana wa tada turns to them with talking and talking about them, he says in the Pina Mufasa, it is only for the people of dakhla not even meaning here, not in LA Latina Avenue, but

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the people of Tableau why, specifically why in the context of these Ayah duckula refers to two things commonly it is translated as fear, right? Fear of a loved one law, but this stat entirely correct that's helpful. like India, half Allah we heard when it pleases India half a lot, but I let me write that we heard insula. But what here taqwa what it refers to is, the precautions you take, as a result of fear, the things you do because you're afraid. So when you lock your doors at night, at the house, you are exercising taqwa. Okay, when you go for Hajj and you make sure your passport is with you and you have some extra money, some cash and etc. So you take these precautions, but as

00:26:23--> 00:26:23

overdue for

00:26:25--> 00:26:55

a taqwa. Right, so toques to take precaution literally, Allah azzawajal also he tells us to not take precaution against the fire, do things that will ensure that you don't end up burn, right? This is a tough one. So to be careful, to be cautious to do things because you are afraid if you're not careful. If you don't protect yourself, you'll end up in trouble. These are the people of taqwa. So taqwa is more than a feeling, the quiet feeling that results in some kind of action, you do something to change or to protect yourself to help yourself.

00:26:56--> 00:27:33

So now, in the realm of subpoena those people who engaged in taqwa who had the we had the fear, who were afraid as a result of what they just heard, and it translated into action, what do they have for them only for them, massage and massage could be muster. And what that means is, they will have success and they will have the place of success. And they have an appointed time where they will enjoy the success. All three meanings in one word, my father, once again will mean it is only for the people of taqwa that there will be success, they will be the place of success, because this is what McCann, right, the place of success being Jenna, and mythos, also the time of success, meaning

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that believers have to be patient, it's coming. It's not there right now, but it's guaranteed that it also has a time. Okay?

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If God then Allah describes that, that at least the place part of it, and it gives a button for it had gardens, and you know,

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is an interesting word in Arabic. It refers to a garden that has a high fence, like a tall wall, or a high fence around it. So it's a private kind of garden. Nobody else has access. It's yours only. Okay, this is how do you guys opposed agenda, it's a little bit different. Okay. And then also hedaya is one of the words that's related to his Hadar which literally refers to the pupil of the eye, because it's surrounded by beautiful color. So it's, it's a garden surrounded by beauty. That's one of the implications of this garden. So had I have multiple cartons, one another, and grapes. So this is this is a food that has drink in it already? Right? So two things in one soprano. But what

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is the plural of garlic? Gabe is a gorgeous, really beautiful young woman and there have been described as a taraba that there will be multiple of them for the believers the food and the attract means that they will be equal in age or they will be the right companions, the most compatible form of companions.

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And then Allah says what gets sent the half, and gas in Arabic nowadays, it means a cup, or it means a glass. In classical Arabic gas was only used when the glass is full of full of wine or some expensive drink. That's the only time they would use gas Otherwise, they will use other words for glass. So here we find gas and the haka meaning, these glasses will be full of expensive or you know exotic kinds of drinks. And then they have gone sparkling and splashing, meaning that the color of the drinks will be exotic, and it will be splashing like a party taking place basically. Then Allah says nice Marina fee Hello, one with Panama, they will not hear in that in the fee high meaning in

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those gardens, they will not get to hear law one word I can have a low means useless talk, useless talk. And kizad is when someone lies against someone else. Why is it that these two things are less specifically mentioned in the beginning of the surah there was a atossa alone and in the bilabial telephone. This was not who they were making useless talk about the US Allah. Allah says Don't worry believers when you get there. You won't have to hear any of this. Well, that is my own Amina Latina

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

Latina Shaku

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

casilla in this dunya Allah says, you will get to hear a lot of painful things, you will have to end endure a lot of painful words from the from the kuffaar even the messengers told us Bill sablon Jamila just have suffered a beautiful summer in this life. Let them waspa Allah Maya Kowloon Raja Raja Raja muda Be patient over what they're saying, Here lies telling us Don't worry about it. When you get there, you won't have to hear any such nonsense. Now as far as

00:30:26--> 00:30:42

what I can gather, and then the other thing they get the believers who are working for the dean, you know what they hear all the time. They hear good to hear kids up in the media, they hear tech leave, when people lie against the messengers and spread false rumors about them and insult them. They hear things about the book of Allah credit.

00:30:43--> 00:30:48

These are painful things that the believer hears. So lessons, they won't be tortured with these kinds of words anymore. They

00:30:50--> 00:30:50

were kidnapped.

00:30:53--> 00:30:56

And all of these beautiful depictions first Allah says does

00:30:57--> 00:31:41

now notice when it came to local photo lesetja and we Falco and he stopped without means exact, not more, not less exact. Allah did not say without for Jenna. Why? Because he will give us what we deserve. And also more, right, so he says just a hobby. Then here he says, Bob Baker, Rob, and saying, well, maybe we'll we'll motion right. I will more likely the one who gives the one who takes care of the one who provides the one who nourishes the one who creates all of these positive turns or to connotations are included inside the word robot. so merciful word, Rob was not used with them. You know, Alexa and without him? No, no, no, there's no mention of Dora because there's no mention

00:31:41--> 00:31:47

of mercy next to them. here Allah mentions his mercy. But he didn't just say from the Lord, or

00:31:49--> 00:32:13

from your Lord Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we know when Allah speaks to His Messenger, those are the Most Merciful places in the Quran. So another degree of mercy has been added because Allah didn't just say what he said, or because your Lord Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then he added two more words, these are very beautiful words, we already know there's gonna be more, because he didn't say we thought. But he adds even more on top of this, he said, he says,

00:32:14--> 00:32:17

Allah is when you give someone something that they don't deserve for

00:32:19--> 00:32:25

granted, a grant a gift. This is like in America,

00:32:26--> 00:32:33

to give someone is one thing to grant someone to to shower someone with gifts this fall. So Allah says, first of all,

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

there will be showered with gifts. Then he says his oven is how it is that those of you that speak older, don't think of

00:32:42--> 00:32:47

something else. This is explained by the Allahu anhu. For example, who says,

00:32:49--> 00:33:01

I sort of learned in Arabic, an old Arabic used to mean I gave someone so much so much so much that they said no more, I can't, I don't need any more. I don't want any more I have enough that that point when they read, you know what they say they say.

00:33:02--> 00:33:12

So law says he will give so much to the point where the believer will have to say no more Yella, I have enough. So just Rebecca and and then he said.

00:33:15--> 00:33:29

Then finally now we're coming to the conclusion of the surah. Here, it was just a big, and then Rob has been given further, another attribute. This is the same Lord. And this is why Rob is majority of a B, because it's the adjective of Rebecca, okay?

00:33:30--> 00:34:09

to an elderly woman, man, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in between them. Many, again, that same word happens to be the excessively merciful. Some things you should know about, man as opposed to our him that are very important in the car in the context of the surah. The word man is different from Abraham, because all Rahim is called and is some say Fatima shaba. its potential. Like I could say about a person, this person is lucky, which means there's a merciful person. That doesn't mean he's always worse than that means generally this guy is he's a nice guy. He's merciful guy. But that doesn't mean each and every moment he is doing something merciful. When

00:34:09--> 00:34:40

Allah speaks of a mercy that he's doing right at the moment, he doesn't use Rahim he uses man. So when there's a specific mercy mentioned that a man has mentioned, Rahim is general this potential, Allah is always merciful, yes. But when there's a special occasion of mercy that Allah doesn't just say about him, he says, Man, so our man is used here because this special Mercy is being given to the believers on the Day of Resurrection. They are being given this special just on top of that, what is the

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

end his habit? That's why Batman is perfectly suited here. So now and also from the disbeliever side, who will hear this warning from slaughter never which is very strong, and in the end might lose hope that this you know, I'm messed up already. I have no hope left alone mentions his name that even this person may have hope in

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

the mercy of above the exceedingly the unexpectedly merciful, la una Minho Baba, they will have no control, they will have no ability, no no power whatsoever in regards to to him on that day, in terms of addressing him, and in terms of even making a case, with even a word in their own favor, lie on economic power. And then this is the case of the kofod liability for the kofa. But then it was something else, like Morocco and Morocco, the day on which are ruled

00:35:36--> 00:35:57

by almost each man, even though there's not entirely each bar, but almost as much of the of the room is that refers to the histogram, every time it's mentioned pretty much in the Koran except for one or two places. But here, almost a demand that it is, in fact, during his setup, so the day on which you read out in Islam will stand one mother and the angels. So

00:35:59--> 00:36:08

what's interesting is in other places in the Quran, we find the reverse sequence that is equal to zero, right?

00:36:10--> 00:36:50

In a film in Canada, who comes in alfacashier, usually we find the angels in the road, the angels in the road, here we find the route and the angels will reversal in the sequence why one of the scholars of Atlanta for example, a shout out to him, Allah commented on this. And he said that whenever you find movement, a lot of movement, then angels are associated with going up and down and constant movement. And there you find my like I mentioned first, and when you find responsibility, then who has the most responsibility among the angels? It is up Rodney Sam. So he has mentioned first. So here, this is the place of the utmost responsibility standing before a lawn Resurrection

00:36:50--> 00:37:24

Day. So you realize Sam has been mentioned. First, the former role model he got another benefit of knowing this, by the way, is the age that we should akun remember we said in the beginning they had different theories about one of their theories was well, the angels are coming to save us, because we worship the angels. They're the daughters of a law, the law and who's the greatest of the angels of war. Allah says even a Roth will be standing and all the angels will be standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala, soft and standing in straight rows, ly attacking the moon, they won't be uttering a word. So when they heard the previous ayah, who did not have the ability to speak,

00:37:25--> 00:37:44

but they're still hoping maybe the angel will speak for us in the next day who is not speaking, not even the angels. They will be uttering a single word in an arena man, except for the one who the Most Merciful has given permission, who the exceedingly merciful galarza was a man permission.

00:37:46--> 00:37:55

And even if he does speak, he will say that which is true, he will say that which is up right now here one thing is that yaku Allah didn't say

00:37:56--> 00:37:59

even though he says Yama, Yakumo yet

00:38:01--> 00:38:20

present tense president, but he goes back to past tense. This illustrates that even when someone does speak on the Day of Judgment, it won't be long. It'll be very, very brief, they won't get to say much on the Day of Judgment, because they will be spoken to rather than them doing the speaking what are the Sahaba even if he says something, it will be upright straight to the point. And that's it. Now that he can do

00:38:21--> 00:38:52

that. Now there's there's three grammatical ways to look at that he would have one way to look at it is Danica is moqtada, and Yamaha. what that would mean is that is the true day, the translation would be that is the true day. Another way of looking at it is that he can do and how that day is the truth, so that he can use the muqtada. And how is the hub? And Daddy, can you help? The third way of looking at it is there's a hub of here that, you know, has or

00:38:54--> 00:39:31

something like this, that you should know that in fact, this what we're talking about this is that day, that true day that is coming. So it's a fragment altogether. But the logic of course is to correct opinion, which is endorsed by the majority of dentists and that is that is an unhealthy habit. In other words, that day is in fact the ultimate truth. Usually the predicate the latter part of an Arabic sentence doesn't have a so that you can Yamaha con is normal. But if you put on it this hustler this What this means is there's no truth like that day. That is the ultimate ultimate truth. That's what's being said here, some insha Allah Allah,

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

then whoever wants let him find my way towards his Lord, let him hold on it means to hold on to something not just to hold but to hold on to it, so that whoever wants let him hold on to a path that will lead towards his Lord. And it'd be a map that was used already in this forum. Right? Allah azza wa jal spoke about jahannam being right, but now he's speaking about another mob you want to place

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

returned towards your Lord, that should be your your your golden dislike May Allah make us of those who hold on to that. So, whoever may want let him take a find a refuge find a place of return towards their Lord and then in conclusion of this SOTA, Elijah says in Monaco, Allah did not just say under knuckle, under knuckle means we have warned you. We have warn you in that means, it is no doubt we have warned you, not anyone else. Okay. This use of inner

00:40:32--> 00:40:50

pilot it alludes to another dandified the careful things Mohammed is warning us. He doesn't say sorry. He thinks Mohammed is warning us. I was letting him know it is in fact we no doubt that are warning you meaning Allah is warning you don't think this is warnings of a man. This is the warnings of the Lord of the worlds in NA and

00:40:51--> 00:41:35

even of a punishment that is near another far off thing in Damilola rockery, but they see it very far away, we see it very close, as we said before the Messiah and the moon from Mecca, say on the moon, the sun was for closeness. The conclusion is also closeness, Yom Yom academica. The day on which every single individual person will see whatever their hands send forward. This is an expression in the Quran commonly misunderstood in English, Simple English, even some person born and raised speak English, you say whatever their hands send forward doesn't make sense. So you It requires a little bit of explanation. What it means is most of our actions are done by what? Our

00:41:35--> 00:42:16

hands and when our hands do an action, where does it go, it gets recorded, and then it gets sent forward. So the idea is, whatever you've done, is basically already been archived and sent on record. And it will be brought out of those archives and displayed before you on a day that is coming ahead. So it's been sent ahead and you will you get ahead to that day, then it will be shown to you. That's the idea behind the material. So every person will see what their what both his hands sent forward, were captured. And as a result, the disbeliever will say on that day. In other words, yeah, the 10 equal to taraba. Really, there are no words in English, that depict the power of your

00:42:16--> 00:42:55

latency. This is one of the problems of translation, that in modern language, we are much less articulate than in ancient languages. Like in older English, you had something like woe is me, right? But in contemporary English, when you say woe is me, nobody really takes you seriously. So we can't really use that anymore. Right? So but so in other words, in situations like this in, in modern language, usually a person is speechless. Yeah, latency. The closest thing in our times, is a person who is so sad and so scared and so overwhelmed that they don't have any words. When you're speechless and dumbfounded, this is your latency. This is the person going, oh,

00:42:57--> 00:43:33

oh, you know, all they're doing is sign. all they're doing is screaming. But there's a word for that even in Arabic, even for that speechless occasion, there's the phrase yell at destruction has fallen unto me, but the or upon me, but the person who destruction has fallen upon won't be able to say these words, except, you know, the way I was describing describing is the emotion that is going to be of that person going to taraba If only if only, I had been reduced to nothing but dust, if I was nothing but dust. So on this before this comes, this arrogant caffeine is walking around in arrogance, thinking that he has no accountability in the home can lay on Luna Sabha. And on that

00:43:33--> 00:44:13

day, he's hoping he was nothing, he was reduced to dust. And by the way, dust in Arabic tradition is also associated with humiliation. Right? So to put dust on someone, or to kick dust in someone's face, right, these are expressions of humiliating someone. So the last thing the person wants is to be associated with does discomfort because it's ego doesn't want to be associated with dust. But here when when allies origin, you know, he faces a lot is always about that day, he's wishing he was that humiliated. He was like dust, he was reduced to nothing. Now finally, inshallah Tada. Like I said, we're going to conclude with how the beginning of a SWOT correlates to the end of the slide,

00:44:13--> 00:44:18

we're done. inshallah, in the beginning, is very brief. These are notes I've taken from

00:44:19--> 00:44:22

a seminar, it was a remarkable work on the cohesion of soldiers.

00:44:24--> 00:44:57

In the beginning, what are they asking each other about? So the kuffaar were adamant and arrogant, and, you know, in disregard of the reality of the Hereafter, so they're casually talking to each other. And at the end, what's their state? Lie qalamoun lie on liquid amin, aka Baba, they have no ability to speak whatsoever, when the time will come. So right now let them run their mouth, the time will come when their mouths will be silent. So there's correlation from beginning to end. Then Allah says, Allah VMP Mastani food, they have disagreement, vehement disagreement, I think there's nothing that there's nothing nothing's going to happen in the hereafter. I think we're going to be

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

raised but we're all going to go to heaven or we'll be some soul.

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

spirits, everybody's got their false ideas. But on that day, there's only one opinion that will come forward the right one well, Karla Sahaba, He will speak the right thing if anybody speaks the only say, say the right thing, as opposed to the state now and finally Allah warn them from the kindness and the moon. No, no, they will soon find out they will soon very well know the consequences of their speech and at the end what and when they know the consequences of their speech, what will they be saying instead yell at

00:45:28--> 00:45:34

the consequences if they knew they will be saying that already. If they knew if they only realized the burden of those words.

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