Abdullah Hakim Quick – Divine Guidance for 2017

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the deception of the new year, including the shift in timing and reality, the deception of the name change, and the importance of adopting principles and principles in one's life. The speakers emphasize the need to adopt principles and practice them to turn things around, avoid major mistakes, and protect Muslims' identities and lives. They also emphasize the importance of forgiveness and avoiding major sins and false accusations. The conversation emphasizes the need for operational unity and avoiding major mistakes, as well as the importance of living by principles and forgiveness.
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below the mean

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while suddenly want to sell them at a sale I will email marketing the Vienna Mohammedan. While Allah He was happy woman da da da da he was standing up be so naughty. La yo Medina was Salam test Sleeman kathira

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for SQL will not see betop Allah azzawajal was Sam he will talk while you're coolock suparna RO The Billahi min ash shaytani regime. Yeah, are you holla Deena Armando taco la will turn to enough soon market demand liquid what type of law in the law for beer on the Marta million wallets aku can Lavina Nestle Ah ha, for answer home enforcer home, la eco home will falciparum.

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All Praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and peace and blessings be constantly showered upon our beloved Prophet Mohammed, the master of the first and the last.

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May these peace and blessings be showered upon his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establishes Sunday,

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to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows I remind myself and you have the critical importance of taqwa

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that we should strive to have the consciousness of Allah, that we should surround ourselves with the understanding that there is one mighty in power.

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There was one who knows all things.

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And Allah subhanaw taala

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has shown us very clearly

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that there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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Allah subhanaw taala has shown us very clearly

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that we should constantly remember our position with him, and constantly send peace and blessings to our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But we also need to hear his words and obey.

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And remember that he suparna as revealed in his mighty book, oh you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah

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and let every soul look to what it put forward for tomorrow, and fear Allah.

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Surely, Allah is well aware of all that you do. And be not as those who forgot Allah. And so he made them forget themselves. Surely, they are the disobedient ones.

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Oh, you who believe

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in this critical time of the year,

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human beings in general, are thinking about time.

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They are thinking about the shifting of one year into another year.

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And Muslims also are involved in this major mental and physical shift. People make their intentions for the new solar year.

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They plan their businesses.

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They organize themselves and they project for the coming year.

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But a reality which is dawning upon Muslims more and more every day

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is that we are living in an age of deception.

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We are living in an age where information that comes to us is not necessarily the same in reality. But there is a false reality that is given to us and placed in front of our face.

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It's a strange time of the year for many people, especially those who understand language and understand history.

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They say it's the new year.

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But the followers of the solar calendar who used to base their year upon the movement of the sun.

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Recognize that the new year begins when the winter breaks. And when the spring begins. That is the New Year of the solar people.

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And this might be a strange thing to say

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because everybody is saying Happy New Year.

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But I want you to count with me.

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When you look at the calendar that we are using September is from the Latin septum seven is the seventh month of the

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So last

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October is a like octagon and eight sided figure.

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November is the ninth year of the month,

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and December, according to Latin and according to the solar people, it's the 10th year of the month.

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And the reality for the solar people was that the 11th year was January the 12th. year was February and March is the new year.

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But we live in an illusion.

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We live in a deception.

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for Muslims who have the reality, it's the beginning of rubby. Attorney. We're already into the first new year.

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But for those caught up in the illusion,

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and don't understand the history, they are relegated to the position of children. Because children don't know history, they just function by today's

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history tells us clearly

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that in 1647

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Christmas was banned

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by the English English,

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Puritan parliament, no Christmas, because they saw it as a pagan ceremony.

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But the followers of Christmas took it to January.

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The month they named January,

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in order to get the feeling of Christmas, the riotous occasion of Christmas, the winter solstice, the time of drinking, the time of immorality. They switched it to January because January is the month of Janice, the pagan god

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of two faces. Janice shows you a face of spirituality and a face of materialism. That's the deception. So you think you're on a holy occasion, but in reality, there's nothing holy about what you're seeing around you. And the prophet SAW Selim said very clearly to Muslims, tattooed women sharada Nast Yama, Yama, T and de la Valois chain, leather Yachty. How will he be watching will have will be watch,

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you will see you will find

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the most despicable. The worst amongst the people on the Day of Resurrection is the one with to fit two faces.

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It comes to one group with one face.

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And he comes to another group

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with another face.

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And so this deception is hitting us as well.

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And we have to be aware of this. And there's nothing wrong with just the name change. If your name is Abu Bakar

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and the people know you in your job as Booker or Bobby.

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There's nothing wrong with that. In linguistically that's an easy name. The problem is when the character changes when there's one face around Muslims and another face in general society. We have fallen into the trap of the watch chain.

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So we will see tomorrow night New Year's Eve.

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We will see the day that the followers of the Sun called Hogmanay.

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They watch a light go up. And finally around 1159 turning into 12 o'clock, the light flashes This is the sun and Mary met happens alcohol is drunk in morality is practiced.

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This is the reality of this date.

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And we as believers

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need to take this time because most of us are reflecting on time

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to look back at the year and to project for the new year.

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Last year, the so called 2016

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for much of the Muslim world, it was a year of setbacks, attempted coups, genocide, in fighting.

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But the next year the soco that we are going into does not have to be the same.

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The next year can be a year of transition.

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It can be a year of

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gaining back the power and respect that Muslims deserve to have

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but this requires principles.

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It requires us to adopt our principles and to stand for our principles. And Allah subhanaw taala

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has given us clearly principles in his book embedded in the code and our strong principles for the believers. If we grasp on to this in sha Allah,

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then we can go forward, we can turn it around.

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If we look at the book of Allah, not just to read,

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but we look at it in a complete form tahseen tilawat he was a double iottie he was our mini he, we read it in a beautiful way we think about it.

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And we practice what we have learned.

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embedded in this book

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are gems of wisdom

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are principles and we have studied and found

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that in a number of places, there are principles that directly apply to us as though Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to us directly with this book. And that is the power of the court.

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Insert assura versus 36 to 39 Allah subhanaw taala has revealed our ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r regime for ma ot two min Shea in fermata. All hyah to dunya Wilma en de la he failed on what little Athena amanu will Allah be him yet?

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One Latina yet steady buena cabeza ism wealth awadhesh ye dama de boo homeopathy rune. Well, Athena esta Jabu lira be him. What is solid? What am rowhome Shura bainer home when Mimara zakenna home, Yun Fei Khun la Vina either a Saba human body, homie and tassilo.

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Allah subhanaw taala has revealed a divine formula for survival in an age of crisis. And no doubt we are going into an age of crisis. But it is so beautiful to have the book of Allah with us. To have light with us, Allah told us, whatever you are given here is but the enjoyment of this world but that which is with Allah is better and more lasting. It is for those who believe and put their trust in the Lord, those who avoid the major sins and indecency. And when they are angry,

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then they forgive

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those who respond to their Lord, establish regular prayer and conduct their affairs by mutual consultation.

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Those who spend out of what We have given them of sustenance, and those who went and oppressive wrong is done to them, they are not afraid.

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But they rise to the cause. And they defend themselves establishing justice. So Allah subhanaw taala speaks directly to us and gives us principles, principles to stand on, light to carry us through the darkness, number one,

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of this material world that it is temporary, we are all passing through the material world, making transition into the real world, which is the next life. And a lot told us well Mel hayata dunya Illa matar and hurrah. The life of this world is nothing but material deception.

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It is here one day and gone the other day, but the next life will ask that to fail and the next life is better, it is eternal.

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And when our last speaks about the Hereafter, he tells us Holly Dena fee Ha. Abaddon,

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they will live in the next world forever.

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That is the real world. Number two

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of the survival principles established embedded insert assura versus 36 to 39.

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number to the conditions of this benefit. There's two conditions to gain the benefit of this understanding. It is a man and to walk on Allah.

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It is to believe have true faith in Allah and depend on Allah depends solely on Allah subhanho wa Taala and number two

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It's dinner bell kabaya

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this is crucial for us today. Avoid the major sins if we want homework assignment for 2017 avoid kabaya that's enough to last the whole year.

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shirk polytheism say half magic

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interest in usury,

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Caitlyn knifes allottee haram Allahu illegible hoc killing innocent people.

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stealing from orphans, and and weak people,

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falsely accusing Muslim women of immorality and wrong.

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Abdullah Bernard bass radula. One, he listed the kabaya. He said about 17, there are about 70 of major sins that we need to understand.

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And so this verse tells us, you want to survive this material dunya that's facing you in 2017.

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Avoid major sense. But the beauty of this verse is that he took from the major sins, and he focused on one in particular, and that is HD NAB alpha awadhesh sexual immorality.

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That being one of the greatest challenges we face in this society, with the television, the movie, the handheld devices, the morality which is destroying the fabric of society, and also causing us in our families and our minds to be destroyed. Why would Allah subhanaw taala choose this, even though it is one of the cubbies

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because of the major sins. This is the one that people naturally are gravitated towards. If you see murder, if you see evil done, you. You stand back is not natural. But it is natural for us to procreate with each other. That's how we survive. So Allah tells us well our Torah, Xena, now who can offer he schatten wasabi, Allah Don't come near fornication and adultery. It is an evil it will destroy everything in your path. Number five.

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When they are angry, emotional, upset. They forgive each other. They forgive. This is a crucial quality, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, all throughout his life. In times when he had power over other people.

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He was ready to forgive for Allah subhanaw taala can we forgive each other in our families? If we forgive, there will be less divorce?

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Can we forgive each other in our communities? If we forgive, they will be less masjids breaking up.

00:18:15 --> 00:18:25

Can we forgive each other in our Islamic movements? If we did, we would not have 2530 Islamic movements, each one thinking that go into agenda.

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If we forgave in our countries, in our nations and tribes, there would be less infighting of Muslim taken the life of another Muslim.

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This is survival that we need to be able to forgive for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Number six is the Java lillah.

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We respond to Allah like the innocent baby, when the mother gives the baby the milk, the baby responds. When Allah subhanaw taala gives us guidance in the court and or through the son of the Prophet sell sell them, we need to be like the innocent baby and respond to it, put it into our life, instead of putting the book on the shelf

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or putting it on a CD or a chip.

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Number seven.

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a comet is solid, that we establish prayer in our life. We don't just make solid, but solid becomes part of the regular flow of our life. And if it is, that means that we are in constant communication with a loss of

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constant contact. And that is what we need in this year 2017 and number eight, the essence of this whole chapter surrett assura. Well, I'm room Shara beno home. They do their mutual they do their affairs with

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Mutual consultation.

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They take advice they talk to each other. So we need to consult each other in domestic affairs in our families, in our businesses, in our masters, in our communities, and even on a state level.

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And we're calling for operational unity. That means that we learn to live with each other despite differences. There are some differences between us. But we learn to live with each other, and appreciate each other as a little Qibla. The people of the Qibla

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that is where the companions of the Prophet SAW the southern word. Number nine, in fact that we spend in the way of Allah, that giving in the path of Allah, it is an honor, it is an honor for us to be able to give to a relief agency.

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It is an honor for us to give sadaqa or to be able to give Zakat and some of the great olema. When they would give sadaqa they would thank the person who enabled them to give sadaqa

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that's different than looking down on someone like you given them charities,

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such as a cat, it is hot, it is the right of the football and the master key. And the people who are struggling, it is their right. One day, many of us will fall into the same problem, and what will be our situation.

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And number 10 stand up to oppression. When oppression strikes us, we need to be able to stand not only just for Muslims, but stand for all people who are oppressed. That is the way of the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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here in America,

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we have to understand

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that as we as Muslims going through Islamophobia,

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the hatred of Islam, you have to understand

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that there were people, African people who were taken as slaves and political prisoners, who were brought to the Americas 400 years ago,

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who suffered the most extreme form of Islamophobia.

00:22:24 --> 00:22:25

One third

00:22:26 --> 00:22:41

of the slaves and political prisoners were Muslims, all over the Americas. But Islam was prohibited. You could not pray. You could not fast. They change your name.

00:22:43 --> 00:22:50

They did everything to take Islam out of you. This is the process that we're going through now with Islamophobia. Well el to believe that

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we have to realize that within the native populations here in this society, with those who believed in one God,

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those who stood up for their rights, and it is the duty of the Muslims to stand clearly.

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We are an age of deception.

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We are an age of lies. But Allah subhanaw taala has given us clear guidance in the time of the Prophet Mohammed so seldom, and remember the word that job, the Antichrist, we are in the age of the forerunners of the job. They are setting the stage for the Antichrist. And remember, that de Zhao even the word antichrist is not even a complete word. It is more the great liar.

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The deceiver, the one who confuses you can choose confuses truth from fossils, and is reported that one of these digelar not the digital himself who has not come. But one of the liar prophets, that Jolene cadabby that the prophet SAW Selim said would come.

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His name was musei Lima

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and he wrote a letter.

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He came first to Medina he was recognized by the prophet SAW Selim.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:21

And the shaytaan went to his head.

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And he went back to the middle of Arabia, he wrote a letter to the province of Southern we said, Min musei, Lima Rasulullah Illa Mohammad Rasool Allah, could you imagine this? And then he said, I'll take half of Arabia, you take the other half. The Prophet Sal seldom said min Mohammed Rasulullah Illa will say Lima Al Khattab

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from Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah to say Lima, the liar. How did the prophet SAW the southern answer? He did not answer in arrogance. He quoted from Allah subhanaw taala. And he told me to say

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Lima, as we say today, to those who attack the Muslims in the Lillahi yudi through herminia Sha Omen Abadi will be battling Mottaki. This earth belongs to Allah. And he will give it to whom he pleases from his servants and worshipers and the best reward. The ultimate end is for those who have Taqwa, those who establish the consciousness of Allah into their lives. And so as we turn from the so called 2016, to the so called 2017, but it's not really the end of the year. But as returned to it, don't get caught in the hype.

00:25:50 --> 00:25:54

Go for the truth. Go back to the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:41

This is our chance. This is our time. And this is the time when Muslims are the most difficulty have risen to the surface, study our history, but we have principles. We have principles, and we need to live by our principles in order to gain the help of Allah subhanaw taala I leave you with these thoughts. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy upon this oma, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect and have mercy on the children of the home of Mohammed Salah Salah. We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect the dignity and the honor of the women of the omo Mohammed Salah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect and guide the men of the oma of Mohammed Salah Salah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala

00:26:41 --> 00:27:04

to raise up true balanced leadership in the Muslim world to take our confused leaders from darkness into light. And we ask Allah to make our last word to be kelemen La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aku locally However, while stotfold Ali welcome Melissa in the Muslim medium in Colombian istockphoto in nahu, affordable

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Alhamdulillah Allah has had and for the summit, la de la mia led what am youlet What am yaku for one I had what was suddenly what will sell them other parts of Milan via our motor selling Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

00:27:31 --> 00:28:26

wa via eBay de la takala Hi Zuma quantum warrior kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in illegally Omar fitna, we're fitna to Almighty Allah. Every nation has a trial and test and the trial and test of this nation is wealth. We are cool Huck suparna mcbadden were Amira in De La Hoya mala he Cthulhu soluna Allah knobbies Yeah, you had Nadine amanu sallu la he was a limo test Lima la Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah ab decoda zuleikha Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa de la Cala Rashidi, Abu Bakar. Omar is Manoir de wa Nabila. hamitic Yeah, Amara he mean Alhamdulillah Allah wa mcanally Natalia Lana, Danilo robina glad to see Kullu ba da ba da da da tena Wahab lender, Mila do kurama in

00:28:26 --> 00:29:16

La kansal Wahab Ravana attina for dunya Hasina with an affinity hustler joaquina daba na Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in one village Shere Khan Misaki with done mayor, Dean once or a bad the terrible alameen allotments and Mujahideen frequently McCann yahama Rahimi Allahu Allah tala number 11 Fatah wa Hama Illa for Raja Valentina Illa data while I'm married and Elijah feta what I made it an ihlara him while I had a 10 min Hawaii dunya Illa data, your outcome Rahimi La La Land to supanova in a chronometer Dolly me about the lawyer como como la la la jolla mobile as a sandwich each other kotoba Wang ha under the

00:29:16 --> 00:29:23

fascia moon cabal Bobby yeah is a con la la corona como la salata from yahama como la

Jumuah Khutbah on December 30, 2016.

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