Yasir Qadhi – The Wave That Freed Al-Aqsa

Yasir Qadhi
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In July of 1099, the Crusaders successfully from their perspective, attacked Jerusalem and

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overtook the city. And as you're all aware, one of the worst massacres of medieval times took place the entire city was massacred during that period of 10 days, women children 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people. What was the result of that? Most of us we jump immediately to 1187. This took place 1099. Most of us we just jumped to 1187 What happened in 1187. Salah had the you know, you will be the Battle of 18. But how many years between 1099 and 1180 780-980-9889 years? What was that interim like? What happened during that timeframe? So much. And if we don't understand the circumstances that created Salahuddin, if we don't understand the precursors to how Salahuddin came

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about, we're going to assume Salahuddin is going to come from the heavens a miracle and then things happen. No, it doesn't work that way. So many instances, laid the foundations for Salah Medina up and today we're going to go over some of them because we are currently in that interim. We're in between 1099 and 1187. You get my drift. We're in between this 1187 will come Wallahi it will come I say this customer and biller that it will come because this is the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala we have fully cleaned it will come but in the interim, what do we do just sit back and wait for a miracle. That's not what the Muslims of that timeframe did. So much can be said but today I'll

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mention some key incidents and factors ones that resonate with me personally and perhaps you will understand some of what inspires me as well because when I look to the past, I don't jump to Salah Medina go to how Salahuddin began. I go to the whole trend that where did it all begin from? And one of the people who started this entire trend was actually one of the scholars in the neighboring town of dimished of Damascus in the neighboring town of Damascus. The chief called the whose name is whose name is Zeno Islam and how are we Zeno's Islam and how are we? He was giving a halacha in the masjid of Damascus you know the famous measure the Damascus right by the way, who is this guy Zane?

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Who didn't know how are we? And how do we where's that? How do we from who can tell me how do we

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when you say how do we mean he's from

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he is from Herat.

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And where is he lots

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of one is done. We have an Afghan Desi Sheikh in Damascus. His story is really interesting, by the way as we should know this as well born and raised in Afghanistan, okay speaking you know, mother tongues, whatever the local mother tongues are buckling or whatever it might be, I don't know, off the top, my head Farsi multiple languages. And he starts learning Arabic, very poor, dirt, family, dirt poor family. As a child he has to start by writing scribes. You know, secretaries people can read and write. He's on the street corner writing for people who cannot he starts the lowest paying job. Then as a teenager, he becomes the Quran teacher for his Masjid then hit ox. But in the

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meanwhile, memorize the Quran, masters the Arabic language masters poetry becomes a very eloquent taglib in Arabic, and goes into fifth becomes the 40. The Hanafi 40 of his time, he travels to Baghdad, he interacts with the royalty over there and they appoint him a call the and send him to Damascus. Even his story is amazing, by the way, so born in Afghanistan, and he becomes the chief Aldie of Damascus. Now get back to our story here. July 1099. The massacre is taking place in Oaxaca. And groups of people began fleeing for their lives. One group amongst them they took from Masjid Al Aqsa, the oldest most have. It is a legend we don't know for sure it is a legend. It is

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one of the foremost hubs of Earthman Rhodiola one that was kept in a special room and Masjid Al Aqsa, some Muslims wanted to preserve that Quran. So they risked their lives and they took this Quran and they flood the city and they went to the closest large city that is Damascus July 1099. And they barge into the masjid Omar we and our guys in Islam and how are we? He's giving his helicopter in the grand masjid. And they see these people refugees, bloodied float you know, every you know, tattered everything. And they're yelling and screaming. There's a mob being created and he's in the masjid

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What's going on what happened? And they say the French the Franks have attacked Aqsa, and we are some of the few that have survived, we have brought the copy of the most half of Earth amount of the Allahu ion. And they began telling the stories that they have seen with their own eyes, women and children versus Lee killed the streets of Oxford and Jerusalem flowing with blood. And so they noticed Ahmed Hara, we decided that he needed to do something. You see during times of fitna during times of war during times of grief during times of struggle, some scholars and I'm not blaming them, they want to withdraw into their bubbles of teaching. And they say, you know, this is not our stuff.

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I'm not going to criticize them. But others realize they have a responsibility. Others realize if the rulers aren't doing something, then the ruler might have to make the people feel something. And so will Holloway decided he will go back to Baghdad, and try his best to get the khalifa to rescue Masjid Al Aqsa. This is the same week this is happening the same week it's happening. And so he shuts his books, no more teaching. This is not the time to teach now Mr. The oxide is burning. And he closes his mcta and he decides to travel from Damascus to Baghdad, the capital of the Abbas at Empire at the time to present his case to bring he actually brought some of these people with him.

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He took them with him and he decided to make a plea to the Ubud Khalifa. He enters Baghdad, but the Khalifa staff basically says he doesn't have time for you. You're not going to meet the Khalifa. We don't have time he didn't delay a few weeks, whatever. Because again, the Khalifa you know, he's not just walking on the streets. He's the Khalifa and to get to him as an entourage, so tries tries, nothing happens on Friday in Baghdad, when the hotbar is being given, he walks into the crowd in the largest Masjid aboda. So this is not the capital of the empire and the largest Masjid of bother that he walks in the middle and everybody is listening to the Hatim this Masjid. By the way there is a

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private chamber on the right hand side where the Khalifa has a VIP entrance. He walks from his palace in a secret tunnel and he prays Juma in a secret place. By this time the Holy Father did not interact with the people. This is not the time of Ibaka and one of the Allahu Anhu people didn't see the Khalifa He is Mr. VVIP right. So he walks from his palace to a little chamber and he walks back in nobody sees the Khalifa unless you get into the palace. So our guy Zanotti stammered Hara we barges in, what was going on, he walks straight to the front of the masjid. And it is Ramadan. And he turns around, take some bread and he eats in front of everybody.

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Now what's going to happen in a Muslim community? If you eat in the day of Ramadan? What's going to happen?

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Chaos. The people stood up. Have you gone mad? How dare you a stop for Allah. You're eating in the masjid in the daylight from Oban. Have you lost your mind? And he said to them

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You are getting angry at me for eating a piece of bread in Ramadan. But where are your emotions when OXA is on fire?

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Where is that rage? Where is this anger? You get angry at a Muslim for eating in the anahata Ramadan and day of Ramadan and 150,000 people have been killed. Where's your anger now? Everybody's silenced Subhanallah what? Like he's making the point here. And then he says I came here with these refugees and he pointed these people they saw it I have come I am Fulani been philon the call the up because you know there's no there's no internet there's no he has to introduce himself right and I have come to visit or or get help from the Khalifa. He has refused even to see us. He utilized this tactic what tactic pr pr with whom with the Muslim community Subhanallah he had to do this to make the

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points and so obviously when this commotion and whatnot, obviously he gets an audience with the Khalifa Subhanallah it worked to get into the private chambers to get into the the the office and the the palace of the Khalifa. and wallah I wish his speech was recorded. I wish there was video cell phone footage. All that is recorded because everybody who writes a biography of our guy Zenodo Simon, how do we everybody who writes a biography of him, they mentioned he was blessed with a tongue. They mentioned he was deep voiced and eloquent you know, like he had the presence of him and the presence of Heba of Roma and you can imagine I'm imagining this is not mentioned but you know

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our mashallah brothers from a blonde his son they are mashallah big and bulky and whatnot. We can imagine this right out of one brothers, they can come in later and he's a non Arabic

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Imagine and he's speaking to the hunted. How do you find out? We don't know the words of what he said. We know the impact.

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There were chroniclers record, everybody in the chamber fell silent. People were crying in the corners. Even the Khalifa had to lower his head in shame.

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And only one or two phrases are preserved. And he said to the Khalifa, here you are in your palaces, enjoying your luxuries. And he pointed to the luxuries they're enjoying. And OXA has been ravaged, rampages raped and you don't even move a finger for Oxford

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and he gave a type of speech that only an alum who fears Allah can give because if there's an evil person there and he's being so harsh, you know what's going to happen you know, the reality of politics you know, I don't want to mention too much but even now people are in jail across the Muslim world in the hole anyway don't want to mention to you get my point here. Can you imagine he's now speaking to the Khalifa putting him to shame as a non Arab even have to mention this point after Is it because you have to feel that Masha Allah from where to where. And even though Halifa lowered his head couldn't say anything. And he mumbled some things we will choose to do something what not.

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But see, here's the sad reality that people who don't study history romanticize the past. The Khalifa at this point in time, was a nobody. He was a stooge. Like the Queen of England, she comes she goes, nobody cares about her, the King of England just to rubber stamp. The Khalifa didn't even have an army, because the Khalifa at this time was basically a token figure, token figure for the bulk of our history, for the most of the Abbas in history. And much even if the Ottoman history the real power was not in the caliphate, it was just an office, the title, the real power were the people behind the visitors, the people that the dynasties that were founded underneath the Khilafah,

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you had the boy head dynasty, now you had the soldiers right now at this point, you have the soldiers who are actually in charge, the Khalifa does not even have an army to do anything. He doesn't even control both DoD much he's just a token figure with plenty of wealth and money. The real power is not even in his hands, but he mumbles and whatnot, and nothing actually comes of this. But the next week, I'll how do we was given the hobo Nietzsche SubhanAllah. After causing commotion, now he was given the hotbar and he gave a halt by the likes of which the whole streets of Baghdad were weeping. And there was a rising sentiment something needs to be done. He's awakening the

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people's emotions, and Subhanallah within a few years, you know, the Crusaders were successful from their perspective and OXA. Now they established an entire mini set of dynasties four or five dynasties. Again, you should know your history. The Crusaders whenever you and I did disable him Jimmy and what Google Home shut down. The reality is that the Crusaders actually were themselves very much just united, you had the Italians the Franks, you know the British, you had different groups everywhere, you know, everyone is different, and each one is controlling a separate area. So within a few years, the Crusader kingdoms four or five, six kingdoms have all been established on

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the coastline. And now some of the key cities are being threatened, including, for example, Heather Aleppo is being threatened now. And so once again, the ruler of this region, attempt to send a petition to the Khalifa. By the way, again, you should know this, don't think that our rulers of the past were any different. The ruler of Aleppo at the time the ruler of HELOC. His name has been recorded in history as somebody who did not nobody admires him. His name was ruled one or the other one. And in fact, when the European army when the Frank army when the Crusaders were coming in to attack Philistine, Ridwan was engaged in a civil war with his own blood brother,

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who is going to help hold the kursi. And as the Crusaders are marching and literally this is no exaggeration, they go under their noses, meaning, you know, walking, listening or fighting distance, and they're not interested to blood brothers because their father was the governor, the mini dynasty, and now who's going to be the one in charge? They're having a war between them and the Crusaders are marching in who's going to attack them when you're fighting each other. So this guy that one is now in charge now, and he's in charge of of this area. And can you believe that one had actually signed treaties with the local Crusader dynasty? paying them gold so that they don't attack

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his principality? You think peace treaties are new? You think normalization is new? Goes back nothing new. With one would rather ally with the crusader against his own

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rather than what he ended up doing, he allied with a Frankish mini dynasty because he wanted the currency and against his Muslim brother and you're not going to get it. He's paying gold to them. And the locals of Hala of Aleppo. They they considered him to be a trader obviously. And amongst them their main add him the greatest item of head above that time. His name was vanilla, Shep, even though because Shep, if not a sharp, I'll call the above for the imminent Cheb he began riling up the masses even against the own ruler against this guy with one calling him a traitor. How can you ally with the enemy instead of fighting them, you're paying them gold, and now they're going to

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encroach on their own territory because that was the fear that they're going to enter had an eternal Hashem managed to get a group of people to once again send a delegation to Baghdad once again. So even Alicia the quality of help a few years after the incident of how do we even have a sharp as the scholar as the jurist as the forte of of headup also then took a delegation. And in that delegation, once again, he had eyewitnesses to the massacre. It's only been five years, 10 years, he has eyewitnesses. And he marches into Baghdad once again. But this time, they went more than the previous time. books of history a little bit, you know, obscure in this but and I'm not justifying,

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I'm not defending but it is what it is in order to bring attention to the cause of philosophy and the people that came began preaching and riling up the people of Baghdad to protest outside of the, you know, powers and centers. And when nothing happened, the protesters became violent. When the rulers did nothing, the Muslims of Baghdad became violent and they destroyed public property and they, you know, did whatever things you know, they into the soup and, and installs were whatnot. As far as I'm aware, no lives were lost, but basically they they wreaked havoc in the city. And the soul bonds had to do something to show that they're responding to public sentiment, pause here, the

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rulers in the end of the day do care about PR, this is a reality they did in the past and they will now and the end of the day they need to validate whatever their motives are, leave it to Allah, we need help, whatever your motives are, you need to do something. And so the Khalifa actually did request who did he request? The silly jokes Hold on, because the Khalifa is the Abbas that is the literal descendant of even Abbas, there are buses, this is one of the descendants of Ibn Abbas literally right, the 10th or 15th generation of even Abbas, he has no power. So he kindly please also find Can you do something you see what the people are doing? He has to beg the soul bond of the

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soul jewels to send an army. And so the soul bond actually did send an army. The first one? How did it come about? The scholar immunol Hashem for men's mass support, he gets the people riled up, and he publicly makes a show. Now again, I'm not I'm not suggesting anything, don't read into what I'm saying. But I'm saying learn from the past. Like the reality is those soul bonds they needed to answer to the public in that regard. And so the salon of the CIO jokes actually does send an army to fight and defend

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the send, send an army to defend had a from the Crusaders, and this battle is actually one of the most earliest and successful battles against the Crusaders. And this battle it is known as the Battle of basalts battle ability in English if you look up the history books, The Battle of the Field of Blood, the Battle of the fields of blood in 1119, way before sulla Cadena up 1187 A slide 1119 So I didn't even born right now, in this battle. Around 10,000 Muslims lined up, sent by many of them sent by the cell jokes to defend head up and on the opposite side was the the Italian Crusader Kings forgot his name the Italian Crusader King on the opposite side. And before the

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battle, Ibn Al Shabaab comes and writes out on his horse dressed in the garb of Rula ma now, Rhoda had their special professors had their own garb, you know, the turban of Edelman, he dressed in the garb of enemies like a professor coming out. And when the Crusaders saw him, they laughed. What is this professor doing over here? What is this 40 You're doing over here? Ibn Allah sharp then turned and faced the army he faced put his back to the Franks to the Crusaders, and he gave a hotbar. Again, we don't know the wording of it. He gave a whole talk about the likes of which everybody in the army was weeping. We know he mentioned muster the lochsa we know he mentioned the blue

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less things of striving for the way of Allah. We know he mentioned the blessings of being witnesses Unto Allah. And he encourages them to stay put and do something for the religion. The entire army was weeping and overcome. And when the Crusaders saw this, they realized this is not your average guy here. And subhanAllah when the army came, he was at the forefront. And this victory was the first major victory against the Crusaders 10,000 against 20,000. And it was a resounding defeat for the Crusaders, the bulk of the Army, the rest of the army died, the 20,000. And the Muslim casualties were minimal. This spread a hope and optimism that hey, we can do something that optimism

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it generated so many other mini battles, it generated an entire, you know, feeling that hey, this is possible, we can actually win here. And along with the mini battles, you also had great route among not just a shop many Rula Ma, who wanted to keep the spirits of Oxfam alive. In Osaka, one of the greatest scholars of that time again from Damascus, even a soccer wrote a number of treatises about the football in UK soccer and the football ill of a sham and the fallout of that's why he's known if you if you any of you students of Islamic Studies, when you hear even our socket you associated with history. Do you know why he talked about history? Do you know why even Asaka wrote about history in

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the favela, whatnot, he wanted to keep the memory of Oxford alive. And he wrote books about the blessings of OXA and the history of AXA, because it was the time when you couldn't forget about the blessings of this land. Another great item, which I'm not going to mention the name or the book, but understand what I'm saying here, one of the most important treatises

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on struggling for the sake of Allah, one of the most important treatise he's ever written. It was a very emotional, it is a very emotional treaties. And it was meant to be read in public in the hope buzz in the Druce. It's a little book, it's not a massive volume. It's meant to revive the spirit of struggling for the sake of Allah. And he wrote this book in the thick of this interim period. And this book became well read in Billa de sham across the Muslim world. And it is one of the most famous books to this day of that genre. And let's keep it at that. And I hope you see what I'm saying here. So this is being done. While there seems no hope there is no light, the scholars have

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to do something to keep that light of life. They have to keep mustard, Oxon, they have to keep the realities of Islam and our faith in the minds of the people. And the same soul font that sent to the army to protect against help, that same soul bond and with this shallow final anecdote, that same Solon also decided to send another army and this army was to protect Mosul in Iraq that was that was being attacked by the Crusaders because again, you have to realize in the beginning of the Crusades, people didn't know how deep the Crusaders are gonna go into Muslim lands. There was no idea that and eventually the Crusaders just stuck to the you know, the the shoreline, you know, which is now

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basically it was and, you know, Lebanon and this area, the Crusaders trucked to the shoreline, and that helped them because of the boats and the ships. But at one the Crusaders came, we didn't know how deep they're gonna go, what if they enter, you know, into Iraq into other places of Sham and so Mosul was under threat. And so the Seljuk Sovann sent one of the military leaders in generals His name is Mo dude, his name is Mo dude. He sent mo do to protect Molson and to fight against the Crusaders, and Madrid was also successful. In fact, Madrid was so successful, he went further down south and he began to engage with actual fortresses. Until finally, he engaged in one of the most

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famous battles of this timeframe, the Battle of Santa Barbara, the Battle of Santa Barbara, which took place with the King of Jerusalem, King Baldwin, King Baldwin from England, King Baldwin of Jerusalem, the one who was in charge of Jerusalem. Mo dude was able to engage with him directly, not in Jerusalem, but still you're engaging with the real enemy right here. And believe it or not, he won.

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It was not in Jerusalem, it was miles away, but still, the fact is, you are now defeating barely it wasn't a decisive victory. severe losses on his side, but more losses on the side of the Crusader army. But Subhanallah back to our guide, that one that one did not want the most

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slums to succeed, because he's comfortable and the Crusaders are protecting him. Actually, you will not believe this. When modos army passed by real Juan's city,

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he refused to open the gates and give them food and drink.

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This is how stingy and how on the other side he was. Now that module was successful, he goes back to Damascus to rest to recuperate and the goal was, this is three general retreat for decades before Salahuddin no six tickets before Salahuddin way before Salahuddin mo dude's goal was to liberate OXA most of us have never heard of his name. But I am telling you without mo Dude, we wouldn't have had that trajectory. You'll see why.

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Mo dude, went back to Damascus. And in Damascus was the envoy was the leader was the governor under our guided one. Now something happens which was one of the mysteries that we'll never solve until the Day of Judgment. muddled, was wounded from the battle, but he's going to recover he's going to go back to us to the oxide to fight. After salata Juma, the leader of the city who's friends with Ridwan is holding his hand and walking out with him right after slaughter Juma

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you know where this is headed. An assassin comes out of nowhere, and stabs and kills our guy mo dude on the streets the week after his victory against

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Noah against the King of Jerusalem.

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In Damascus, he is assassinated, by whom? by our side

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who's the guilty culprit? People immediately accused you're the one but he said no, no will lie. It's not me No. And the actual person who paid the assassin because very conveniently, very conveniently, the assassin was immediately taken and executed.

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So nobody actually knows who and paid and whatnot. So there goes muddled but Allah azza wa jal works in ways we don't understand. Eventually even Ridwan fell out and he died as well because this is the Sunnah of Allah. Traders are never successful. And when with with, with with Ridwan passing away, there was a power vacuum, in which eventually within a few years a dynasty comes in that vacuum. That dynasty you're all aware of it it is the Zen good dynasty,

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after Maududi death, after modos assassination by a few years, read one dies, wonder if one dies. The Zen good dynasty comes to power. And in the Zen good era, rule Dharma or pre preaching once again, there are so many aroma of the Sangha era so many odema preaching riling up the masses. And we all know the story from here and he made the Dean zenki. He puts it in his mind I need to free he passes away no to Dina zanghi. He takes it on he passes away. And then Salahuddin combs. And the rest as they say is history. But I want to conclude on this point.

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Those who died

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in the first 234 decades after the Crusades,

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did they die in vain?

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They laid the foundations for what was to come. Later historically, I was reading a book today somebody actually remarked that the battle of Sinabung even though it's in the footnotes, it was a key turning point in the Muslim Christian battle because it gave hope and impetus. It showed people that hey, we can win. That optimism it came because Rhoda ma had the audacity to speak directly to the hola because the OLA Mark kept a memory of OXA alive because the people's heart was so powerful and strong. Even the Viziers and the soul Fonz had to listen and do small things and those small things started a wave that the Holy Father did not intend. Salah had the ANA UB was not chosen by

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any Khalifa you have to understand this point. AXA was not rescued by the whole of ah, it wasn't rescued by the politicians. No. in the vacuum and the chaos that was created people came who were warrior princesses and who had faith in their hearts. And these people like this and gifts and life Salahuddin they're coming after all of these incidents and much more so sisters and brothers, we cannot we cannot assume that a miracle is going to happen and things are going to change until Salahuddin comes because there's going to be one person without a doubt that's Allah's wait that Allah azza wa jal until that person comes, we have to keep the memory and the spirit of the

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blessings of that land of the fact that it is painful. It is last of the realities of all aspects of our faith, whether it is Iman whether it is dukkha, whether it is suburb, whether it is struggling, all of these things, we have to keep the realities of these things alive.

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I've because that's the way eventually the circumstances will be formed. That insha Allah will bring about the change. Do not trivialize your role. Do not trivialize your impact whatever it might be. Most of us have never heard of moe dude's name most of us have never heard of him no clutch jobs name. Most of us have never heard of a hello his name. But Allah azza wa jal has recorded the impact that they have. And when you study, you see this reality. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala as well allow us to be the shadows of our times allow us to be the huddled masses of our times we want to tread in those paths. And may Allah azza wa jal to show us that day one Salahuddin returns may Allah

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azza wa jal free Masjidul OXA Zack Kamala Harris and I'm gonna have to live with our cattle

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Angeline he's

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be Irma's Duffy here, down seni one tells

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me what to feed

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the what

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feels cool are the MIM Jenny dasa, down

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