Zakir Naik – The Non-Muslim Media gives a Wrong Label to the Muslims but why do the Muslim Media repeat it

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A man named serving in sales and marketing profession talks about how the Western media is using the wrong title, specifically mentioning the Muslim countries and non-B apologists. He suggests removing the cobwebs from the eyes of Muslims and proving that Islam has a version of peace. He emphasizes the importance of logically proving that Islam is peace and that peace is achieved through submitting a will to Allah.
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The next question from the brother. So I want to go. My name is Reza Hamid. I'm in sales and marketing profession. Well, my question to Dr. is,

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we all know that, that the Western media is giving a wrong share about Islam and Muslims. We all agree that, but the worst part and the painful part is how come in some of the Muslim countries and also in this part of this world, even the media is using the same title, terrorist and all to those people, whether as a question that the non Muslims are using media and unfortunately some of the Muslims are using that word. So that from us we have to go and ask those people not me.

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That was those people and what happened that many of the Muslim due to ignorance they start agreeing as I give you the example, a Muslim coming and telling me the Taliban so bad, he was ignorant, not that he was against Taliban. So many times we get so convinced with the media, what we hear what we see, we start believing in it. So what we should do we as Muslims should remove the cobwebs even from the eyes of this type of Muslims besides understanding non Muslim media, and Inshallah, we should be logical, not just by saying we are right, we are right. We should prove logically that Islam has version of truth is the religion of peace. And only way that they can be totally peace in

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the world is no other way. But by Islam. Allah says in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter number three verse number 19. In Medina in the line Islam, the only way of life accepted is Islam. That is peace acquired by submitting a will to Allah subhanaw taala

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