Isam Rajab – The Rope of Faith 12/14

Isam Rajab
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Salam Alaikum

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Welcome to the class of the VEDA. Today inshallah we will talk about

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the second and the third pillar of the belief,

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which is belief in the books of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We already discussed belief in Allah subhanaw taala, we discussed belief in angels, and now we're moving to the belief in the books of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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how many books did Allah subhanaw taala send down?

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How many books humanity received?

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that's what we know. Maybe what was sent is more. So to ask in a better way, how many books of Allah mentioned in the Quran?

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How many?

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four books

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for an

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Torah, and LNG.

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These are the books that Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned in the Quran.

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So we have four books.

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Is there any other books? Allah knows best? We don't know. That's what we know.

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How do we believe in the books of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So have Ibrahim, so have

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it's not a book. That's why it is called sort of.

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It can't be added.

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But it is like scrolls.

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That's the sort of

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just like most, maybe he was given a Torah and he was given something else.

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So it's not a book, unlike the Quran, unlike the gospel.

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How do you believe in the books of Allah, to believe that these books originally are the words of the words of Allah originally? Because now you may be asked about the gospel? Is this the word of Allah?

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The Bible, is it the word of Allah or not?

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Yes. So it is the word of Allah that no hallae salam committed adultery with his relatives.

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That's what's in the Bible.

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So you have to be accurate when you say it's the word of Allah, you say, the original gospel, the original Bible. But now what we have is changed. We believe in the original one, not in the one that is here now. Because again, that's the difference between Quran and these books. Allah did not promise to preserve other than the Quran, that's why these books are altered, changed, corrupt. While the Quran is preserved, there is nothing changed.

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Another Article of the belief is that the Quran is dominating over all these books. You have to believe that now, can you read the Bible for guidance?

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You want to see guidance? Why

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doesn't it's corrupted, right? But doesn't it include some of the word the philosophy not Allah? So you may get some guidance? You cannot say no, you may get some guidance, right. So can you read it for guidance?

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Even if there is some of the words of Allah, you cannot read it. Why? Whatever is there, we have it in the Quran. That's why Allah sent the Quran confirmed me confirming what

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the People of the Scripture had in the Torah and the Gospel.

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So the Quran confirms what they had. And it adds so it is dominating. Actually, the prophet SAW Selim. So one time Omar Abdullah Han, when he was reading one of the papers from the Torah, and the prophets are Salam was very upset. And he reminded him that if masala Salam was alive, he should have followed him.

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All the guidance you need is in the Quran. So the Quran abrogated all other books. That's why if there is something in the Quran, we don't go to the Bible to verify it, but we do the opposite. If they say we have this, and the gospel, we have this in the Torah. If the Quran mentioned it, then we believe in it not because they mentioned it was because it is written in the Quran.

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So that's the belief

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in the books of Allah subhanaw taala

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So it obliterated, it dominated all other books.

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What's the difference between the Quran and other books we just mentioned that it is dominating and it abrogated all other books.

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We already discussed this a little bit in the subject of the series.

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But again we need to remind ourselves what's so different about the Quran

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it's preserved

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What else?

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What are the qualities of the book of Allah that you have? I would you tell the people that this is the word of Allah not the Bible. Yes.

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miraculous like

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there are many miracles and I asked you this in the exam What else? That's still not enough all this we mentioned already.

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Complete guidance. What do you mean by that? That's good.

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What do you mean guidance wasn't complete before the Quran?

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Salah Salaam couldn't show people so as Ali Salam did not deliver the message.

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Yeah, we already said that. The other books are changed but the Quran is preserved. You did not mention anything new.

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The Quran is full book of guidance is full book we mean by that it's full guidance. We mean by that it tells you what to do in your life. It tells you what to do in your iPad. It tells you how to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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You will not find this in

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the other books in the Bible, does it tell you?

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How do you sleep?

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What type of food should you eat? What types of transactions are permissible? What types of transactions are not permissible? Does it have detailed verdicts for the things does it or it does not? It doesn't. In the Quran, we have it. What is unique about the Quran, it is always referring to Allah subhanaw taala even when it talks about the rulings, like when you stand up for prayer, wash your hands, feet, face everything.

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At the end always you have a lot of foreign Rahim in Allah who can afford our hemolysis and hockey. It's always talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala so it is the book of Allah subhanaw taala unlike these books,

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where it's just like reading the story, yes, there are stories in the Quran. But the Quran does not include only stories. The Quran has some historical incidents.

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Not very detailed, not in sequence. These are unique things about the Quran, unlike other books.

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So you need to know the qualities of the Quran. What makes it so different?

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How many languages was the Quran changed?

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from its original form?

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It stayed in Arabic, it was revealed in Arabic.

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Isn't this something amazing?

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What about the Torah?

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It was sent down in which language

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they Injeel the gospel. It was sent down in which language?

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How many times it was changed even the English version of the Bible?

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What about the crime? It's still the same.

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If you go to Pakistan, or to Saudi Arabia or to Egypt or to Europe, how many different crimes you will have?

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How many different crimes

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do we have here? 114 surah, and then they have their they have 110 or 112.

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It's the same everything is the same.

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These are huge differences between the Quran and other books. So I don't want to make it homework. You need to find at least 10 different things then amazing things about the Quran that are not there in other books.

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Let's say we believed that this is the Quran we believe that the original gospel was sent down to Isola salon, the original Torah was sent down to Musa what we will get by that? Why do we believe in the books of Allah subhanaw taala

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So we don't listen to the other books.

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No, that's not my question my question why do we believe in all of them?

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Do you have to believe in the Bible?

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Yes, you do because it's mentioned in the Quran. You have to

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you have to believe that Allah sent down a book to a solid Salam. Otherwise you don't believe in the Quran.

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What's the fruit? What I will get when I say the gospel was sent to Isola Salam. The Torah was sent to Masada, salaam the Quran was sent to Mohammed what I will get what's the fruit?

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What do you mean closeness?

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Well, this is one of the things that's correct. You will learn that the word of Allah subhanaw taala is one the message of Allah Subhana Allah is one, the messengers they convey the same message. Okay, this is good. What else? Yes, you had

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knowledge of the past? That's true.

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When you read in the Quran, you know, knowledge of the past, but am I gonna learn this by believing in other books? Now, when I tell you you believe in the Gospel and you tell me Yes. What you will get by this?

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Yes, go ahead.

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Very good. Yes. We see the mercy of philosophy Karnataka, why it's the mercy. Imagine if they

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gave you a car. You have been waiting for a car and you are given the car. But you don't know how to turn it on. You don't know how to turn it off. There is no manual.

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What will happen to you?

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You don't know how to drive it.

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Allah commanded you to worship him. But you don't know how? Well it's the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that he sent down books with his messengers, to show you how to worship him. That's the mercy of philosophy. What else?

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When you believe in the in the books of Allah subhanaw taala, you will attain happiness

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in this life and in the Hereafter in this life. You will be happy you know what to do. Other people they don't know what to do. They go to the priest. And according to what they tell them, they do. Then after 10 years, it changes. One time, they can drink alcohol another time, they cannot one time they cannot marry another time they can marry one time, homosexuality is shun and it's forbidden and other time it is permissible. They are lost. But we have the book we have the guidance. It will give us shortcut instead of going in loops going in circles. We don't know what to do. You have the manual, you have the guidance, you will be happy in this life because you know what you're doing.

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And in the hereafter you will be happy because you are responding for Allah subhanaw taala

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What else? All these are fruits for believing in the books of Allah subhanaw taala.

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now, I, I will take you in a short journey through the Bible. And it is really important since we live in

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the West, and there is a Christian majority here. This is just a glimpse

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through the Bible,

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a book of God could be revealed by God at one time.

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But another revelation was revealed after it all revealed by God remains pure and no other books came after it Like what? The Quran all revealed by God but changes made to it by humans like Bible,

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or written by humans and label as Word of God.

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some copies of the Bible.

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Now, here's the Bible. It includes the Old Testament and the New Testament

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39 and 27.

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The Jews, they believe in only the Old Testament.

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Look how the Bible came

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to us now and how many Bibles do we have?

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And look here, how many revisions and additions made to the Bible? King James Version

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Revised Standard Version, New Revised Standard Version, good news Bible, New International Version, New Jerusalem Bible and dual Living Bible.

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And they are all different by the way.

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While we have this in the Quran, we have first revision second revision, there is nothing like that.

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Look at the number of books,

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the Catholic Bible 73 the Protestant Bible

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66 books. So what's happened? What's happened to you? Do we have the Hanafi Quran 110 sutras and the Maliki Quran 120 series, because they try to tell you this all we have the same differences. It's not the same, it's totally different. When you have difference of opinions from scholar, and when you have different words of God, you say this is what God sent down. And once he sent down 66, and once he sent down 74, or 77, it's totally different.

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What do you mean?

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No, like here?

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How many books?

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These are the books. Okay.

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Bible is not written in Jesus lifetime. This is different.

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This is one of the differences. What about the Quran?

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The Companions they wrote it after the death of the prophet SAW Selim. Every I was documented from the time of the messenger Selim with two witnesses.

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It's totally different.

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Yeah, here. Yeah, that's true. We still have, like, I don't know if you those of you saw this or not.

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This is the handwriting's of the companions with the seal of the messenger cisilion. That's the seal of the messenger.

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Yeah, his ring.

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We still have this.

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But even if we don't have it, that's not the evidence. The evidence is what we memorized multiplay narrated? Could you give me the link of the Bible, the chain of narrators all the way to a salad salad. This is the earliest 170 years. That's the earliest one and even this one is missing.

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Matthew's Gospel.

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Another thing.

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So we have the Gospel of Matthew, we have the Gospel of Mark, we have the Gospel of Luke.

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And we have the gospel of john. And each one

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has gone through

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different stages.

00:18:20 --> 00:18:23

Again, take another look. See how many Gospels

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and how many revisions? How many additions to the Bible.

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Now who wrote the Bible?

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Originally, it's the word of philosopher pinata and the Salish Salaam gave it to the people. But did he verify every word was written?

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Even the disciples after him? Did they write everything? And it was verified that that's exactly what they took from Sri Sarah. No, we don't know who wrote the Bible.

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Early tradition, ascribed this gospel to Matthew. But scholars nowadays almost all reject this view. So even the

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the gospel that's attributed to Matthew

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is not trusted.

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And by the way, that's what I like about this thing. It's not what Muslims are saying. It is the the non Muslims they themselves.

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But what do they tell you? It doesn't matter. Allah works

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his mysterious way.

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So that's what matters for them.

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The original of this John's Gospel is veiled in obscurity.

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Again, another thing, it was not written in the language of a Salah Salam. So you could imagine I give you something and you translate it, the translation itself

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will lose the book lots of value, it will decrease its value.

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But this is not the only thing it's only one thing.

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The New Testament was written in Greek.

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What a Salah Salaam spoke was Arabic.

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Until now, there are two villages in Syria. They speak the language of Sri Salah

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one village are Muslims and the other village are Christians.

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So this is another fact about

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the Bible.

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It's written in Greek.

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That's the oldest manuscript for the Bible while I sadly Salam spoke Arabic, but again, they tell you what's the big deal

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it's still fine.

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