Isha Khatira 29-10-2023

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Edison said one day I was in the company of the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam. When he was describing agenda, he was given the people description of agenda, Allah makers from the people of general anatomy, for God had tanta. Then the Prophet has spoke about Jana, same day he spoke extensively. What we learn from this so far right now is that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would deliberately sit with the people and teach the Virgin talk about Jana, that sometimes, unfortunately, would already get to have in our conversation these days. We sit together we talk about politics, we talk about, you know, economy, we talk about money. When was the last time you

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sat with your friends? Or your friends, just sat down together says, Hey, let's talk about Jana. You know, yesterday, this hadith, Allah says on the ISO and so I wonder how this looks like I want to have this like look like, you know, two nights ago ahead to speak about this issue. Wow, I wish to hang up. When was the last time you guys sat together to talk about Jana?

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When was the last time we sat together speak about Johanna. When was the last time we did that. We speak about the Accra. You know dealing with the dunya is just consuming us whether it's positively or negatively still consuming us so we don't even have time to talk about the alpha. So he the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was speaking the Sahaba Elgin medicine was of a village and he spoke about the description about Jana until he was satisfied when he was done. The makan then at the end he concluded SallAllahu Sallam his convert is conversation description by his words called fee. Mariela I know right?

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Well ordered on CEMET What are Katara Allah cul de Bucha? He says there you will find in Jana says that you will find what no eyes have ever seen before? No, I've never seen before. No ears ever heard of before. Something completely. Wala Satara Hatha Allah called Rivershore and nothing not ever. Anyone could ever imagine how it would look like. Like today, when you look at some of the

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you know, these movies with high budget Subhanallah sci fi and they put all their technology in there to make something out of this world. Creating an imaginary world out of this world's problem, even when you use artificial intelligence use AI

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and make it create something you know, imagine Subhanallah no matter how much or how much data we put on these machines to create something out of this world, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has made Jenner something that you can never ever imagine, never crossed your mind. Then the professor Salman decided to file that the Jaffa genome and Medallia speaking about those who deserve that jinma Those who sides always forsake their beds and their mattresses. Yeah, the owner of Boneco Wautoma they call upon the Lord out of hope for his reward. Or fearfulness. Punishment. Well Marisa Konami and feel goon and they spend from what Allah Subhana Allah has provided for them. Those are the ones

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that Allah Subhana Allah Allah prepared for them as he says clarify Allah Tala mana soon, my Ophira home karate Island. These people their eyes have no idea how ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has prepared the reward for them in Jannah. May Allah subhana give us the ability to see that you're a biller element. So here are the prophets of Allah salah, using the description by explaining the Ayah from the Quran, and is also using the ayah to confirm what is describing Salatu was Salam ALA. But what's more important of all of this is that we need to Jamar every now and then fill some of our sessions, our Majelis with a scripture of Jannah and the ACA. Talk about this. When you guys stand outside of

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the masjid, for example, when you sit down and have your cup of tea, a cup of chai, when you sit down going for example breakfast, yes, I'm not asking to make every single session to be masala cup but the Juma or Dasani on the edge it doesn't have to be that way. But every now and then bring this to conversations. bring into the conversation with your children with your families strengthen their Iman strength their email with the author because honestly, the time that is coming up, may Allah make it easy for all of us or Bellarmine is extremely, extremely decisive.

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I tell you what's coming up it's very decisive for people and no matter how much you think you know, if you don't practice a lot of what you know your Eman is not going to be sufficient enough to keep you standing LOVE FOR THE LOVE the fitnah rise as a member of and claim Rahim Allah Tala. He says and then we'll see but he had held in Santa Ana

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at the strike of a calamity. At the start of a catastrophe disaster. People become completely heedless and oblivious to the knowledge that they have.

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That knowledge becomes useless

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because your mind is out, can't think straight. The shock is blinding you from recognizing what you know. And he said the only thing that strengthened that keeps people steadfast in the moment, he said is the strength of their Eman? Not the strength of the knowledge.

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And the strength of their Eman is dependent on the practice of what they know.

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So make sure to keep talking to each other about what you believe in, and what you haven't handled the Ophira and put that into practice in your Ibadah because panela this is something we easily need in our lives for ourselves and our children as people get completely indulgent in this dunya and consuming more and more of the material of this life. They become less and less attached to the ACA and hopefully detached from the Day of Judgment. May Allah protect us from that era Bananaman wala Huhtala and the question is Mr.

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Subhanak a longer 100 A shadow Allah, Allah Allah and stuff. Were to really

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just so that no, we have