Mohamad Baajour – Purification of the Heart #05 First Sign of a Qalb Saleem

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the characteristics of the heart, including its role in the culture of the col centers of Islam. They also mention a culture that doesn't like hate and doesn't like being oppressed, leading to sickness and sickness in the heart. The speaker also mentions a woman named Maddie who wants to belong to the col centers of Islam.
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So, we spoke about the characteristics of the heart.

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And we said that the heart has four characteristics. Number one, it is the center of attention of Allah Azza region number two, the heart is constantly flipping number three, it is the target of the Phaeton And number four, the Armelle are favored and more rewarded according to how much of that was coming from the heart.

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Now, the main question comes, and that is, Do I have a cult Salim? Do I have a cult Salim?

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There are signs

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of the colobus Salim in sha Allah just because it's a weekday will take maybe one or maybe two.

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The first and main characteristic of the colobus Salim is that this culture

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does not like at all what Allah subhanaw taala does not like

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this hates anything that Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden

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this called hates shirk hates react, hates hazard. Envy, hates

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our job, being considered hate hating others. This

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Rasulullah sallallahu listen to this hadith it will clarify

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And subhanAllah

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Imen came for a sword allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said

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Men of Bolinas. Wow, what a question Who is the best of mankind? And what kind of characteristic that person has? He said mcMMO mill called Sudoku. Listen.

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mcMMO mill called

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Sudoku listen. They said yes all hola Sudoku, listen, is easy. You know he is he always truthful. But what does this machmood Mill called mean? This word my mom is not coming in the Arabic language. His called Bismarck moon. He said alkyl Turkey and nakiya Lady Allah if Murphy he will really well.

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It is the heart that is pure and clean and has no hatred in it. No rancor, no malice, no envy, no jealousy, no golem nothing in it. This is the cult, Al Maktoum and the owner of these two characteristic is the best of people of violinists truthful and he has pure heart, another Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he said in Allah He fill out the Ania Allah has vessels on Earth. These vessels are the collude of a body his solid in are the hearts of his righteous servants. Were a hob, Boo ha la, Eliana Raka. And the most beloved of these vessels, the most beloved of these hearts to Allah are the most are the softest and the most tender.

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The softness

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will make you know the HAC and the tenderness will make you treat the Hulk with with with Rama SubhanAllah. So, the first characteristic of the pure colobus Salim is that person does not hate the people who are committing the sins, he hate the sin itself and he makes dua for the people who are committing the sin. And if somebody was advised and persist on the sin, then he started hating the person who is committing the sin. If somebody this guy you will not find him among the volley mean he will not be around people who are oppressors. He will not be one of those around the presidents that are oppressing their people, you will not find him that his heart cannot accept.

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His heart cannot accept oppression being done in front of his eyes without him doing anything.

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This cult has sickness for sure in it if he is able to be around people who are very mean and does not feel anything. This definitely this heart is definitely sick and it's on the path to be that it's on the path to also be that I don't want to take more time in sha Allah to Allah on Thursday, we will mention a couple of more signs of the culpa Salim May Allah grant us all called Salim I mean, your bladder means Jackman lochia Baraka Luffy,

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Melbourne and the

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Zilla field Lupo. Oh, then Lynn Massey, we're Bellina

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Meenal muda wonderful all

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woman again and Maddie one elewana says

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you read them long before you saw what you read to be cool no Serravalle took me last night that I wanted to belong

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