This Jewish man turns to Islam and gives Advice in a way you never heard before!

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Islamic brothers and sisters he did a DNA test. Mother and father Jewish bloodline, except that Islam amazing story coming up. He wants to get some advice here for those who are searching purpose haven't found purpose. They've heard some negative things about Islam whatever the case, and we just had the most famous man in the world. Most Google's just saved Islam. He did his research, you could do your research, what advice would you give him? Yaku today I want to come. So for any of you guys who are searching, trying to find meaning in their life, or if they've heard about Islam, and they don't really know if this sounds right for them, if it sounds like it might it might be restricting

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them or or that it's harsh or something like that. Just do your research, real research. And I'm not talking about research from secular people from people trying to give you the answers you want know find your own answers. Find the answers that people don't want you to hear and read the real sources. Get right to the get right to the facts. Read the Quran for yourself. Read the Hadith read what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, said for himself. Don't be one of those who just follows in the footsteps of those other people who are telling you don't don't go, don't go away from you know, enjoying this life that we have. When you know that there are things in that life

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that is toxic. There's things that are drawing you away from your, your inner truth, your inner self, you know the one we call it, the fitrah, right? The natural disposition, don't run away from your fitrah try to find it again. And if you're Jewish, shalom, welcome. I was Jewish, I grew up Jewish. And I can only tell you that Islam is what Judaism was in the time of Moses, and you will only truly know the truth. If you read if you learn not not just what the Torah says, but also what we say compare contrast and know we're not that far off. And you might just find what you're looking for. Wow, that is deep and got this amazing story with this amazing brother Yaqoob. Here future

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