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Anger is one of the only qualities it manifests itself to a point where action comes out so the person is physically abusive or verbally abusive. They start insulting and saying awful things, almost 100% of the time you end up with regret. How could I have acted that way? How could I have said those things? This is why our Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Listen to how he describes anger in the hearts of human beings. He says sallallahu alayhi wa salam in an authentic hadith in a tear bizim

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in Lahore, Baba Gemora tune fie Pearl be ebene. Adam, that anger is a jumble. You know what a jumbo is. When you take hot coal, and you burn it and torch it. After a certain time do you notice that the coal itself becomes red, it's fused with heat. And then it starts to spark when it gets out of control. That moment when the coal is burning, and it becomes red and hot. That's how the prophesy Salam describes how anger in the hearts Benny, the children of Adam, so what does that mean scholars of the Arabic language explain.

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They tell us

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all of our good qualities. So our patience, our E min love, care, tolerance, all the good qualities we have as human beings

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reside where? Right here in the heart.

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Now if you take a ball of fire, and it's placed in the heart, what ends up happening to all of those good qualities, they get burned out. This is why anger when you lose control of it, why it becomes so dangerous because all the other good qualities slowly but surely they disappear