Living Your Life Between Hope and Fear of Allah

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In Alhamdulillah, no matter who when a Steiner hoonah spell Pharaoh who went to LA, when or who the biller him in sruti and fusina amin say tr Melina Mejia de la who fella mo de la la la may you will follow howdy Allah wash hadoo Allah ilaha illa Allah who wants to hula Shadi Kela was shadow and Mohammed Abu who was who was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. First of all my dear sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah what I care too

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good to see you all again and hamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala keeps us all safe and sound May Allah protect us all inshallah. Okay, so, the topic that I want to speak about today is, you know, living our life between the hope and fear of Allah azza wa jal

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because we find that a lot of people in regards to this matter have become quite imbalanced. Like we're living in a time now. SubhanAllah where we find like, in a general, a lot of people don't want to hear any more about the halal Haram. You know, they don't want to hear about that. I only want to hear things that makes them feel good, but I don't want to also hear anything that reminds them. So that's good. That's actually going down a dangerous path, and we don't we no longer want to hear anything that reminds us. You know, we just want to avoid hearing, you know, anything that makes us slightly uncomfortable with ourselves. It's not It's not something praiseworthy actually. So, that's

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what I'm going to mention to you in sha Allah today. A Hadith could see, it's a hadith that the Prophet said alone, Islam has told us that Allahu taala has said, to show you the importance of having, you know, hope mean Allahu taala, having you know, fear of Allahu taala in this dunya because it's something that's very beneficial for a person as long as it's a healthy type of hope and a healthy type of fear of Allah. So, the prophets that alarmism tells us as narrated by Abu hooray radi Allahu anhu in a Sahih Hadith, and by Houthi and he even he ban that Allah azza wa jal has said Why is the tea ledge meeru Allah Abdullah edge Matt Oh Allah Abdi whoa Fany what a name.

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ledge mal Allah Abdi whoa Fany what what am name I will not combine two fears upon my servant, no two safeties,

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either half any feed dunya and men to who your male piano if he feeds me in this dunya then I will make him safe on your piano.

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What either and Amina knee feed dunya, a half to who Yama Yama if he feels safe for me in the dunya then I'll make him feel free from me on Yokoyama. So this is the reality you know, having fear in this dunya from Allah tala fee from his punishment in the next life. This is something beneficial for a person both in this life in the next. And when a person has that fee, Allah, Allah will not combine two fees on a servant like if you feed a light in this dunya Allah Allah, Allah will not cause you to feel free on your piano. But if you're from those people may protect us who you just want to feel safe and happy with yourself. You know, no matter what you're doing, you just want to

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feel you know, happy and not and not worry about anything you're doing. Then men have ticked us this person who made them feel safe in this dunya from Allah, then Allah will make them feel free on your pm and this is not something that we would want. Okay, so we've got to realize that you know, having from the signs of a healthy heart, from the signs of having a healthy heart is that

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is to have that fear of Allahu taala Yes, so the sign of a healthy hearts is to have that fear of a level Tyler because when you think about it, fear is a great motivator. Like if you don't have fi how are you going to push yourself to stay away from the Muhammad's how are you going to push yourself to stay away from sin? If you don't have fear from Allah? And how are you going to push yourself to strive for the alpha if you don't have fear from Allah, Allah, you don't have fear that you could be punished in the next life. So fear is a great motivator. It's it's not something you know, as long as it's balanced with some people go overboard, which we'll talk about.

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But the problem we find, you know, as time is going by, we find a lot of people might have tricked us, where they don't even have the slightest hatred in their hearts for the moon car, you know, when they see some, some, you know, they see a scene, they see evil being performed in the earth. They don't even have the slightest hatred in their hearts. And this is not the sign of a healthy hearts, to not feel, you know, fear from Allah. You know,

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When it comes to seeing or you know, being exposed to art, since it's not a sign of a healthy heart and look at what the prophet said, a lot of a sudden he tells us men raw, I mean, come on, come on, that you are you who be VIP like if one of us sees a mooka then you should change it. He should change it with his hands for inland. Yes. But he said he, and if he can't change with his hand, then he changes it with his tongue for inland yesterday, February, maybe he if he can't change it with his tongue, then at least with his hearts, at least hiding in your hearts with early get up off and he man like that is the weakest of the men that you

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at least hiding in your hearts, Carla, but we find that we you know, a lot of people these days, they want to promote,

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you know, certain types of Moo carts and types of sins and evil deeds. And they actually want to support those evil deeds rather than even hate them in their hearts kind of law. So what is this showing us if people are promoting and supporting since this shows that where is the man in the heart, then if the weakest of email is to hate, hate that sin in your heart, then where does that leave people who are actually supporting sins and promoting those sins and you know,

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you know, Gemma's stance parser is it's a dangerous thing that we it's a dangerous level that some people have reached.

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So this is why it's very important to have this fear of Allah hautala beautiful little data and fear of the punishment from sins is something that will protect a person and keep them safe in this dunya.

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And so this is why it's important for us to know, you know, to know what does it mean to have this fear of Allahu taala and, you know, and how and how to develop this fear of Allah Hold on, it's very important for us to know this.

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And this is saying that was mentioned it was said to hustle and bustle Rahim Allah aside, we sit with people who make us feel fear from Allah, and see we feel our hearts might leave our chests from fright. And so he said to that person, if you mix with people who make you feel scared, and make you feel fear in this world, until you reach the safety of the earth, that is better for you than keeping company with those people who make you feel safe in this world, until you reach the fear of the next life. And this is what we find a lot of people now, you know, generally, it's, you know, it's something sort of taboo to talk about, like we can't even mentioned about sins, for example,

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it's something becoming taboo to to, you know, forbid the mu car, or to talk about anything, which has got to do with disobedience of alcohol, Tyler, you know, everybody just wants to eat, you know, I think that makes them feel happy with the way they're living their lives, even no matter how far away they're going from the strike path. They just want to hear the happy words and the things that makes them feel good. But that's not something that we realized that's something that's not that's not something good for you that people just make you feel happy with yourself. And they don't remind you despite they can see a whole lot of things that you're doing wrong.

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All right, so, um, so the sign of a healthy heart is you know, if the if the man if there's a healthy man in the heart, like if you've got sincere man in the heart, then that a man will repel, it will repel since it will eat you know, your your heart will be awake and will be like a barrier towards this, you know, penetrate you know, any types of sins penetrating it and you will automatically

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you know, repel against sins or mooka, like allowed talentos as a sort of gerat when it comes to that it gets a little datos isn't suited for gerat Willa can no longer have de la ku imana was the Yena who fail to become the Allahu taala has made Eman something loved in your hearts and has beautified that emotion in your hearts workout La La cuckoo for one flew over Lyceum una de Cabo Rashi Dune. So a lot of it tells us and he's made a coup for his made disbelief and he's made

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you know, sins and he's made

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disobedience. Something hates it in your hearts. Allah iica Who was she doing that they are the they are the guides. These are the guided ones that they have. You know they have that healthy heart that repels Kufa it repels disobedience and repels sins. Okay, so this is this is what allowed, you know is showing us the sign of the healthy heart and also the other thing too, is that

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The prophets that alarm will tell the prophets of the law what it was that I'm told us that

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that when a person is doing a scene, it shows that the man has become decreased. When a person is doing a scene, it shows that a man has become decreased, like your Eman is not complete while you're doing a sin. That's why the profits are the largest. And he says, lay Yes, nice zanni he knows me. Well, who am I mean, like that the the zanni when he does Xena, he doesn't do that while he is and what mean he doesn't do that? Well, he's a complete, complete believer. So he then goes out of his heart when he's in that state. And it's the same with any other type of sin, that a man actually goes out of your heart when you do since All right, so since we know reduces, reduces the men and

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even beforehand like when you had the evil intention, the man's going down what as long as you're still persisting to hope to do that sin.

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So fear as I said, fear of a low dollar is what is going to protect you from falling into these sins, and it's what keeps the man healthy.

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And, and this is the truth, this is the truth, you have a lot like subpanel or like a lot of people they mistake, fear of a law for example, getting tears in the eyes, you know, some people they might, you know, for example, Ramadan, or, you know, they go to Hajj or whatever, and they they get tears in their eyes, they feel moved, you know, in those moments, that's very good. But what's more important than that is that those tears transfer into action, not just you had those tears in a robe on and you know, crying to align Toba. But then after Ramadan, you go back to your same old life. Okay, so the true fear of a lot is what's translated into action, not just T's that come in the

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eyes, and it's not translated into action where that fee protects you from falling into sin. And that fee motivates you to strive for the alpha and to strive for righteous deeds.

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And that's why we, Allahu Allah tells us that I'm the only one who be reminded is the one who has true fear in the heart, like when they hear an ayah of the Quran, when they hear a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they will feel a movement in their hearts, they feel the impact in their heart and allow us that that kid in Fire TV craft says that will may yaksha. So remind, if you remind you will be beneficial, say that Google may have shot, the one who has, you know, has shot in the heart, the one who has you know, both from a long time ago in the hearts, they will be reminded. So if they help the if the heart is healthy, when it hears a act of the Quran, when it is reminders,

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you'll find that that heart will be moved and hungry. Like if you come to listen, and you feel your heart is moved and hungry law, you can save hunger, the law that you still have, you know, your heart is healthy in your heart. And not to say that we've got perfect hearts, we've all we've always got to be working on your thoughts because easily and then can go down, right? But the fact is 100 the law, that we still feel something when we when we hear about you know, a lot of time that makes life it's a it's a good sign for us a male, a male and keep our hearts alive. You know? So, um,

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so like I said, um, you know, one of the diseases, you know, that we're finding, but what's it's it's becoming more and more widespread, unfortunately, even amongst Muslims is that they don't have they're not they're not having it's like they've lost their fear of the law. They've lost their arm, how can I say,

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consciousness of alone out of the top one, so that everything, like there's no difference between the heroin and heroin for them. In a lot of cases. There's no difference between the halal and haram, you know, things that, like, if you go to normal societies in the Muslim world, they straightaway would be against, you know, against those sins, but we find a lot of Muslims in the West, we find that Subhanallah they're not having that anymore. Like they, you know, they, they they're studying political sciences and stuff like that, that's making them like distort their thinking towards what is the halon what is the harm, what is the macaque and what is you know, what

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is the

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you know, what is the morals you know, what is the the righteous thing we should be calling to and supporting? And what is the disobedience and the scenes and the things we should be condemning and we shouldn't be supporting these things, how long this is where people are becoming mixed up, and what does it show it shows there's something very, very wrong in the hearts. Right? So this is what we have to be careful of, and like I said, like, like, it's all you know, very nice, like on social media, everything's all about you know, you know, of course, we should always remind people that a lot sure loves them, and that would give them hope for a loss of pounds on and all those things, but

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needs to be balanced.

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Because you know a lot of data in the Quran he balanced everything like allow Allah hotel I didn't tell us that doesn't matter what you do as a Muslim, you're going to heaven you're going to Jana doesn't matter what you do Danny if you look at the ayat for example, look at this is nappy a baddie any animal food over him in for my servants that I am the most merciful and forgiving but what are the same that I add after that

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Debbie who allow that will leave but also want then that my punishment is also painful? So there's a balance my desistance It's not like we just give all the good news to people and doesn't matter what you do as long as you're Muslim you're going to Jamaica and allow forgive your sins No, you have to do something about it. You can't just be complacent with your life and leave yourself the way you are and not try to work on yourself you know not prayed for weeks and just you know take it for granted that doesn't matter what I do or I can Yanni go you know, eat calm I can earn home doesn't matter what I do I you know, I'm not gonna forgive you. Allahu Allah, for Rahim, this is deceiving

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ourselves, okay, we have to have that fee, that fee will help to motivate us like I know, one of the greatest motivators that helped me pay my prayers on time, was being concerned that you know, pray not praying the present time is one of the greatest causes, for example, to be punished, like punished in the in the grave punishment in the grave for not praying prayers on time on purpose, like purposely missing press, okay? So, you know, when you know that you can be punished for these sins. That's one of the greatest things that helps you to restrain your, your actions and get yourself in order. Not just, you know, take it easy or doesn't matter, I was gonna forgive me for

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whatever I do, that's not a healthy way to, to, you're gonna give yourself a lot of false excuses like that.

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So we see over and over and over again, the Quran, Allah tala has warned us to feed him why because it's a healthy thing to fear Allah, what are your

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fears have feet from me, where you have zero como la Whoa, nappsa Alo warns you about himself. Right? So montale Mini, as he's warned us about fearing him. So we like her state. Now the important thing is, we don't want to be too extreme in one way or the other. Like, we don't want to be too extreme with hope. Because when we as we said, if we have too much hope in a lot without fee, then we become very complacent, easy on myself, all doesn't matter. But duties doesn't matter if I do that because Allah is gonna forgive me that's not healthy. But at the same time, some people go the opposite way they, you know, like, they have so much fi that they actually become frozen. They

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become paralyzed. Like they say themself, I've done so many sins, Allah can never forgive me. So what's used to me trying, you know, look, I don't where he drives, so I won't pray because what's the use? I'm a hypocrite like people, people, a lot of women say those things to themselves. That's also not praiseworthy. That's also the wrong approach to to being balanced in your journey towards Allah tala like April tion, Rahim Allah He tells us that the sincere and praiseworthy fear of a law is that which comes between a person and the heading of a law like sir, the Praiseworthy fear is what comes between you and what Allah has forbidden, right? But if it goes beyond that level, it

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turns into despair and losing hope. So if you go too far in your feet, you end up falling into despair and losing hope like thinking that Allah can never forgive you which How can you say Allah was not would not forgive you when Allah's mercy and His forgiveness is far greater than any sin you could have done? So we don't look at the great sin that you have done. rather focus on the mercy of Allah How wide is the mercy of Allah because basically when you say Allah could not forgive you, you're under estimating the mercy and forgiveness of Allah hota Allah, you're downplaying the ability of Allah holder to forgive your sin. Right? So don't focus on on the sin, but focus more on

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the forgiveness but we have to take action, we can't just automatically assume I was going to forgive my sin, I have to do the action towards you know, seeking the forgiveness of Allah to Allah, you know, by us, you know, repenting to a loss of Allah.

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So, there are some ways we can check our heart to see if we have fear of a law like if we have healthy hearts, and one of them is for example, when you recite the Quran, for example, the I just recited when I that be who will audible alene like And verily, my other my punishment is a painful punishment like when I read an AI like that if I feel scared

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If it makes me feel a type of, you know, scared, you know, scared in my heart, that's a good sign, it means my heart is healthy inshallah. The other thing too is when you're alone, especially when you're alone and you think to do a sin, you know, maybe you're looking at something or you're listening to something, then if you find yourself stuck to think about Allah and remembering Allah is watching you, and that Allah could take you call you to account for the sin right now that a lot could even take your soul right now that a lot could bring down a punishment on you right now while you're doing that sin. That's also a healthy sign.

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Okay, so what's not healthy is a person outside, for example, has teas and things like that, but inside the house, they have no problem with doing any types of sins when they're alone. So that's, that's not the healthy obviously that is the cause of take those from that. Okay, so how to increase one's fear of a lot how to increase one's fear of Allahu taala.

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The main way is to be stuck to knowledge based up to the path of the knowledge of Allah to Allah and His day, this is the number one way to increase one's fear of Allah tala. And how we know this is because if we look at what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said in me, Alana comilla, he was shocked the Punahou hatia that I am the most knowledgeable from you of Allah, and I am the most

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severe from you in Russia, I have the most posture of a lie of the most fearful level to Allah. So how much knowledge a person has about a level darlin and and their religion Of course, it's sincere for law, not just they got to show off or something like that. But if it's sincere, seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah, Allah, then this would have any impact on the day for sure. Then there you know, fear of aloha Donna, and that's why a lot of Dallas is in New York show la honeybear de la la la, that those who feel a lot the most, from his a bet from his servants, or LMS those who have knowledge so knowledge is the fastest route inshallah to increasing your fear of Allah. Why

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because you come to know a lot more in a more deeper way. You know, you know about a lot of commands in a more deeper way. The wisdoms behind these commands about his punishments, you know, you know more about the Gemini, you know more about the nod, you know, about Yama, piano, you know about the punishment of the grave and, and what happens to the soul as a journey through his life, all of these different types of knowledge increases your fear of Allah to Allah. Okay, and it's and more than that, you know, so, in general, you find that those who seek knowledge and so that's why we should be stuck to knowledge as a Muslim, we should always have some sort of program of seeking

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knowledge always being stuck to the halaqaat stuck to listen to, you know,

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yonny circles of knowledge in general.

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And a level data tells us that the reward you know, he tells us you know, the one who reaches Jana safely is the one who had fear of him. Like if we look at what's allowed us citizens stood off. He says what was leafa till Jan? trulioo Tatiana Rabin's that Jana will be brought close to them what meaning on yamaki? Emma?

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Habana to iduna equally aware being happy this is what was promised to every every person who was on a web who was constantly you know, returning back to Allah and was guarding you know, guarding you know the limits of Allah hota Allah

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men Hershey Oh man, it'd be like, Man Hoshyar was meant to be like the one who feed a lot in you know, without seeing a lot without seeing a lot I used to fear Allah would

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be money. They came they came to Allah with repentant hearts. They came to allow the repentant hearts or the hoodoo happy salon and to Jana, be Salaam. You want to enter Jannah with no problems, you have to have Hashem and Allahu taala you have to have fear of a lot in this dunya is the only way to enter Jannah without problems and without hard times. 30 k young lord, this is the day which is ongoing lahoma Sha una fi Ha. Willa de Nemours eat, they will have everything they desire in it. And even more than that, even more than that a lot of data. You know that we'll see Allah hota Allah This is from the greatest reward in agenda May Allah Allah Hold on. Not

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To privates from that. So, what we learn from these verses is that the way to enter Jannah be stolen is you have to have harsh of a level to Allah, we have to develop it. And we have to, like, we have to nurture the horseshoe, we have to nurture the hole in our hearts, like, you can't just expect it to stay that you have to constantly be trying to increase your fear of Allah to Allah and nurture it because there's so many things in your environment around you, that's desensitizing you and that's gonna, you know, and that makes it go down. Okay, so that's why just keep your heart alive. You have to be constantly trying to you know, purify your heart and like I said, nurture that fear of Allah,

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Allah, Allah in your heart inshallah.

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So, we need to realize that, you know, fear of a lot of different levels of fear of Allahu taala. But at the same time, the other thing is that there are different types of fear of law as well. Okay, so there's different levels of fear of a lot people's fear of a law goes up and down. And people are on different levels of fear of a lot, but at the same time, the other thing is that there are different types of fear of loss. So from the different types of fear of Allahu taala number one, there is a fear of the Mac of Allah.

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The How can I say do you like the plotting of Allah, tala, like, a lot of us is FME new macro law than a manual macro law, he left the room today feel safe. From the map of Allah falaya mental macro law here in Omaha, Seattle. No one feels safe and like a Macrophylla except loses. So we should never feel safe.

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You know, from from a lot of data, changing our condition. Don't ever feel safe. Because once you do that, that's, that's when you're in the danger zone. Like, you look at how many people for example, we're enjoying all types of health and wealth and luxury and good times, you know, forgetting and living a life away from a lot. And then suddenly a lot takes those things away from them. That's what we're talking about here that Allah can take your blessings away from you at any moment. So don't feel so happy with yourself. Don't ever let yourself feel proud of what Allah has opened up for you from blessings. Because at any moment, Allah can remove those from you male, protect us from

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that. So you find like people after Allah, you know, they were great in the world, but people still looked up to them and thought that was so great. They became like nothing in this dunya and after they had a lot of health, support a lot, a lot changed their condition and they had sickness, no trusted with sickness, or after they were wealthy, alone made them you know, they found themselves destitute. You know, after they were living a happy life, they find they found themselves in a life of, of hard times and despair, somehow. So we have to realize that, you know, don't get like I said, Just don't ever let yourself feel proud of yourself or have given you or you know, let yourself

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forget about a lot always be thanking Allah use whatever blessings Allah has given you to thank him, because this is what protects you from the macro level to Allah but when a person you know, takes the blessings of Allah uses it for the Quran, you know, and live their life forgetting about Allah, this is where Allahu Allah is mek can come down on a person and this is why a loss is for there yet mental macro law he in that Obama has the rune.

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So this is the first type of fear having fi from the Mac of Allahu Allah, we should, you know, never let yourself feel too relaxed, that Allah can change your condition at any moment. Then the next type of fear from Allah is the fee from the punishment of Allah hotel and the next life. So this level of fear is also a proof and sign of how sincere person is in their Eman like we should be concerned of how Allahu taala can punish us for things we do in the next life. Because, you know, like I said, the one you know, the one who fears the punishment of a long life. This is the movie in the movie in the healthy heart of the believer is the one who believes in the fire of the next life

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and protects them so from that fire while they're alive, and they believe in the agenda. And they strive to achieve that genda in this life.

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And the inner Hades during Bible horrible radi Allahu anhu reported in Muslim the prophets that allowed us and he told told us that there will be tribulation that's going to come down on people like patches of dark nights, in which a person will be a believer in the morning. And then when the evening comes, there will be a disbeliever and there'll be a believer in the evening and when the morning comes. There will be

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I just believe, and what is the reason? Because they will sell their religion for some gain in this world? That's the reason why will they leave amen? Because they will be prepared to sell their religion for some gain in this world. And now we see how a lot of people may have ticked us,

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you know, people are going along, but then when something comes up where they could gain something from this dunya you see how much they reach to compromise their religion in order to gainer. Okay, so you got to realize is life a lot of good tests do sometimes to see how sincere email is, who do you love more? Is this to me a thing? Or is it a law and the alligator that you want so many times I'll again test you in that he's gonna see your sincerity, you know? How much are you ready to like? Are you ready to go for BMT comfort in order to buy the F euro? Or are you the type that the minute you know, the discomfort comes your way a bit of inconvenience, that you're ready to sell your F

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euro for the dunya. And that's unfortunately, a lot of people, you know, the minute that the money comes into the picture, or you know, fame or power those things, once they come into the picture, you find some how long it takes us, the person is in many cases ready to just, you know, sell their religion, compromise their religion, just in order to get that that will be that will be gained.

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And so if it means that they you know, give up wearing hijab, for example, or, you know, compromise, you know, their agent doing something wrong, you know, again, to rebar, you get a lot of people that go into rebar, you know, these kind of Mahamat these sort of forbidden actions, you find the minute that that comes up that they're ready to, you know, to just give it all up for this game.

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So, like I said to you the problem with that, it's showing that, you know, if you really had fear of a law, if you had fear of the punishment of a lost pantalla that would be the biggest preventer from you falling into that like you'd be too scared because you know that like, what if Allah takes your soul now, you know, what, if you don't have time to repent, what if a lot of them give you a chance to live longer to repent to him and you die in that state?

00:32:23--> 00:32:23


00:32:25--> 00:32:42

you know, and Subhanallah we have to realize, you know, the scary thing is to reflect reflect about the Hellfire as well to reflect upon the Hellfire is something that can help us have more feet of the Hellfire like, some how long some of the scholars they compared the fire to like a meal, you know, and meal, it's like

00:32:44--> 00:32:56

when you get grains, you get tons of grains, and you put it into the meal and the meal grinds. Okay, the new grinds up those grains. And so that's why the scholars, they compare the fire to a meal,

00:32:58--> 00:33:46

with 1000s of grains are being broads. And so that meal is tirelessly grinding up those grades, and it's waiting for more and more and more. So here, in the case of the fire, it's not grace. It's humans. It's Gene 1000s are being placed into the fire and that's why he chose us in the grand Yamanaka UI Johanna Hollins gala tea with a poodle honey Majeed, on the day when it'll be said to Johanna, Are you full. And the Johanna will say is the more so the journal doesn't get doesn't get satiated very easily, it wants more a once more it from its nature, that it wants to be full, it wants to be full.

00:33:48--> 00:33:49

to the level that

00:33:52--> 00:34:15

and to the level that you know the size of the Hellfire will be brought close together. Until eventually it will say to Allah enough enough by your glory and honor. So it can take a long time and to the john fields full, but it's going to be even it sides are going to be brought close together from how full it is no ticked off until it becomes

00:34:16--> 00:34:20

until it becomes satiated it will be to become satisfied and come down.

00:34:24--> 00:35:00

So this is why we have to you know, we do have to keep on reminding ourselves, you know, as much as it might cause us a bit of discomfort to think about the fire of the next life. We do have to be worried and concerned about it. Like we know ourselves how we are like we go out we cook something on the other and we get a small burn. And how long does it take for that burn to go away and you can't stand it like you might even sometimes it's a little tiny really like oil burn, for example. And you can't even sleep at night because of it. And that's just one little part of your body. So what if it's more than that my distance like that's what we have to be concerned about.

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Hello warned us why, from his mercy, he warned us about the fire to protect our source. He warned us from his mercy like he could have,

00:35:10--> 00:35:16

he could have not told us and we, you know, may not protect us, we wouldn't have been able to prepare ourselves if you weren't aware of it.

00:35:19--> 00:35:47

And the other thing is to that, to remind yourself as well that the fire of the next life, like Subhanallah, it is 69 equal parts added on to the like the hottest fire in this world, right? The hottest fire in this world, the fire, the next life is 69 equal parts added on to the hottest fire of this world. That's how hot is the fire, like, we can't send a fire of this world. And yet the fire of the next slide is 69 equal parts and onto that.

00:35:48--> 00:36:05

And the other thing too, it's not like a normal fire. It's not like a normal fire that we find in this world either because the third of the people have the fire is fire, the clothing of the people of the fire is fire that even though the drink is fire may protect us. It's not like a normal fire. It's not like a normal fire that we find in this world.

00:36:07--> 00:36:40

So this is why my dear sisters, you know, having the fear of a loudhailer, like I said, from the Macrophylla from the punishment in the next life, this is something that is healthy, it's healthy for you, it's something that's gonna push you it's gonna make, you know, wake up for prayers, you won't miss fudger if you're really scared from the fire of next life, you can't sleep up, you can't sleep in for fudger You're too scared because you know that that could cause you to be punished in the next life. Like you waking up for your prayers, you pray your prison time, that's one of the greatest predictors for you from being punished in the next life. Right. And also, another form of

00:36:40--> 00:37:18

fear you need to have is the fear of the bad ending the pseudo hajima having fear of a bad ending, right, we should always be asking Allahu taala, to give us the good ending, to die on good deeds, not to die doing a bad deed, because if you die in a bad deed, you'll be resurrected with that date. If you whatever deed you're doing, like if you die, I would take the smoking a cigarette, imagine how embarrassing would be to be raised up in front of you alone, your piano, still smoking that cigarette or taking drugs or doing rebar or whatever thing you're doing. Some people may protect us like I was really likely to quit heroin, you know, in their in their internet or something like

00:37:18--> 00:38:00

that. Imagine you died during that and you raised up coming back, you know how humiliating to be raised up on them Akiyama during that scene and you know, Subhan Allah, that's how you'd be raised. So Allah who's the professor of law at us and he tells us in the middle armello below our team, that the deeds are according to their endings. The most important thing is how you end this life but from the generosity of Allah to believe as even get the pieces is that whatever habit a person does, like whatever is your normal way of being, that Allah inshallah will cause you to end on that way. So yes, why you find a lot of people Subhanallah like they used to always give sadaqa you find in most

00:38:00--> 00:38:04

cases those people who used to always give some data, you find that

00:38:05--> 00:38:34

it'll be they'll just have come back from giving soda and then Allah takes this so for example in a car accident or something like that, or someone else you know, for example, a chef or always gave lessons you'll find how many times you find they give they died for example, giving the lesson or just after they gave less than or someone who used to faster the time, you find they died while they're fasting or they died just after breaking their fast unit that's from the generosity of Allahu taala to a believer, whatever righteous deed used to always do a loan with hope you inshallah to die upon that righteous deed bead nilay to Allah.

00:38:36--> 00:38:56

So, whatever you die upon, you will be you know, basically you're resurrected upon that. So in your life, for example, someone went to Hajj or went to Umrah, you know, they'll be raised up saying, like, bake or llama bait if they were if they died in Iran. You know, we know that there's this Shaheed he's died, he, you know, he's raised up with, you know, he's

00:38:58--> 00:39:34

what he called, The wounds still flowing, and they smell like misc, you know, his power. So whenever, you know, this is how we know that whatever person died doing, they'll be resurrected doing that thing. So whether that's a good thing or whether it's a bad thing, but that's how the person will be be raised. So you obviously think about it if you live, like generally speaking, if you're living the majority of your life upon the obedience of a law, obviously, think about probability diversity probability. Obviously, the probability of you dying upon a righteous deed is far greater than someone who maybe they only do something in Ramadan, the rest of the year, they

00:39:34--> 00:39:45

live their life away from Allah. And what chance have they got of going on a righteous date? If only Ramadan, they worship Allah and the rest of the day, they don't bother. They don't bother praying, they they slack with everything.

00:39:46--> 00:39:55

And they going doing all kinds of harm and all kinds of things. There's a high chance that person will die doing doing some type of scene.

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

So that's why my dear sisters, we have to

00:40:01--> 00:40:22

Always ask Allahu Allah for the first steelheart Sima always asked a lot Donna for the good engine because also it's it's also a blessing from Allah, it is a blessing it's a mercy from Allah, that a person dies upon a righteous state. And at the end of the day, it's it's all under the control of a loudhailer isn't it? Like it's all under control of a law that a person will die upon a righteous deed.

00:40:31--> 00:40:40

So if we look at the the sellers, they used to have the greatest fee, they just had the greatest fee, regarding, you know, dying upon

00:40:42--> 00:40:46

having a bad ending, that you've had the greatest fear from dying upon a bad ending.

00:40:48--> 00:41:18

And, you know, just to give you a couple of stories, for example, um, or even a hot tub rhodiola Whoa. And when I think about what he did in his life, what do you achieve, we haven't even done like, we haven't even done this, like 100 of what almoradi alojado achieved in his life, right. But when someone came to visit him and tried to give him good news of Jana, like they try to comfort him and give him the good news of Jana. The first thing he says is will law he if I had a whole earth of gold, I would have ransom myself from the day

00:41:20--> 00:41:56

for the day from the punishment of a lot more data before I see it, like he's so scared until the last minute of the punishment of Allah hota Allah. So do you see why did you only think to yourself? He's in the last moments of his life where a lot of people would just be saying, y'all I've done what I can take it easy now. But that's what if you look at what their statements are, my dear sisters, you can see why there were so motivated in their lives, you can see why they achieved so much. Because right up into the last moment, they've got so much fee of Allahu taala, so much fee of the Punisher of Allah. And that's what was really motivating them to really push themselves beyond

00:41:56--> 00:42:24

what most people can do. Like why even Jemez, Ronnie Allahu Allah, when he was the last hours of his life? He was actually dying from the plague. He said to those around him has the morning come. And so they said not yet. So then after a while, he said again has the morning come yet? They said not yet. And then I said, you know why you're asking about the morning he said, Well, law he I seek refuge of a law from a night, which it's morning is going into the fire.

00:42:26--> 00:42:59

Like the sad thing is look at how much they achieved my dear sisters, and they are still worried about themselves going to the fire. Yeah, us. We're just thinking that the smallest thing we did Oh, like I paid for my five prayers today. I must be going to Jana. You know, I wear my hijab every day, I must be going to jungle that's what we think to ourselves, but he are these, you know, Sahaba, who How much did they achieve in their lives, and there's too worried they're going to the fire. See, that's why they kept going they never stopped until they met with Allahu Allah, they never became complacent with their with their with their deeds.

00:43:04--> 00:43:28

So this is the difference we find between the people now and the people of you know the time of the Prophet so law what is and that's why the prophets I'm told us that the best generations is the generation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then those who come after them, and those who come after them. And then as it goes by the generations get worse and worse. You know, they had the true fear of Allah who died and that's why they were achieving what they were achieving.

00:43:29--> 00:44:10

So like I was saying, in the beginning, the manhood of the righteous believers, is not to depend upon the mercy of Allah like yes, we believe in the mercy of Allah, we have hope in the mercy of Allah. We have hoped that Allah is gonna forgive us, but we don't just become complacent and depend upon that. Okay, rather what we have to do is we have to strive for Allah we have to work as hard as we can while hoping for a while hoping for the mercy of a lot in that's right so but but to just live your life missing prayers, being lazy with our fasting Ramadan, don't worry if I don't make up my my days, like many sisters come to me that haven't made up their days that I'm talking. I'm not

00:44:10--> 00:44:18

talking about breastfeeding and dumb. pregnancy. I'm talking about just having menstruation days. They haven't made them up for like 10 years.

00:44:19--> 00:44:53

You know, it's Panama, like, people haven't paid Zika like they've got enough wealth. They don't pay the cat every year. They just take it easy with themselves, or they have the money. And they have the maharam. They have everything they go on holidays to France and Italy and God knows where and they haven't gone for Hajj. So what is that showing you? Where's your host Mila Where's your fear of a lot like a lot could take you before you get to to do these things. You know, you die with debt to Allah, you die with debt to alive you haven't fulfilled these debts that you owe to Allahu taala. You know, and then you have the other people who like they just eating the heroin, they don't care

00:44:53--> 00:44:59

about care for their food, or they they like dealing with how long they cheating to get their money.

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

They, you know, some people are so scared about what they eat but not scared about what they earn. They don't worry about if they're cheating to get their money. They don't worry about earning the hurun. But they might mind you they worried about eating Hello, but they're not worried about the way where did that where did that food come from the first place? All right, so all of these things, all of these things are indicating that we're not having enough fear of Allah. We're not fearing Allah's punishment. We're not fearing Allah's mech that Allah could, you know, take us at that moment of being complacent and not being worried about you know, not being concerned.

00:45:35--> 00:46:19

Okay, so hustler Busey Rahim, Allah He said that there are people who have been destroyed by their false hopes of forgiveness. There are people who have been destroyed by their false hopes for forgiveness, until they leave this world with no hassle. They leave this world with no hassle ATS. They say we have the best hopes in Allah. But they have light because that's their excuse. They say we have good hopes in Allah we have first no Vani and Allah right. But he said that they have lied. Why? Because if they truly had personal Vanya law, if they truly had the best hopes in Allah, they would have made their deeds best for him. If you truly had the best hope in Allah, you would have

00:46:19--> 00:47:02

made your deeds best for him you wouldn't have been so complacent. And don't worry if I do the harm or or eat from the Haram or earn from the Quran. Okay, you would have been trying to strive to do the best to present the best deeds to Allahu taala in the next life. So this is why my dear sisters that we need to be balanced in our journey back to Allah hautala This is the only way to be safe in this dunya and safe in the era. It's only by being balanced between having hope in Allah Yes. But you have to balance it with that fear of a law and not let your heart overcome so that you just keep on making false excuses to yourself for why you're not doing things that a lot you know commanded

00:47:02--> 00:47:03

you to do. And you're not

00:47:05--> 00:47:16

only making false excuses for why you're not allowing yourself to fall into the hora Okay, this is the this is the this the danger that we see a lot of people falling into today. So that's what I have for you today, inshallah.