The Stories of The Prophets #28 – The Story of Adam (Pt 16) Lessons of Haya (Modesty)

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Bismillah yo, yo Rafi

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call the call false.

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Saramonic Mark Missoula catchword hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman who had a hammer, but we are still doing the story of Adam Alayhis Salam. And we are now winding down we're getting to the end of the story that we know from the Quran and Sunnah we have some miscellaneous topics to do towards the end. And I want to begin today by going back to a passage in sort of an hour off. As we mentioned, the Quran mentions the story of Adam more than half a dozen times. And one of the most detailed stories or times that is mentioned is in the first pages of sort of our off to be specific universe 15 onwards. And in this section, Allah subhanaw taala

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links the story of Adam with something that it is not linked to in any other part of the Quran. So Sunita out off mentions the concept of modesty and higher and covering an hour and contrast this with shaytaan attempt to bring about indecency fascia, nakedness and nudity. So, this is something that is quite interesting and it is only in sort of two out off. So, let us go over the verses and let us derive some benefits from this series of verses. We begin with verse number 20. The story begins earlier but we're interested in this particular section I've done the previous section in previous lectures for us was a lesson was shaytaan for us was he lay his shape on that shape on

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tempted them that that shade on tempted then Leo but the Idaho Map My Woody Allen who Mammon so ottima that in order to expose what was hidden of their nakedness, so shaytaan tempted them with an intention in mind shaytaan had a goal in mind, what was the goal of shaytaan the goal of sheath on the agenda of shaytaan from the very beginning was Liuba de Allahumma. He wanted to expose to them what was hidden of their nakedness. Shavon wants us to discard the fine garments that Allah has blessed us with. It is of the explicit goals, dare I say it was the first tactic of shaytaan Subhana Allah that he wanted this goal, but with our mother and father Adam, he didn't start by mentioning

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the goal. It was in his mind. He started by seducing them with long life, but he knew that the first result of that sin would be to expose what was hidden of their nakedness. And he said, Your Lord has only forbid in this tree in order to prevent you from becoming angels or immortals. We'll call it Semih, Houma, and he swore to them in neither kumana Minh and now so here I am truly your sincere advisor for the Allahumma Buho rule he brought about their fall through deception Philomel dapaah Szeged rotta when they ate of the tree, but Lahoma so to whom their nakedness was exposed to them, and their nakedness was exposed to them while toffee call Josefa Annie it him in water kill Jana,

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and they began covering themselves with the leaves of paradise. And Allah called out to them LM and Hakuna didn't I forbid the both of you from the eating of the tree. And Didn't I tell you that shaitan was your sworn enemy. All our OB men have alumna and fusina wide number of fildena What are Hamner lacuna? mailhot sin. Then Allah says descend, bow Doku open enemies unto one another, you will find in this earth a temporary residence and a provision for the time being on this earth. He had to Halona when he had demo tuna women had to follow June you will live here you will die here you will be resurrected from here after Allah azza wa jal then says yeah Benny Adam or children of

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Adam, because the N Zan Ira come live as we have provided for you or sent down for you or reveal for you clothing we have revealed for you clothing in order to cover your nakedness in order to cover your nakedness what Isha and as an adornment and beauty what he busts with Taqwa that DECA higher and the guard the clothing of piety is better. And this is of the bounties of Allah so that you may be mount mindful of Allah

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Yo bunny Adam Oh Children of Adam law if tienen como Shavon make sure Shavon does not deceive you come a Harajuku a common agenda as he deceived and tempted your parents out of paradise, and he caused their cover to be removed in order to expose their nakedness. So Allah is reminding us, oh Children of Adam, do not allow shady lawn to do unto you as he did to your parents. Do not be deceived by Shavon. To go down the path of immorality, the path of nudity, the path of fascia like your parents were taken down this path unwittingly, unfortunately, we are being taken down this past wittingly. Shaitaan tells us directly our mother and father were to pious into holy that they would

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have been tempted by this, they were tempted by something else. They were tempted by long life, but immortality and when they went down that path, what happened happened in our generation, there, there is no temptation to be more immortality, it is directly shaitaan is wanting fascia immediately, and she upon is telling us to be indecent and the bulk of mankind have followed shaytaan in this and Allah says in the Quran, ye the filofax fisherton when they commit a shameful deed, ALU wotja, Denali, and wallah who Mr. On behalf they say we found our forefathers doing this and Allah has commanded us to do this deed call in Hola Hola, yo, Maru Bill fascia respond. Allah

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never commands in decency to own Allah him Allah to Allah Dalia moon, do you ascribe to Allah that which you do not know out of your ignorance? Now,

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I have gone over this passage quickly. Time is always limited in our lectures, I want you to open up the Quran. After this lecture is over even pause here and read this entire passage sulit are off verses 20 to 28 Read this entire passage, the entire narrative is linked to higher to modesty. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Every religion has a defining characteristic and the defining characteristic of our religion is higher, it is modesty it is higher. Every religion has a defining characteristic and the single defining characteristic of our religion, it is modesty. And Allah subhana wa Tada created our mother and father and he clothed them in Jannah. Now what were

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they clothed with? What were they wearing? Well, some scholars have said that they were wearing the clothes of Jana and others have said that Allah clothed them with a special lights so that the light blinded their our from one another. And so when they were in public, that light would be, you know, around them. And yet others have some, you know, bizarre opinions. By the way, there's also opinions you should be aware of that we find these in the books in, in the early books that there is an opinion that Adam and how we had a special type of skin, maybe like an animal skin, or maybe like, you know, nail type of stuff, or some type of adornment, and that when they committed the sin, that

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special skin was taken away. So we are the only species that doesn't have a special for a special skin, or a special outer layer this is you find it in the books, in all likelihood, what really makes the most sense, and Allah knows best is that they were wearing the clothes of Jen, or even if we were to say, they had a special light emanating from them, they were in gender. And so they are covered and clothed and dignified and made decent by a special clothing or a special light. And when they ate of the tree, when they ate of the tree, then that special clothing, or that special light was stripped away from them. And so they then were naked, they didn't have anything. By what by the

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way, contrast this to the Bible. Remember, we talked about this multiple times, where in the Bible, it is portrayed that that was the tree of knowledge, they shouldn't have had any knowledge. And so they didn't know anything. And then that taught them. So it is as if you know they're being told don't learn anything. That's not our narrative. Our narrative is that they had knowledge and they weren't knowledgeable, but they committed a sin. And what that sin does was that it stripped away Allah's blessings, it took away a blessing from Allah. We seek Allah's refuge, we seek Allah's forgiveness, we ask Allah to protect us and Afia We ask Allah for his Moffat and Afia but it is very

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terrifying brothers and sisters that our own sins can strip away what Allah has blessed us with and we seek Allah's molfetta If only if it were not for Allah's mofetil and Allah setup and Allah is Rama, then Subhana Allah all of our blessings would be taken away. So we ask Allah for Alfia but this is a terrifying reality as well, that by disobeying Allah, a blessing that they had was taking

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and away from them. So when they ate from the tree, either that likes disappeared, or the clothes of Genoa were taken off. What and this was the direct result of disobeying Allah. And it was the explicit intention of shaitaan shaitaan knew because shaytaan had longer time in Jana, as you know, we had talked about this a police was alive for aeons millennia. We know we don't know how long, many, many many, you know, lifetimes before it had been held up, and the police knew things and he knew that if they disobeyed, then they would be stripped naked. And he wanted that to happen. So Allah says liyu with the Allahumma Malgudi angleman So ottima a believes wanted to expose their

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nakedness that had been covered up and that's why Allah subhana wa Tada says when it was taken away, toffee call Yasser Arafat any it him in one of the agenda. They felt shame. Ashamed, they felt embarrassed which because this is the reality of Eman. The reality of higher the reality of decency, you cover yourself. Even a child knows this, even a toddler, some young boy or girl they know they should not just be walking around without cause it's ingrained in their fitrah only a baby a baby as a baby. Once you get to an age of discernment. Once you understand even a young man or woman they don't they should not be doing this and they want to cover and they feel a sense of awkwardness and

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a sense of Jani lack of higher a sense of shamelessness that it does not occur from a heart that has an ounce of Eman that they do not walk around in this manner. And so when our mother and father found themselves in that state, automatically to they took the leaves, they took the leaves and they covered themselves, even though they are in Jannah. And they're not even in front of other human beings. There are no human beings, there are no human beings. Still there is a notion of not being like this in public in the guardians of gender. And so they cover themselves up and that is why ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says right after mentioning this verse, right after talking about this, Allah

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says, Yeah, but Adam, are Children of Adam after telling us the story of Adam and Hawa or children of Adam, or the NZ, I lay calmly Bossa, we have revealed the same word that is used for revealing revelation, revealing the rain revealing Allah's blessings unzila to send down the same word, it is divine, the origin of clothing, it goes back to Allah having ingrained in us that we should be closed, and it goes back to the origin of our mother and father being clothed. And so Allah says, and Zen, it could leave us now our scholars tried to make sense of what does it mean and Zen alikoum the bus and some say that Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the one that sends down the blessings that we

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then use to make our clothes and this is an interpretation so you know, the furs and the skins and, and the the cloth of the material, the trees, where does it come from? These are blessings from Allah, and these blessings, they come from Allah subhana wa Tada. And there is also an opinion and this is it's mentioned and Allah knows how true it is. It is mentioned that when our mother and father came down, they were actually closed. So after they were expelled from Jana, they were clothed and they came down to this earth closed, this is again, it could be interpreted in this manner, and then it can be Basa that the clothes came down as well. And some say that they came down

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with our clothing and they

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made clothing over here, we there are no eyewitnesses. So we will never know this reality. The point being the word that is used, the verb that is used indicates that clothes in and of themselves are a blessing from Allah and they are the default characteristic of mankind that our mother and father were clothed, and Allah wants us to be clothed. So Allah says, and then it committee Burson, he he revealed to you clothes, and we said, both the desire to wear clothes and the blessings of clothes they come from Allah. So the desire to be clothed is from Allah. And what we use to make cloth is from what we used to clothe ourselves is from Allah. Why do we have clothes? Allah says in the

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Quran, Cadenza, Nidek minibus and you rd so article with Isha to cover your nakedness and as a means of decoration, to cover your nakedness and as a means of decoration. So two reasons are given number one to cover our our our so at our private parts. Every person has an area of the body, right it is our private parts we don't show and the sheriff has defined what it is for the man it is between the navel and

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The knee in public and for the woman, it is her entire body except for her face enhance, this is the hour. And in particular of the hour there are the private parts. And this is especially more important to protect. And that is why Allah says We have revealed close your Wi Fi so article to protect and cover your nakedness. And also there's another reason given what Isha and Resha here it means to be decorated, to look good to look beautiful. So there is a modesty issue. And there is a beauty issue. And Allah says the both of them are fulfilled by clothes, so close first and foremost they cover our higher our modesty. And secondly, we feel full and complete. We feel you know, some

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we feel a sense of looking good and that's natural. Remember the famous Hadith of the man who came and said O Messenger of Allah, we all like to have good clothes and good shoes, and the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the Lucha jemena in your head, Buddha JAMA, Allah loves beauty, beauty, and he himself is beauty. So there's nothing wrong with wanting to look dignified and good, obviously with parameters they must be within the Shetty out and not flaunting etc, etc. Point being. Allah explicitly links the story of Adam to the concept of higher and modesty. And Allah uses the story of Adam to warn us against immodesty and against nakedness and nudity. And

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therefore, anybody who openly encourages nakedness, who embraces a lifestyle of flaunting one's body is literally following the footsteps and the goal and the desire of shaitaan against our own mother and father. And it is sad to point out that these days, we have entire movements dedicated to this notion of you know, embracing how, you know, God created a set or natural clothing or whatnot, but we say, No, the natural default, and then they come, Allah created within us the desire to be clothed. And Allah blessed us with material to clothe ourselves. So the natural state is to want to be clothed when you are an adult. Yes, a baby is born, yes, the way it is born. But that is not the

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natural state of an adult. The natural state of an adult is mentioned quite explicitly over here. And this was the state of our own parents that they were dressed and they were clothed even in the garden of gender. And we also are told of another incident in Makkah, it's directly linked into in these verses, way that Fallujah Hazleton, when they do allude and in decent deed, what is this a reference to? It is a reference to a pagan custom. And Allah brings it in, in the context of the story of Adam, even though they did not use the story of Adam. But Allah brings it in because anything to do with nakedness and nudity and fascia, in this manner, it can be used in the story of

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Adam and Hawa because he believes wanted this to happen. So what is this custom of the Quraysh? It is mentioned on our books of Sierra and the books of the seer that the Quraysh had had very, very evil and vulgar and in decent practice, or some people have them and not just the Polish by the way, I said Malaysia I should say, the Jah Haley Arabs, they had a very indecent practice and when I say this to Muslims, they are shocked. They cannot believe that this was the case, but it is the Quran references it. And that is that some people not all it wasn't like the default but it was not uncommon either. As an act of piety,

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they would come to Makkah for hajj and umrah and they would become naked, in front of the Kaaba and they would do tawaf wearing nothing are with a biller or with a biller disgusting, and shape on gave them a bizarre excuse. Very similar to the excuse of the modern nudist movements, modern fascia movements. This is our natural state. Why should we hide between us and God? What is there to hide between us and God? You're not hiding between you and God. This is modesty, to cover yourself in front of other human beings. It's not a matter of hiding. And by the way, if you wanted to bring this tactic or this argument, we have it in the Hadith of the husband, Hakeem from his father from

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his grandfather, when he asked the Prophet sallallahu Ali, who was sending one messenger of ALLAH, if I'm all alone, can I just walk around with no clothes? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah who uh how cool and you stay here Minho? It is more befitting that you have higher of Allah. Then you have have other people. In other words, just be modest even in your prayers.

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COVID life, but the point being these pre Islamic Jahi, the Arabs,

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they would do it all off wearing nothing. As I said, please understand, this wasn't the norm or the default. Not everybody did it. But once in a while, somebody wanted to show that they're super pious, and how would they show their super pious man and women, they would take off their garments in public and they would say, we are now going to expose ourselves to Allah directly, how can we hide from Allah? And you know, if it was a lady, she would put her hands on hurt sensitive parts, you know, one hand in one hand, she would do that and she would diversify that. Today, you know, this much has been, you know, uncovered or covered and later on or it will be fully uncovered. So,

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they had some, you know, vulgar poetry as well in this regard. The point being that they will do this act, and when they were asked, How could you do tawaf naked? They will say two things. way they're far too far. Hey, Shannon Kalu Wadjet and La Habana wala Marana Baja, we found our forefathers doing this. And Allah has commanded us to do this. So they gave two excuses. And Allah azza wa jal remained silent about the first because they did find a few generations of people doing this, but he refuted the second call in Allah Hola, Moodle build fascia say Allah does not command to fascia, a de Hulu and Allahu Allah Tala one, are you accusing Allah of that which you do not

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know. So Allah resoundingly refuted this ridiculous excuse of the pre Islamic Arabs that Allah has commanded us to do tawaf, naked, No, Allah did not command this, and anybody who commands others to take off their clothes, their hijab to take off what Allah has blessed them with. They are following the tactics of shaitaan and they should never use the name of Allah. Allah does not command fascia. This is very explicit in the Quran. And of course, I mean, you know, I wish we could go into more details. But I mean, the topic here is the story of Adam and how up but Subhanallah you know, we live in a time in a place where never in human history, has there been such an emphasis on nakedness

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and on nudity and on the proliferation of pornography, we seek Allah's refuge we seek Allah's forgiveness, how much have our eyes seen, and how much has society just broadcast everywhere, and the the problems of nudity, the problems of fascia are well known and documented. And in reality, more and more psychiatrist and sociologist and researchers of no faith background, more and more analysts and scientists are telling us of the dangers of this disease of nakedness and pornography, this disease of the proliferation of the human body without its covering, and of everywhere you see, we see these types of of images that are not befitting human dignity, and are clearly a tactic of

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We know for a fact, and this is now verified that pornography in particular has so many problems of them is the addiction, you know, the dopamine effect that takes place, the mind becomes numb. The addiction to pornography, according to some reports, is typically even worse than the addiction to some types of drugs, the mind becomes addicted. And it is very, very, very difficult to break away from the addict in this in this regard. And this fascia and this nudity, this constant bombardment of these images, it breaks up marriages and relationships Subhanallah I mean, I don't want to go down this tangent, this is the story of Adam and how up but as a person of, you know, community

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leadership and Imam and Chef role, I get bombarded with sisters emailing me that they have discovered their husbands watching this and doing this. And because of this, they're not being a proper husband or they're not fulfilling what is needed or they're not even interested in, in marriage to their wives or their Biller, how many marriages are falling apart because of this disease that Shavon wanted us to do. And Allah links it to the story of Adam and Allah mentions the incident of the Quraysh and links to the story of Adam. So we as well can link this issue of pornography and this issue of fascia directly to the tactic of Adam back then shaitan wants us to go

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down this path and people don't understand, especially a young men and maybe many of our sisters don't understand that the problem of this type of genre of material, it is damaging to the psyche of many, many people

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You see once upon a time, you know, believe it or not to, to, to, for a young man to want to be married and to have a family. It was a huge motivational force for him to study hard, get to career, get a job, get his act together, live a dignified life so that he can be presentable to a lady get married to this lady have children. Now, fascia has become prevalent. There is no need for marriage anymore, not just the hookup culture, but are the biller the fascia in decency culture, which a THON is definitely aiming for. It has caused men 30 year old nanny, no job, no career living with their parents playing games all day. This is a problem that threatens our entire societies, not just the

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Muslims, it threatens the productivity of humanity, so much of the people's time, so much of the bandwidth of the internet is being used for fascia, the productivity even if a person doesn't believe in God or the biller from that even if a person doesn't believe in God, scientists and psychiatrist are saying this is a problem that is destroying the productivity of mankind, it is destroying marriages and relationships. It is increasing crime, sexual crimes, it is increasing molestation and rape and the the deep the demeaning of the female, body and persona, it is harming human relationships. And all of this is breaking up in front of us. And this is a silent disease

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that every household what as a biller, or almost every household is afflicted with and yet we turn the other way as if nothing is going on Subhanallah we live in a time and a place where Never before has fascia been as proliferated, and as freely available as it is now. And studies are being done. And just listen to some TED Talks. Just listen to some TED talks in this regard or other you know, academic papers on this. There are many Christian and Muslim and Jewish institutes that are talking about the dangers of this demeaning genre of, you know, how women are portrayed and the nudity and whatnot. And it is truly dangerous to society, and it is dangerous to faith and it is dangerous to

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all of humanity. And all of this we are told in the Quran is a direct tactic of Shavon it's exactly what shaytaan wanted. So Muslims lie 15 And Nakamura shaytaan Let not shaytaan tempt you This is in the Quran. Kama herb, apologia Camino Jana likey caused your parents to be expelled from gender. Notice how Allah links this with our own parents. Allah literally links this problem and says don't do what your parents fell into. And again to be clear, our parents fell into it for a different reason. Our parents were not tempted by our with the below the below the fascia, they were tempted by something that at least is not as blatantly evil as fashion they wanted immortality. But shaytaan

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knew that this would be a repercussion of that. And Allah is telling us now she is going to attempt to directly come a kraja avoid common agenda yen zero and Hammadi by Selma Llyod, Houma Swati Hema he took their clothes off so that their nakedness was available or free for everybody to see. And Allah says nyfd Nanda calm and here we are, we are getting under the fitna and we're falling prey to shaitan and we're listening to shaitan. So dear Muslims, dear brothers, dear sisters, in particular, guard your modesty, guard your chest to see, don't open the doors of this fascia. Don't be deceived by Shavon lie this is not your empowerment. This is not your liberation. Your true liberation is in

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embracing your femininity, and it is in guarding what Allah has guarded and it is in protecting what Allah has protected. And it is in that modesty, that virtue of modesty. That is the quintessential virtue of our faith tradition. It is so sad well lie it is so sad to see Muslim lands to see lands that used to be beacons of you know Islam and to heathen what not they used to be preaching the correct journey, you know, at least society wise they were upon such good and now they have opened their doors to fascia. They've opened their doors to public any nudity and public things of this nature will lie. It is so so distressing. And it hurts the heart and it feels that we are now living

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towards the very end of times, and yet we have on the other side so many people mocking our disgust and our hurt and they say look at these backward people. They can't take a little bit of nudity or with a biller or with a biller. This is the essence of shaytaan trap. It's not a little bit of nudity, it doesn't

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destroys the fabric of society. It destroys the sanity. It destroys morality and Eman and Taqwa. And it's not just me who is saying this, as I have said, so many studies have shown the dangers of public nudity and of pornography and of opening of the law refresher when we limit to this type of stuff. And we only allow intimacy within marriage. And we make sure that society wise that you know, what happens behind closed doors Subhanallah any since the beginning of time, sins have taken place in private, and no delta is bad, but to take place in private, that is a personal sin between the people who are doing it. But when sins become public, Leo with the Allahumma when sins become

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fascist becomes in the streets. That is the real danger. What happens behind closed doors, even in prophetic Medina, we know that people you know, drank and people committed Zina, it's in the Hadith, it's going to happen. But what happens behind closed doors, it is at least not going to affect the public. But the problem comes as this these verses mentioned, Liebe, the Allahumma, it becomes now all public, and this is going to bring about an entire calamity. So brothers and sisters, this issue of fascia and of modesty, this versus modesty, this issue of covering one's outer versus displaying the outer, it is actually linked directly to the fall of Adam. It is as if Allah is saying, Do your

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brothers and sisters that opening this door, just like our mother and father fell to this earth, and it was the cause of their expulsion, the opening of this door is the expulsion of humanity as the beginning of the end. That's it, when you open this door, then Hamas, there is no coming back. And I swear to you, again, if you just look at the last 3040 years, you know, I mean, I don't want to get personal when I was growing up in the 70s 80s You know, what we would see on television, and the programs there any compared to hundreds of years before that it was definitely not the same. But when you compare 1980s to what our children are seeing, you literally think that that must have been

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like a pure era without any fascia, even though when we watched it back, then our parents would get irritated us and they would be what is going on? How are these jokes happening and what not and what you know, maybe some indecent clothing for that timeframe. When you compare that timeframe to now you think that that is like you know, 100% headed, even though it's not healthy, but I'm just saying, You think there's nothing wrong with that. Now you see the reality of what our children are watching. What even is mainstream entertainment. And you see, there is no coming back. And then you see the reality of everything being changed, marriage being changed, gender being changed, gender

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roles being changed. And you wonder where did it come from? Literally, it begins with fascia. It begins with nudity. Once you open this door, there is no coming back, literally. That's why Allah links it to the fall of Adam and Hawa. Like literally that's it, once you open it, and it appears we have already opened it in this society, we seek Allah's refuge, what is to be done other than protect ourselves as much as we can fit the Allah muster title, we say colors refuge. In any case, I went into a bit of a tangent because, honestly, it really deserves it the time and place we live in. And by the way, it's not just in America, everywhere in the Muslim world, everywhere in the world,

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the internet has made the entire globe open to this reality where you will be loved. And so much can be said. But not only is time limited, but this is not the series to go into this detail. But I needed to go into a little bit of a tangent because the Quran goes into it literally think about it. I want you to think about this, the story of Adam and Hawa then Allah brings up the issue of the terroir of the Quraysh. What has the terroir for the parish got to do with Adam and how what Allah Lynx had directly left in in the states same idea is going to be shaytaan wanting to cause you to go down this path, we see colors refuge and Alfia in any case. So that is one aspect and that is

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the incident the issue of indecency and the issue of modesty being linked to the story of Adam, and other miscellaneous d&d, just tying up the loose ends over here. Is that completely separate from this, we move on to another topic, and that is that what do we know about the children of Adam and in particular, the issue of marriages between the children, because obviously one of the conundrums that everybody asks about all the time, if Adam and Hawa were the origins of all mankind, and they were and if they had children, and there were no other human beings, well, then how did those children have children? And obviously the issue arises, they're all brothers and sisters, how can

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they get married and have children? So we have nothing in the Quran or sunnah that explicitly mentions this reality. However, we have multiple reports from the Sahaba

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

and from the early scholars of Islam and this is something that is recorded by our historians have been Kathy and automaty and others they mentioned this, but it is not Quran and Sunnah. It is the cumulative stories of our early scholars that say, so this is just a statement or, you know, legendary but there's nothing wrong with with stating this and, and and in all likelihood this is probably exactly what happened because there is no other alternative that says that every time our mother how we would give birth, every time our mother how we would give birth, that she would in fact give birth to twins, she would in fact give birth to twins. And these twins would be how male

00:35:47--> 00:36:30

and female there will always be a girl and boy born together. And these two would be haram for each other they would be brother and sister. And the next batch would come and there will be another boy and girl and this boy and girl would not be haram for the previous. So the first boy would marry the batch of the second girl and the second batch boy would marry the girl of the first batch. So that that would be different. Now, this is what has been mentioned authority for example, that his fsid he mentions that it is reported from a Sudeep that he mentions from Abdul Malik and Rambo Solea from me ibis, and from Massoud, and from a number of Sahaba Ayuna seminars having the vehcile Allahu

00:36:30--> 00:36:54

Allah He was sent him so autobody says, from so and so and so on. So a lots of people that never was a child born to Adam, except that a boy born to Adam, except that a girl would also be born with that. And so the boy of one batch would be married to the girl of the other batch, and the girl of one batch would be married to the boy of the other batch. This is what is reported from the early

00:36:55--> 00:37:40

Sahaba and tablet rune and one of the scholars of the past even I learned a scholar of Quran and Hadith and he died in the 11th century, the hijra, he said that in the shadow of Adam Alayhis Salam, it is as if different batches of children from the womb of Hawa took the status of distant relatives, like a cousin or a second cousin. So it is as if the brother and sister were the ones in the same room at the same time, this becomes brother and sister. So the one that's born in a different timeframe, they become like a relative and not like a brother or sister like a cousin. So this has been a run, basically commenting on this in the end of the day, you know, nothing is known

00:37:40--> 00:38:21

for certain, we don't know, but it does appear that that's really the only thing that would have happened or else how do we explain you know, this, this reality, there is no other way to explain this. And in the end of the day, we firmly believe that the *ty app and laws can change from profit to profit, and what was allowed for one profit might have been forbidden for another and this is the Quran mentions this very clearly. The toad all of Musa had very strict laws that Allah lifted from Risa and our Sharia, many more things are lifted. In contrast to this, some things might have been allowed for the previous Shetty as for example, there are claims and He alone knows how true

00:38:21--> 00:39:05

this is that small amounts of alcohol might have been allowed for some of the previous Shetty eyes. And Allah has understood or Allah has shown us that alcohol should be completely haram because it is nothing but evil. So shifty eyes can change from time to time and profit to profit and exceptional circumstances, such as the first generation of mankind warrant exceptional rules. So exceptional circumstances warrant exceptional rules. You don't extrapolate general rules from exceptional circumstances. Therefore, although we do not know for a fact what happened, it is reasonable to surmise. And we have statements of the Sahaba in this regard that a one off for only that

00:39:05--> 00:39:44

generation, they had a different understanding of what it means to be brother and sister. And what else did you expect because they are the first generation and so it was allowed for them and even then we can say it was haram for them to marry their sister. But the definition of sister for that generation as even I learned said, was the one who is born in the same batch. And the one who was born in a different batch that one is considered like Yanni from their *ty or what we would consider a cousin or second cousin. It's considered like that and so this is how we would understand this reality and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. We come to the conclusion of today's lecture

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Inshallah, we have some other loose ends to tie up about the story of Adam and then in sha Allah to Allah we have a interesting tangent about the story of Adam which I don't want to reveal too much about, but we will get there in sha Allah. And then after that we will be done with the story of Adam and then

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Move on to the next Stories of the Prophets. Until next time, Jack Malabo, Farren was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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