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Want to begin with a story of one of my teachers that influenced me greatly. Allah blessed me to study in Arabia for many years. And one of the people who probably had the most impact on me on a spiritual level, is a very famous scholar by the name of shift even with me. He used to live in a small village bowrider Araiza, and I studied with him for one summer before he passed away. And I heard a lot of stories about him from his students. And of course, I saw him one on one as well. One of the stories that his students told me it happened before I came that summer was, in the 80s, the King of Saudi Arabia visited the city of Grenada. And the chef was so famous that one of the very

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few people, the king would visit in his house rather than the other way around, generally speaking, the chef goes to the king in that country. But she was so senior and so respected, that the king visited chef with me, and at that time, he used to live in a mud huts. This is back in the 80s, you know, the hut that would be constructed, you know, in those days. So the king said, let me build you a new house. And our chef, everyone with me, had a very strict policy, no gifts from the king and have a lot of stories about that as well. He never accepted a penny from the royal dynasty. So he said, I don't need a house, the king insisted. So he said, Well, if you must know Hamdulillah, I am

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building a house in solid area. He mentioned a neighborhood there. So the king then moved on the conversation and then left, his students said after the king left share, we didn't know you're building a house in that neighborhood. That's way outside the city. Why would you do that? The sheriff said, Isn't the graveyard inside here? They said yes. He said, I'm building a house for the

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Subhana Allah. When I heard that story, what struck me was the philosophy or the paradigm of our shift, that for a person to say that instantaneously when the king is there, this isn't something that just comes on the spur of the moment. On the contrary, clearly, this is a person who is thinking constantly about the real house that is being built for that answer to just come in from to indicates that such a person Nazi bukata kelda had such a person is constantly thinking and preparing for the ultimate abode. And this is what separates the movement or the moussaka or the Morrison, from most of us here. Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran tilka da rule of Hello, this

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is the Hereafter, and we give it to those who who is it given to who is it given to woman or Raja Raja was

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the one who strives for the Hereafter, that person his striving will be rewarded. The goal the destination is in the hearts and the minds of the righteous people. These are the people as Allah says, Your noon and the hula corabi him they are certain they're going to meet their Lord, they have no doubt they're going to meet Allah Subhana which Allah What does the law say of the Day of Judgment? The people who get their book in the right hand, they pick it up, and what do they say in the Vernon to unimodal can hit Serbia I knew I would meet my sub. This is the conviction that happens from the moment and the mood Turkey and this is why dear brothers and sisters, today's short

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clots will be about a topic that nobody likes to talk about, but it must be spoken of and that is the inevitability of death. what really separates the more men the more the the more sin is the conscious and constant realization that this world is temporary, and eventually we all have to leave and that is why the Quran and Sunnah remind us to think of death. Allah the follicle motor will have you know one of the most powerful verses in the Quran about Dawa, which is rarely used. Allah says in the Quran, this is an early Mark consider pseudo Yunus on in quantum fee, shakin mendini say to mankind, if you doubt whether my religion is right or wrong. I don't worship your false gods. Well,

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I can argue the law lady yes our falcom I am worshiping the gods.

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If that will cause you to die, our religion is true, because the God that will cause you to die Subhana Allah The Kaffir can deny Islam, the Kaffir can deny a stop for all other prophets of Allah, Who are they he was selling them. But even the Garfield cannot deny death. Even the Kaffir cannot deny death. So the Quran brings in death as an argument for the religion. I'm not worshiping your false gods, I'm worshipping the God that will cause you to die. This is the reality of what religion brings to the table. What religion does is that it teaches us life doesn't finish with death. And when we remind ourselves to think of death, it's not so that we become morbid. It's not so that we

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become depressed. It's that we understand that our transitory life will come to an end and our eternal life, the Ultimate Life will begin. So we prepare for that ultimate life. We're in the dowel, our hirota the heel, higher one, the life of the hereafter. That is the real life locanto Yeah, and the moon, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us a cathedral, mythic reharden builder that frequently think of that which is going to destroy all of your pleasures frequently think up through Castiel always think about death. And why should we think about death, so that we live a productive life? The purpose of thinking about death, as I said, is not to become morose or

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sad, or to go into some depression? No. When we realize that we are going to leave this world, we have to start thinking, Well, what am I doing? What's going to happen? Am I ready? And Subhanallah brothers and sisters will lie we should be thinking about this. When was the last time you close your eyes and you visualize seeing the Angel of Death come to you? You know, there's only two scenarios. There's only two scenarios when the Angel of Death comes and by the way, every one of us we have an angel of death that has been assigned our sole creator with medical motility whoo killer become the angel of death that has been assigned to you will take your soul there is an angel that

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is assigned to us and Allah azza wa jal has tasked him with the responsibility for taking our soul. There's only two scenarios. The first scenario we seek Allah's refuge from going down this path. As soon as the person sees the angel of death he says, call or build your own.

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Give me one more chance er en la Li armadyl saw the FEMA talked I promise, I promise I will be a good person. Just give me one more chance and I promise you you're not gonna see the same me catala it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen in Kelly Mitchell who are called elucha Allah decree has come down woman wha he him barossa hoon Illa, yo Musa iPhone and now the barossa who will begin until the day of judgment, because even the bottles of is not eternal. Then there is the day of judgment after that. That is the first scenario. And the second scenario is what in Medina called Robin Allahu Tomas Docomo, tetanus. himal Mela iica, allotter hafele. What utter has no, we're

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obihiro bilgin Atilla t quantum two I don't know. No Alia oakenfold hayata dunya. What will you know when we see the angel of death, all of us will be terrified the movement undercover. But you see the movement, that terror will be a millisecond just for a fleeting millisecond. Why? Because as soon as he sees the angel and he realizes what's going to happen, because all of us should be aware there is that one millisecond between this life and the next one, we're alive. But we know we're going to die. There's going to be that timeframe, we might think of it as an eternity. But for outsiders, it's a millisecond. When we see the angel our Prophet system told us this by the way, he said to us

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that the reason why the eyes of the mayor of the dead are always looking up is because they see the roof as it comes out. You are literally going to watch your own room. And that's why it's going to be pointing upwards. Now in that millisecond you cannot communicate with anybody else in that millisecond millisecond. By the way for our time frame. We don't know for the person dying might look like ours or what No, we don't know. But for us is that millisecond in that millisecond you see the angel of death, and you might be immediately scared but then those angels are profitsystem said there are going to be angels of Sakina of peace. Their mere presence brings you calmness and

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comfort. You will see them majestic tall, beautiful. You will see them smiling. You will see them and they will have perfume and shrouds and what are they going to say? Yes, you're going to be scared of course you're going to be scared is a different world. You're entering the next stage. As soon as you see them. What are you gonna say? That's awful. Toby scared? What are you gonna do when you see these

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Beautiful majestic creatures smiling perfume and you can see how beautiful they are and they're telling you don't worry, don't worry not to have one Don't be scared know oh Leo calm we're gonna take care of you. We took care of you before we'll take care of you now, can you imagine Which one do you want? Which scenario do you want? And by the way do Muslims our scholars safe generally speaking, people die doing that which they love. People die doing that which they love in which state will take over me or you? How do you want to be when the Angel of Death comes? We want to be saying the Kalima we want to be doing that which is noble, we seek Allah's refuge from ever the

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Angel of Death coming when we're doing something ignoble. We want to be upon for that. How will that happen? You have bit Allahu levena Amen. Oh, Bill only sabots Phil had to do to Philadelphia, Allah will give you that sebat and Subhanallah you know I lived in Medina for a decade will lie every few days or weeks and especially during Hajj season. We would hear of stories and I witnessed myself of somebody passing away in such the passing away right after Hajj. You think that's a coincidence? You think somebody can predict that somebody can ask for that and it happens. Well, you this is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a gift. I've witnessed this and been around people like this.

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As soon as they do Hajj and they come to the Haram or they come to the Medina and they say they're solid and hollow splitsvilla they're gone. That is not something that you can get it's a gift from Allah. Why did they get that how did they get that? You said bit Hola Hola, Dina, Armando bill Ollie. stablity Phil hyah to Daniela Philadelphia. They're thinking about it. They wanted they made even even make draw for it. And then Allah azza wa jal blesses them with that. This is what it means to prepare. I don't know when I'm gonna die, how I'm gonna die, neither do you. But we have to prepare for that time. ask Allah subhana wa tada for a good death. seek refuge in Allah from an evil

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death. Be prepared for the angel of death. And then afterwards as well as we're all aware during the journey towards the cover. We are told both the Mothman and the Kaffir are aware their perceptions are there. Now that you've seen the angel you have a premonition. As for the movement, he is eager to get into the cover. He knows his Uber is going to be a place of light to place a perfume. He knows he's going to see the greenery he knows he has good deeds waiting for him. The Koran is going to be there to give him light, his Salah will give him shadow his good deeds are going to greet him as our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said when the movement is put into an entity comes that is

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beautiful, that is handsome, that is calming, his presence is calming. And the movement says Who are you Your presence is bringing me comfort. And this entity says I am your good deeds. You were preparing for this. Now I am here with you. I am your good deeds here with you to be with you to give you comfort, you're not going to be alone. I'm here with you until the actual camera takes place. And while he's in the cover our professors and I've said A window will be open and he will see his policy agenda waiting for him. He will see all the beautiful trees he will hear the birds he will do everything he will say yellow, make the judgment quick so that I can enter my house. This is

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the one that is the movement and the opposite. We're all aware with Ebola we seek Allah's refuge, the opposite. The cover is a very terrifying place. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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and he has seen what he has seen, you know what he said is scary.

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I have never seen anything, except that the cover is more terrifying than it. I have never seen anything. And what did he not See? He saw heaven and hell. He saw Monique the angel in charge of hell. He saw punishments when he went to Selamat Lodge. And yet What did he say? Ma a to mandaram caught I've never seen anything, except that a copper terrifies us more. We have to we don't want to go down that route. Our Prophet system himself sought refuge from the adab and from the fitna and from the villa and from the the darkness and the tightness of the opera. He sought refuge from that because the one who doesn't have any good deeds that are covered is going to be dang narrow, dark,

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constricted, what are you have to be loved? We seek Allah's refuge from that. And on top of that, an entity will come filthy, corrupted smelling, and the man will say woe to you What are you Your presence is terrifying. And he will say I am the deeds you sent forward to this day. This is your preparation. I'm here with you. And Allah will then open up a door to jahannam and he's gonna see exactly where he's gonna go. And he's gonna say Rob never allowed the AMA to combat his dog means nothing. It will come because the Yama is also gonna have a bigger headsman machiya do you Muslims as we're finished

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Ramadan we have two days left three days left Subhan Allah

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who amongst us here will be here next stromal bond who knows who can guarantee that? There will come a time when this Ramadan next Ramadan some Ramadan will be our last from Oban. This is the sooner of Allah. In the Canadian we're in the Houma utahn Yo yo yo Sula will die, and they will all die. And those verses came down, and everybody who heard them the first time are gone, and the second time and the third and the 10th and the 14th and the 16th generations between us and the prophets ism are around 50 generations they're all gone. And this verse has been recited by our grandparents now it is being recited by us eventually it will be decided by our grandchildren in the committee yet we're

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in the home a year tune, you Yasuda will die and all of them will die while marjana debauchery mccobb legal hold we never gave any human being immortality for a mixture for whom will hardly dawn if you are a sort of love will die do they think they're going to live forever? If you are going to die? Do they think they're going to live forever? So we come to the end of this month. And we don't know how many more Rama bonds we have. We don't know when or where the angel of death will come. But we need to be prepared for any time. We need to be prepared so that when that angel comes we hear the good news from Allah subhana wa tada Yeah, yeah. To him Nussle motto, my inner that's what I

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want. That's what you want. We want to hear that voice or you peaceful, restful soul. Now your time on this earth is over. It'll Jerry de la beaky, go back your Lord is waiting for you. Your Lord is waiting for you all the time. He is pleased with you. malviya he is more than happy at what you have done. That's the good news I want to hear and you want to hear the only way we'll get that news. The only way is if we are constantly preparing for that day. And that's what my advice to myself on all of you is look at yourself and your station and macom look at how you are in front of your Lord. Look at how much you've prepared what you stand forward what legacy you're leaving behind. And it is

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never too late to change until we see the angel of death. Once we see the Angel of Death then there is no chance to change so take advantage of the time that we have turn over a new leaf returned to Allah subhana wa tada live a productive life thinking of death don't go morbid. Don't become sad. No, we're all going to leave the purpose of thinking of death is to live a more productive life. That's what Allah wants from us. May Allah subhana wa tada grant us all the best of all deaths May Allah subhana wa tada grant us all the tofield to c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, may Allah subhana wa tada causes to return to Him when He is pleased and happy with us. May Allah

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subhana wa Taala make the Angel of Death one of the angels of mercy for us May Allah subhana wa Taala give us the badge when Wonka Negi will come and we can answer the questions with firmness and with the correct answer may Allah subhana wa tada make our graves a vast a lighted a beautiful garden from the gardens of Paradise. May Allah subhanho wa Taala causes us to live as Muslims to die as movements and to be resurrected with the prophets and the martyrs in the studio. Dana sure handles all the pain and what a noble companionship they are with Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.