The Destruction of Pharoah

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh bun sisters, Musa alayhis salam was sent to one of the greatest tyrants history has ever known, fell down. And what he used to do to his people is unimaginable that he would take the boys one year and slaughter them all. And then the next year he would leave them so they would grow up, and that they would be slaves for him. And this continued year after year. Musa Allah salatu salam was born in the year in which the boys were to be slaughtered. And as we know, the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala explains to us how he or Islam how he was saved by Allah subhanaw taala through the actions of his mother. Now, with regards to around

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with regards to the oppression and tyranny, that he gave and implemented into his people, how does this remain? And how is this upheld? It is known that the pillars of oppression, if you can call it that all the conditions that need to be present for oppression to remain are very clearly stated to us in the Quran. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala makes clear to us what we should follow, but also makes clear to us the different types of oppression that may occur, and how it remains remains with the people. So for example, if we look carefully at the story of the round, what you have here is an arrogant tyrant. And for this type of oppression, where it goes over all people, you need one

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individual to see himself above all other people. This is the start of tyranny, oppression over mass people. So you have an arrogant tyrant who sees him above the law, he sees himself untouchable, it is not sufficient for him to be alone, or for her for that matter. So what does he need, he then needs if you'd like we can call the ministers, those supportive people who will be there to whisper in his ear, and to pass down his orders and to carry out his orders to others. And this, if you like his sermon that we find in the story of the Quran, he was there to lay down the orders given by throne and implement them to the others. And this would be the second pillar is to have these

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corrupt ministers.

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The third pillar of oppression and tyranny is then you have the finances, those people with a world who have money, who will then allow this to be implemented amongst the people to buy people off, where you have blackmailing, and where you have money under the table, and so on and so forth, to allow this corruption to fester in all of these areas. So you need finances. And then you need, if you like, a religious authority to justify the actions of this particular tyrant. And here you had the Sahara, the magician's. They were some form of religious albeit, of course, away from that what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. But these were the holy people, and that they would perform

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under duress, the commandments of that was your own, that he commanded. And then faithfully, number five, you have the media, you have the masses, and these are the individuals who will go out and they will spread the works and the words and the filth and the oppression and tyranny of that what filters down from the very top. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentions these things in detail for us first to ponder over, and that when we see oppression, and we when we see volume and tyranny in front of our eyes, we're able to dissect, we're able to look at the different situations and to see that this behavior, this tyranny, it starts from the top and it filters down, unfortunately, amongst

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the people. And we're able to then when we are giving Dawa, and we were teaching other people were able to concentrate our efforts in the different areas. If we're not able to reach the highest level of tyranny, then who are the finances, for example, always part of the media if you like, or who is part of those, you know, the crop ministers or whatever? What can you do to affect and to try and change to make something for the better to ensure that the Dawa is effective? Understanding these principles inshallah to Allah, by Allah's permission will allow us to be more effective in our Dawa. We are lost. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to be successful in all that we do. I mean, was Salam

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Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh