Majed Mahmoud – Prophet Musa (AS) #02 – Musas Upbringing & Escape to Madian

Majed Mahmoud
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Musa alayhis salam Alhamdulillah he's back with his mom. He's at the house. She's breastfeeding him, she's taking care of him as God Allah is paying her very, very well. Musa alayhis salam becomes known as the adopted son of Pharaoh and as your unbelievable, so much so that he now he is known as Prince Musa Amir Musa. And after approximately two years, when the breast feeding phase has come to an end, Musa goes back to the palace of Frauen Of course, the breast feeding lady which is his actual real mother, she still has access to see him every now and then she would communicate with Sal de la Anna, you know, have this connection with them and Allah knows best exactly how things

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unfolded. But we know the main thing the rationale of ESEA brought the Allah and under understanding, but there's no communication from my understanding and in the books that they spoke to another SEO by the way, I'm his mother. There's nothing I'm able to confirm with that. When Musa Ali salaam moved back to the house, to the palace, he was being raised by Sai NotFound though he was a baby frown could not stand him guys. That's how evil he was. He doesn't spend time with him. He doesn't play with him. There's one narration in the books of tafseer that says one time he said look at him and see his frowning get to see this baby boy, there's one narration and he grabbed baby

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Musa, and they must have held his beard so strong and he had hurt him so bad. So he said killer moku like that's how crazy this guy is. All right, so he doesn't play around with him whatsoever. Eventually, some books of history said that they eventually got children thrown and Asya eventually other got other kids. But now Moo Sally Sam is growing and more and more he notices. For my dad's quote unquote frown is not nice with me that way he is with other kids.

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But doesn't matter for Musa gets the best education. Musa gets the best physical training, Musa becomes very healthy and very fit. He goes through his teenage years, he grows older and older. And somehow, somewhere sometime, the news is broken down to him. Especially after he realizes this quote unquote, father for our own. He keeps telling people he's got it doesn't make sense. I see him getting sick, I see him getting hungry, I see him go to the bathroom, I see him sleeping. And a God does not need the bathroom, nor does he need to sleep. So if a god sleeps, who takes care of the world,

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he's learning. He sees that throughout his years, he is using magicians to trick the citizens of the country. And remember, every Pharaoh till this day will always have a group of magicians in one way or another. They had sticks that they will throw along with ropes scaring the people whenever they want to, let's say irritate for hour and I'm not listening to them. And so see the snakes will eat you and there were fake snakes and you hire to Elaine, it seems like they are he used magic. And he uses a snake as a symbol to protect him. If you see even whether cartoon or in real life in Egyptology, many of the pharaohs you know drawings, they had snakes, because they used to believe

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snakes protect us Subhanallah if you even saw in the image here, that's to show that how famous the whole snake thing is. Even in the cartoon image, there's a snake on the top of his crown. It's like the God one of their gods that they have to show so much respect to. He grows and grows and grows until he is told Listen, Musa Yes.

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I'm not your mom.

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I'm not your real mom.

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Musa your real mom is so and so how does it break down? Allah does not mentioning the Quran but what we know for a fact that he eventually learned it. And Allah reveals what we need to know. And this is your sister Miriam. And this is your brother Harun and Musa. You're actually not Egyptian basically after telling you this you're actually from Benny Salaam in you're not from the Akbar, you're not for the serene Lovas. Okay, so then he's realizing all of this and definitely, it's a shock to him. Eventually, Musa he wants to go to Venezuela.

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I want to see my mom, I want to get to know or have these conversations with her. He goes to his mom spent some time and now people are noticing. Musa is continuously leaving the palace to the village of Benissa ale. Remember I told you rich family, poor family experiencing both. So he's the type of guy that may park his Ferrari or so. And he sits in a very, very, very poor village, eats on the floor with a fan and so on. He went through both types of experiences. And now he learns what the Dean he's taught you are from many slaves.

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You know, does that mean you come from Prophet Yaqoob? And he said a prophet yeah could teach me that he was taught La Ilaha illa Allah make sense. He was told us of as rasool Allah subhana wa taala. He's told about the scriptures of the time and everything and he wants to live the oppression he wants to work as hard as he can. Allah says, while I'm Bella Shuda, who was

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Tina Hawkman, while waka Lika energy is in Mazzini, and Allah says when he became strong mentally and physically, we give him wisdom and knowledge and that's how we reward the good doers. He was in the service of the people. He was very physically strong. He used his strength to help the people until one day

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One day, Musa alayhis salam, he enters the city. Allah Haney have let him in Alia, at a time where people are not really walking around the roads and streets. It was quiet. Maybe it's Kai Lula naptime around the loss of time. Or maybe it was dark late at night. When he arrived at that time what happened for what are the fee how Raja Palaniuk Teti land? He found two people fighting one another so bad. Who are these people? Had I mean she it were her that I mean I do with one of them was from Benny Salatin. The other one was from the Missouri duck bot and they were going hard on one another and the guys being caused ugly let go he was to punch the other one who's seen this Musa

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Forster Vasa who led him in she it He Allah led him in I do with the one from many of the ways that Musa get rid of this guy's about to kill me no Musa knows Venezuela are pressed and this guy's must loom the way he's being treated as as name and a human being as animals, overworking them and so on and no bottle been hitting and beating so moosari CERAM gets so angry. He goes to this guy and he goes to the guy from Venice right in he was a separate it's like was there was a move and he hit him so hard. He hit him so hard that he killed him

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for Kadalai

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is what happened.

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Musa could not believe what just happened.

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He saw that this is murder. This is a crime. Lila could not believe it right away. What are you saying? However I mean, I'm in shape on Who am I God he's dead? Is he dead? He's dead has an ominous shape on his from the Cython in no I don't want Moodle nonmoving He is an enemy takes us astray clearly he has no mercy towards us. What is the devil have to do with this? What is the devil have to do with anger and hover? Musa was so angry.

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And for workers out with this he killed them he didn't mean to it was accidental.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam shows you there's a clear correlation between when we get angry and shape on

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insurance certain instances and one Hadith authentic Rasul Allah and he saw two men fighting one of the two, his jugular vein was about to pop out of anger and which is extreme anger. He also wanted to do this, even the face like scary. That's how angry he was. And I mentioned this detail specifically to show you the extreme level of what anger Rasul Allah is as he sees this and look to what he says ready for all the people that get angry, especially for reasons you shouldn't be. He says in Nila Allahu Calima I know a statement one statement low Allah Allah they have an Huma yet one thing if he says, Oh, that anger will be gone. Rahula mission will be reduced by 50. Gone, but

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you have to say it with email. You have to say it with a belief. What's that statement?

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Oh to bIllahi min a shaper.

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Now you see the correlation. Oh bIllahi min ash shaytaan. And why do I say Say it with belief because if you tell some people to assess the situation, not everybody can be reminded so you have to know who you're talking to. So somebody will say I was gonna shave on. He's like, what's your tone has nothing to do with it's the other guy who's a shaitan was making me angry. Tell him to say I would have been left from himself.

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Right and then Hamas, okay, yeah. Allah Selim, say the Corolla and then he says things of Cofer May Allah protect us. So be aware. So here shows you So Musa SM realizes have them in Amelie shape on then right after that what happens brothers and sisters, Musa alayhis salam seeks forgiveness from Allah. He says a lot be in Nila Lambton fcr Allah I messed up. I made a disaster. I wrong myself. This is going on. This is a moment of oppression. Funnily Yeah, Allah forgive me. Here. He shows you something. When you admit to the mistake it's not enough. Yeah, it was me who did this. Oh my

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Got IKEA yeah I messed up that's that's good. Incomplete but it's good he followed it up with further fiddly yeah Allah I'm sorry, I admit and I apologize it's a whole different stage further fiddly Allah forgive me and right after that follow Farah la right after Allah says and I forgave him for it to seek Allah's forgiveness. Apologize to Allah, admit your mistakes and shortcomings and seek his forgiveness. Allah is as he says, I live a full Rahim Allah is and will always be the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful always. And the door of repentance as Muhammad Salla Allahu Allah, it was me says, the door of repentance will always be open until when?

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Until the sun rises from the West, which is a sign of the Day of Judgment. So the door is open. It's up to you to make the decision. Allah's door policy is open for repentance. May Allah forgive us all. May Allah Allah was to repent back to the noble Alameen Is that enough? That one more thing? One more thing. He makes a promise a lot of be Bhima Anam, Talia Fallon kunafa here on a mudra mean, yeah, Allah, I will never ever in my life, use the blessing you gave me to aid to support the process of violin. What happens sometimes let's say for example, I give a lecture or a session I mess up I get embarrassed like I'm you know, I quit happens or not. You become part of a board in

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the masjid or something helping accounting or this or secretary or whatever, almost full of credit and never praying in the masjid happens. It happens. How many times people go to an MSA or to a Muslim gathering or something like that. Something wrong happened yesterday. I'm not ever going to do this again. Yeah, he knew what he made the promise. I will always and forever support the oppressed. He said, Well, I got in trouble for this. I'm not doing this again. No, I'm gonna always do this. But I'm gonna do it right next time. Yeah, what Hickman wisdom, I'm going to do it right next time, I'm going to be with the right group of people. I'm going to go to the right dimension,

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inshallah. I'm going to do the right stuff. I'm not going to quit. Because if you want to judge Islam based on Muslims, then you can really have a bad grade. Correct. But you judged Islam based on the Quran and the Sunnah May Allah make us upon them say I mean me.

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And look what also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, he says woman measure Muhammad lumen had you used to be Telugu haka whoever aids the oppressed them of loom Rama Luma whoever aids and support them and tries everything possible to bring them back the rights for better Allahu Khademi here Agha Surat yo Mata Zulu lockdown. Allah will make your legs steadfast on the bridge, which is over held on the day where people slip and fall into help you want Allah to protect you on that day on that night and that location, support the oppressed in the dunya. And he made this promise to Allah. But he knows I have to leave the scene. Yeah. Where's the Haluk? Where's the real Muslim? You

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should go to the hat Kim and say another thought I'm sorry. I killed him. Go to around. Go to who? Who's gonna be there? Just Judge. He had to leave the scene. Musa runs away. That guy from Venezuela. He he also runs away. They both remain silent. No one says anything. And the news goes like wildfire. I must tell our hammerlock about one of the Coptic people has been killed. This is unacceptable. Just this has to be applied. The Egyptians and all of your country they come hand in hand together for these people that died. We have to what about the 1000s of babies you just killed? Subhan Allah when I 15 Waka waka waka May Allah protect us era but Allah me so then this happens. So

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then frown gets angry. I want this person I want him dead or alive, but they don't know who is it? No one knows who is it? Who is it? They ask? There's no evidence, no proof. Allah says about Musa the strongest he is you know, Allah said, Allah says for us by Phil Medina at the heart, Ethan era club. Mr. Halas that Sakina of a lack of a man and safety is gone. He's walking so scared and vigilant. What will happen in his nervous will someone come accuse me of this? Did someone see me? Is this other guy going to tell the world about this? He's so scared. He's so nervous. The next day he's walking in the street for either levees Ansara who Bill amps? Yes.

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The guy yesterday, the Venezuelan guy was fighting. Now he's in another fight the next day. Well, you guys Egypt in the guy punches and back to Bandar when he says oppressed. But he's pushing back because who does the Ben Israel guy see? Musa yamasa help us

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Moose has like in Nacala, we your mobian

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Tobon. He understands what it means the guy from Egypt doesn't know what he really means. Moses telling this Benny Israel guy, which is part of his general family, you're a troublemaker like, bro. You know what happened yesterday? Couldn't you just relax couple days, let the news quiet down you into going have weight back, never take a fight that you know for a fact you will always lose that he was a yamasa

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so you want me to do what I did yesterday and you have some people Subhanallah they abused your kindness model. And they know when they ask you for help, you will get in trouble and you will be in hardship. But who cares? This is offered for free? Why not? May Allah protect us from being such people? And from having such people? Yes, doesn't know who you are Musa. So Musa says in Nicoletta we you're moving? You're a troublemaker man. Then for a man Allah then you have to say the lady who I do Lahoma remember why the promise you made yesterday? I will always support the oppressed. He came to separate but now he's in control himself others not to get too strong I'm gonna use it

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properly. Right I mean, he's a separate used to judge what happened what's going on? He will do his best as he was coming to pay attention. That guy from Benny Estella he which is his extended family thought Musa is gonna punch him

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you see why because he just told them in Nikola wing and will be troublemakers he's coming. So this guy's like oh, why you want to kill me like the way you killed the guy yesterday.

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The Egyptians like what? It's Musa.

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bookatz to frown. We have a witness from his own family singer who caught the killer.

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Then he told Musa i to read 127 Balaam remember yesterday you tried to kill me now again? No for our as a muscle trying to separate it into redoing Lanta, Cora Jabbar and fill out all what you want to do with this prince Musa is to be a tyrant on Earth woman to read one takuna me and Mr. Hain you don't want to fix things right? You're a show off you're arrogant in the lie we're in a Rajon. You do the higher you do the good and people accuser intention and so on and so forth. But and Musa is now terrified. And the guy right he left the scene, forget the fight. I'm going to frown he goes to frown goes to the security or whatever is necessary. Listen to what happened. I know killed him. Who

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did Musa Musa. A meeting right away happens. What's the matter? Musa did it. So this is the plan. The plan is to kill him investing investigation. Did you just say investigation? No. I said kill him. That's okay. Let's go kill him. I didn't propose anything. No proposals. Whatever Brown says happens in my lab. Yeah, Tommy Roenick. So one of the people who is it Allah knows best but you know Allah said Roger Zelina man, he says what joy or joy alone min XL Medina tiasa A man who heard the news that the plan is to kill Musa no investigation. Nothing like that. He heard that. So he ran as fast as he can. Yes. Run. He goes to Musa Musa. What's going on yo Musa in the mail? If you want to

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look for Virginia, like I'm not saying they get planning to kill you run for your life. I promise. I'm telling you what's best for you. There's no way out of this just run for your life. Musa alayhis salam is going to say bye to Asya after all these years, is he going to go tell his mom his sister but his brother Harun No, and he runs for his life. Mahalo jemena Ha, if

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he's scared, he's terrified. He goes running vigilant, aware what's happening until Allah says in the Quran he made drop the the genie menial, comio Vitamin E Aldo, Vitamina Allah, these two are oppressors. Yeah, Allah. They give no chance to tell my side of the story. Yes, I made a mistake. Yes, I deserve to pay a fee. There's a blood money even in Islam. When you kill someone by mistake. There's different rulings and doing it intentional, but for our own was waiting for something to happen to get rid of Musa he never knew he is a prophet, but he felt this guy is having a lot of winning a lot of people hearts. ESEA loves him. Shoulders are very impressed by him. And he wants to

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get rid of them. And now he left great frown is probably happy, because he was able to get rid of Musa without the need of what? Killing him because if he killed him, it might cause an uprising in Venice reign. Until this day, this happens. Sometimes people are oppressed or quiet or weak. But there's a certain individual if you kill in that oppressed, weak group, there's an uprising correct? If you see what happens in the Middle East and so on, sometimes it's one person like in one country, the guy who

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himself may Allah have Rama and all of us era. One skin guy not known but he did this Halas the whole country and there's a group that took place and the President left sometimes so for our nose as strong as I may be many sizes, bigger numbers, I don't want to kill Musa just like that. But this was a great opportunity to kill him. But you know what, it's good that he left anyways. So Musa alayhis salam runs as far as he can, no luggage, no food, no drink, no extra clothing and shoes, maybe just some pocket money. That's all what he has the one who was living in the palace of brown. Now it's pretty much homeless, hungry, almost losing all his slippers because of the blood as he

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traveled for such a long time. Where is he going? He wants to leave the entire country of Egypt because he doesn't want to go to another part of Egypt where there's communication, like he went to the city within that jurisdiction. So he went to where as Allah says in the Quran, Medion Medion is a city outside the control of Freetown and some say today whereas Madeon anybody knows some say some people say it's an origin Allah Tala Adam in Jordan. So the point being Allah says Welcome to all ama dn corners, Rob be a DNS server sabeel when he was headed towards Medion he was asking Allah Ya Allah guide me to the right path. Guide me I don't know where I'm going like I'm completely lost.

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It's like you're in driving and there's no GPS the battery died. Collage. I don't know what I'm doing anything like that. In the desert. Did you notice something happening?

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Every time Musa Sam wants something to take place. He takes action. What's accompanied with the action? Do you always see it with Musa?

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He made that sin or that crime? Then he made Toba to Allah Subhana Allah Matoba what was action followed with it? The DA Forgive me what was followed with it? I will always support the oppressed and He did the next day. So

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what happened? He was scared he will be killed. So he ran for his life didn't pack any luggage he took the means What did he say? Oh Allah protect me from the oppressors. He's traveling and traveling and traveling and asking and doing whatever is necessary to leave the area. And what is the author's saying yeah, Allah guide me.

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When you have decisions in life always have do our part of your decision process. They tell you there's a whole seminar about decision making. But as a Muslim you will always have a step called dua also known as the Hara. Just this week, I spoke to a brother bought a very expensive house very expensive he asked me what do you think about this cabinet? Which you know suggestions and so on. Besides the price of the house I asked him Did you place the order in especially when people ask you after they sign the contract and everything sometimes like in

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what should I tell you right? As like someone who did this and I from my personal opinion, I don't think you should have got it at all because he paid a deposit so out of my wisdom, Millbrook May Allah Baraka because it's not wise to say Allah it's wrong it's pretty much over me to an extent of course you always retreat back may lose a deposit. So I said did you do is to Hara date doubt Allah subhanaw taala he says no, but you know to occult Allah. No, you don't do stuff like that. As a Muslim let you make decisions in life accompanied by drug you apply for your MCAT that's whatever test you have to do. If you're Alana Jenny yellow, Allah grant me success and you study. This is

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what we learned from Musa alayhis salam. When he arrived to Medina, what did he see? Allah says when a man what are the man imagine wotja de la all Mata and Mina Nasir spoon all mentioned on a lot of people around the well trying to water their cattle and animals and the Millennium sheep and so on. So there's a well they get water and they pass it to their animals they drink fill up buckets and then they leave so OMA crowded, okay? But then Allah says, Well, what did that mean do Nemo Mariah tiny to Dan. Then he saw two ladies. On the other side. They're all pretty much men, two ladies on the side to do them like they're holding back their sheet because like they want to proceed forward.

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So this is like holding on holding.

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So moose alley Sam sees this.

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And he says Mahatma What's the matter? And I say that is simple. But Allah says it very profoundly Musa into falling into you and you have time to ask the question. What's the matter multiple coma. He's been traveling for hundreds of miles, hundreds of miles. Minimal break. No one to catch up with him. And now he's concerned about two ladies who are struggling with their sheep. You're supposed to be the one that the whole OMA should come to you like a mohawk buck.

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What's wrong with you? Because when they travel at that time, even till this day, but not as much as before the feast, something called Isla Matisse suffer there are signs of traveling is a very famous Hadith about Djibouti Ali Salam when he went to Muhammad salah the Hadith says and he came and he has no signs of traveling so the people were very confused like we don't know you from Medina but you don't look like you're a traveler like we should so because the dust the clothes, the beard, the hair, forget the gel gel right? Over, right, all that stuff everything you look really miserable. And that's how most I'm looked. And I want to imagine that images like Mahatma coma What's the

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matter? You really want to help them you really care about them? I asked you by Allah you have a road trip okay let's say you go from Detroit to New York 10 hour drive roughly roughly depending how fast you drive time and then 10 hour drive in a car with a GPS when that every five miles or so. Rest Area your kid tells you Bobo bathroom Oh, you have no patience to wait in a car to drop him in the bathroom bathroom. I've been traveling for seven hours we just stopped not stopping bathroom doing your seat

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right here in the patience. So why missing this very simple example right by the way we're laughing and may Allah make you all happy. But when this happens you know how tough it is okay, we all make it easier Allah right. So the point being this mousse SM in the midst of his traveling is exhausted. Mahatma What's the matter? The two ladies very straightforward, professional, respectful. They said Allah Tala nurse. He had us Dr. Rao buena Shavon Kabir the only reason we're here is that we're waiting for these men to finish and once they finish we come and they we water our herd or cattle. And if it wasn't for our dad who's old we would have not been here Well boy national home campaigns

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that my dad is really old. He used to do this but now he became also now we do on his behalf otherwise we would have never been here.

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Musa Ali Salam is disturbed.

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Not a single element known a single man sees two ladies and omatoiminen Nurse. They bring the water and there's two ladies struggling. What's the rule here? power and strength. What's the matter with these people? He's upset. He doesn't talk to the ladies. He grabs the sheep they had. He grabs a lot too. It's like me it's like me talking to someone and they have messenger bag. Oh, I'm struggling. The bag is heavy. He doesn't say okay, let me carry no he goes he grabs the bag.

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Okay, he takes the sheep He's exhausted. Come here. Oh, is this guy all alone by himself. Some said in the narration NACA salah, big rock in the process. He wants to go from a direction Sahara the about seven to 10 people to carry it. Musa came by himself grabbed it moved it. Yeah, suffer for Sakala Houma. He came with the cattle brought water to all the people like Man, look at this guy brought water to all of them. Then he came, returned it back to the two ladies. They didn't say a single word. And he left the matter well.

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Then he rested under a shade of a tree or so. And he says Rob be in Neelima and Zelda la em in Hiren faqeer. He sat down. He could have asked for help. But he's just resting. He's sitting. He says, Yeah, Allah, anything that you can give me can be good for me. Yeah, Allah, please help me Allah, anything you can give me? Could he asked the two ladies for a favor and return

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some mungkin. But don't do these things. Sometimes. You took it on a voluntary basis, don't do the tasks and asked to get paid for the volunteer work. It happened to one of the elders not saying in Dearborn. A guy did the major volunteer work major, major. And then he found that the other guy is doing it too and so on and so on. They had so much money. So he demanded payment. And this caused a big problem. May Allah protect us era but alanine and they actually cut the ties of the kinship. So be aware so he did this task. May Allah grant you all the ability to volunteer say I mean amels totowa havila Santana, and then Musa alayhis salam he made to actual and he vented he vented

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his venting to Allah helpful. Have you tried venting to Allah? Can you promise to do that in sha Allah one time? At least? It's a better that Allah loves preserve I need to vent you know, people say identify Don't vent I'm gonna explode and 100 I'm gonna go crazy. I actually 110% agree with you. If you do not talk to someone about your problem, especially the big one, you will lose your mind guaranteed or you have a PhD in this. I'm telling you, you will go nuts trust me. But all what I'm asking you to do. channel you're venting to Allah subhanho wa taala. But what about the people then to the one who can help you

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then to the doctor who can help in your sickness then to the person who can change that if you feel

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hot right now talk to the owner of the venue. Let's change the temperature. The speaker is so loud tell the brother to lower the volume then to the one who can change it. If you tell the one next to you is so loud in here.

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what are we looking at? Right? So all these even psychologically when you complain about something usually gets worse on you. So yes, I'm gonna have no problem vent and complain to a person as long as they're able to change their thing, but go to Allah and everything because he can change anything because La hawla wala Quwata illa there's no change or power except by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you see, go to Allah wa Intermec su go to Allah and your broken, go to Allah with your weakness.

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The curry Ali Salam he wanted what a child has sent me Allah grant to write this project and say, I mean, he wanted a child do reata Eva so he went to Allah with his weakness What are you saying? What Hannah love mu Mini was stalla Rosu saber yeah Allah I'm weak my bones cannot be barely can carry me and I'm so old. He complained to Allah with his weakness profits a you Valley Salam, what was the thing that he wants cure? So he went to Allah with his weakness that I grew up the miscellaneous door. Allah I'm sick helped me and now Musa is going to Allah with this weakness. What does Musa want? I want a house. I want anything I want food, anything shelter, that's why you want so he goes

00:31:34 --> 00:32:15

to Allah with a weakness that matches this. He says I am What fucking poor. So go to Allah with your weakness with your broken heart because only Allah can mend it in a way that no one human being can ever do. So he did that. What happened after that brothers and sisters, we noticed that curry Allah gave him a child yes or no? What was his name? Yeah. And Allah cute are you and He gave him his health and limits No Matt and his children. Let's see what happens to Musa alayhis salam he invents to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, Allah helped me yeah Allah I am weak. Yeah, Allah I beg you please yeah Allah. What will happen? Will he see something

00:32:17 --> 00:32:23

is wrong gonna capture him, soldiers, all these things. Inshallah we will know in the last session.

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