The Stories of The Prophets #22 – The Story of Adam Pt. 10 – The Story of Iblis

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the origin of the "slack" concept in Islam, citing examples from the Bible and the Hadith. They emphasize the need for a comprehensive series of lectures to fulfill one's commitment and achieve their goals. The "slack" concept is discussed, with the majority of Muslims holding a majority-ive stance and the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the "we" of the
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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu I'll face is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He revealed the Quran to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and He taught Adam how to speak. He it is who answers the call of the one in distress, and he hears the prayer of the one who is weak. So may salatu. Salam be upon the one who was chosen to represent the prophetic peak, as follows at Hamdulillah we are making good progress in our detailed discussion and analysis of the Stories of the Prophets and Hamdulillah we are still very much in the story of Adam Alayhis Salam. And as I said many many times

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the goal of this series is to go into as many details as is relevant and to provide insha Allah Who Tada a resource for many different types of projects that many of you can do afterwards, I'm giving you all of the references and resources and then inshallah many can summarize or do whatever you know they think is useful and beneficial. And inshallah we are going in our detailed analyses of these stories. So in our last lecture, I had mentioned the incident of the, the incident of the commandment of the angels to prostrate to admire his Salaam and today we will then move on to the second part of that exact same story, because in each and every instance of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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mentioning that he commanded the angels to prostrate in the entire Quran. Whenever Allah mentions the commandment that we said to the angels to prostrate in Surah Baqarah verse 34, with ordinary Mullah exodus to do the odd number for Sergio Illa. Eve Elisa Alba was stuck about what kind of mineral caffeine except for a bliss he was arrogant and he refused. And he was from the caffeine that rejecters in certain out of Allah says, We said to the angels as Julie Adam have a surgery to elect release alumier communists surgeon, we said to the angels bow down to Adam, they all bow down except a bliss he refused to be from those who prostrated is sort of aged verse 30. And pseudo saw

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the verse 73 for surgery that America Kulu Mr. Owner in legalese, so the angels all of them simultaneously together prostrated except for a bliss inserted Islam, we said to the melodica, bow down to Adam, they bow down in LA he believes all a studio Monica Latina except for a bliss, he said, Do you want me to bow down to that one whom You created from clean from clay color or a Takahata lady Karamoja a year? He said, You see this entity whom you have preferred over me let in a heart attorney Illa Yokoyama, if you allow me to remain until the Day of Judgment, then I shall cause all of his progeny to be misguided and destroyed. As soon as well. We said to the angels bow

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down to Adam, and they all bow down except for a bliss he refused to do so. If I believe soccer can have an agenda for soccer. And I'm Robbie. He was up the gin and so he disobeyed from the commandment of his Lord. And in surah Taha the same thing, we said to the angels to bow down to Adam, they bow down except for a bliss he refused to do so. So we said all Adam for all Nyah Adam, in hada, I do will laka what is Odjick this entity this being shall be your enemy, you and your spouse, follow your region nakoma Amina Jannetty fattoush Bah, make sure they do not cause you to be expelled from Jenna or else you shall live in difficulty. So in every single verse, that Allah tells

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us, the commandment to prostrate to Adam was given to the angels. Allah also mentions one entity did not prostrate and that is a bliss. And Allah tells us that during that timeframe, exactly when a police refused to do so a conversation took place. Allah said to a police, why did you not prostrate merman I can test you the name of luck to be a day. What prevented you from prostrating to that which we have created with both of my hands? And IBLEES responds back to Allah? And he says, Do you want me to prostrate to that which you have created from clean and bliss said

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I am better than him. I don't want to prostate to him. You created me from fire and you created him from clay. And so Allah says to IBLEES Get out from here you are expelled, Maya kulula and attackable Rafi ha It is not befitting for you it's not allowed for you that you are arrogant here meaning in the heavenly places meaning in this noble area where there are all angels and all of us worshiping you know, the purity is there a pie, whether he was in gender or not, we're going to come to this Inshallah, next lecture in the next week in sha Allah, Allah, but Allah said, You are not going to remain here, get out of here you shall be humiliated, and you shall be cast aside and a

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bliss then threatened back Allah azza wa jal or with a biller, what's your level of arrogance, this creation has a bliss threatens Allah and he says, you see this being whom you have preferred over me, because you have misguided me all a Bema await any other up baby, my white any a bliss says my Rob and he acknowledges Allah is his robe, because you misguided me and you deceived me. No, notice the arrogance, there was no deception, a belief assumed that he was the preferred creation, Allah never told him it bliss assumed that he was number one in the ranks of the created being after the angels or even within the angel angelic ranky thought he was the best. And when Allah chose Adam

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over him, it bliss felt that jealousy and that rage and that arrogance, and a bliss said, because you have deceived me, Oh Allah, I am going to take my anger out on this creation, and I will misguide him and all of his progeny, and you will find the majority of them to be thankless, you will find the majority of them to be ungrateful, the majority of them will be misguided. And this leads us to the very, very interesting discussion of a bliss and the dangers of a bliss. Now, brothers and sisters, I said that I will do a very comprehensive series of lectures and I am in sha Allah Tada fulfilling my part of my commitment and bargain. However, I must give comprehensive

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lectures that are related to our series, which is the lies of the prophets, I have yet to give an entire detail series about a bliss and Shayateen, I have given two or three lectures that are fairly detailed about the jinn. But I did not go down the tangent of this issue of a bliss and Adam. And if I were to go down the entire

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concept of a bliss and the shale theme, and the gin, this is an entire separate series. And no matter how interesting it is, and I know every one of you wants me to do that, at this stage, I will have to postpone an entire series about the Djinn and about a bliss, because that doesn't fit under our rubric, which is the lives of the prophets, I will have to pause that make dua that Allah gives me life. And you know, Allah gives me the ability, maybe one day in sha Allah, whatever, whenever we finish this very, very long series of the prophets, because it's going to be very comprehensive, maybe Inshallah, we will come back and do something about a bliss and the gin and shale thing. But

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in the meantime, I refer you to two lectures that have given about because those lectures were primarily meant for say, head and magic, and therefore in the concept of that, I discussed the reality of the jinn. And so it is an interesting topic in sha Allah and you will find much in there that perhaps you will not find in other references, and also some my own, you know, observations and whatnot. But at the same time, it wasn't a topic that was done with the goal of explaining who a bliss is, that is a whole separate topic and series. And it's not quite related. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss within the concept of Adam and the story of Adam. So I will allow myself only

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around half an hour or so insha Allah to summarize some of the key points that we should be aware of, with regards to a bliss and his story with Adam Alayhis Salam, that's why we must go down this tangent and then in sha Allah. Next lesson, we'll come back to the story of Adam. But today and for the rest of our lecture, we need to discuss a little bit about a bliss and about the benefits for us really in the story of a bliss and Adam and the interaction of a bliss and Adam. So we began with the name itself a bliss. What does it mean? Where does it come from? Well, there are two opinions. The first of them is that it is an Arabic name that comes from the verb belleza, which can be done a

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blesser, which makes the transitive Bella says intransitive unless it becomes transitive. And so he believes from bellezza and bellezza is the one who is regretful the one who is remorseful and it is used in the Quran the verb that that the majority mean, your way the new believes soon, they're going to be regretful the SUTA room, verse 12, on the Day of Judgment, when Yamato Homosassa Ubud is majority moon that are

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The day that the Hour will be called the sinners shall be you bless bless you believe Sue, they shall be regretful. So, they say a bliss is either was an affair even

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if real sorry, that I know was that the one who is full of regret to the one who is full of remorse. However, this, this interpretation of trying to aerobicized a bliss is problematic simply because it presupposes that the original language pre Adam was Arabic. And we already have discussed this maybe five lectures ago. And it is an antiquated notion that contradicts our modern knowledge of the linguistics, the science of linguistics, the Adamic language was something completely different than what we have today. And we are talking about pre Adam, because Allah says, yeah, a bliss. We said to a bliss, why didn't you prostrate his name his beliefs. And this is at a time frame when his name he

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was named even before Adam was created. So it is a proper name. And therefore, the notion of trying to error besides the name and reading an Arabic root, when there was no Arabic language at this point in time, it is something antiquated. And we can say this is something that we can now discard. Also, the least is called the one full of regret. Well hold on a sec, the name was given to him when he was righteous and pious, because for a long period of time, he believed he was a righteous servant. And it was this incident that demonstrated that his servitude was actually based upon false piety, because there are those who presume that they're pious, and they might even think they're

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pious, and people think they're pious, but deep down inside, they're full of arrogance. And something causes this to be exposed. And this is what happened to a bliss. So the name a bliss, according to this opinion, should translate as the one full of regret and remorse. But hold on a sec, he was called a bliss before he did anything that would cause him to be regretful, that doesn't make any sense. Also, technically speaking,

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you would not be allowed to form the name a bliss, because it is mum, Norman Assaraf, which is a bit advanced for the English speakers. But the point is, if you know your Arabic, then then you should know that the name, the name Iblees, cannot be from bellezza. It does not it does not make sense from a linguistic perspective, because it would be normal sort of had and had it been pure Arabic, then it wouldn't be that case. So just know this point, that the notion that a bliss is from an Arabic verb, is not correct. So this leads us to the second opinion, and that is that there is no Arabic verbs involved. It is simply a proper noun, a proper noun doesn't necessarily have any

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meaning to it. And so the correct opinion is that a bliss does not have any meaning to it, it is simply a name that was given to him. And if it has a meaning in its original language, it is now lost upon us, we don't know what that meaning is. By the way, interestingly enough, the Spanish word for Double L Diablos. is from a bliss and, and that is not coming directly from the Arabic actually, some used to say and perhaps even I said, maybe one intellectual maybe 10 years ago that El Diablo comes from a bliss. But in reality, El Diablo Santa bliss, they both come from the ancient cognate. And so the Spanish is not directly coming from the Arabic rather it is coming from the ancient Latin

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and that's why why do we even the English word, devil, believe it or not, it is a morph, morph, morphed, if you like, you know, from a bliss, the Old English was the awful from the Latin, the Apalis, from the Greek diabolos. From the ancient, you know, Diabelli, in a belief, a belief in ancient Latin, sorry, in ancient Greece, and the term therefore, is going back to the original language of that timeframe. It eventually was also used in the ancient Greek and Latin, and it was used in the Arabic that is, because the original name of this creation entity was somehow something you know, in Arabic, we would say release and in the ancient, you know, Aramaic, whatever it would

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be, because again, and I've said this before, when Allah says Ibrahim, when Allah says is how this is the aerobicized of that name, and that is completely allowed. That's how the Arabs would pronounce it and that's a legitimate name. When an English name is said in Arabic. You kind of sorta change it when an Arabic name is said in English you kind of sorta, you know, English eyes it anglicised it. That's a part of the natural way of things. And there's nothing wrong with this. So to transmutate, the original pronunciations into Arabic is normal. And when Jesus spoke, he would have said it in Aramaic when, you know, Moses spoke he would have had it in a more ancient

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term. And so all of this in shallow doubt is something that we need to understand that there's no harm in understanding the original pronunciation whatever it might have been. Eventually it makes its way to Arabic and it is bliss, and it makes its way to other languages, and eventually becomes dabbles and all of this is allowed. So a bliss is the proper name. Now the term shade upon is not a proper name. The term shade lawn is a description for all a bliss is one particular entity, one Jin, the leader of the Jin Hee bliss is one shaytaan is generic. And it is an Arabic word that's cleared in Arabic word from shutdown now, which means to go far away or to expel. And so shame upon is every

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entity that takes you far away from the path, okay. Shaitaan is every entity that takes you far away from the path and you have Shayateen of ins and shell theme of jinn, you have shade lawns that are gin and shade lawns that are human beings as the Quran clearly says. So, the relationship between a bliss and shaytaan a bliss is the leader of the jinn. Shayateen a bliss is the head of the shayateen. The shaitaan concept is much broader, and anybody that leads you away from Allah and causes you to go far away from Allah, anybody who brings a barrier between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala expels you, or wants to expel you from the Mercy of Allah, that entity is shaped on. And so

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shaytaan is a broad term, a bliss is the leader of the shayateen in particular of the jinn. Now, the next major question that we will come to

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the next major question we'll come to is, the controversy of whether it believes was from the jinn or from the angels. And again,

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I wish I could go into much more detail. But I'm just going to summarize for today's lecture because as I said, whether iblees was from the gender angels, it's interesting, and it comes a little bit into Adam story, but it's not directly linked to the story. So it would not be appropriate for me to spend, you know, 15 minutes discussing this, I'm going to spend the Shala, five or 10 minutes shall load to discussing this. So was the beliefs of the angels or was he of the jinn. It's very interesting to note that perhaps the majority of earlier scholars held the opinion that he believes was from the mela eka that a bliss was from the angels. And this is the explicit opinion of the

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great system professor of early Islam, Ibn god of poverty, and the position of the famous al Badawi great scholar of the seed, even in pre modern times the Indian professor and allied himself with Hassan Han and many of the Roma Alkota. Toby ought to be says that the position that he believes was from the angels is the position of Jammu ruler ma the majority of the Allama and he mentioned from the self as well, even a bus and even miss Ruth immature ah and say who say you and Qatada. It is also he says the position of Ahmed Hassan and Shadi and even Kodama from the Hannah Bella and most of the Molokhia and the famous of poverty, and also the famous el bajo. He says that the fact that

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he believes is from the angels had the oluwo XL MUFA CD in this is the opinion of the majority of them will first sit in and above all we says it is also the apparent meaning of what Allah says in the Quran for serger della Mira acre to Kulu, a drummer owner in the beliefs are stuck about our cannibal, caffeine, the angels, all of them simultaneously together, bowed down to Adam, except for a bliss. So this is the first opinion it is the opinion of the majority of scholars of pre modernity early Islam. And

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their evidence is that Allah subhanho wa Taala explicitly says, all of them, prostrated except for a bliss. Now, pause here I'm going to have to mention to you something of Arabic language. There's something called his teeth not metatarsal and there's something called his teeth not mono otter or hormone fossil or very matassa. Is this not Mutasa is not more docile means that you are taking something out that belongs to that group. And it's the thinner layer matassa or Mufasa. Normal PATA means you're taking something out that did not belong to the group. So you can say and this is again, the Arabic allows this the word Illa except for the word Illa. Except for it is generally

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speaking used for somebody who is a part of the group or some being that is a part of the group. So you say the caravan arrived, except for Zaid and Zaid as a member of the caravan or the tribe arrived except for Zaid.

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and therefore is eight is a member of the tribe. Okay, so you say the Bohemian tribe arrived except for Zaid, and so we understand that Zaid is a member of the bundle him your tribe. Now, it is possible but it is not the default that you can say the Bohemia arrived except for his aid, and Zaid is not actually from the Bohemia, but he simply living amongst them he's not from them. So when you say the Bohemian Allah arrived except for his aid, the primary meaning that a person should understand is that zayde belongs to the tribe of Bohemia. And when you say in Arabic Illa Zaid, this indicates automatically that ze belongs to the Bohemia, but he did not come. However, there is the

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possibility in the Arabic language of saying that the Bohemia tribe arrived. Illa Zaid, and in fact ze doesn't belong to the heavier tribe, he could be a molar, he could be a friend of theirs, and you can still say it and this is called also send me Baba Talib and you just you just the default you can say it. So, when Allah says the angels prostrated, except for a bliss, should we stay on the default, in which case a bliss is from the angels and this is the position of the majority and a poverty and Alba hallway and even a bus and the majority of the scholars of the tablet own because Allah is saying except a bliss, therefore a bliss is from the angels, or should we resort to the

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secondary meaning which is not the default meaning when we say Illa and that is that sometimes you can use iLab and extrapolate extrapolate or extra create something that doesn't belong to the group and this is the position position number two, which we will come to so the majority say we don't need to prove anything. Allah says, We commanded the angels to prostrate they all prostrated except a bliss therefore releases from the angels. Now another evidence that they bring is that the majority of Sahaba and Tabby rune clearly state that bliss was from the angels and we find this in the earlier books of Tafseer. Another evidence that they bring is that the jinn were not commanded

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to prostrate. So if a bliss did not prostrate and he was from the jinn, why is that problematic? Because Allah says we're in Cornell in Bella equity studio, we said to the melodica to prostrate Allah didn't say to the Ginta prostrate, so if Emily's does not prostrate he can he can he could have said Yeah, you didn't ask me to prostrate I'm not from the angels and Allah azza wa jal got angry at him for not prostrating which indicates according to this group that he believes was commanded to prostrate and he refused to prostrate hence, he was of the angels because Allah did not say we said to the angels, and we said to the jinn to prostrate rather, he said, we said to the

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angels to prostrate, another evidence that is given is a position that is advocated by Eben Abbas and others, that in fact the jinn or fallen angels, this is an opinion found in many early books that the jinn are yes, they are, you know, a species separate from the the the species of men, but they are a species within the melodica. So there is an opinion that the jinn are a tribe of angels, they are angelic, and yet they're not exactly the same as the other angels. And so the position goes, this position goes that the jinn were a tribe of angels whom Allah gave dominion of a certain area, maybe the heavens, a portion of the heavens, or maybe one opinion says, They were given

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dominion over the earth. And so when Allah azza wa jal said to the angels to prostrate, the jinn are included, but they are a tribe with slightly different characteristics. And so this opinion goes when they didn't prostrate they were then cast out of the angelic body, and they were not given the privilege of the angelic status. And frankly, this motif is also Judeo Christian, and that there is this notion that Satan is a fallen angel in many segments of Christianity. Now, you will say, or somebody will say, Hold on a sec, insulted calf, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada explicitly says, Can I mean a genie for fossa are an embryo Robbie, he believes was from the jinn and he disobeyed his Lord. And

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the response to this is one of two things either now I'm talking about this group here, either they will say yes, he was of the jinn and the jinns are a tribe of angels and destroy QED. They are not saying Therefore, according to this, you know, one way to respond that the jinn are a separate creation. They are saying a jinn are within the angels. And this incident was what caused this group of angels to fall out of grace. This incident is

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So it caused the jinn to no longer be bless it and they then became my Omen medulla they became cast out and put on privilege. The second way to understand this verse asserted Cabarrus 50 Kanda Myojin is to take the route of a number of tab your own who said yes, my beliefs was of the angels. And when Allah says can them in Elgin means he was hidden from the eyes of men, ie the word Jinn here is an adjective and not a proper noun, because the word Jinn in Arabic can mean that which is hidden. And the reason why the entities known as Jin are called Jin is because they are hidden. So the the two letters G and noon, whenever they form the basis of a word, it means that that thing is hidden.

00:25:51--> 00:26:15

So the embryo is called Janine. And the garden is called Jenner, because it is covered up by something you don't see this covered by a wall and madness is called Junoon. Because a person's intellect is covered. And a helmet or a helmet is called a Jinnah, which is you put on top on top of your head, you cover it.

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Various there's a antiquated term for it, and of course, and you also have the jinn that are called jinn. So because they cannot be seen, so the point being, that when Allah says, Can I mean a genie? Can I mean a genie? This group says, he was of that which cannot be seen by mankind. That's what Jin means over here. So they simply take the verse and either say Jin is a sub tribe of angels, or Jin means hidden, and therefore they go back to the default, which is, we told the angels to bow down, they all bowed down except a bliss, bliss was of the angels, this is the first opinion and it is the majority of earlier scholars. The second opinion is that a bliss is not of the angels, he is of

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another creation, and that creation is called the jinn. So the jinn are not fallen angels, the jinn are a separate creation, there are three creations that have sent it understandings, Jin melodica, and Bashar. So he believes is from this other creation, and a bliss lived amongst the angels, worshiped Allah, like the angels, and in some ways was closer to the angels, then mankind because both the angels and the bliss share the same dimension of creation. As for us, our dimension of creation is this world, the three dimensions physical, as for the angels and the jinn, they do not take specific forms, they are in our vocabulary called them types of energies, they can go come and

00:27:51--> 00:28:32

go without any physical body, and their realm is the same realm and the angels and the jinn can see one another in their dimension. We cannot see them from our dimension, so Iblees, according to this opinion, and it is the position of a Hasson herbosophy. And it is, interestingly enough, the position of many of the non Sunni authorities of early Islam, medieval Islam, such as a machete, the more intensity and also you have Abubakar booty, and you have a Kawachi, and you have for dinner Razi, and he said, This is the majority of the position of the Morteza. However, interestingly enough, this opinion, slowly but surely migrated into mainstream, you know, our Sunni Islam. And in

00:28:32--> 00:29:10

our times, I would say this is the mainstream position, so much so that most Muslims are even unaware that earlier scholars, the majority of them held the position that he believes was from the, from the mullah ICA. And this is the position that is now considered to be the majority of position and by the way, majority position sometimes change from early Islam to medieval Assam to later Islam. So the majority position is not in and of itself in evidence, it's simply we should just say that in this time frame, this was a majority opinion, or maybe even historically, it has been a majority opinion. And that's an interesting fact. Generally speaking, just because it is a majority

00:29:10--> 00:29:31

opinion, it does not necessarily mean it is right. However, it is a factor that we take into account and it is something that definitely we consider it to be of some value when it is a majority opinion. In our times the famous professor of Arabia of African origin, the ILM shank, clearly he argued very, very clearly that

00:29:32--> 00:30:00

the that bliss was from the jinn and not from the melodica. And of the evidences of this second group is the verse is total cap, which is the main evidence, Allah says Can Amin Elgin and they do not agree with the way that the first group reinterpreted and they said, when Allah is saying he's from the jinn than the jinn are not the angels and the jinn are a separate creation? And they said when Allah is saying that all of them are that it

00:30:00--> 00:30:45

About down except for a bliss they said this except this Illa is rare matassa this Illa is not of the default it is of the second category as I explained a little bit about Arabic grammar and they said that the angels cannot disobeyed Allah because Allah says lie out soon Allah Hama, Amara home that the angels can never disobeyed. So the fact that he believes disobeyed indicates that he is not an angel. And they said that he believes says in the Quran Haluk Danny Menard in Wahaca humulene You created me from fire and you created him from clay. And we know in the Hadith of the Prophet Sall, Allahu Allah, he was selling them that the melodica were created from new and the jinn were created

00:30:45--> 00:31:28

from fire. And the men were created from what the Quran describes meaning clay. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Quran clearly demarcate between the jinn and the angels, their origin is different, their creation is different. Another and all the evidences by the way. Another evidence that is given is that Allah says synthetic I have affected the Halona, who was the Reatta, who earlier I'm in Duni, will you take him and his progeny as your allies instead of me and they are your enemies. So him and his progeny and the progeny him his children and their children after them and the angels do not have progeny? The angels do not marry the angels do not procreate. The angels

00:31:28--> 00:32:16

don't have kids. So when Allah says, Will you take the children of iblees as your allies, this indicates that Elyse is not an angel because he has children and he has progeny after this group also says that Allah Singh in the Quran can emanate Ginny first circle and Amelia Robbie again this verse that God is the key evidence. He was of the jinn. And so he disobeyed his Lord can MNL Genie far faster therefore he disobeyed. So Allah is linking his disobedience to the fact that he was a jinn and had he not been a jinn he could not have disobeyed a life you were of the angels because Allah says in the Quran about the angels lie Asuna la Hama, Amara home they do not disobeyed when

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Allah commands them. So Allah explains how a bliss disobeyed he disobeyed because he was not of the angels. Even Taymiyah tries to reconcile between all of these evidences and says he was of the angels in terms of his appearance and manners, but he was not of them in terms of his origin and species. So even Tamia kinda sorta tries to find the middle opinion. And really the middle opinion is basically the second opinion because that is what the second opinion says, But he tries to mitigate it by his wordings that he was of the jinn. And many of the second camp would say, sorry, he was of the angels, but many of the second camp would not say he was of the angels like this.

00:32:59--> 00:33:41

Nonetheless, advantageous position, as usual, makes a lot of sense. And perhaps it because of my own personal biases regarding even Taymiyah or perhaps because it really does make sense. I do myself find this opinion to be very, very harmonious in achieving all of these balances. IBLEES lived amongst the jinn for eons and eons for a time period, we cannot even comprehend and the bliss began acting like the jinn, talking like the jinn, resembling the jinn, and the bliss kinda sort of felt hymns. I think the jinn excuse me, I don't mean jinn. I mean, the angel sorry, take that back, a bliss lived amongst the angels, and acted like the angels and felt like the angels, and was amongst

00:33:41--> 00:34:31

the angels for so long for eons and eons and eons, that in reality, he was considered to be the of the angels because their form and their substance are far more compatible together than that of mankind. And so he lived amongst them, and followed whatever they did. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the angels to bow down the fact that he was amongst them, he knew that this commandment was for him as well. And he understood that this commandment was for him. And when he did not bow down, Allah asked him, Why did you not bow down? Allah did not immediately reprimand him. So there was this this this this attempt a Do you have a valid excuse? Why is it you know, a

00:34:31--> 00:35:00

merman aka industry dilemma have to be a day right? Why did you not bow down? Oh a bliss. So Allah asked a bliss directly and perhaps had he been an angel, there is no asking to be done. There is no excuse be because he was not an angel. There is the potential what is the excuse? And a belief does not give a legitimate excuse. On the contrary, he digs himself the deepest hole ever dug in the history of creation and he says I am not going to

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Listen to you, there is no excuse here. I am not going to listen to you because this commandment is false. It is bolted, he blames Allah. He says, you deceive me, and there is no deception. And he says, I'm not gonna bow down because I think I am better and that is the essence of arrogance. And so, it does appear to be the case and Allah knows best that a bliss is not to fall in Angel, a bliss is of the jinn and the jinn are not a tribe of the angels. Despite what our great scholars or the seller have said, we respect the seller immensely. However, the opinions are not binding on us and we can rethink and look at other evidences and we respect their opinions, and us not following them

00:35:42--> 00:36:20

does not mean we have rejected their entire authority, because in this case, and especially I speak to those who have the slogan of following the setup. In reality, it is a nice slogan, but many, many, many times the movement that claims to follow themselves they do not follow the reality of their opinions. And this is but one example that the vast majority of the actual setup, believed that a bliss was of the angels and yet later scholars including Eman Tamia, and including most of us in our times, we don't follow this opinion. So, a bliss was not of the angels a bliss was not a fallen angel, a bliss was of the jinn and the jinn are a separate creation. Now, the next question

00:36:20--> 00:37:04

that arises very quickly is that was a bliss, the father of all of the jinn. And this too, is an opinion that has been propagated by many great scholars. In fact, even even Taymiyah multiple times. He says, he believes a Belgian a bliss he calls him Abu Elgin, a Belgian like Adam is Abu Bashar he believes his Abu Qian and even Tamia seems to suggest this. And a number of great aroma of the past also suggested this, just that just like Adam is the father of mankind, so he believes is the father of all of the jinn. And perhaps they derive this from the verse of at Luna, who were the reata, who Olia will you take him and his children, so Allah calls his children, as if every shaytaan after him

00:37:04--> 00:37:07

is of the children of a bliss. However,

00:37:09--> 00:37:53

there is no explicit evidence that a bliss is the father of all gin, and that he was the first gin there is no explicit evidence for this. And the Quran seems to suggest that a bliss is not the father of origin. And this is in reverse in the police academy, Nalgene FFS AKA a police was of the jinns. So it is as if there are other gins there as well it is as if that there were others. And so Allah is saying he was of the jinn. So Allah knows best there is no explicit evidence either way. Those who say it believes was the father of all the jinn, they have a vague reference in the Quran, and those who say that he believes was the leader of the Jinn of his time, but not the father they

00:37:53--> 00:38:33

to have a vague evidence. So in the end of the day, we do not know this is not something that we know definitively. By the way, this reminds me of an interesting anecdote, which is actually a halal joke, you may memorize this joke and use it in sha Allah in your future gatherings in sha Allah, our great scholars had a sense of humor, and I hope inshallah i as well, for those who know me, you know that I also inshallah have a sense of humor. But obviously in lectures, I have to try my best to portray myself as if I do not have any jokes or do not laugh. On the contrary, it is soon to have Halal jokes or prophecies and will give jokes all the time. So one of the famous jokes of early

00:38:33--> 00:39:13

Islam, one of the students of the Sahaba, by the name of a shabby, he was one of the first judges of early Islam appointed by the Omiya dynasty, a great Tabby and a student of many Sahaba. A shabby, was asked by a person, he came to me and goes that Oh, Imam, a shabby, oh, great scholar, what is the name of the wife of a bliss? What is the name of the wife of a bliss? And so a shabby responded, that was a wedding that I did not get an invitation to. That was a wedding, I was not invited to, I don't know the name of the wife of a bliss. So sometimes people have the most interesting and bizarre questions and sort of shabby gave that humorous response that I didn't attend the wedding.

00:39:13--> 00:39:59

So I have no idea the name of the wife of a bliss. Now, we now move on here that the story clearly mentions that a bliss took an antagonistic attitude towards our father, Adam, and in fact, this attitude is not new from the story, the Hadith mentioned. Now the Quran doesn't mention this. The hadith mentions that a bliss was already irritated at Adam even before Adam was Adam. We already mentioned in a few lectures earlier that before the roof was blown, a bliss knocked on Adam's body entered and exited the hollow body and he showed his animosity, and he showed his arrogance, and he felt that he would be better and be able to control this entity, and he refused to ever be

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:47

to this new creature, and the Quran uses some very strict terminologies. Allah says ABA which means he refused. Allah says is stuck Bara which means he had arrogance. Allah said fuss aka which means he embodied evil. Allah says catamenial Caffeine he was of the caffeine. So Allah is very strict in the adjectives use about a bliss and Allah recorded for us the the excuse of a bliss. He said on a hydro Minho, I am better than him, You created me from fire, and you created him from clay. And he said that as Judy Mahabharatha Athena, do you want me to prostrate to that which you have created from clay? And he said, lamb actually asked you that question and hurt the human soul Solomon

00:40:47--> 00:41:36

hemolysin I am never going to prostrate to a man whom You created from dried, Potter's claim. And so it believes very clearly gave his excuses that I'm not going to do this I am better than him. Do you want me to prostrate from that which you created from clay. And from this time, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada announced to a bliss that he should get out of here that Allah says that when I lay collana laomi Dean, you shall be cursed until the day of judgment. And so it believes begged Allah Allah beyond villainy, Allah allow me some respite allow me some time on Bharat means to give some time to allow me some time until the Day of Judgment. Okay, you have given your honor to me I understand.

00:41:36--> 00:42:19

And I'm going to face that I believe says but let me face it after the date of judgment. So Allah says for incremental mon Varin okay, you have been given that time, either yo mill walked in my room until the time that is well appointed, you cannot change it, it is not changeable. I know it, you do not know it. So Iblees then says once a bliss asks for time, and he's given time, and by the way, all of this conversation is happening before the seduction of Adam, before Adam eats from the tree. This is happening right here. And now when the angels bow down, he believes refuses to bow and Allah deals with him right then and there. And then after this, the story moves on, and Adam is asked to

00:42:19--> 00:43:06

enter Jannah so it leaves then threatens Allah or the beloved arrogance, and that threat is mentioned in multiple verses in insert without off, Allah says, ought to be met or wait any further Netta home serata Kilmister team, he said, because you let me go astray, I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path, and I will approach them from in front of them and from behind them and from their left and from the right, and you will find that the majority of them are ungrateful accetta, whom you will find them to be ungrateful. And in the other verse, Allah sorry, bliss is quoted as saying all Arrabida are white any that was a union that the home fell out. He says, Oh my

00:43:06--> 00:43:56

Lord, because you have misguided me. I shall beautify for them in this earth, beautify sins, beautify out on beautify everything for them, and I shall cause all of them to go astray. So Iblees threatens Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah in return Subhana Allah warns our father Adam Subhana Allah, how merciful is our Lord, how generous is our Lord that even before Adam is entering gender, Allah tells him for Kona Adam, in her the I do will laka what is logic? Allah says to Adam, this being it shall be your forever enemy. Adam is witnessing Subhanallah our father Adam, he saw with his own eyes, can you imagine newly created freshly minted, and he's taught how to speak and Allah

00:43:56--> 00:44:42

speaks to him directly. And he sees this magnificent creation, Allah He our minds just go blank we cannot imagine. You know, Adam was a human being he is flesh and blood like us, He is our Father. This creation of Allah, our father was blessed to see this world to live in this world. As soon as he comes into existence, all of this dignity is given to him, this honor is bestowed upon him, he sees more angels than perhaps any human being has ever seen at one time, he sees as far as the eye can see, and all of them bow down and he sees that one being and that is Iblees, refusing and this conversation happens in front of him. So he sees that he believes has refused and he believes thinks

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

he is better. And Allah says to our father, Adam, or Adam, you have just seen all of this be careful. This entity is your enemy in the high that I do will look at you and your wife, he is going to want to persuade you to get out agenda. So follow your agenda.

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

Kumar main agenda for touchbar. Make sure that he does not succeed in getting you kicked out of Jannah. Or else you shall be in pain. Subhan Allah, Allah never tests us, except that we know the test, we are warned about it, we are given the necessary precautions. Allah xojo is Rahman and Rahim and our father Adam was given plenty of warning, but we like our father Adam, we are not perfect. And we fall into sin, knowing to sin, and Allah forgives knowing that we know that it is a sin. So it is therefore is, Adam is warned about the dangers of a policeman, by the way before we conclude some very interesting tangents here, which again, not quite related directly. But it's just

00:45:45--> 00:45:46

interesting to note, it

00:45:47--> 00:46:37

is one of the greatest scholars of our of our tradition, who has discussed so many things about the creation of a bliss, and of the things that he mentions is that, in fact, a bliss was wrong to say that he was better than Adam for over 20 reasons. And he mentioned this in one of his books called a psychomotor setup. He mentioned over 20 reasons why he believes was wrong, and that, in fact, Adam was more noble than a bliss. And other than he says that fire and clay, he says that clay is actually better than fire, because clay is peaceful and calm, and clay has more benefits. And fire is always used to service what comes from it or from the ground. And he forgot that Adam also comes

00:46:37--> 00:47:16

from water, and water is the most beneficial of all substances. So he took one part of Adams origin, which is clay, and he neglected the other which is water, and on and on and on. He mentioned so many points that to demonstrate that, in fact, Iblees was wrong in this claim. And he also in this book, and in other books, he mentions over in a 15 separate points about the wisdom of the creation of a bliss. And this is a very important topic, but it's not quite related to us. So again, I'm just telling you, it's there, because a lot of people ask, Why did Allah create a bliss? And Abraham amongst other scholars, he's not the only scholar actually discusses this in a lot of detail. And of

00:47:16--> 00:47:56

the things that he says, is that of the wisdoms and can you believe there's a chapter title, the wisdom in the creation of bliss, and this is, especially in his book, she filed a lien which is a magnificent volume about the reality of other and the and the existence of evil. And he mentions, Why did Allah create a bliss and he mentions pages and pages of content, and of the things that he mentions is to manifest the Power of Allah in creating diverse creations, some of them you know, polar opposites of the other, to allow specific names of Allah to be manifested, such as the protector, such as the forgiver, when you have an entity that you need to be protected from, you

00:47:56--> 00:48:42

will turn to the protector. When you have an entity that seduces you, and you fall into sin, you will have to ask the Rahman Rahim to forgive you. So Allah manifests His names and his power and the diversity and the bounty of his generosity in how we respond to this evil known as the bliss of them as well as to test the servants and to sift the good from the bad and to reward the pious by combating a bliss we earn Jana of them is to it is very interesting to personify evil to make evil concentrated, because when you have that concentration and an entity, it makes it easier for you to overcome, you know that a bliss is real. And you know that bliss is an entity. And so knowing that

00:48:42--> 00:49:27

that entity exists, causes you to be vigilant causes you to be aware, causes you to turn to Allah constantly causes you to seek protection in, in Allah against a bliss. And this increases your Eman in Allah, it makes you ever conscious, it allows you in fact, to blame a bliss for much of the evil so useful, for example, says that, you know, shaytaan caused the Prophet Yusuf shaytaan caused, you know, this animosity between my brothers and me. So he blames it on shaytaan. And when that is the case, and the brothers want to repent, they say yes, this was it from us, this is from Shaytaan and they become better and so IBLEES actually becomes the embodiment of evil so that we can blame him

00:49:27--> 00:50:00

for all evil and therefore we can repent to Allah and say, Oh Allah forgive us. Shaitaan caused us to be seduced. So these are many blessings that He mentions, actually, of the wisdoms of the creation of a bliss. The final point will mention in Shaolin, the story of Adam and the bliss is that we should take a lesson from the mistake of a bliss in this Adamic story, and there are many lessons but again, time is limited. I'll concentrate on four of the lessons we learn number one point number one, the danger of disobeying Allah, we

00:50:00--> 00:50:47

See the results of what happens when we disobey Allah. When a police refuse to obey Allah, Allah says Paulina herdsmen, her Uhlmann mud hoorah. And Allah says either clergymen half her Maya Khun la canta taka Brophy have falconridge in necom in a solid in that get out of here, you are going to be disgraced. You should not be in the ranks of the angels. So the the repercussions of disobeying Allah are very clear and the story of a bliss Allah says in the Quran, Whoever disobeys Allah has indeed gone astray, the furthest going astray. That's point number one benefit. Point number two benefit. We benefit as well by seeing the evils of arrogance. There is no sin worse than arrogance,

00:50:48--> 00:51:32

and the worst, Cofer is the Cofer of arrogance to know the truth and still reject it. That's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that anybody who has an atom's weight of pride shall not enter gender, one atom's weight of arrogance shall not enter gender. So we see the reality of arrogance. Number three, point number three, racism is satanic. To believe that you are better than other people because of your origin. To believe that just because somebody is from there, and you are from here, this makes you better, being proud of one's origin or of one's bases is of the essence of shape on on a higher Roman hierarchy. 20 Minocin Wahaca who maintain and it is not the

00:51:32--> 00:52:20

origin that makes you pious, it is your deeds, it is not where you come from that makes you good, it is what you do. And Iblees did not understand this. So anybody who is arrogant because of his race, or skin color, or nationality, or origin, or tribe, in reality is taking this from Shaytaan himself well, to be law, all of us are Children of Adam, all of us are equally human. And the one thing that makes us better than other is our piety and Duckworth. And the final blessing for us in this incident of bliss is the dangers of unchecked intellect against the explicit Quran and Sunnah. And this is a key point which we don't have time to go into in a lot of detail. But anybody who thinks

00:52:20--> 00:53:06

they know better than the Quran and Sunnah better than what Allah says, anybody who opens up this door of trying to think that they know better than Allah or the biller. This is the essence of Shavon. Allah says bow down and bliss says, I know better, I'm better than him. And this motif of presuming that one's knowledge is more or better than that of Allah. It is one of the main criticisms that those who follow the tradition the traditionalist have to those who reject the tradition in totality. Now again, to be clear, this is a gray area in one sense that there is something called legitimate chaos, there's something called an acid. And there's clearly some things

00:53:06--> 00:53:44

we extrapolate from the tradition. And so we have to be careful that somebody doesn't understand that chaos is wrong, or extracting the goals of the Shetty is wrong. No, we're talking about somebody who says I don't care what the Quran says. I don't care what the prophets ism says I know better. That is satanic. If somebody takes the Quran and Sunnah and extrapolates to a new situation, or finds that certain verses can be restricted in light of other verses, this is all sorted. And this is what the scholars do since the beginning of time, which evidence to give precedence to versus another evidence and cause mutlak and more pay yet, so you have to be careful, you're here

00:53:44--> 00:54:23

because sometimes we get those, you know, very new or very little bit of knowledge and they think they know and then anything that they don't understand, oh, this person is rejecting the Quran sooner? No, that requires a bit of discussion when fuqaha derive their field and you don't understand it. That's not a rejection of the Quran and Sunnah. However, when a person says like a bliss said, I don't care what you say, or Allah, I know better than you. That is what we are saying is satanic. And it is the essence of gopher and it is the most dangerous of all, and this is what you know, we find in some people who claim to be Muslim, that they will say I don't care what the

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

Quran says. You know, even if the Quran says it, I think this is valid you okay, even if you will tell me that you know, the Cortana as soon as I say this, I don't accept it because it cannot be true. That is what we are saying is satanic, the rejection of the Quran and Sunnah knowing it is the Quran and Sunnah. That is the essence of what bliss did and we as Muslims are told to bow down if you like, or metaphorically I mean, we are told to humble ourselves and to accept the Quran and Sunnah and commandments of Allah and His messenger. So this is in a nutshell

00:55:00--> 00:55:25

Some of the points that we will derive from this point of Allah telling us that he believes refuse to bow down and inshallah in our next lesson, we'll then resume the story from where we left off and we will talk about Adam being asked to enter the agenda and what happened in Jannah. And also what was the agenda that will be inshallah Tada in our next lesson. Until then, she's Akuma La Jolla, Santa Monica. La Habra catch. Yeah, man.