Structure of Surah Yusuf

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The speaker describes a beautiful ring structure that is a mirror image of a man dreaming. The structure uses relief from Prison, confessional, and the use of God to unlock a dream of the mother. The speaker also describes a shirt that saved Salem from jail and is considered the best surah of all, and mentions a woman who was reminded of her son's success by the shirt.

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Look at the structure. You see, this is a beautiful ring structure users dream.

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In the very beginning, at the very end interpreted next was the brothers plot. Let me try to zoom out here. You see how it's like exactly. It's like a mirror image. It follows this trajectory. Users dream. The brothers plot minister's wife attempts to use the ladies make an attempt, use of God imprisoned, the king's dream. And then, as if, like, you know, like, it's like you're rolling it and now you start unrolling it. The King's dream interpreted, uses relief from prison, confessional, the lady's confession of the wife of the minister, the brothers learn their lesson and their plot fails. And finally the dream interpreted Allahu Akbar, what an incredible What an unbelievable structure.

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What a beautiful Surah that Allah's Padala has revealed truly the best of all, stories. The shirt, right, you saw that in the beginning, it was false blood, right, the image of the shirt, it told jacobellis and the use of his alive, minor relief that he got, he knew his son was alive, that he was he knew the blood was false. The torn shirt, it saved us civil Salem, in that distressful moment when he was about to be, you know, like, you know, cast as a rapist. He violated a violating ungrateful person, the torn shirt saved him again, again, relief and the shirt restoring vision I 93 You have Kobani Salaam and again a total use of Subiaco the use of is alive and well. And that's a

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major source of relief for him. Subhanallah how amazing this surah is. And every time I studied I think I come away with even more appreciation for it.