No Mistake So Far, Touch Wood!! I Have My Fingers Crossed!!

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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The speaker discusses the use of "booms and fingers" in Islam, which refers to people saying "breaking everything's okay" and not finding one's own fault. They stress the importance of educating people on Islamic belief and the need for forgiveness. The speaker also mentions the need to study the religion properly to get started on the right path.

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We have another evil

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which is people saying for example, fingers crossed. This is what people say Muslims. I've heard Muslim say this Touchwood Touchwood and fingers crossed. Allah He I've heard Muslim say this, they don't know what they say.

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Long Stan, he says Everything okay to say Touchwood everything's okay. So let's hope it works to say fingers crossed, it works. Do you know what you say? What does fingers crossed mean? If you basically it's referencing Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross, and Touchwood refers to what I've been told, the crosses that people would wear around their necks was made out of wood, and for to avert any difficulty people would hold the wood would hold the cross, which is made out of wood Touchwood. And Muslims need to be aware Subhanallah these words shouldn't come out of Muslims life, my mouth, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to be aware. And we need to educate people when they

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say this, that this is wrong. This is wrong. You shouldn't say this. seek forgiveness from Allah. Yes, if you're ignorant and you didn't know, then it's not a you're not sinful, but you you are sinful for not finding out you are sinful for leaving yourself prone to accepting practices such as these, leaving your Aqeedah your your your knowledge of Islamic belief so weak, we have a responsibility. This is from the knowledge that every Muslim needs to know this is not from the knowledge that is specific to the scholars, you must understand this. Yes, yes. When when the scholars say seeking knowledge is part of the key fire. It's a it's a communal obligation, meaning

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if certain elements in society go and learn it obligation is lifted off or lifted off the rest, they referring to a segment of knowledge, because knowledge is of two types, knowledge which every Muslim has to know. And that is compulsory upon every Muslim. It's not a community or communal obligation.

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It's compulsory upon everybody. And then we have

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knowledge, which suffices if members of the community go and learn it like the Allama whereby the layman or the lady can go to them to the scholars or the clergy and seek clarity when they need that knowledge. That's fine. But there's certain knowledge which is compulsory on all of us. This is from that knowledge, my dear brothers and sisters, if you don't learn it, you sinful you sinful. Yes, you might say, I didn't know. So I'm forgiven. I'm excused. You're excused but insha Allah but you sinful for not making the effort seek forgiveness for that as well. And this should inspire us brothers and sisters to really really really,

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you know, make it a point in our lives to go and study Islamic theology properly at least the basics that which we need to know I'm not talking about the the the the extended matters like refutations and so on and so forth. Yes, that can remain with the scholars but that which keeps you found keeps you founded upon the straight path

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and keeps your practice as sound as well. You have to know this