Unknown Legacies #03 – The Prophet Who Slept a Hundred Years

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The people who see this cannot deny that something miraculous has taken place that a man who was with us here, he disappeared for 100 years they grow old and age and finally this man comes back and he's still alive. He's still in the same state he hadn't aged a day.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about an individual and Salton rocker Allah subhanaw. Taala tells us that this person was walking by a place in which there were ruins. And the verse starts with our color the marijuana of Korea in Whitehall we are to Nana Arusha is walking by a city that was in a state of ruins color and now you're here the hilang by the moutier this person are named in this story in this particular passage and salted Baccarat, he is unnamed. So this person says How could Allah subhanaw taala bring back to life this thing the city these people that were here after it was destroyed, firmer, firmer to whole long meow time into my bad Allah subhanaw taala cause this man to

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die for 100 years and then resurrected, Polycom nebith. He was asked how long did you basically experience that? How long did you remain in that state? He said acquired an arbitrary element o value. They remained in the state perhaps for a day or a part of a day. It was said that this individual I still didn't share his name. This individual because he slept during the daytime that's when it occurred. He thought maybe I slept for the rest of the day for a few hours. It was still daytime. Or maybe I slept for an entire day in a few extra hours. And then he was finally informed by Nova Lavista Miata army you slept for 100 years. You were in that state for 100 years. And then

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he has some examples some science fund or Isla Karateka was Shalabi kilometer center. Look at your food and you drink it has not even spoiled. It was preserved as part of this miracle. One Lord ena Hey, Malika Adina Jonica I utterly now as I look at your donkey, and we're going to make this this experience that you just had a sign for the people I attend in us a sign signs are received or rejected. The people who see this cannot deny that something miraculous has taken place that a man who was with us here, he disappeared for 100 years, they grow old and age and finally this man comes back and he's still alive. He's still in the same state he hadn't aged a day. And then Allah

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subhanaw taala says, wonder Isla Navami, Keefe and when she's worked for mana to Hana, Hana, and the look to the bones of the donkey, how we bring them together and the tissue and the meat and all of that we clothed them with flesh. This was an example for this man to see the resurrection happening in front of him, how Allah subhanaw taala can recreate as he created the first time for LaMotta by Ian, Hello, Paula Aaron Mo and aloha Anna conditioning. When this was made clear to him when this took place, he said I know Allah is capable of all things. Who is this man? This man is prophet or Zaid Ali, his Salah Prophet, or is it usually unknown to many people? Because his name again in the

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story is not mentioned in this context? Or was it according to him and Kathy went back to his people after this experience. And there was an old woman there. She used to be the maid at his household when he was younger. And she heard him and he told her who he was. And she was blind at that point in her older age. So she said Make dua so that I can see again, he made dua to Allah subhanaw taala. And she was cured of her blindness. And then when she saw him, she bore witness that it was him, she was able to bear witness this is in fact, or Zaid and I remember him from a long time ago. So this was a sign for all the people what is a lesson that we can take from this. So a prophet or zeta

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Allison, um, had his own experiences and stories and there aren't that many that we know of, that are necessarily authentic. This is the one that is mentioned upon and that is explicit, but from the story of resurrection and life and death. And the story right after this intro to the Bukhara is also about resurrection of the birds in front of Prophet Ibrahim on Instagram. This adds the ugliness adds even more certainty to the Prophet so they can testify and say to their people, I don't just believe this, I also have seen this I've also experienced this i in an alien with my own, I have certainty. We can learn from this, the importance of the cycles of life and death all around

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us to reflect on them a little more, have a little more mindfulness, consciousness of everything around you in terms of the cycles of life and death. For example, it is inevitable that we will depart from this world and we see every day 1000s of people are dying 3000 On average, every hour around the world. And yet at the same time, people are departing and experiencing the next stage of existence, their souls move on. We have people being born as well. So there's a constant cycle of life and death. We see people whose hearts were hardened for so many years, finally becoming soft changing in their ways becoming better people getting closer to God becoming closer to their purpose

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in life. You

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The heart was awakened given life after a lot of hardening after this person chose a really bad path of hamdulillah for this person's guidance, and we as well constantly ask Allah, for the softness of our hearts and the protection against the hardening of the heart, we reflect on the many places that come to life when there's rain, that many places that are dead, that come to life with vegetation, and agriculture and everything else that we see. And if you live in a place in which you personally experienced the changing seasons, you see the leaves as they're falling, and the trees as they're dying, and you see the cold of winter, and then later on, you see the spring, and the life that's

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coming to this vegetation, to your trees, to your gardens, to your plants, to your society, when it's springtime, and summer, and so on and so forth. It's a reminder, the seasons of life and death, the cycles of life and death, reflect more consciously pay a little more attention, your own body, the cells that are dying, your own brain, the neurons that you have everything around you cycles of life and death. Remember your own departure and your return to Allah subhanaw taala. The One who created this world with its own cycles with its own natural laws, the One who created the water cycle, the one who brings down the rain so that the earth will continue to sustain us as well. We

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too will depart as everyone before us departed. As the seasons around us depart every year and change, we too will depart and return back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And remember, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada at a condition your career is capable of all things. When you go through hardship. When you're in a difficult situation. Remember, Allah is capable of all things. When you're in a situation in which you think there's no way out. Remember, in alojado condition Euclidean, Allah is capable of all things including getting you out of the situation. When you make dua the next time you make dua don't have any doubts, your doubt will be accepted, don't have any doubts in alojado coalition, call

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upon Allah and believe was capable of all things, as he said, confer couldn't be and it is in the creation of this world took place. Allah subhanaw taala can get you out of any situation and change your situation overnight. Be patient and have good thoughts and good assumptions of Allah subhanaw taala and hold on to your faith while you're seeing the cycles of life and death preparing for your own departure as well. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live upon Islam and to die upon Iman to be resurrected in a good state Lama.

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