Embryology in the Quran – Part 3

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Quran says in Surah chapter 39

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was number six

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that we have made the human beings in stages, one after the other in three days of darkness. According to Professor Keith Moore, he said that this

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verse of the Quran mentions the three days of darkness. It refers to the anterior abdominal wall, the uterine wall, and the amnio chorionic membrane, that the human being is made into stages in three waves of darkness.

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The Quran describes the various embryological stages in great detail.

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The Quran mentioned is for me noon, chapter number 23, was the modality 14 that we have created the human being from a quintessence of clay, then made it into an

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amended country of liquid, then made the notes far into alaka knowledge like substance,

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then made the alaka and doom with God that a chewed like lump, then made the mudguard into a sama bones, then close it the bones with lamb that is flesh. And then we made a different creature glory bitwala, who's the best to create these three verses of the Quran describes the various embryological stages, the initial stages of development of a human being in the mother's womb in great detail.

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First, it says that it made it from a note for which we discussed a minute contract liquid, then made them look far into aloka.

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That means allege like substance, which we discussed earlier,

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the meaning of that big word aloka.

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It has got three meanings. One is a little acceptance.

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It also means something which clings and the third meaning of alika is congealed a lot of blood. Besides it looking like a leech the embryo in the initial stages, it also behaves like a leech. It behaves like a blood sucker. It derives its nutrition from the mother through the placenta, it behaves like a blood sucker. So besides looking like a leech, it also behaves like a leech. The second meaning something which clings we know that the embryo clings to the uterine wall. Throughout the nine months, that the fetus in the womb of the mother, it clings to the uterine wall. The third meaning of Allah is congealed blood of blood. And today's science tells us that in the initial

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stages, the blood does not circulate and the blood clots in the vessels, and appears like a congealed clot of blood. So all three meanings of Allah Alhamdulillah. Today Sciences is in perfect conformity to latest advances made in embryology.

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It further says, We placed it in a Carrara McKean, a place of security. And we know today that the fetus is protected posteriorly by the spinal column,

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the backbone as well as the posterior muscles, and anteriorly. It is protected by the anti abdominal wall by the amniotic membrane, as well as the amniotic fluid, which protects the child. So the science to the testifies that the child is well protected in the womb of the mother. It further says we made the alaka into America, America means a child like lamp. So Professor Keith Moore, took a plastic seal and made it look into a little acceptor initial stages embryo and then placed it between his teeth a bit to make it appear like a tube like lamb. And when he thought the teeth marks, it resembles the fomites for where the nerves develop. And the Quran continues, we made the

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mouth guide to hazama bones, then crowded the bones with a hand that is flesh. Then we made it all together a different creature. What is the Quran mean that we made it into altogether different creature is the stage of moth guy is Mr. Lamb.

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Dude like lamb bones. flesh is the stage where science tells us the initial stages of development of a human being is similar to the development of a fish, rabbit and many other animals. Only after the stage does the human development differ in looks? Where we have a head, then we have limbs? Then the Quran faith we made it into a different creature. Glory bitwala who's the best to create? Imagine the Quran describes the various embryological stages in great detail.

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And Professor Keith Moore he said that this description given in the Quran based on shapes, aka leech, like substance motika dude like lamb is ama bones. Lamb flesh is far superior

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To the divisions made in modern embryology, where we say stage one, stage two, stage three, stage four is difficult to identify. The description given the Quran is far more superior and much more easy