Saad Tasleem – Is Islam the Truth

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing which one of the main pillars of Islam is from a source of comfort, rather than just the overall message. They also mention that Islam has been used to portray the image of peace and liability, and that there are many examples of similar false accusations made by Muslims. The speaker encourages the audience to not currently pretend to be blind and to instead see the beauty in the truth.
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Hinduism Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam are all religions found across the world, and many contradict each other and only one of them can be the truth and from God. The important question is which one of them is the truth? And how do we judge which is from a divine source? The simple answer is that what makes a particular religion correct instead of all the others is the strength of its evidences. For us Muslims, this religion is Islam. Islam addresses the intellect and the heart and the soul and presents us with definitive evidence of its source and truthfulness from these evidences is what has been prophesized by previous scriptures regarding the Prophet Muhammad,

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peace be upon him, including what he presented to the people of his time. Along with this is that there are events that were prophesized by the Quran, which came true, but the greatest evidence is the challenge for anyone to replicate anything like the Quran, even a single chapter. There's this and all the other proofs that you witnessed with your own senses, which leaves you certain of this religion. So, don't deprive yourself of looking into Islam, because your fate in the afterlife depends on it. And also in this life. Through Islam, you'll find peace and tranquility. Along with the answers to life's big questions. You will also see the divine wisdom and Islamic teachings which

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will amaze you for how comprehensively they fit into your life. If you're searching for the truth, don't stop now. Looking into Islam is not difficult. All it takes is a little bit of sincerity, and you will find yourself on the straight path

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