The Real Challenges

Yasir Qadhi


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can't preach people sectarianism and this fit a client that might have panela have to move beyond this. We have challenges that are so different. Our children are leaving the faith and you want me to teach you to hate another fit a call to find another mosque and say the wrong people come on. World is different. The real challenges are agnosticism, atheism, liberalism, humanism, secularism, these are the challenges with utmost love to our Messiah back there, they're not going to answer the challenges of secularism, they just can't. We have a different set of challenges. And to rise up to those challenges. You have to have people who have lived in those challenging times and experienced

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it directly. So just like an undiluted happened in the past, in sha Allah, I'm confident in sha Allah, that is going to happen over here. What we do, might Inshallah, to Allah influence and benefit people around the globe, just like with the roadmap Undertows did ended up benefiting the other man around the globe.