Some Reflections on The Legacy of Ibn Taymiyya

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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So, both in Tamia and abdelkarim day,

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this is my opinion, seem to be inclined towards the claim that jahannam is not eternal, but to say that they believed this is also not 100% accurate, they defended it. Yes. And they said this is very plausible, especially ignored by him. They said this is very plausible. Now, I want to just finish off here by saying that this question there's a second question as well, that the the issue of Ibn taymiyyah and his position has caused much controversy. Has it been Tamia typically always does Subhan Allah, Masha Allah had been Tamia is the person I admired the most in all of Islamic history. And it is also true to say he generated so much controversy while he was alive and even until our

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times not all controversy is bad, by the way, hint hint. So and of course, even it even TV, of course, is very interesting. That's had a lot. I just have to say this year that his followers and I have gently criticized many of his followers, his followers, some of his followers today, they did not like the fact that had been a me I might have denied the eternality of Johanna, because this is something that you don't find in any person before even taymiyah. So some of the modern people of that movement, who claim to fall live in Tamia deny that have been Timmy ever said this. And they say this book is a fabrication. And they say he could never have said this. And there are made

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massive debates within that movement, whether he said it or not. And I find this so interesting, that they have constructed an image of a bit me that he would have been Tamia could not live up to, if you understand what I'm talking about. If not, then don't worry about it. But the image that they have of their version of Islam is so unreal, that even their own scholar that they look up to, could not live up to their own interpretation of that image. And also, I would I of course admire him immensely, even though I'm not a blind follower, and I respectfully disagree with some minor things. But one thing I love about Ibn taymiyyah he didn't care what anybody thought. And he spoke what he

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believed to be the truth, even if and this is a key point, even if pretty much everybody before him said something else.

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And he seems to be one of the first people breaking away from a vast majority of scholarship. But he feels the Quran and Sunnah says something else, simply because 99.9% of the people before him said something didn't mean anything to him.

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And to me that requires intellectual bravery, whether you agree or disagree, this is independent mind set. And I hope that also contextualize this a little bit of other things without going too detailed. Whether that is true or not. A low bidder just in the current history will be the judge in this world as well. But I agree with this point. 100% So what if 99.9% of the people before you said it doesn't make a doc with a capital hat?

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And if you look at his position on the triple product, for example, we'll talk about the one because that was a question also can want to talk about that had been Tamia was the first, the first item to publicly state the triple talaq cannot be triple. And this is the first way that even as her now is adopting and other institutions are adopting, because they realize the world is a very difficult place. If you follow this position, we'll get to the issue of triple Fatah it'd been Tamia was the one who said this, that now is becoming standard position, even though none of the mainstream scholars before him said that. So in any case, if you want a further reading, there is actually a

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book published by Oxford, a collection of articles you also have my article in there, published in it, and the title of the book is Islam and the fate of others by Mohammed Hassan Ali. And there is an entire chapter about even Timmy his view about gender. And there's also a chapter about my view about salvation. You will find it in that book.

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In nephin, dounia Solomon

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