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The century's guidance on health and social Affairs law is the most difficult versions of the century's guidance on health and social Affairs. The title of the century's guidance on health is the most difficult, followed by the most difficult versions. The title of the century's guidance on social Affairs is the most difficult, followed by the most difficult versions. The importance of the Quran in shaping one's life and the need for practice contemplation is emphasized. The importance of personalization in writing letters to achieve double contemplative reading is also emphasized. The importance of word recitation to empower individuals and their families to participate in the message of Islam is emphasized.

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Elijah Elijah Daniel who said in

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de la de Aqua

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indeed the score and guides to that which is best UK one

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this is a sliver the linguist they say a description

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it guides to that which is a one the best.

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Where is the most hoof? Where is the described?

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In other words, when you read this area you are left thinking to yourself at one fee, I imagine best with regards to what best with regards to health does doctor and guide to that which is best with regards to finances, does the court and guide to the best with regards to Social Affairs law and so on and so forth. It wasn't mentioned in the I why

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the scholars they say if back to normal hedayati bellcore and Isla de como coalition in order to establish the holistic nature of the guidance of the Quran, in that it brings everything to its best level.

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Indeed, the Koran guides to that which is best meaning in every effort relating to dunya or Deen

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so somebody who wants to establish a worldly affair of his, the Quran will show him the quickest way and the best way.

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And someone who wants to attain the highest grades with Allah and the home of the hereafter the Quran will show him the quickest way and the best way indeed the Quran guides to that which is best La Ilaha Illa. However, some may say I haven't seen the ethics of the Quran in my life,

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whether at the individual level,

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at the level of my household, or the level of my work and my community at the level of my Eman. The owner of Islam at large may say we have not seen the effects of the Quran as we are being harassed here and there and everywhere by the Eastern West.

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We haven't seen the effects of the Quran somebody may say how come here we have one of two possible scenarios. The first of which really is impossible.

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One option is that either we have been told a lie, God forbid will either be law that the Quran does not actually guide to that which is best, this cannot be an option.

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So we are left with the second and that is we are yet to approach the Quran correctly. So that it may offer us that which is best. This must be the understanding.

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Consider the situation of a desert wayfarer. Passing through this desert land. He has lost his food and drink he has lost his animal he has lost his car his right.

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He has nice navigation. And as each hour passes by, he is blinking closer and closer to death in the worst way possible.

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And then all of a sudden he comes across a document of some sort a document that maps out the entire desert scene.

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he now knows where he is in the desert, and he now knows how to navigate himself to the shores of safety. I asked you my brother I asked you my sister. Imagine imagine the face of this individual when he comes across this document how will he behave?

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Think of his his reflective reading of this document. Think of his bluntness glances, things or think of the amount of times his heart will skip a beat. Think of his nervousness as he is reading through this document making sure he understands every word he has to know how to read it, in order to reach the shores of safety. This My dear brother, my dear sister, is the type of approach a lot gentler Geraldo once from every Muslim towards the book of Allah. If we want to see it, guiding us to that which is best, taking us out from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from weakness to strength, from humility to dignity. The Quran is a book that demands that we recited

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with double

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contemplative reading, reflection pondering Allah Almighty setting at least four out in the Quran surah Tunisia Allah to the Barranco Will they not ponder over the Quran?

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surah to Muhammad Allah said as Allah Tada, baronial for and will they not ponder over the for an surah to me known Allah said Flm Yaga Barranco when will they not ponder over the speech Sora Tucson Allah said Kitab en Anza nanhu la Kamara Kalia de barro. This is a blessing book that we have given you. So that people may ponder over its signs ponder over its verses in what is amazing is that at least two of those is Sora to Muhammad and surah Tunisia. The people who are being told to reflect over the Quran are

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The hypocrites the non Muslims. Allah says to them Will you not ponder over the Quran and therefore to double is a worldwide duty Muslim and non Muslim alike Allah wants us to think over his words. This is when the Quran will reform us changes and save us when we reform our approach to the Quran.

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This is the approach of contemplation and now that the month of Ramadan, the month of the Quran is just around the corner. We really need this particular topic of ours which is some of the prerequisites in order to attain the contemplation of the Quran.

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Somebody may say brother Ali, I am convinced I would like to recite the Quran with contemplation. I don't remember the last time I recited the book and I cried I don't remember the last time I picked up the Mossad and something major in my life changed about me my appearance, my personality, my social media appearance, my finances, I don't engage with the Quran. Here my dear brother, my dear sister, are a few milestones I will give you five. If you try to apply them I promise by the permission of Allah there will be a shift a grand shift in your relationship with the Quran. Try practicing before the month of Ramadan arrives.

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The first prerequisite

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in order to recite the Quran with the double contemplation is to appreciate the status of this book that you have in your hands.

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The level of attention that we give anything

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is directly linked to the level of appreciation that we have of it and its status. When something holds a high position in your eye, you give it a lot of attention and vice versa. What is the core and

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this I believe is the mother of all prerequisites. If it is in your heart to double we'll be coming straight after

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to appreciate the sanctity and the enormity of this book you have with you a book that is extraterrestrial. You have with you a book that is beyond the universe it is not the word of man are the works of a shaper and or the works of an angel or the works of a prophet. This is the works of airbrush man alijah legit and you have it you have it with you here on planet Earth. This is prerequisite number one look at the words of Allah subhanaw taala radi Allahu Allahu in description of the Quran. He said as a mama tell me the innovation his Jeremy he said Kitab Allah This is the book of Allah. Fie Haruna kubla Khan. within it is the news of the people before you go another oma

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bada calm and the news of the people who shall come after you while Hakuna diner calm and it is the judge between you who will first slowly Sabina hazily it is a decisive serious speech. That is not a joke. Who will lead the man taraka whom in Jabarin Kasama Hola. It is that book when any tyrant abandons it, Allah will obliterate him. woman he doesn't know who they are fee Allahu LA and anybody who tries to find guidance in other than this book, this person will go astray for Allah He Mateen for this is the strong rope of Allah

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wa who was the cruel Hakeem and it is the wise reminder well who was the rotten monster team and it is the straight path

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well Homer levy lighters he will be here

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it is that book that desires cannot change it while I tell tabish will be he'll alsina nor can the tongues of man ever twist it

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when is about amin Hola Hola.

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No, do the scholars ever feel from it? When laquan castrato rod nor does the Quran become boring by repeating it over and over again? When Adam called Big or evil who nor do the wonders of the Quran ever finish?

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Well who led me into Hinduism he had to do in Santa Ana Java. And it is that book when the spirits that Jean had being recited, they said we have had an amazing re citation. Man, Carla B he saw that he said whoever speaks through the Quran has spoken the truth.

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Woman How can I be here and whoever judges uses using the four and was just woman

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de la hora de la serata Mustafa man whoever calls to the Quran has been guided to a strict path Yama. See, appreciating the status of the Quran will help you recite it in a different format with different appreciation with contemplation.

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It is that book that was admired by the jinn and admired by the animals. We have previously mentioned an aeration which Akhmad narrating his Muslim, where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of a shepherd that was taking care of his sheep than a wolf cage.

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And took one of the sheep away from him. He run after the wolf he rescued his sheep. And then the wolf said to him, why are you taking away from us that Allah Almighty has sent for me?

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And the man was amazed a wolf that is speaking, a wolf that is speaking the words of a human being.

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And the wolf said to him, rearranging his amazement, the wolf said to him, Allah, bureau caviar, job me valic Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bsrm used to be to NASA B and back him up at sadhak B and back, Mr. katzenbach? Shall I not tell you the wolf said to the shepherd, shall I not tell you of something that is more amazing than me speaking?

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in yesterday bin Medina, telling people about the news of the past revelation. Why, according to the animals is more amazing than animals speaking, if we were to invite people to listen to a lecture about spooky gene encounters, it's a sellout crowd and it's pin drop silence. Everyone wants to hear it. But the jinn themselves they said, it is the core anger is amazing. We marveled over the jinn, we find it amazing. It baffles us they say no in us I mean an app or an agenda or an is what is amazing. We have this with us

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late and he can talk to Elena and Sophia who thought he would say scholar of Islam, or you wish I had limited my life to the meanings of the Quran.

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She called Islamic new to me or not to lie to him.

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He would say before he would pass away when I didn't

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Quran I have regretted wasting my life. On other than the meanings of the Quran, you're able to move cities. Even at me if you wanted to describe him in one word or two words you will say Roger stone for any

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amount of the Quran. His whole life was about proper and studying, teaching it defending it fighting for it.

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He was so busy diving into the oceans of the Quran that he didn't even find time to get married. He would forget that he needs to change his clouds so busy with the book of Allah shake. Well, it's not even a Tamia who would finish the recitation of the Quran from cover to cover every single 10 days. And when he was imprisoned,

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he would finish it every three days.

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At times, he recited the Quran when he was in jail.

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And on the 81st citation,

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he would pass away before completing it, dying at the IR Allah Almighty said in mattina feagin Tijuana fee Makati City canine dimiliki moqtada. Indeed, the righteous people are going to be amidst rivers and gardens with a king

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with a sitting of honor with a king who is with who is able he died at this area and died at the age of 67 years old enough to me and he said before dying. I have regretted wasting my life on other than the meanings of the

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simulacrum. biLlahi Mallika? butina he said simola Camila Hilah you mean Rob Don't be hardcore and Illa Sudhi

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I swear by Allah He said any person who believes in this Koran will find his heart crumbling into pieces in amazement and wonder. This is prerequisite number one appreciating the greatness of this book. milestone number two, please my dear brother, my dear sister, take a mental note of the headings.

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milestone number two, to feel that you are the one who is being spoken to when picking up the most often.

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It is not a message for the people of the past or for your name. And

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the Quran is a personalized message sent from the king to you with your name on it. See in the morning, when we wake up and we go through our letters. And you find your tenant, the tenant the tenant, you throw them in the bin. And again and again. When you find your name on a particular letter, you give it attention. But when you realize it's marketing, again, you put it in the bin.

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So in essence, you are looking for two characteristics in order to give a letter attention. You want it to be personalized to have your name written on it. And you want it to be sent by somebody who is important in your eyes

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is Docker and personalized. Your answer is yes. rocket engine in a computer than fee Cuckoo. Allah said we have sent a book that has your mentioned in it. It's personalized. Was it sent by someone important who can be more important than the king Allah

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and that is what the prophets they tried to do. The prophets they try to convince their communities that the revelation we are giving you

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They are messages from your Lord Russia and they are personalized messages from your Lord speaking to you know, said Allah He salatu salam to his community and so did houde as Allah says in Surah aarav obelisco Kumari Salah to be Allah, I conveyed to you the messages from my Lord.

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Look at the beautiful expression. I conveyed to you the messages from your Lord, why is it that we cannot put our phones down?

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Just in case we receive a message.

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Prophet said the Koran is a message messages from your Lord to you.

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And that is why our predecessors good and put down the book of Allah.

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In Latina can woman public Kumara Khurana Raja lmnop him and Hassan basa he said those who came before you they saw the Koran as messages messages from your Lord Yama kausalya Rahmatullah Allah He says this is one of the key ways of attaining to double contemplative reading of the Quran. And you've got Dr. Anna who is not sold off equally it means

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he said for you to really believe that you are the one who is intended when you recite every area of the Quran. A story of the past that's for my benefit, called Iron Man's mentioned the Hellfire that's to put fear in my heart. But an describes gender that's to excite me for and invites us to do that speaking to me.

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This is milestone number two.

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To see the Quran has personalized messages from Allah to you. Number three, to prepare your heart for the receiving of the Quran. This is key why is it that you and I may recite the exact same, it may not affect me in the least but as for you, it causes you to fall on your face in change and reformation and Toba repentance. How come because the heart is different.

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One heart is clean, ready to receive the Quran. The other heart has hurdles, obstacles, sins, cravings yearnings addictions,

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a loss of power subhanho wa Taala chose the human heart to receive the Quran. The landing station was not a mountain was not a message. It was not a book. The landing station of the Quran was the heart of man. Allah said we're in the hula tonzura behind me. The Quran is a revelation from the Lord of the world's

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number lobby hero. I mean, Angel jabril brought it down where it can be upon your heart of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But his heart was prepared, wasn't it? His heart was prepared to receive the end. And that is why when he was a young child, angels would wrestle him to the ground, they would open up his chest physically. The Companions would see the stitches on his chest as NSF nomadic said they would pull out his heart. Wash it in a container removed from his heart, the hum

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wash it with hikmah wisdom with the water of Zamzam put it back into his chest, seal him up. alayhi salatu was Salam. And now he was ready to receive the Quran. Do you think you and I are an exception to this.

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We have to prepare the hearts to receive the Quran if we want to see us moved into change and tears

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but sins are presented to the heart you see my dear brother, my dear sister, when you look at something hard on you close your eyes, you can no longer see it. But in your mind, it's still there. Why? Because the sin goes to the heart.

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You listen to something that is haram.

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You put earplugs, you close your ears, you can still hear it. How come because the sin has gone to the heart.

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You smell something that was haram you touch something that was haram for you, that person disappears, but you can still feel it smell it. Why? Because the sin has gone to the heart to horrible feet and widen kulu pizzette sallallahu wasallam fitness tests they are presented to the heart.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala has made this link between contemplating the Quran and a locked heart with sins fly at a balloon or would they not ponder over the Qur'an? Am I allowed to be in Oxford, or are their hearts locked with many locks. They can be unlocked Alhamdulillah through a structural law, statute or law or statute or law.

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This is milestone number three to prepare the heart for the reception of the Quran. milestone number four, to recite the 413.

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Slow, proper recitation of the Quran. This is key in being able to ponder over it. If you are on a airplane flying at high velocity and a high altitude relative to a city you cannot appreciate the trees of it. You cannot see the streets of that city. You cannot appreciate its River. You cannot appreciate maybe its people. But if the aeroplane gets a little

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bit closer and drives a little bit slower. You can see the details of that city and appreciate its beauty. The Quran is the same. If we are racing through the book of Allah in real citation, whether in taraweeh or any other place with no intention other than just to complete the most half.

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We will miss out on the beauty of Docker and there can be no contemplation and that is why Allah He said Wakil and then ferrata now who Lita Cora who Allah nasya Allah MK Finn, when Xena Hooton, zi, la This is a Quran that we have revealed in portions so that you may recite it in slow degrees so that you may recite it in slow degrees. Mujahid he said Jani Allah to other meaning recite the Quran with composure, calmness, the Quran will then give you its gems. And number five and I will conclude with this the fifth milestone, the fifth prerequisite to appreciating the Quran and reciting it with the double is to engage with the Quran with respect to repetition, matter Carrara Takara. They say

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whatever is repeated is ingrained. Whatever is repeated, is ingrained. Look at how we recite Surah Fatiha no less than 17 times a day. That's not an accident.

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Look at how Allah subhanaw taala has made us recite surah to last the chapter of sincerity Allahu Allah, how many times a day, three times in the morning three times in the evening, once during your winter, once during your sun now, a time before you go to sleep. Why? Because what is repeated is ingrained there is something important Allah wants us to know. So the message is being repeated. Repetition is important.

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So to rush in and look at how many times the

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EOB Kumar took at the bank is repeated. Which of the signs of your load Do you deny? How many times was this idea repeated around 30 or so times in a solid that is around 78 if it's a high percentage of repetition, repetition is essential to the book of Allah.

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And that is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once spent the entire night reciting one area of the Quran

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into our living room for Indomie badak went out of your lungs in

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Turkey where Allah said if you punish the people of Allah, then they are your slaves. But if you forgive them then you are the most mighty the most wise.

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So I have no job no one spent the entire night reciting one I have the Quran.

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Yeah, you're in San Jose Morocco Bureau. Kareem oh man what has deceived you regarding your generous Lord? Abu hanifah Rahmatullah Allah he spent the entire night from Asia to Nigeria, reciting one area over and over again and crying, what is the word Allah whom in Allah him Allah mucuna lahmacun Cebu and there will appear to them on the day of judgment that which they could never have prepared for that which they could never have imagined. Repeat the Quran, repeat the area don't make your intention to receive to reach the other side of the book. This is a means of reciting the Quran with a double, a final message My dear brother, my dear sister in 30 seconds. The Quran has placed an

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immense amount of emphasis with the element of studying the Quran with one another at Davos, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would tell us that the angels will come down upon people and mercy will visit them, the angels will cover them, Allah will forgive them, Allah will speak about them. When people come together with the intention of Tadasana who FEMA you know, to mutually START study the Quran together in the house of Allah. If you are a parent, a husband, a wife, if you are a older brother, if you are a student of knowledge I asked you and this is a please gather your family around the book of Allah maybe just once a week.

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And Take me for example, the Tafseer of shaker Sadie because this has been recently translated into English and read with one another and open up the floor for your children to give their to double their thoughts.

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Pull the ideas, allow them to contribute. Set up a reward system and watch how mercy will evict difficulties from your home. Watch how you and your wife will come closer together. Watch how the difficulties of your household will disappear. Watch how your sleep at night will become better. Look at how Allah will bless you in your finances. how Allah will illuminate your grave how Allah will strengthen you on the Day of Judgment how Allah will give you fortification in front of the fitna the tests that are out there, bring your family together you cannot complain of a difficult situation at home. If you we are not getting

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Ring around the book of Allah.

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Allah Jalla Jalla who will bless you in ways that you could never have imagined.

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Without this family time, they get together around the book of Allah.