The Parables of The Quran #16 – Ar-Ra’ad 14 – The Parable of Those Who Worship Other Than Allah

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Hi I'm

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Nina Shay. banyo lungeing Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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smil al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a woman who told him about our next parable or symbol tude we now move to the right. And it occurs in verse number 14. And it occurs at the end of one of the most oft recited passages in the whole Koran. It's a very famous passage of the Quran, which begins with Allah who Yeah, Allah momenta middle colusa Toledo. kawamata is that this entire passage illustrates Allah has infinite knowledge and Allah has infinite power. In this series of verses Allah azza wa jal emphasizes that he knows everything. He knows what is inside the womb of the mother. He knows when it will give birth, he knows what is going to happen to

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the child, and everything happens with Allah's other and Allah azza wa jal mentions it doesn't matter if you keep your thought in your soul when a sovereign

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woman Jehovah or you speak it out loud, it doesn't matter if you do something in the middle of the night. Or if you do something in the broad daylight, Allah azza wa jal knows it and Allah says laahu more active bottom men Dania, the women healthy there are angels that are surrounding you. They're protecting you from the other of Allah subhanho wa Taala follow wills that those angels protect to know who more okay bottom men mania Dae Hee woman hopefully I follow the law. And then that famous phrase in Allah La yo her euroma bill Coleman had you her euroma be unfortunate him. Allah does not change the status of a people until they change what is in themselves. If there is a blessing that

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you have, then you no longer have that blessing. Allah is saying the reason for that something happened within yourself. Something happened within you that caused that blessing to be taken away. Allah does not take a blessing away. Allah does not change your situation from good to bad or bad to good unless something has happened within you. And then Allah says that if Allah wants to bring a punishment to someone, no one can prevent that punishment. Then Allah mentions the lightning and the thunder and the clouds and Allah says you subdue Roger BMD, even the thunder it is screaming His praise, everything is praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and then the parable comes, Lucha what will

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help To Him belongs dye which will help. This is a very interesting phrase because it can be interpreted in two ways both of them are valid. Allah says Dawa will help even though the verses about Dora, but uses Dawa that were here can mean to Allah belongs the call of truth. In other words, Allah's Dawa is the real Dawa. What is Allah is Dawa. It's been Abbas said, The Tao of Allah is La ilaha illa Allah, what is Allah calling to Allah who Dawa to Hawk. So the first translation to Allah belongs the ultimate Dawa. Whatever Allah calls you to that is a lack and then there's you can flip it around the Arabic allows you to do that Lahu Dawa to help when you call to Allah, that is

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the dua that is the dua of how both are allowed by this verse here. So the first translation, Allah has call the DA is the true call. The second translation, calling upon Allah is the only truth you should not call upon anybody else law who doubt to help. So da is made to Allah and only to Allah. And this is the fundamentals of our religion that no two Muslims should ever disagree about. We only ask Allah we only make dua to Allah azza wa jal, as Allah says in the Oran one nil Messiah that a life and utter drama ye either and whoever makes do out to other than Allah azza wa jal has indeed transgressed against the rights of Allah then Allah gives this parable that who doubt what will help

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well levena you had your own I mean Tony, those who make do up to others besides Allah lie yesterday buena home bishi they will never respond to those to us with anything be shade. It's a negation of the smallest amount of good no do our to other than a lock, we'll get you anything. Not even partially liars, thieves you know, be shaped then Allah gives the parable kabasele Tikka Fahy ilmari liova, who, like the one who is stretching his hand straight out to the water, thinking that simply by stretching his hand to the water layer below how far the water is going to come into his mouth. So the parable In fact, Buddha says the parable is the one in the desert

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He sees a mirage, it's not even real, he sees the Mirage in the desert, and he puts his hand flat out. And he thinks simply by stretching his hand outward miraculously, that water according to an interpretation, the Mirage water, which is more befitting because the idols are not real, those that they make to do, besides Allah don't even exist, it's a figment of their imagination, as Allah says that, in that what you call besides Allah, in that a smart and some may, two more had their names, their imaginary names that you have invented. So the one who makes there are two other than Allah, his example is like the one wandering in the desert, he sees the mirage of water, and he thinks by

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putting his hand outward, also boss lutukka faith. So even if he's in front of actual water, you have to put your hand in a cup, and you have to bring it to your mouth, Allah is saying his hand is outstretched flat. So even if it's real water, even if the person they're making the art to actually exists, so people mistakenly make draw to the profits, they make draw to Jesus should not be made out to Jesus, they might actually be there. But the parable then applies, even if he's real, even if that entity is there, it's like the person stretching his hand flat, and he sees the water. And he thinks simply by stretching it, some miracle is going to bring the water into his mouth, Allah is

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saying that one ma who would be validly it's never going to get to his mouth will not do I will caffeine in the field by law, and the drop of those who reject a law is always going to be invalid in misguidance. So the parable here is very powerful. It shows the foolishness of those who are making draw to other than Allah, and it paints the picture of somebody who's lost his senses, who thinks that by doing something, and by the way, the stretching of the hands also indicates the posture of Dr. Because every faith Christians do it this way Muslims do it this way, every faith, the hands are involved in asking. So there's the element of stretching your hand out and you think

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that you're going to get something and Allah says when you stretch your hand to other than Allah, when you make dua to other than Allah, it's like the person who stretches his hand and there is water or it's imaginary water and he thinks that simply by doing this, something is going to come into his mouth, nothing is going to happen. Absolutely nothing. When you make out to other than a law, it is your own delusion and your own imagination. So do not make dua to other than a law lawyer who doubt what will help to him and him alone. Da is made and inshallah will continue tomorrow with Santa Monica.

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